Bodyke, Clare. Gravestones

Bodyke Gravestones, Clare.

Roman Catholic Churchgrounds

These 37 photographs of gravestones in the grounds of Bodyke Roman Catholic Church were taken in November 2006.  These are just a selection of stones as I did not cover the whole graveyard.

Some of these Bodyke photographs are close ups of the script on the stone.  All photographs are reduced in size. Full size and unwatermarked copies of these photographs are available (for use in records and printing) for a small fee as listed below.
Contact Dr. Jane Lyons with reference to the relevant gravestone(s), graveyard and county for further information.
3.50 Euro for 1 photograph
5.00 Euro for up to 3 photographs
10 Euro up to 8 photographs

Surnames have been given to each photograph and the photographs here are  in alphabetical order.  The number in each photograph indicates the number of times the surname has occurred as the first surname on a stone, e.g. Malone 1 = first Malone stone indexed.  Malone 2 = second Malone stone indexed.  Surnames which appear after the digit are other surnames which appear on the stone

Please check my surname index to see if I have found the surname you are interested in during research in other parishes.

Name index for gravestone records from all counties