Books About Co. Antrim

The following are a list of book titles relating to Co. Antrim. The topics are varied: history, heritage, genealogy, language and some tourist guides. Some of these may be easily obtainable, some are rare and out of print. Some are books and some pamphlets.

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For these entries the highlighted name is usually the author, then, the name of the book. Followed by theh place of publication and sometimes the publisher, then the year of publication.

Ahoghill. – Pt.1 : Buick’s Ahoghill / edited by Eull Dunlop. – Ballymena : Mid-Antrim Historical Group, 1987
Akenson, Donald Harman. – Between two revolutions : Islandmagee, County Antrim 1798-1920. – Port Credit (Ont.) : Meaney; Dublin; Distributed by the Academy Press, 1979
A Letter from a Freeholder of the County of Catherlaugh, to the Freeholders of the county of Antrim – Catherlaugh : n.p.], 1725.
Antrim Poor Law Union. – The great famine in Antrim, Randalstown and districts : extracts from the minutes. – [Belfast] : Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, 1972
Atkinson, A, Esq. – Ireland exhibited to England :in a political and moral survey of her population, and in a statistical and scenographic tour of certain districts; comprehending specimens of her colonisation, natural history and antiquities, arts, sciences, and commerce … With a letter to the members of His Majesty’s government on the state of Ireland. London:Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy,1823
A Full and correct report of the debates, at the Catholic meeting, held in Francis-Street Chapel, Dublin, on the ninth of April, 1795 :with the resolutions, at full lenth. ; To which is added, Mr. Teeling’s speech, at the late Co. Antrim Catholic meeting . – Belfast : Printed at the Northern Star-Office, 1795.

Bannerman, John. – Studies in the history of Dalriada. – Edinburgh : Scottish Academic Press; London; Distributed by Chatto and Windu, 1974
Ballymacarrett Research Group. – Lagan enclave : a history of conflict in the Short Strand 1886-1997 / Ballymacarrett Research Group, 1997- Belfast :
Barr, W.N. The oldest register of Derryaghy, Co. Antrim, 1695-1772
Bassett, George Henry. – County Antrim 100 years ago : a guide and directory 1888. – Belfast : Friar’s Bush, 1989
Book of Antrim.County Antrim 100 years ago : a guide and directory 1888 Originally published: as The book of Antrim. Dublin : Sealy, Bryers and Walker, 1888.
Brett, C. E. B., Charles Edward Bainbridge, 1928-. – Buildings of County Antrim / by C E B Brett / with photographs Belfast : Belfast:A joint publication of the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society and the Ulster Historical Foundation,1996
Boyd, Hugh Alexander. – Rathlin Island, North of Antrim / by Hugh Alexander Boyd. – Ballycastle, Northern Ireland : Scarlett, 1947
Belfast Naturalists’ Field Club. – Belfast 1902 : a guide to Belfast and the counties of Down & Antrim / prepar. – Belfast : M’Caw, Stevenson & Orr, 1902.
Boyd, James, fl. 1891. – Boyd’s pictorial guide to Larne and the Antrim coast : from Belfast to the G. – Larne : James Boyd, 1891
Belfast Naturalists’ Field Club. – Guide to Belfast and the adjacent counties / by the Belfast Naturalists’ Fie. – Belfast : Pub. for the Club by M. Ward & co, 1874.
Boyd, James, firm. – Boyd’s pictorial guide to Portrush, the Giant’s causeway, and the Antrim coast. – Larne : James Boyd, 1895
Benn, George. A History of the town of Belfast. London 1877-80
Boyd, H.A. A History of the Church of Ireland in Ramoan Parish. 1930

Cole, Grenville A. J (Grenville Arthur James), 1859-1924. – Scenery and geology in County Antrim . Belfast : R. Carswell, 1895.
Collins, A. E. P.. – Dooey’s cairn, Ballymacaldrack, County Antrim
Collins, A. E. P.. – Excavations on Ballygalley Hill, County Antrim

Dallat, Cahal. – Antrim coast & glens : a personal view. Belfast : HMSO, 1990. – (Countryside and wildlife interpretation series).
Day, Angelique. – Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland : v. 2, Parishes of County Antrim, Pt. 1, 1838-39. – Queen’s Univ.,Inst.of Irish Studs., 90. v. 2, Parishes of County Antrim, Pt. 1, 1838-39 1990
Dickson, Charles. – Revolt in the North : Antrim and Down in 1798 / Charles Dickson. – London : Constable, 1997
Dickson, Charles. – Revolt in the North : Antrim and Down in 1798. – Dublin : Clonmore & Reynolds; London; Burns, Oates & Washbourne, 1960
Donnelly, Maureen. – The nine Glens : a personal look at the history, folklore, and poetry of the. – [2d ed.]. – [Downpatrick, Ire : Donnelly, 1975
Donaghy, John Lyle. – The flute over the valley : Antrim song. – Omagh : Printed for the Inver Press, Larne by S.D. Montgomery, 1931
Dubourdieu, John. – Statistical survey of the county of Antrim : with observations on the means of improvement; drawn up for the … Dublin Society Publ. . – Dublin : Graisbery & Campbell, 1812

Ewart, L.M. Handbook of the Dioceses of Down, Connor & Dromore.

Foy, R. H.. – Remembering all the Orrs : the story of the Orr families of Antrim and their. – Belfast : Ulster Historical Foundation [in association with Antrim and Distr, 1999.

Geological Survey of Ireland. – Explore South Antrim. – Dublin : GSI, 2000
Gravestone inscriptions : County Antrim. – Vol 3 : Old families of Carrickfergus & Ballynure from gravestone inscriptions. – Belfast : Ulster Historical Foundation, 1995. –
Gwynn, Stephen Lucius, 1864-1950. – Highways and byways in Donegal and Antrim / with illustra. – London : Macmillan and Co. limited; New York : The Macmillan Company, 1899
Griffith, Sir, Richard, 1784-1878. – Geological and mining surveys of the coal districts of the counties of Tyrone and Antrim, in Ireland. – Dublin : R. Graisberry, printer to the Royal Dublin Society, 1829

Hamond, Fred. – Antrim coast & glens : industrial heritage – Belfast : H.M.S.O., 1991.
Heads and hearths :the hearth money rolls and poll tax returns for Co. Antrim 1660-69 /edited by S. T. Carleton – [Belfast] : [Public Record Office of Northern Ireland], 1991.
Hill, G.. – MacDonnells of Antrim
Hill, George, Rev. Montgomery Manuscripts 1603-1706. Belfast, 1869
Herity, Michael. – The ‘Larne’ material in Lord Antrim’s collection at the Ashmolean Museum, Ox. – Dublin : R.I.A, 1968. – (Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy ; Vol. 67, Sect. C, No. 2).
Hanna, Denis O’D. – The face of Ulster : Antrim, Londonderry, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Armagh, Monaghan. – London; New York : Batsford, 1952. – (The Face of Britain).
Holmer, Nils Magnus, 1904-. – The Irish language in Rathlin Island, Co. Antrim – Dublin : Hodges, Figgis, 1942
Hamilton, William, 1755-1797. – Letters concerning the northern coast of the county of Antrim :Containing a natural history of its basaltes: with an account of such circumstances as are worthy of notice respecting the antiquities, manners, and customs, of that country. In these letters is stated a plain and impartial view of the volcanic theory of the basaltes /By the Rev. William Hamilton Dublin:L. White,1786
Hamilton, William, 1755-1797 Letters concerning the northern coast of the county of Antrim :containing observations on the antiquities, manners, and customs of that country. With the natural history of the basaltes, illustrated by an accurate map of the county of Antrim. And views of the most interesting objects on the coast /By the Rev. W. Hamilton, D.D. & M.R.I.A., in two parts
This edition is enriched by a memoir of the author and an itinerary and guide to the Giants’ Causeway
Belfast:Printed for Simms and M’Intyre:[by T. Mairs & Co.],1822

Joy, Henry. Historical Collections relative to the town of Belfast. Belfast, 1817

Lee, W.H.A., Rev. St. Colmanell, Aghoghill: A History of its parish, 1865
Lynn, W. H. – Notes on the ruins of Dunluce Castle, county of Antrim : with explanation. – Belfast : M’Caw, Stevenson & Orr, Limited, The Linenhall Press, 1905.
Londonderry, County, Library. – The north coast, Antrim and Londonderry / comp. by Philip Reid and Keith Bur. – [Coleraine, 1972.

Marshall, H.C., Rev. The Parish of Lambeg. 1933
McComb, William, 1793-1873. – M’Comb’s guide to Belfast : the Giant’s Causeway and adjoining districts of. – [East Ardsley; Wakefield, Eng.] : S.R. Publishers, 1970.
MacConaill, Michael A. – ‘The people of Rachrai’ (Rathlin Island, Co. Antrim) / Michael A. MacConaill. – Belfast : The Northern Whig, Ltd, 1925. –
McSkimin, Samuel, 1774?-1843. – The history and antiquities of the county of the town of Carrickfergus, from the earliest records to the present time: also a statistical survey of said county Belfast:printed by J. Smyth,1823 Second edition; with large additions, and a copious appendix. –

Mallory, J. P.. – Trial excavations at Tievebulliagh, Co. Antrim / by J. P. Mallory.
McCahan, Robert. – M’Cahan’s local histories : a series of pamphlets on north Antrim and the G. – Cushendall : Glens of Antrim Historical Society, 1988.
M’Cahan’s local histories :a series of pamphlets on north Antrim and the Glens (1923) /compiled by Cahal Dalat
Cushendall:Glens of Antrim Historical Society,1988
McDonnell, Hector, 1947-. – The Wild Geese of the Antrim MacDonnells / Hector McDonnell. – Dublin : Irish Academic Press, 1996
McWilliams, Hugh, b. ca 1783. – Songs of Hugh McWilliams, schoolmaster, 1831 (born: Glenavy,Co. Antrim, c178. – Portrush : Ulstersongs, 1993 Pamphlet
M’Sparran, Archibald, 1786?-1848. – The Irish legend of the M’Donnell and the Norman de Borgos. – Limavady : North-WestBooks, 1986.
McNeill, T. E. – Carrickfergus Castle, county Antrim / T. E. McNeill. – Belfast : Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1981. – (Northern Ireland archaeological monographs ; no. 1).
McSparran, Malachy. – Oh maybe it was yesterday : glimpses of the Glens of Antrim from early photo. – [Northern Ireland] : Glens of Antrim Historical Society, 1980.
Millen, S. S. Sidelights on Belfast History. 1932
Mullin, Julia. A History of Dunluce Presbyterian Church

O’NEILL, M.. – Songs of the Glens of Antrim
Ordnance Survey of Ireland. – :a description compiled as part of the field survey for the first edition of the six inch Ordnance Survey maps and / edited and illustrated by James Boyle of the Ordnance Survey, 1838 ; with an introd. to the Ordnance Survey parish memoirs, 1830-40 by Brian Trainor [Belfast]:Northern Ireland Public Record Office,1969

Ordnance Survey memoirs of Ireland / edited by Angélique Day and Patrick McW. – Vol.2 : Parishes of County Antrim. – [part] 1, 1838-9 : Ballymartin, Ballyro. – Belfast : Institute of Irish
Vol.2, [part] 1, 1838-9,Parishes of County Antrim Ballymartin, Ballyrobert, Ballywalter 1990

Ordnance survey memoirs of Ireland / edited by Angélique Day and Patrick McW. – vol.10 : Parishes of County Antrim. – III : 1833,1835,1839-40 : Larne and Island Magee 1991 Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland, Vol. 10: Parishes of County Antrim III 1833, 1835, 1839-40, Larne & Island Magee
Ordnance survey memoirs of Ireland / edited by Angélique Day and Patrick McW. – Vol.13 : Parishes of County Antrim. – IV : 1830-8 : Glens of Antrim. – Belfast : Institute of Irish Studies,..
Vol.13, IV,Parishes of County Antrim 1830-8 Glens of Antrim 1992
Ordnance Survey memoirs of Ireland / edited by Angélique Day and Patrick McW. – vol.16 : Parishes of County Antrim. – Part 5 : 1830-5, 1837-8 Giant’s Causew. – Belfast : Institute of Irish

Vol.16, Part 5,Parishes of County Antrim 1830-5, 1837-8 Giant’s Causeway and Ballymoney 1992 Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland, Vol. 16: Parishes of County Antrim V 1830-5, 1837-8, Giant’s Causeway & Ballymoney

Ordnance Survey memoirs of Ireland / edited by Angélique Day and Patrick McW. – Vol.19 : Parishes of County Antrim. – Belfast :Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland, Vol. 19: Parishes of County Antrim VI 1830, 1833, 1835-38, South-West Antrim
Ordnance Survey memoirs of Ireland / edited by Angélique Day andPatrick McWi. – Vol.21 : Parishes of Country Antrim. – Belfast : Institute of Irish Studies in association with The Royal Ir.. 1993
Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland, Vol. 21: Parishes of County Antrim VII 1832-8: South Antrim

Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland, Vol. 24: Parishes of County Antrim IX 1830-2, 1835, 1838-9, North Antrim Coast & Rathlin
Ordnance survey memoirs of Ireland / edited by AngéliqueDay, Patrick McWilli. – Vol.26 : Parishes of County Antrim. – Belfast : Institute of Irish Studies in association with the Royal Iri
Parishes of County Antrim 1830-1, 1833-5, 1839-40:East Antrim, Glynn, Inver, Kilroot and Templecorran
Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland / edited by Angèlique Day and Patrick McW. – Vol.29 : Parishes of County Antrim. – Part 11 : 1832-33, 1835-39, Antrim tow. – Belfast : Queen’s University..
Vol.29, Part 11,Parishes of County Antrim 1832-33, 1835-39, Antrim town and Ballyclare
Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland / edited by Angélique Day and Patrick McW. – Vol.32 : Parishes of County Antrim. – Belfast : Queen’s University of Belfast Institute of Irish Studies in
Vol.32, Part 12,Parishes of County Antrim 1832-3, 1835-40, Ballynure and district
Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland / edited by Angélique Day, Patrick McWill. – Vol.35 : Parishes of County Antrim. Templepatrick and district – Belfast : Queen’s University of Belfast Institute of Irish Studies in Vol.35, Part 13, 1833, 1835, 1838,Parishes of County Antrim Templepatrick and district

Ohlmeyer, Jane H.. – Civil War and restoration in the three Stuart kingdoms :the career of Randal MacDonnell, marquis of Antrim, 1609-1683 Cambridge:Cambridge University Press,1993
O’Laverty, James, Rev. An Historical Account of the Diocese of Down and Connor. Dublin 1878-89
O’Neill, Moira. – Collected poems of Moira O’Neill. – Edinburgh; London : W. Blackwood & sons ltd, 1933.
O’Neill, Moira. – More songs of the glens of Antrim. – Edinburgh; London : William Blackwood and Sons, 1921.
O’Neill, Moira. – Songs of the glens of Antrim. – 8th impression. – Edinburgh; London : William Blackwood andSons, 1902.
O’Connor, Arthur, 1763-1852. – The state of Ireland :to which are added his addresses to the electors of the County of Antrim. – Second edition. – London : Printed and sold by all the booksellers, 1798.
Owen, D.J. History of Belfast. Belfast 1921

Patterson, Edward Mervyn. – The Ballymena lines / by Edward M. Patterson. – Newton Abbot : David & Charles, 1968. – (His A history of the narrow-gauge railways of North East Ireland, pt. 2).

Parishes of County Antrim XIV, 1832, 1839-40 / edited by Angélique Day and P. – Carrickfergus. – Belfast : Institute of Irish Studies in association with The Royal Irish Academy, 1996
Parishes of County Antrim. – 9 : 1830-2, 1835, 1838-9 / edited by Angélique Day, Patrick McWilliams and N. – Belfast : Institute of Irish Studies in association with The Royal Irish Acamey, 1
1830-2, 1835, 1838-9:North Antrim coast and Rathlin
9,1830-2, 1835, 1838-9
Parishes of County Antrim. – 8, 1831-5, 1837-8 : Ballymena and west Antrim / edited by Angélique Day, Pat. – Belfast : Institute of Irish Studies in association with The Royal Irish Aca, 1.1993.
8, 1831-5, 1837-8,Ballymena and west Antrim

Place-names of Northern Ireland. – Vol.7 : County Antrim / general editor: Nollaig Ó Muraíle. – Belfast : Institute of Irish Studies, The Queen’s University of Belfast, 1997
Place-names of Northern Ireland / edited by Gerard Stockman. – Vol.4 : County Antrim. – Belfast : Queen’s University of Belfast, Institute of Irish Studies, 1995
Prison adverts. and potatoe diggings : materials from the public life of Antrim and Down during the years of Government terror which led to the Rebellion of 1798 / (compiled by) Brendan Clifford. – Belfast : Athol Books, 1992. – (United Irish reprints).

Reeves, William. Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Down, Connor and Dromore. 1847
Rogers, Richard. – The North East : Down, Antrim, Armagh, Derry, Tyrone, Fermanagh. – Dublin : Gill and Macmillan, 1980. – (Irish walk guides ; 4).
Rhyming weavers, and other country poets of Antrim and Down / edited and int. – Belfast : Blackstaff Press, 1974

Stewart, A. T. Q. (Anthony Terence Quincey), 1929-. – The summer soldiers : the 1798 Rebellion in Antrim and Down / A.T.Q. Stewart. – Belfast : The Blackstaff Press, 1995
Sibbett, R. M.. – On the shining Bann : records of an Ulster manor / by R.M. Sibbett. – Ballymena : Braid, 1991. – (Ascona series ; 5).
Smyth, Patrick. -Osier culture and basket-making :a study of the basket-making craft in south west County Antrim / Patrick Smyth Lurgan:P. Smyth,1991

Shanks, Amanda N., 1941-. – Rural aristocracy in Northern Ireland. – Aldershot : Avebury, 1988
Shaw, William. Cullybackey, the Story of an Ulster Village. 1913
Sharkie, Brendan. – Antrim 1971-82 / Brendan Sharkie. – [Belfast : B. Sharkie, 1984.
Shrubsole, Edgar S. – Cushendall, Co. Antrim / by Edgar S. Shrubsole. – London : Walbrook and Co, 190
London:Walbrook and Co,[190-?] Shrubsole’s guides. From the O’Kelley collection
St. John Clarke, H.J. Thirty centuries in south-east Antrim: the Parish of Coole or Carnmoney. Belfast, 1938.

The register of the parish church of St Thomas, Lisnagarvey, Co. Antrim 1637. – Dublin : Representative Church Body Library, 1996.
The story of Antrim :the story of the great and the near great, the wise and otherwise, the rich and the poor of Ulster’s historic county town of Antrim :from the prehistoric past to modern times /by Alastair Smyth Antrim:Antrim Borough Council,1984
The history and antiquities of the county of the town of Carrickfergus, from the earliest records till 1839 : also a statistical survey of said county /by Samuel McSkimin McSkimin,Samuel,1774?-1843
Belfast:Mullan & Son, James Cleeland, Davidson & M’Cormack,1909

Walker, Brian Mercer. – Sentry Hill : an Ulster farm and family / Brian M. Walker. – Reprinted with additional photographs. – Belfast : Friar’s Bush Press, 1991
Wilsdon, Bill. – The sites of the 1798 rising in Antrim and Down / Bill Wilsdon. – Belfast : Blackstaff, 1997. – (Blackstaff guides).
Woodman, P. C., Peter C.. – Excavations at Bay Farm 1, Carnlough, Co. Antrim, and the study of the ‘Larn. – Dublin : Royal Irish Academy, 1996. – (Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy
Walsh, Micheline. – The MacDonnells of Antrim on the Continent : O’Donnell lecture delivered at. – [Dublin] : National University of Ireland, 1960. – (O’Donnell lecture ; 4).

Young, Robert M. Historical Notices of Old Belfast and its Vicinity. 1896
Young, Roert M. The Town Book of the Corporation of Belfast, 1613-1816. (Includes Freemen 1635-1796). 1892