Baptism Records, Cappinrush Parish, Ballyfin, Co. Laois, 1825-26

I’ve made no notes re the condition of this film, except to say that the records seem out of order.  Names are spelled as I saw them.  The register is in English and no placename is given.  The LDS do not have a copy of this film according to my records.

Diocese Kildare & Leighlin

Parish Capinrush (BAllyfin)
Baptisms Oct 20th 1824-Aug 3rd 1862
Marriages Aug 1st, 1819-July 27th 1862
Film No.4201

Oct 20th, 1824 Mary Martin McCabe and Margaret White: Sponsors. John Walsh and Mary White

Only one entry

November 1824
10th PAtk. John ?Thomsan & Margaret ?Lusan; Spps: Wm. Dunn and Bridget Brophy

14th Ann: dau of Patrick Grey & Judy Tynan. Ss: Mathw. Synot & Mary ?Ludon??
David, PAtk. Gleninar?? & Mary Ann Maher: Ss: PPattk Maher & ?Michell Maher

6th John. John Kianan & Ellen Con?roy. Ss. Thomas Conroy & Briget McEvoy

?10th Francis. John Moor & Margret Connor. S. Margret Ma?ur & ?Pat? D. Kavanagh.

20th Mich. Michael Buggy & Mary Mulhall? Ss. William Delany & ??no one

Nothing for 1825


?Jany ?? Date
?John or Johann. Matthw Lalor & Elizabeth Nolan. Ss. ?Mr. Pier M. Malone & Hannah Lalor

?? Eliza. Laurence ??? Kennah & Ann Fitz-gerald. Ss. Fintan Fitzgerald & Ann Fitzgerald
1826 pages seem out of place
Jan? Mary. Roger Delany & Anne Good. SS. Edward MAly & Winny Dignan
12th. Ellen. John Dunn & Mary Walsh. SS. John Dunn & Mary Ma?ur

14th Ann. Michl. Devoy & Ane MAly. SS. John DOoly & Brigit ?Kavanagh

7th. Patt. John Gorman & Mary Graham. SS. Martin Gorman & Ann ? Carney
10th. Mary. Patt. Mul?diny & Catherine Dooley. Martin DOoly & Cathrin ??
16th Felix. Barney Delay & ?Elizabeth Gahan. Ss. Denis Gahan & Mary Gahan.

29th Margret. Patt Good & Mary Lalor. SS. Michl. Harris & Margret ??Kenna
5th. Catherine. Denis Culliton & Onny Keagan. SS. MAttw. Conroy & Judith Kiagan
Christopher. Mich. Conner & Catherine Moor. SS. PAtk ?? & Brigit ??Keanan.

May 12th. 1825
John. John Culliton & ?Mary Leonice. Denis Culliton & Mary Leonard
Elisa. PAtt Dunn & MArgret Dowling. SS. Michl. Lalor & Margret Lalor.

25th. Patt. Patt. Patt ??? & MArgret Dignan. SS. Michl ??Foly
26th John. Michl. Delany & Mary Delany. SS. Wm. Delany & ?Elizth. FArrel

8th. Sylister. Thomas Boes (Baer) & Margaret Culliton. SS. C. Doyle & CAthrine Lalor.

12th.?Michael. Wm. McGrea & Ann Gra?y. S. Danl Keanan & Catherine ??

12th Bridget. Thomas Gorman & MArgret Gl?einnan. Peter Coss (Cafs) & Judy Kelly.

1825 month?
?Peter. ?John Egan & Mary ?Keenan. SS. Patt Brophy & Brigit Brophy
Ann. Denis Dunne & Cathrine Connelly. SS. Mary Connelly & John Lalor.
14th.Margaret. John Maley & Mary Conroy. SS. Thomas Dulaney & Mary ?Burke
23rd. Patrick. James Quigley & Ellen Quigley. Ss. Fintan Lalor & Catherine Moor
31st., Fintan. William McEvoy & Mary Dunn (or DInnen) SS. Daniel Lalor & Brigit Conroy.

August 5th MArgret. John Donnelly & Margret Bergan. James Lalor & Mary Stapleton.
23rd. Elizabeth. Wm Delany & Catherine Molone. SS. James Mooney & Susan Delany.

Sept 4th. Margaret. Thomas Bacs?? & Margaret Lalor. SS. James Lalor & Sally Whelan.

October 1st. Sara. John Moor & Mary Conroy. Fintan Dunn.

Oct 2nd. James. William McEvoy & Margaret Doran. SS. John Duffy & MArgret ?Thomson

Novr. 8th
William. ??Tyanan Dun & Cathrine Ryan. Martin Lalor & Ann Fitzpatrick.
27th. John. John McEvoy & Mary Moan (or Moor). Thomas LALOR & Mary Moor.
28th Johanna? Matw. Keagan & Cathrine ?Fahey. Charles Conroy & Mary Dunn
29th. James. MichaelDunne & Elizabet Conroy. S. Thomas Chul? (Charles??) & Eliza Moore
Mary. Louis Byrne & Ann Dignan. Fintan Dolan.
Elisa. Daniel Keanan & Eliza DOoly. DAnl. KeaNAN & Mary Dowly.

Dec 5th. Brigit. Daniel Moor & JudithDOoly. John Walsh & Anne DOoly.
7th. Mary. John McEvoy & Mary McEvoy. Wm. Lawry & Mary Fitzpatrick.
8th. Judith. John McEvoy & Mary McEvoy. Edward Bergan & Mary McEvoy.
10th Martin. Edward Dunn & Sara Delaney. Ned Dunn & Elisa Dunn.
18th Wm. Michael Conroy & Mary Kelly. James Cannon (or Curran) & Brigit Diignan.
20th PAtk. Pat. Glennan? & Brigit McDonnel. John McDonnel & Elisa Dunn.
30th James Mich. Dunn & Elisa Conroy. Thomas Walsh& Elisa Moor.
30th. Judith. Michael Lusain & Mary Thomson. James Thomson & Catherine Harris.
30th Wm. William Coss (Caps) & Mary Moor.Patk???? & Mary Dignan
30th Judith.?Emanual Ball & Ann Doyle. C. Doyle & Maria Doyle.

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Jan 6th
James . John Vicars & Mary Whelan. James Vicars & Elisa Whekan
Christopher. Michael Dooley & Margaret White. Willia Hagan & Anne Connoly.
Feb 2nd. William. Fintan ?Harris & Margaret Kelly. Michael Byrne & Mary Byrne
6th Jerimia. Matt Cullitan & Mary Cullitan. William Keagan & Mary Culliton.
16th James. John Dunne & Judith Dunn. John Conroy & Mary Dunn
17th Martin. Thomas Stuard?? & Maria Dowling. William ?Harkan & Susan Donley

March 4th Honor. Micael Moor & Brigit Moor. James ?Bennet & Mary Bennet.
6th Cathrine. ?? Dunn & Mary Kinsella. John Dunn & Anne Dunn

April 9th. Mary. John Moor & Brigit Dunn. Michael Dunn & Anne Dunn
23rd. Michael John Dunne & Mary Doran. Bernard Dunn & Hanna Dunn
24th James. James MAhar & Mary MCCabe. John Judge& Sally Nicholson?

Edward. Matt Lalor & Elisa Nolan. John Lalor & Ann Diviond??

May 8th Elisa. Fintan Lalor & Mary Malone. William Dunne & Maria Dunne.

June 17th. Joseph. Pat WHialan & Mary Christin?? Patt WHialen & Mary Maher
Catherine. Sylvester Baer? & Catherine Culliton. Larry Conroy & Margaret Gahen

19th Anne. James Moor & Mary Kelly. Mick Dunne & Grace Maher
19th Anne. Samuel ?Bale (Sale) & Anne Doyle. C. Doyle & Miss Hill
?? Thomas. PAtt Keagan & Mary Dowling. PAtt Dowling & Susan Dalan

5th Teresa? Denis Danahio?? & Elisa PArkinsan. Michael ??? & Jane DAniahoe
16th ?Michael. Michael Dunn & ?? Dunne. John Dunne & Hanna Gorman.
20th. ?Francis & Elisa. Denis Donohoe & Jane Parkinson. Michael F??/ & Elisa Quigley.

23rd. John. Simon Dubb & MArgret Keagan. John ?keagan & Elisa Malone.
24th. William James ?Bennet & Elisa Bennet. John Gahin & Ellen Bennet.
Peter. John McCabe & Mary Moor. James Roarke & Cathrine Roark.
Elisa. Henry Deacy (Deasy) & Margaret Kavanah. Daniel Glennan & Jane Deasy.

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