Baptism Records, Slieverue, Co. Kilkenny, 1805

Notes on film and about film: Slieverue Parochial Register 1801-1836. St. Kieran’s College, Kilkenny. First page has following: “A Continuation of the Baptisms of the year 1801 by the Revd. John Fitzpatrick Coadjutor to Revd. Doctor Kelly, Parish of Slieve. Commencing October.” Not great condition! Error made by priest with first few entries of Jan 1805, has the section labelled as 1804 – 2 or three entries then next page says 1805. Writing is very difficult to read. Placename given first . Then date. November 1805, a note written in the book. The Death of Dr. Mallay. Could be Malley and could be Molloy!! Nov. 25th. No baptisms noted for November. Goes from October to December.

Some Name Abbreviations found in registers:
Wm = William Jas/Js. = James ; Mich/Mick/Ml = Michael ; Margt. = Margaret ; Jn/Jno. = John or Jonathan; Ally = Anastasia (sometimes) ; Anty = Anastasia/Anastatia ; Lau. = Laurence ; Pat/patt = Patrick ; May = Mary ; Jos. = Joseph ; Matt. = Matthew ; Onny = Winifred ; Cath. = Catherine ; Danl., Dan = Daniel; Hanna = Hanora or Anne ; Jer. = Jeremiah ; Sally = Sarah ; Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza ; Biddy/bridgt. = bridget ; Fanton = Finton. Nics./Nich = Nicholas ; Thos./Ths = Thomas ; Nelly = Eleanor or Ellen ; Fanny = Frances Batt = Bartholmew ; Ned = Edward

Patrick Bannon Ths Mary Grace 16-Mar 1805
Margt Barden?? Edmond Nelly Bowes 12-Sep 1805
?Jas Boe ?? Margt Forestal 06-Nov 1805
An?stse Br?yan ?Martin Mary Walsh 14-Apr 1805
Ally Bryan Dennis n.g 23-May 1805
Jno Burges Ml Kitty Knox?? 27-Jan 1805
Willm Burges Ml Kitty Knox?? 27-Jan 1805
Ellen Butler Jno Mary Irish 05-May 1805
Nancy Can….?? Larry Anty Nevil 25-Dec 1805
Patrick Cavanah Joseph Margt Roach 11-Feb 1805
Jno Clancy Wm Margt Sinott 11-Oct 1805
Ned Cody William Ellenor Bryan 18-Mar 1805
Patrick Cody?? ?Richd Margt Walsh 20-Mar 1805
Danl Connel Maurice Mary Hoye?? 21-Feb 1805
??Patk Connelly Patrick J?aney Reed 25-Mar 1805
Mary Conners Ned Elizabeth Kain?? 09-May 1805
Ellioner Conners John Margt Walsh 16-Oct 1805
Wm Conway ?Peter Mary Brenan 19-Jul 1805
Thos Cook Jno Kitty Power 16-Dec 1805
Honor Culleton Jno Mary Commorford 09-May 1805
Margt Dalton Jno Mary Halligan 02-Sep 1805
Mary Divins?? Ned Anty Lahy 23-Jan 1805
Andrew Don?ahoe James Margt Brophy 11-Apr 1805
Michl Donnevan Ned Betty Kenna?? 03-Mar 1805
Margt Dowling Peter Catherine Tracy 19-Jul 1805
James Dunphy Danl Cathy Shehan 18-Jan 1805
Martin Fannan?? Jno n.g Murphy 06-Aug 1805
Janey Fleming?? Jno Cathy Phelan 22-Apr 1805
Johanna Fling Simon Bridgt Knox 13-Jul 1805
Bridgt Fling?? Jno Nancy Hynes 28-Jan 1805
Jno Foley?? Patrick Nancy Aylworth 20-Feb 1805
Catherine Forestal?? Ths Janey Sullivan 30-Jun 1805
Margt Gafney n.g Biddy Gafney 16-Dec 1805
Catherine Galvan L?arry Anty Walsh 03-Mar 1805
Ellen Gorman Ned Mary Dullehanty 16-Apr 1805
Bridgt Grant Ned Mary Mara 17-Jan 1805
Ellen Grant Patrick Anstes Whelan 19-Feb 1805
Martin Grant Jno ?Sibbie Whelan 12-Jul 1805
Nelly Grant Ned Mary ?? 14-Apr 1805
Patrick Grant Jno Ally Keef 15-Mar 1805
Robt Hallala Wm Bridgt Kehoe?? 27-May 1805
Js Halligan Ned Bridgt Nowlan 21-Jul 1805
Ellen Halligan?? ?Jno Betty Hogan 11-Apr 1805
Ellen Hallran?? ?Stephen Cathy Bryan 02-Jun 1805
Ths Hanghlon?? Ths Catherine Whitty 23-Apr 1805
Margt Harmon?? Jno Kitty Commons 06-Oct 1805
Thos Hartly?? ?Js Anstis Green 19-Dec 1805
Edmond Henebry?? Patt Else Grant 19-Jun 1805
Thos Hennebry Michl Mary Walsh 09-Aug 1805
Jno Hickey?? Andrew Betty Cavanah 27-Jan 1805
Henry Hill Christopher Anty Lewis 24-May 1805
Ellen Ho?lohan?? ?Andw? Margt Co?rcran 11-Apr 1805
Mary Jush?? Batt Margt Butler 19-Jan 1805
No name given Kearney Francis Mary ?? 28-Jan 1805
Jno Keef?? Wm Mary Grant 05-Jun 1805
Jno Kelly Ned ?Sise Mackey?? 04-May 1805
Catherine Kerivan?? ?Richd Ellenora Connor?? 10-Feb 1805
Mary King?? ?Mr. Mary Grant 17-Jul 1805
Bridgt Kinna Wm Nancy Norris 28-Jan 1805
Bridgt Kinna Wm Nancy Norris 28-Jan 1805
Mary Laffin Ned Bridgt McNamara 16-Mar 1805
Ml Lawless Stephen Cathy ?:annan 15-Aug 1805
Danl Magrath Richd Mary Casey 13-Oct 1805
Catherine Mara Larry Nelly Cullinan 19-Jun 1805
Margt Mara Jno Betty Dalton 14-Mar 1805
Henry Mathes?? Barry Nancy Linnigan 08-Sep 1805
Jno McNamara Wm Anstes Kinney?? 06-Mar 1805
Margt Merry Stephen Bridget Whelan 30-Aug 1805
Mary Mulcahy Js Mary Neal 19-Mar 1805
Js Murphy ?Batt or Patt Cathy Ivory 18-Aug 1805
Morgan Murphy ?Batt or Patt Cathy Ivory 18-Aug 1805
Richs N?ief Jno Margt Lyster 11-Aug 1805
Henry Power Wm Cathy Roach 27-Jan 1805
Willm Power Ned Mary Moore 27-Jan 1805
Mary Quinn Cornelius ?Anty Pendergt? 16-Jul 1805
Ellen Quirk Js Anne Shanahan 16-Oct 1805
John Roach Jno Nelly Corcoran 24-Dec 1805
Margt Roach Js Nelly Shanahan?? 16-Oct 1805
Mary Roach Robert Mary Walsh 08-Dec 1805
Maurice Roach ?Richd n.g Roach 24-Oct 1805
Mary Rou?ey?? ?? ?? Harnet 04-Apr 1805
Willm Shihen? Ml Cathy Reed 13-Jan 1805
Jno Slugn?? David Elizabetha 10-Nov 1805
Philip Stanton?? Garret Catherine Butler 07-Nov 1805
Jno Sullivan Patrick Anty Ryan 03-Feb 1805
?Thos Sutton?? Philip Letitia Powel 16-Dec 1805
Ths Thusby?? Jno Nel Bryan 10-May 1805
Ellen Tobin Patrick Mary Cody 22-Oct 1805
Jno Tobin Walt Cathy Bowe 30-Oct 1805
?Bernard Travers Patt Mary ??? 14-Aug 1805
Ellen Travers Richd Biddy Fanning?? 22-Apr 1805
Margt Travers Andrew Joney Tobin 27-Oct 1805
Mary Tyrl?? Jno Margt Hannan?? 12-Feb 1805
William Wall Marks Margt Forestal?? 15-Jun 1805
Dennis Walsh not given Mary Whelan 18-Mar 1805
James Walsh Darby ?Bridget Fannan?? 16-Sep 1805
Larence Walsh Thos Catherine Neal 11-Aug 1805
Mary Walsh Patt Mary Bry?th 08-Mar 1805
Mary Walsh ?? Mary Halligan 24-Aug 1805
Mary Walsh Jno Catherine Power 11-Jan 1805
Thos Walsh Jno Catherine Whitty 10-Sep 1805
Wm Walsh Edmond Mary Knox 17-Mar 1805
Mary Anne Waring Jno Else Fling 10-Aug 1805
James White James n.g Ryan 03-Sep 1805