Castletown District Marriage Records, Co. Cork

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Castletown in Co. Cork and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Annie Shea 1915 1st
Annie Shea 1915 2nd
Catherine Lynch 1881 1st
Catherine Neill 1894 3rd
Daniel Shea 1915 1st
Denis McCarthy 1884 1st
Elizabeth Art 1852
Ellen Griffin 1884 1st
Honora Dwyer 1884 1st
Honoria Murphy 1894 3rd
James Murray 1865
Jeremiah Healy 1887 2nd
Johanna Shea 1915 2nd
John Duggan 1897 1st
John Dwyer 1884 1st
John Gready 1877
John Lynch 1884 1st
John Shea 1916 1st
John Shea 1915 3rd
John Shea 1916 4th
Margaret Lynch 1881 1st
Margarita Downing 1884 1st
Mary Dennehy 1897 1st
Mary Dwyer 1884 1st
Michael Shea 1915 1st
Morty McCarthy 1884 1st
Peter Lynch 1881 1st
Timothy Driscoll 1897 1st
William Murphy 1896 1st
William Murphy 1897 1st

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