Carlow News, The King’s County Chronicle

The King’s County Chronicle

General Advertiser for the Unions of Parsonstown, Tullamore and Roscrea
Vol. 1 – No. 1
Parsonstown, Wednesday September 24, 1845

Prospectus for the King”s County Chronicle

First publication Wednesday, September 24th, 1845

Co. Carlow

Wednesday, October 22nd, 1845

Serious Case of Stabbing
A most serious case of the above nature occurred at Carrigslaney, County Carlow, on the 14th instant, which seems to have originated in some previous quarrel. Two men, named Philip Furlong and John Williams, alias Foster had some altercation at the above place, when Furlong asked Foster to fight him. Foster said he would not fight then, but go look for a person to be present, and who would see fair play. Foster then went away, and returned in a short time by himself, having a stick in his hand and a bayonet, which he concealed under his coat. Furlong asked him was he coming back to fight him, when Foster raised the stick, and gave Furlong a blow on the head. Foster then took the bayonet from under his coat, and stabbed Furlong in the breast and lower part of the body. A man named Thomas Dowdle, who came up at this time, ran to the assistance of Furlong, when Foster stabbed him in the head, from the effects of which he now lies dangerously ill, and very little hopes are entertained of his recovery. Informations have been taken before J. J. Lecky, and C. Wolseley Esqrs., and a warrant was issued for the apprehension of Foster, who has absconded.
“Carlow Sentinel”

Attempt to Burn a House
On the 16th instant, an attempt was made by some persons unknown to burn the house of a man named Robert Jolly, who resides near Clonegall, county Carlow. The thatch was set on fire near the eave, but the family being up at the time, the fire was discovered, and its progress checked before any serious injury was committed. That the outrage was premeditated may be known from the fact that a threatening notice was posted on his house about a month previously; but as yet no clue has been obtained that would lead to the discovery of the parties who committed this outrage.
“Carlow Sentinel”