Castlebrack 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Castlebrack in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Mary Ahern Roskeen Cappalough
Matthew Baynham Roskeen Cappalough
Joseph Bentley Forest, Upper Graigue
Michael Brady Moneyquid Cappalough
Patrick Brady Lackamore Cappalough
William Brown Clonaghadoo Cappalough
John Bryan Parkbeg Cappalough
Arthur Budds Forest, Upper Graigue
Bridget Byrne Cappalough Cappalough
Bridget Callaghan Garrymore Cappalough
John Callaghan Garrymore Cappalough
Thomas Callaghan Garrymore Cappalough
Daniel Cannon Coolavoran Coolagh or Derrymullen Garrymore
Denis Carroll Coolavoran Coolagh or Derrymullen Garrymore
James Cassidy Derrynacarty Graigue
Edward Cleary Clonaghadoo Cappalough
John Cleary Cappalough Cappalough
Peter Coffey Garrymore Cappalough
Andrew Colgan Moneyquid Cappalough
James Connell Cappanlug Garrymore
Timothy Connell Castlebrack Cappalough
Anne Connor Kilcavan Cappalough
Abbeygail Conroy Forest, Upper Graigue
Anne Conroy Cappalough Cappalough
Bernard Conroy Kilcavan Cappalough
Bridget Conroy Lackamore Cappalough
Bridget Conroy Moneyquid Cappalough
Elizabeth Conroy Moneyquid Cappalough
John Conroy Lackamore Cappalough
John Conroy Forest, Upper Graigue
Joseph Conroy Moneyquid Cappalough
Matthew Conroy Loughs or Commons Cappalough
Patrick Conroy Kilcavan Cappalough
Thomas Conroy Forest, Upper Graigue
William Conroy Lackamore Cappalough
Bridget L. Corcoran Kilcavan Cappalough
Catherine Corcoran Moneyquid Cappalough
Michael Costelloe Garrymore Cappalough
Peter Costelloe Mucklone Cappalough
John Costigan Parkbeg Cappalough
Patrick Costigan Moneyquid Cappalough
Richard Cox Roskeen Cappalough
Thomas Cox Kilcavan Cappalough
William Crawford Forest, Upper Graigue
Michael Daly Roskeen Cappalough
Patrick Daly Cappanlug Garrymore
Richard Daly Cappanlug Garrymore
Bernard Deegan Forest, Lower Graigue
Catherine Deegan Forest, Lower Graigue
Margaret Deegan Forest, Lower Graigue
Michael Deegan Forest, Upper Graigue
Patrick Deegan Forest, Upper Graigue
Thomas Deegan Forest, Lower Graigue
Margaret Deevy Forest, Upper Graigue
John Delaney Cappalough Cappalough
John Delaney Moneyquid Cappalough
Margaret Delaney Roskeen Cappalough
Maria Delaney Loughs or Commons Cappalough
Michael Delaney Moneyquid Cappalough
Martin Delany Forest, Upper Graigue
John Dempsey Garrymore Cappalough
Terence Dempsey Moneyquid Cappalough
Joseph Dowling Clonaghadoo Cappalough
Edward Dunne Forest, Lower Graigue
Eliza Dunne Forest, Lower Graigue
Hugh Dunne Moneyquid Cappalough
Jane Dunne Forest, Upper Graigue
Marks Dunne Forest, Lower Graigue
Mary Dunne Clonaghadoo Cappalough
Mary Dunne Mucklone Cappalough
Michael Dunne Forest, Lower Graigue
Peter Dunne Clonaghadoo Cappalough
Richard Dunne Roskeen Cappalough
Thady Dunne Garrymore Cappalough
William Dunne Clonaghadoo Cappalough
Patrick Fahy Moneyquid Cappalough
James Feeney Moneyquid Cappalough
Patrick Feeney Garrymore Cappalough
Bridget Flanigan Moneyquid Cappalough
Thomas Flanigan Derrynacarty Graigue
Myles Flynn Moneyquid Cappalough
Thomas Flynn Moneyquid Cappalough
Maria Foran Coolavoran Coolagh or Derrymullen Cappalough
Patrick Fox Kilcavan Cappalough
Patrick Fox Loughs or Commons Cappalough
Thomas Fox Loughs or Commons Cappalough
Thomas Gantley Forest, Upper Graigue
William Geoghegan Roskeen Cappalough
James Gorry Kilcavan Cappalough
John Guinan Kilcavan Cappalough
Anthony Hanlon Kilcavan Cappalough
Henry Hennessy Forest, Upper Graigue
Patrick Hogan Loughs or Commons Cappalough
John Hooper Castlebrack Cappalough
John Hunt Garrymore Cappalough
John Hunt Garrymore Cappalough
John Hyland Garrymore Cappalough
John Hyland Forest, Lower Graigue
Patrick Hyland Kilcavan Cappalough
Edward Jordan Moneyquid Cappalough
Rose Kearney Kilcavan Cappalough
John Kelly Roskeen Cappalough
Timothy Kelly Coolavoran Coolagh or Derrymullen Garrymore
Margaret Kenna Moneyquid Cappalough
Anne King Cappalough Cappalough
John Madden Garrymore Cappalough
Patrick Maguire Coolavoran Coolagh or Derrymullen Garrymore
Edward Mahon Mucklone Cappalough
John Mahon Mucklone Cappalough
Michael Mahon Forest, Upper Graigue
Bernard Malone Loughs or Commons Cappalough
Danes Malone Clonaghadoo Cappalough
Elizabeth Malone Parkbeg Cappalough
John Malone Clonaghadoo Cappalough
John Malone Derrynacarty Graigue
Mary Malone Moneyquid Cappalough
Murtha Malone Garrymore Cappalough
Patrick Malone Mucklone Cappalough
James Mara Garrymore Cappalough
John Mara Garrymore Cappalough
Patrick Mara Castlebrack Cappalough
John McCabe Loughs or Commons Cappalough
Patrick McCabe Lackamore Cappalough
John McEvoy Kilcavan Cappalough
Joseph McEvoy Coolavoran Coolagh or Derrymullen Garrymore
Patrick McEvoy Coolavoran Coolagh or Derrymullen Garrymore
James McIntyre Quarrymount Cappalough
Richard Meagles Garrymore Cappalough
Charles Meehan Moneyquid Cappalough
Cornelius Mitchell Moneyquid Cappalough
William Mitchell Grange Cappalough
Anne Mooney Moneyquid Cappalough
Edward Mooney Moneyquid Cappalough
Joseph Mooney Moneyquid Cappalough
Patrick Mooney Moneyquid Cappalough
Edward Moran Kilcavan Cappalough
Charles Muldoon Coolavoran Coolagh or Derrymullen Garrymore
James Mullen Forest, Upper Graigue
Anthony Murray Moneyquid Cappalough
Mary Murray Moneyquid Cappalough
Daniel Phelan Mucklone Cappalough
John Phelan Kilcavan Cappalough
George Plunkett Moneyquid Cappalough
Patrick Plunkett Moneyquid Cappalough
Michael Quinn Moneyquid Cappalough
Myles Redmond Garrymore Cappalough
James Rourk Derrynacarty Graigue
William Rouse Roskeen Cappalough
John Smith Kilcavan Cappalough
John Sullivan Garrymore Cappalough
George Taylor Cappanlug Garrymore
Harriet Thompson Cappalough Cappalough
John Thompson Grange Cappalough
William Thompson Garrymore Cappalough
Mary Tracey Kilcavan Cappalough
Thomas Tyrrell Forest, Upper Graigue
Michael Walsh Forest, Upper Graigue
Alexander Watson Garrymore Cappalough
Caroline Watson Coolavoran Coolagh or Derrymullen Cappalough
Mary Weston Mucklone Cappalough
Stephen Whelan Forest, Lower Graigue
Michael Wright Coolavoran Coolagh or Derrymullen Garrymore
Richard Young Cappalough Cappalough
William Young cappalough Cappalough

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