Baptism Records, Oranmore, Co. Galway, 1833-36

Baptisms: March 11th, 1833 – April 29th, 1839

May 25th, 1833 – Dec 28th, 1843
Dec 28th, 1843 – Dec 25th, 1880
Marriages: May 2nd, 1833 – July 18th, 1838
Aug 24th, 1843 – Nov 8th, 1880
Burials : Jan 7th, 1833 – Dec 24th, 1837
NLI pos. 2438
LDS BFA: 0979690 item 1

The names of the children baptised, their parents when given, and adults ‘churched’ or baptised during the years 1833-36 are listed below. No guarantee is given that the index is correct. Spellings of names are as read in the register. Question marks indicate that the entry was difficult to read and the name listed is a ‘best guess’

Oranmore Civil Parish & islands (Co. Galway) belongs to the Civil Registration District of Galway for the purpose of Birth, Marriage, Death & Census records

Notes found through this register

Mr. Gilboy left the parish 10/14 1833

Mr. Gilmore came to the parish as Curate 10/14 1833

Dues fromn Tim Fury 11/26 1833

Dues at Mara chapel 12/25 1833 £3.5.2 1/2

Dues at Oramore 12/25 1833 £10.0.10

Note top of nextpage saying 1834 baptisms. 12/9 1833

Plus – March 1834 See Small Bok 12/9 1833

NOTE: See 1834 in Small book – Baptisms up to Jan 1835 4/7 1834

Rev. Mr. Gilboy left the parish 15th, Rev. Mr. Francis came 16th 1/5 1835

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Margt BurkeJnoDivaney Mary04-Aug1833
Martin BurkeThomasHoynes BridgtJun-241835
Mary BurkeRichConelly Mary08-May1835
Mary BurkeEdwdFahy BridgtSep-141835
Mary BurkeJohnFlanigan MaryJun-301835
Mary BurkeJnoGrealy MaryMar-241833
Mary BurkeMartHanly Anne11-Aug1833
Michl BurkeMartinHanly Anne07-Dec1836
Pat BurkeMichlBurke Nelly07-Mar1836
Pat BurkeRickConolly BiddyMar-241833
Pat BurkeRichdLanly Mary02-Apr1835
Pat BurkeEdmdLardner MaryJan-211836
Pat BurkePeterMooney BiddyNov-221835
Pat BurkeJnoShehan Mary03-Dec1834
Pat BurkeJohnUsher Julia27121836
Patk BurkeJamesMartin anneFeb-131836
Patk BurkeWmNolan HonorFeb-141836
Richd BurkeJamesConnell BrifdtJul-241835
Richd BurkeJohnKing EllenNov-191835
Robt BurkeThomasBrogan SusanJul-311836
Thos BurkeLaurCarrick MaryApr-281833
Wm BurkeEdmdO'Flaherty Sunny or SurnyFeb-201835
Bridgt ByrnMichlBurke Sally09-Sep1835
Jno ByrnePatConnell BidMar-251834
Cath ByrnePatConnell Bridgt02-Aug1835
John ByrneJamesDevaney anneJan-151836
?Patt ByrnsAndrewDonolan Margt01-Jul1836
Danl CalaspyCHURCHEDN/A & wifeMar-181833
Hon CallananeOwenNolan HonApr-181833
Cathr CampbellN/AFoundlingJun-251836
Pat CarrWmGilligan ElleanorJun-241833
Mary CarrPatKelly CicilySep-141835
Michl CarrellJohnCosgriff MarySep-131835
Biddy CarrickJnoCosgriff AnneDec-271833
Mary CarrickJnoHanlon Mary08-Aug1833
Bridgt CarrickMylesMcLoughlin MarySep-141835
Laws & John CarrickMalachy & KateNamed with fatherSep-151836
John CarrickMichl & HonorNamed with fatherMay-171836
Cicily CarrollMartinLally BrigtApr-181833
Brigt CartyOwenJoyce BridgOct-191836
Dennis CartyDennisLoughlan LateAug-301836
?Brigt CartyJohnMathas Mary02-Dec1836
Jno CartyDennisMcLoughlin KateOct-171833
Honr CavanJnoWalsh BridgtSep-301833
Kate CavanaghMichlKilmartin MaryJun-141835
Pat Cla(?s)pyDanlKelly HonorMay-301835
Micl CloonanThosBrady Biddy01-Jan1835
John CloonanThomasBrady Bidy07-Jun1836
Ellen CloonanPatDonolan JudyJun-141835
Mary CloonanJamesLee BrigtDec-141835
Bridgt CloonanMichlLee Mary01-Oct1836
Anne ClosePatMahon Mary10-Mar1833
Brigt Co(?m)eeThomasFaherty MaryJan-301836
Margt Co?manPatMalone BridgtFeb-141835
Mary CoenMartinFallon MaryApr-301835
Biddy ColmanThomasCollen BridgtJan-171836
Mary ColmanMichlDevany SusanNov-151836
Brigt ComerMalechyKelly SusanJul-211836
Mary Comer or ConnerTomBroderick MaryJul-221833
Edmd ComminsMichlBurke JuliaNov-241835
Thomas ComminsJohnCoen BrigtNov-191835
Bridgt ComminsBartholomewDevany Mary04-Sep1835
Ellen ComminsJohnKing Honor01-Mar1836
Hon CommonsJnoCoen Bridgt08-Apr1833
Pat CommonsPatLinsky MaryJan-171835
James ComynJohnMcNally MargtAug-281835
Mathias ConaghtonMathiasConneely Bidy12-Aug1836
Jno ConcannonMicFahy KateMay-301833
Martin ConeelyThomasConeely HonorMay-241835
John ConeelyTerenceCummins Mary10-May1836
Thomas ConeelyThadeusFlanigan Honor12-Nov1836
Micl ConeelyJohnLangan Mary05-Jan1835
Bid ConeelyMicLardner BidOct-211833
Susan ConeelyEdwdTierney MaryOct-181835
Hon ConellyJohnMcGrath Margt03-Sep1835
Ellen ConertonMichlGrely KateDec-231836
Brigt ConnaughtonPatMooney HonorOct-211835
Eugene ConneelyEugeneConneely Honor11-Jun1835
Bridgt ConneelyPattKane Ellen11-Jun1835
Winny ConneelyThomasMooney MargtMay-261835
James (John crossed out) ConnelNedConnor Mary10-May1836
Nelly ConnellDennisTurk? BiddyMar-261833
Cath ConnellJnoConnell MargtMar-251834
Thos ConnellNedConnor Mary12-May1833
Mary ConnellJohnCosgriff MaryAug-291835
Cathrine ConnellJohnDuggan MaryOct-211835
Pat ConnellPatGlynn MaryFeb-241835
?Mic ConnellDennisNolan Judy09-May1833
Bid ConnellDennisNolan JudyJan-251835
Not named ConnellJno?ChurchedDec-291833
John ConnellJohn & MargtNamed with fatherJun-261836
Michl ConnellyThomasO'Laughlin Margt10-Nov1835
John ConniffJohnByrne Mary06-Jul1836
Cath ConnorJohnQualter? Siby05-Dec1836
Pat ConnorJamesBarton Ellen07-May1833
Margt ConnorThomasBarton EllenJun-291835
Ellen ConnorThomasBroderick Mary12-Aug1835
?Malachy ConnorPatCarrick MaryMay-151836
John ConnorMichlConnor MargtJun-231836
Bid ConnorThosFaherty MaryJan-171835