Photographs of Owls and Other Birds, Threshing, Co. Laois

Raven Haven Aviaries had a stall at the Threshing in Knock this year.

I’d never seen this group before.  They are listed as breeders and exhibitors of Native Birds and Birds of Prey and they go to places such as schools, field days, nursing homes, special needs, weddings, photo shoots and more.  This is a business so the visits are for a fee.

They take in injured birds of prey for rehabilitation and release and one of the things they do when they go to schools is teach children how these birds can be damaged by poison.  That’s something I hadn’t thought of to tell the truth, how birds can be damaged by poison!

Here are a few photos of the birds that they had in their stall on Sunday.  You’ll easily guess which bird caught my attention the most!  His eyes were incredible and he watched everything.  He is only 4 months old.  The ravens can talk!