Bunratty Bridge and Surrounds, Co. Clare

One day I went to Rathkeale with Cassie, we stopped at Bunratty Castle to meet with Randy and Sue who were on one of their last days of their visit over here.  I’d never met either before so that was a lovely lunch.  After lunch, they went off to their hotel and Cassie, Liz and I did the Bunratty tour.  It’s years since I’ve been there and truthfully, I always had my children with me and they were always small and I can promise you that you get to see so much more when you don’t have small children distracting you.

Naturally, I took photos, too many to post all at once, so I have them broken down.  This lot, outside Bunratty Castle, the bridge and surrounds, then a batch from inside the castle, more from Bunratty Theme park and then a set taken inside Durty Nellies.  I hope you enjoy them all.