Baptism Records, Tinryland, Co. Carlow, 1833


National Library of Ireland ref: Pos # 4192

Baptismal Index 1833(complete )

This set of parish records during the years 1833 include townlands from the following Civil Parishes:

Ballinacarrig : Ballycrogue : Carlow : Clonmelsh : Clonmore ; Cloydagh ; Hacketstown ; Killerig : Painestown : Rahill : Straboe : Tullowmagimma and Urglin

Quite often, the same townland names are found in more than one parish. In these cases, it is assumed that the townland as listed in these parish records belongs to a civil parish that other townlands lie in. Where placenames do not exactly match a spelling as found in the 1851 townland directory the 1851 spelling is listed in the townland/civil parish table (see Townland Index ). The location (civil parish) of some townlands remains unidentified. There is no civil parish called Tinryland, the majority of placenames mentioned lie in the civil parishes of Killerig and Tullowmagimma.

Of interest to any person researching ancestry from this area are the following notes written in this register:

Note 1: 31st March 1835: “Baptisms Registry imperfect from March 31st, until Nov of this year as Rev. Ed. Byrne lost his Registry” However, the records of Rev. Thomas Tyrrell for March to July are in the Registry.

Note 2: “No Baptismal Registry from July to September 1835 as Fr. Tyrrell was summoned to England to attend a Parliamentary Committee”

Index to Names found in the Roman Catholic Baptismal Register 1833

Sorted by Surname of Child

There was a total of 77 Baptisms recorded in this register for this year. Overall, the register was reasonably easy to read, the name of the child and parents is listed, the name of the townland, and the names of two Sponsors. Sponsors names are not included below.

????* EllenN/AN/AN/A
Bennett MaryChristNolan MaryBrown's Hill
Bolger JohnPatByrne MaryBrown's Hill
Brenan ElinWm.Murphy ?Sony?Rulland or Kulland
Brenan CathMarkBrown Mary(?B)alantein
Brown MartinJasMurphy Hessy?blantine
Burn EdEdHayden MaryB.Bar
Byrne MichJasCullin MaryKellerig
Byrne EllenPatWhelan BridBenets
Byrne CathJamesKearney AllyKillerig
Byrne MichMichLyons EllenB. Hill
Byrne** PatN/AN/A N/AN/A
Carlisle AnneWmWalsh AnneB. Hil
Coughlan Edwd JohnMichlMurphy AnnBalliloo
Crowe MichMurtDunne CathMortlestown
Cummins JasJamesBrenan AnneBalli?doo
Curran DenisWmKinsella AnneRutland
Dargan MaryMichMurphy BridBusher'stown?
Delany ThosJohnLyons BettyPowerstown
Dempsey JohnPatWalsh MaryKellemaster
Donohoe MaryMatwNeille CathPark
Duigan MichPatByrne GraceB.?loo
Dunne MichThos???? Brid????
Fitzgerald Sarah*N/AN/A N/ANot given
FitzGerald CathAndwDoyle Sally??...iarny
Foley PeterPatFen?lon MaryBalliloo
Gaffney JosephPatThornton JudithKil?necarry?
Gorman CathMichMaha?r CathLinkardstown
Gorman Not namedTimKelly CathBusherstown
Hade CathWmDillon BridBurton Hall
Hickey CathTimMurphy MaryBrown's Hill
Hickey PatPatMoran Mary???
Hickey SarahJames???? AnnePollerton
Hickey MaryThosByrne BettyPollerton
Hickey CathTimMann?ering MaryStraboe
Hickey CathJohnDolan BridgNot given
Hogan MaryJasBolger MaryBallybar
Howard ElizthJasKeeffe AnneClonmelch
Kavanagh MichMichNash MaryOld Derrig
Kearney JohnThosWhelan SarahPollerton
Kearney Mary AnneDenisBergin MaryRutland
Kehoe JudithThos (Newtown)Lee JudithGraig
Kelly WmWmBurke EllenHacketstown
Kelly John*Not givenNot givenFriarstown
Kilfoyle JasFrankNolan cathBurton Hall
King JohnPatTaaffe AnneASka Bridge
Kinsella MaryDanRice MaryBalliloo
Lucas MaryWmRyan CatherineLinKardstown
Lyons JasWmBrien MaryCloghna
Maher ThosJasWall NessyRusselstown