Baptism Records, Owning and Piltown, Co. Kilkenny, 1803-04

Oning (Owning) &Templeorum (Piltown), Ossory. Baptismal Index 1803-1804

NAI Film ref. Pos #5019: Baptisms Oct 7th 1803 – June 21st 1815.

1803 only a few entries. 1804 indexed completely. Late 1805 some entries in Latin & writing gets more difficult to read. Entries numbered.

The following is indexed according to the surname of the Child. All spellings are as on the parish register. Where a name was difficult to read, there are question marks.

Piltown is given as above in brackets in the title for this set of parish registers on the microfilm. There is no official listing as such indicating that there are parish registers in existance for the parish of Piltown.

Name Abbreviations found in registers:
Wm = William Jas/Js. = James ; Mich/Mick. = Michael ; Margt. = Margaret ; Jn/Jno. = John or Jonathan; Ally = Anastasia (sometimes) ; Anty = Anastasia/Anastatia ; Lau. = Laurence ; pat/patt = patrick ; May = Mary ; Jos. = Joseph ; Matt. = Matthew ; Onny = Winifred ; Cath. = Catherine ; Danl., Dan = Daniel; Hanna = Hanora or Anne ; Jer. = Jeremiah ; Sally = Sarah ; Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza ; Biddy/bridgt. = bridget ; Fanton = Finton. Nics./Nich = Nicholas ; Thos. = Thomas ; Nelly = Eleanor or Ellen ; Fanny = Frances

Note: Symon Conelly has been incorrectly placed in this index with Symon as surname.

Name Father Mother Date
Edmd Aylward Willi Margt Knox 17-Oct 1803
John Aylward Edmd Anstice Connelly 02-Sep 1804
Aloysius Barry Michl Mary Walsh 02-Jul 1804
Mary Barry Richd Ellen Dumphy 15-Aug 1804
Margaret Barry?? Michl Margaret Walsh 16-May 1804
Eliza Blackmore Symon Biddy Connel 07-May 1804
Eliza Blackmore Symon Biddy Connor 01-May 1804
James Blackmore Henery Margt Lanagan 02-Jun 1804
Allever Brenen Edmd Judy McDaniel 18-May 1804
Edmd Brenen Michl Mary Meighen 14-Jan 1804
Elizabeth Brenen Nichs Mary Walsh 06-Jul 1804
Mary Brenen Richd Biddy Meigher 05-May 1804
Michl Brenen John Ellen Kenely 07-Oct 1804
Judy Broderick Maurce Honor Mull?n 04-Jun 1804
John Brophy James Cathy Phelan 20-Sep 1804
Mary Brown ?Harry Biddy Doherty 10-Oct 1803
Nancy Brown John Margaret Morris 21-Oct 1804
Jas Butler Jas Ellen Lynch 11-Oct 1803
Johana Butler James Mary Brenen 06-Jul 1804
John Butler Willi Nelly Shea 05-Aug 1804
Mary Butler Thos Betty Lewis or Lowes?? 10-Apr 1804
Richd Byrn Michl Mary Walsh 07-Jan 1804
John Carey John Biddy Walsh 18-Jun 1804
Philip Carey Michl Margaret n.g. 28-May 1804
Margt Carragan James Ellen Walsh 19-Nov 1804
Else Carrol James Cathy Walsh 14-Mar 1804
Mary Carrol Nicholas Cathorine Lee 21-Oct 1804
Elizabeth Casey Maurce Biddy McGrath 07-Oct 1804
John Casey Willi Alley Dooley 19-May 1804
Mary Cashin John Mary Coany 23-Jul 1804
Biddy Clancy John mAry Keefe 22-Oct 1803
Thomas Clancy James Elizabeth Forastal 16-Mar 1804
Cathy Clynn or Lynn?? John Anstice Kenny 26-Dec 1804
Mary Coady Patrick Cathy Londergan 01-Jun 1804
Richd Coady Thos Ellen Aylward 02-Mar 1804
Michl Coany Willi Cathy Brisco?? 03-May 1804
Joseph Commins James Mary Gawle 25-Mar 1804
Mary Commins Michl Nancy Mangan 03-Nov 1804
Elizabeth Connelly Michl Elizabeth Kiervan 29-Jan 1804
John Connelly Michl Anstice Flynn 25-Jan 1804
Johana Conway James Margaret Henebry 18-Nov 1804
John Conway John Cathy Kelly 14-May 1804
Ellen Corcoran Michl Judy Lonergan 24-Dec 1803
Ellen Corcoran Philip Mary Power 12-Oct 1804
James Cormick James Ellen Commins 18-Dec 1804
Richd Cormick James Salley Walsh 28-Nov 1804
Cathy Coughlan Jas Honor Cos?tily 12-Jul 1804
Johana Dalton Walter Mary Reade 04-Jul 1804
John Dalton William Cathy Commins 11-Feb 1804
Margt Dalton William Honor Ryan 05-Jul 1804
Patrick Dalton John Biddy Clancy 21-Oct 1804
Richd Dalton Patt Mary Killon?? 19-May 1804
?Tidileming Daniel John Mary Aylwort 05-Mar 1804
Ellen Daniel Thos Cathy Byrne 16-Jul 1804
Honor Daniel John Mary Phelan 25-Mar 1804
Jas Daniel Edmd Cathorine Moor 26-May 1804
John Daniel Jas Mary Foley 31-Jan 1804
Mary Daniel Laur Nelly Dowling 19-Mar 1804
Michl Daniel John Betty Shea 18-Dec 1803
n.g. Daniel Patrick Mary Conway 22-Jul 1804
Michl Deleany James Mary Dalton 13-Feb 1804
Mary Dempsy Joseph Else Walsh 20-Mar 1804
Michl Doherty Thos Mary Madden 09-Feb 1804
Mary Dolenty Patrick Cathy Carol 16-Aug 1804
Mary Dolenty Pat Margt Grace 24-Jun 1804
Johana Dolert James Margt Prendergast 13-Dec 1803
Anstui Dollert John Margaret Walsh ? 1803
John Dollert Willi Cathy Hogan 19-Dec 1803
Edmd Doogan ?Thos Cathy Dollert 07-Jun 1804
Honor Doogan Edmd Ellen Corcoran 03-Dec 1804
Thos Doogan James Mary Coady 04-May 1804
John Dooling Martin Cathy Butler 29-May 1804
Mary Dooling Jas Else Scallon?? 14-Jan 1804
Thos Downes James Margt Purcil 25-Sep 1804
Mary Dumphy James n.g. n.g. 11-Mar 1804
Honor Dunn Patrick Mary Deady 02-Dec 1804
Margt Dunn Richd Johanna Hearn 10-Apr 1804
Cathy Dwyre Thos Margt McGrath 16-May 1804
Ellen Dwyre John Mary Mooney 26-Mar 1804
Richd Ederson?? Thos Betty Fitzpatrick 17-Mar 1804
Martin Eoens Hugh Ellen Dalton 18-Nov 1804
Thos Evens Hugh Ellen Dillon ? 1803
Patrick Fahy John Mary Dalton 15-Jan 1804
Thos Farrol or Carrol?? Edmd Ann Phelan 03-Jul 1804
Mary Fitzeralg Michl Mary Knox 10-Aug 1804
Ellen Fitzgerd Jas Biddy Lewis?? 06-Jul 1804
Margt Fitzgerd John Abbey Moore 25-Mar 1804
Mary Fitzpatrick Denis Margt Durney 29-Jan 1804
Susan Fitzpatrick Timothy Cathy Kirk 13-Feb 1804
Alley Flaherty John Mary Coany 15-Apr 1804
Honora Flood?? ?Harid n.g. n.g. 23-Feb 1804
Anstui Foley Michl Anstice Dwyer 10-Oct 1804
Biddy Foley Jas Ellen Dunphy 10-Jun 1804
Mary Foley Edmd Anty Keef 16-Oct 1804
Ann Furnis or Turnis?? Michl Mary Bohen?? 16-Dec 1804
Patrick Gorman Cornelig Cathy Malay 11-Mar 1804
Ellen Grace Thos Mary Grace 07-Oct 1804
John Grace Thos Margaret Maleny?? 19-Nov 1804
Patrick Grady James Pol Daniel 07-Nov 1804
Anstice Grant Thos Cathy Kiervan 30-Dec 1804
Laurce Grant John Cathy Brenen 14-Dec 1804
Pat Green Jas Peggy Ryan 15-May 1804
Patt Griffin Joseph Ellen Kenedy 27-Dec 1803