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1901 Census, Heads of Household, Aghaboe, Co. Laois

This page features the heads of household of those living in Aghaboe, Co. Laois during the recording of the 1901 Census of Ireland.

Head of Household Others in House Relationship to Head
White Robert Broderick, Mary Anne Servant
Connor, James Servant
Gorman, Margaret Servant
O’Connor, Annie Mary Servant
Stanley, Sarah Servant
White, Robert F. H. Son
Dunne Anna Delany Thomas Servant
Dunne Annie Daughter
Phelan Kathleen Granddaughter
Molony John Davy Mary Servant
Meehan Martin Nephew
Molony Mary Niece
Molony Johana Wife
Hyland John Franey John Bro in Law
Hyland Mary Daughter
Hyland Norah Daughter
Hyland James Son
Hyland John Son
Hyland Thomas Son
Hyland Michael Son
Hyland Joseph Son
Hyland Mariae Wife
Walpole William R. McEvoy Anne Not noted
Walpole Thomas H. Brother
Walpole Margaret F. Sister
Whelan Patrick Whelan James Brother
Whelan James Laree (Laurence) Nephew
Whelan John Joseph Nephew
Whelan Mary Kate Niece
Whelan Anne Eliza Niece
Whelan Sarah Niece
Whelan Margaret Niece
Whelan Mary Anne Sister in Law
Nolan James Cormack John Nephew
Nolan Eliza Daughter
Nolan John Son
Nolan Eliza Wife
Burne John Burne Robert Son
Burne Margaret Wife
Fitzpatrick Richard Fitzpatrick Annie Daughter
Fitzpatrick John Son
Phelan Mary Phelan Mary Daughter
Phelan Patrick Son
King William N/A N/A
Bolger/Bulger Joseph Bolger/Bulger Mary Sister
Davidson Jeannie V. Davidson Isabella V. No note taken
Delaney Michael Delaney John Son
Delaney Lizzie Wife
Cavanagh /Kavanagh Abraham Cavanagh /Kavanagh Violet Daughter
Cavanagh /Kavanagh Francis Daughter
Cavanagh /Kavanagh Jane Daughter
Cavanagh /Kavanagh Stephen Son
Cavanagh /Kavanagh Albert Son
Cavanagh /Kavanagh James Son
Cavanagh /Kavanagh Martha Wife
Coss Denis Cassion William Servant
Coss John Brother
Coss Eliza Sister
Coss William Son
Coss Katie Wife
Flynn Joseph Servant
Cassin John Cassin Johanna Sister
Dullard Michael Dullard Eliza Daughter
Dullard Nicholas Son
Dullard Patrick Son
Dullard Bridget Wife
Coss Patrick Coss Mary Not noted
Coony Patrick Coony Thomas Son
Coony Margaret Wife
Cassin Michael Cassin Margaret Wife
Kennedy John Servant (Note)
Nolan William Nolan Mary Daughter
Nolan John Son
Nolan William Son
Nolan Mary Wife
Proud Edward Proud Mary Daughter
Proud Alicia F. Daughter
Proud William Son
Proud Frances Wife
Richardson John Richardson Lara Jane Daughter
Richardson Eliza. F. Daughter
Richardson Edward Father
Richardson Thos. Joe Son
Richardson Edward T. Son
Richardson Mary Jane Wife
Clancy Letty Clancy Joseph Nephew
Fitzpatrick Nannie Not Noted
Coss Martin Coss Kate Daughter
Coss Julia Daughter
Coss Ellen Daughter
Coss Lizzie Daughter
Coss John Son
Coss Martin Son
Coss Daniel Son
Coss Mary Wife
Fitzpatrick James Fitzpatrick Cathrin Daughter
Fitzpatrick Anne Wife
Heston James Heston Mary Daughter
Heston James Son
Whelan Cornelius Whelan Kyran Brother
Whelan James Brother
Whelan Mary Niece
Whelan Sarah Sister
Bergin Thomas Delany Denis Servant
Fitzpatrick Julia Fitzpatrick Hanora Daughter
Fitzpatrick John Son
Delaney James Delaney Joseph Brother
Delaney Maggie Daughter
Delaney Denis Son
Delaney Margaret Wife
Hayden William Hayden Mary Wife
Stanley Richard Stanley Susan Daugher
Stanley Emily Daughter
Stanley William Son
Stanley George Son
Stanley Frank Son
Stanley Mary Jane Wife
Hodgins James Hodgins Alice Daughter
Hodgins Christian Daughter
Abraham Sarah Abraham Susan Niece
Bannon William Bannon Rebecca Wife
Meagher Catherine Fitzpatrick Anne Daughter
Fitzpatrick Timothy Son
Fitzpatrick Daniel Son
Fitzpatrick Timothy Son in Law
Bannon Susan Crague John Servant
Phelan Kieran Boarder
Phelan John Phelan Mary A. Daughter
Phelan Lizzie Daughter
Phelan Bridget Daughter
Phelan Michael Son
Phelan Mary Wife
Dunne Mary Anne Dunne Mary Daughter
Dunne ?Katie Daughter
Dunne James Son
Dunne Stephen Son
Dunne Lawrence Son
Dunne Bernard Son
Dunne Patrick Son
Dillon Peter Dillon Maryanne Wife
Bergin Denis Bergin Mary Daughter
Bergin Hanora Daughter
Bergin ?Katie Daughter
Bergin Bridie Daughter
Bergin Margaret Daughter
Bergin Mary Anne Wife
Bowe Elizabeth Bowe Kate Daughter
Bowe Denis Son
Keenan Margaret Servant
Comerford John Comerford Katie Daughter
Comerford William Son
Comerford Michael Son
Comerford Patrick Son
Comerford Water (sic) Son
Comerford Margaret Wife
Fitzpatrick Thomas Fitzpatrick Kate Daughter
Fitzpatrick Lizzie Daughter
Fitzpatrick Sarah Daughter
Fitzpatrick Mary Daughter
Fitzpatrick John Son
Fitzpatrick Thomas Son
Fitzpatrick Christopher Son
Fitzpatrick William Son
Fitzpatrick James Son
Fitzpatrick Anastasia Wife
Kirwan Patrick Kirwan Sarah Daughter
Kirwan Norah Daughter
Kirwan Patrick Son
Kirwan John Son
Kirwan Edward Son
Kirwan Thomas Son
Kirwan Mary Wife
Coss Margaret Coss Mary Daughter in Law
Coss John Grandson
Coss Michael Son
Byrne Michael Byrne Mary E. Daughter
Byrne Anne Wife
Delaney Michael Delaney Mary Daughter
Delaney Patrick Son
Delaney Catherine Wife
Thompson Mary Thompson Anna Maria Daughter
Thompson Saran Ann Daughter
Thompson Joshua Son
Hogan Margaret Hogan Kate Daughter in Law
Hogan Thomas Son
Duncan John Duncan Mary (Manny) Daughter
Duncan Ellen Daughter
Duncan Joseph Son
Duncan Mark Son
Duncan William Son
Duncan Kate Wife

1901 Census, Mercy Convent, Kinsale Town, Co. Cork (Nuns)

The following ladies were all Roman Catholic Nuns, could read and write and were not married. Their ages and the place of birth are listed here. No guarantee is given that the following are accurate, as names listed in the street indices as filled out by the area enumerator often differ from those found on the census detail sheets (Form A) as filled out by the Head of Household.

Name Age Job Birth Place
Baker Mary 21 Teacher of Needle Work America
Barrett Mary V. 39 Nun Dublin City
Barry Veronica 28 Nun Co. Cork
Blake Mary C. 58 Nun Cork City
Byron Mary C. 26 Nun Co. Tipperary
Carney Mary F. 47 Nun Co. Clare
Cassin Mary P. 65 Nun Co. Kilkenny
Coakeley Columba 56 Nun Co. Cork
Coffey Albeus 49 Nun Co. Tipperary
Colgan Mary J. 46 Nun Co. Galway
Corbett Bridget 24 Lace Maker Co. Cork
Coughlan Genevieve 28 Nun Co. Cork
Deasy Mary D. 26 Nun Co. Cork
Driscoll Julia 18 Teacher of Needle Work Co. Cork
Egan Mary P. 64 Nun Cork City
Ellard Mary B. 20 Nun Co. Cork
Fallon Mary E. 63 Nun Co. Galway
Farrell Kate 22 Portress Dublin City
Fitzgerald Mary ?J. 31 Nun Co. Cork
Galvin Mary P. 46 Nun Co. Clare
Hayes Kate 20 Monitress Co. Wexford
Hayes Mary A. 40 Nun Co. Tipperary
Heffernan Scholastica 62 Nun Co. Carlow
Hennessy? Nora 21 Dressmaker Co. Cork
Herbert Mary C. 39 Nun Limerick City
Hogan Mary L. 46 Nun Galway City
Humpheries Mary M. 47 Nun Co. Tipperary
Hurley Margaret 24 Kitchen Maid Co. Cork
Hurley Mary B. 72 Nun Co. Clare
Hurley Mary J. 61 Nun Co. Clare
Jordan? Mary M. 65 Nun Co. Cork
Kelleher Julia 18 Machinist Co. Cork
Kelly Mary C. 61 Nun Kilkenny City
Kelly Mary P. 54 Nun Co. Westmeath
Kennery Mary T. 24 Nun Co. Tipperary
Keohane Xavier 40 Nun Co. Cork
Keys Cecelia 29 Art Mistress Co. Cork
Kilroe? Mary P. 61 Nun Co. Roscommon
Liston Mary A. 40 Nun Co. Limerick
Loughman Gertrude 63 Nun Co. Tipperary
Lynch Mary ?N. 36 Nun Co. Cork
Madigan Mary B. 28 Nun Co. Kilkenny
Martin Mary E. 68 Nun Co. Meath
Mason Mary S. 56 Nun Galway City
Moloney Mary ?D. 40 Nun Co. Tipperary
Moloney Mary C. 26 Nun Co. Tipperary
Moloughney Gabriel 35 Nun Co. Tipperary
Murray Mary F. 34 Nun Co. Cork
Noonan Bridget 36 Teacher of Lace Work Co. Cork
O’Brien Agnes 28 Monitress Cork City
O’Brien Ellen 60 Matron of School Co. Cork
O’Brien Mary ?R. 23 Nun Co. Tipperary
O’Brien Mary B. 43 Nun Co. Offaly
O’Brien Mary I. 50 Nun Dublin City
O’Dea Mary B. 50 Nun Co. Clare
O’Doherty Mary K. 39 Nun Co. Tipperary
O’Dwyer Mary 51 Nun Co. Tipperary
O’Gorman Mary A. 30 Nun Co. Limerick
O’Shea Mary M. 41 Nun Co. Cork
Quirke Mary T. 21 Nun Co. Tipperary
Reid Kathleen 24 Nun Co. Cork
Scully Mary B. 54 Nun Co. Cork
Shelley Mary ?M. S. 19 Nun Co. Tipperary
Stack Mary 23 Monitress England
Twohig Monica 25 Nun Co. Cork
Walsh Bridget 22 Nun Co. Cork
White Mary B. 55 Nun Co. Laois
White Minnie 23 Teacher of Needle Work Co. Cork

Census Strays, Co. Kilkenny

Published in : Irish Family History.
Journal of the Irish Family History Society
Vol. 9, 1993, pp. 20-24
ISSN: 0790-7060

Jamaican Memorials of Irish Interest.
pre 1881
Richard Flatman (Member no.176)
1292. GEORGE PRICE Esq., formerly of Bennetts Bridge, Kilkenny, Ireland,
died at Tulloch Estate in this Parish 15 Apr 1848 aged 46.

Published in Irish Family History
Journal of the Irish Family History Society
Vol. 9, 1993. pp. 39-54

St. David’s Church Naas. Co. Kildare
Sacred to the memory of Major General Lewis Thomas C.B. Colonel of the 3rd Regt. of Foot Bengal Army E.I.C.S son of Lewis Thomas esqr. Brookhill Co Kilkenny & Grandson of tile Rt. Honble Sir Edward Lovett Pearce. He entered the service in 1788 & distinguishing himself received the public thanks of the Government twice & of the commanders in chief on the field. He died the 3rd May 1824 at Cawnpore in command & in humble & devout gratitude to Almighty God for the manifold blessings enjoyed by him thr’o life Bequeathed for the benefit of the poor of the parish church of NAAS £20 per annum for ever to the Ministers and Churchwardens trustees.

Tullowmoy 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Tullowmoy in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
William Baker Brennan’s Hill Luggacurran
Daniel Bolger Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Patrick Bracken Raheenahown Luggacurran
Kerin Brennan Coolglass Luggacurran
Michael Brennan Clopook Luggacurran
Patrick Brennan Coolglass Luggacurran
William Brennan Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Andrew Byrne Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Martin Byrne Fallowbeg, Lower Luggacurran
Michael Byrne Luggacurrin Luggacurran
John Cahill Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Thomas Cahill Raheenahown Luggacurran
Andrew Carter Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Samuel Carter Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Bryan Coffey Luggacurrin Luggacurran
John Conroy Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Anne Corcoran Coolglass Luggacurran
Robert Corcoran Coolglass Luggacurran
Thomas Dooley Coolglass Luggacurran
Catherine Dowling Clopook Luggacurran
Kate Dunne Guileen Luggacurran
James Dwyer Ferneyhill Luggacurran
John Elliott Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Margaret Evans Luggacurrin Luggacurran
William Ewans Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Michael Flanagan Guileen Luggacurran
Frederick Gillespie Tullomoy Luggacurran
Jane Glancey Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Henry Graham Luggacurrin Luggacurran
William Greene Luggacurrin Luggacurran
James Hayns(Haynes) Fallowbeg, Upper Luggacurran
Susanna Hinds Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Martin Johnson Ferneyhill Luggacurran
Abraham Kavanagh Monamanry Luggacurran
Edward Kavanagh Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Edward Kavanagh Luggacurrin Luggacurran
James Kavanagh Luggacurrin Luggacurran
John Kavanagh Gorreelagh Luggacurran
Anne Kelly Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Thomas Kelly Tomaclavin Luggacurran
James Kerrigan Knockahonagh Luggacurran
James Kilbride Tomaclavin Luggacurran
Daniel Lacey Tomaclavin Luggacurran
Denis Lacey Tomaclavin Luggacurran
Honoria Lacey Tomaclavin Luggacurran
John Lacey Tomaclavin Luggacurran
Kate Lacey Tomaclavin Luggacurran
Thomas Lacey Tomaclavin Luggacurran
James Langton Tullomoy Luggacurran
Margret Larken(Larkin) Luggacurrin Luggacurran
William Larkin Brennan’s Hill Luggacurran
Mary Lawlor Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Eliza Lawlor(Lalor) Fallowbeg, Upper Luggacurran
Kathleen Leslie Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Samuel Linton Raheenahown Luggacurran
Denis Maher Luggacurrin Luggacurran
John, Rev., C.C. Maher Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Harriet Mahon Clopook Luggacurran
Joseph Malcomson Raheenahown Luggacurran
Sarah McDonnell Luggacurrin Luggacurran
John McGrath Coolglass Luggacurran
Henry Melbourne Luggacurrin Luggacurran
John Merrins Guileen Luggacurran
Michael Moore Fallowbeg, Lower Luggacurran
John Morrissey Guileen Luggacurran
Thomas Mullins Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Andrew Murphy Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Bridget Murphy Manger Luggacurran
Patrick O’Connell Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Felix O’Neill Luggacurrin Luggacurran
James Parkinson Tullomoy Luggacurran
Charles Phelan Clopook Luggacurran
Joseph Porter Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Thomas Quinn Tullomoy Luggacurran
Margaret Ryan Coolglass Luggacurran
Denis Shaloon Fallowbeg, Middle Luggacurran
Henry Stanley Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Henry John Stanley Fallowbeg, Middle Luggacurran
William Stanley Ferneyhill Luggacurran
George Stone Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Philip Stone Coolglass Luggacurran
Thomas Stone Coolglass Luggacurran
Henry Wm. Sythes Fallowbeg, Middle Luggacurran
John Tarleton Tullomoy Luggacurran
John Watchorn Brennan’s Hill Luggacurran

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Timogue 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Timogue in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Teresa Byrne Ballinateskin Timogue
Edward Cantwell Ballinateskin Timogue
Thomas Cole Ballinateskin Timogue
John Commins Ballycoolan Timogue
Patrick Commins Ballycoolan Timogue
Sarah Commins Timogue Timogue
Robert Condell Timogue Timogue
Mary Cramer Ballycoolan Timogue
John E. Dwen Ballycoolan Timogue
Margaret Ennis Timogue Timogue
John Fennell Ballycoolan Timogue
William Fisher Timogue Timogue
Catherine Fitzgerald Ballinateskin Timogue
John J. Freer Timogue Timogue
Thomas Hughes Ballycoolan Timogue
Matthew Laffan Ballycoolan Timogue
Patrick McDarby Ballyprior Timogue
Thomas Moyles Ballycoolan Timogue
James Neale Ballinateskin Timogue
Francis O’Neill Ballyprior Timogue
John Pearson Timogue Timogue
Patrick Slator Ballyprior Timogue
Anne Tynan Timogue Timogue
Peter Tynan Timogue Timogue
Thomas Walsh Ballyprior Timogue
Kate Whelan Ballinateskin Timogue

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Tecolm 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Tecolm in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
John Bambrick Corbally Tecolm
Julia Butler Corbally Tecolm
Patrick Butler Corbally Tecolm
Katherine Byrne Corbally Tecolm
John Coogan Corbally Tecolm
James Cooney Corbally Tecolm
Michael Foley Corbally Tecolm
Michael McHugh Corbally Tecolm
Thomas Shaw Corbally Tecolm
Patrick Storey Corbally Tecolm
James Tafee Corbally Tecolm

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Tankardstown 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Tankardstown in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
John Bowden Shanganagh Beg Barrowhouse
Patrick Boylan Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
Ellen Brennan Ballinree Tankardstown
Michael Brennan Shanganagh Beg Barrowhouse
Patrick Brennan Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
Patrick Brien Tankardstown Tankardstown
William Brien Tankardstown Tankardstown
John Bryan Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
Patrick Clear Ballinree Tankardstown
James Coady Cullenagh Tankardstown
Alex Condon Ballinree Tankardstown
Margaret Connor Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
James Deegan Tankardstown Tankardstown
William Donnolly Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
John Dooley Tankardstown Tankardstown
Patrick Dunne Shanganagh Beg Barrowhouse
Mary Farrell Shanganagh Beg Barrowhouse
William Fennell Monebrock Tankardstown
Mary Fitzpatrick Tankardstown Tankardstown
Thomas Gearen Shanganagh Beg Barrowhouse
Patrick Gray Ballinree Tankardstown
Thomas Gray Ballinree Tankardstown
John Grey Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
Patrick Grey Ballinree Tankardstown
Laurence Heffernan Ballinree Tankardstown
Robert Horsburgh Tankardstown Tankardstown
James Julian Cullenagh Tankardstown
Patrick Julian Graigue Barrowhouse
Sarah Keating Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
Jane Keeffe Tankardstown Tankardstown
Michael Kelly Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
Patrick Kelly Tankardstown Tankardstown
Pierce Kelly Magharegh/Magheragh Tankardstown
William Kelly Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
Robt. A. King Kilmorony Tankardstown
James Lacy Monebrock Tankardstown
Denis Langton Shanganagh Beg Barrowhouse
James Lawler Ballybeg Tankardstown
John Lawler Ballybeg Tankardstown
James Lawlor Magharegh/Magheragh Tankardstown
Joseph Lawlor Tankardstown Tankardstown
William Lawlor Tankardstown Tankardstown
Rebecca Lazenby Ballinree Tankardstown
Michael Lynch Ballinree Tankardstown
James Maher Shanganagh Beg Barrowhouse
Patrick Maher Magharegh/Magheragh Tankardstown
James Malone Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
John Malone Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
Patrick Malone Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
Ellen McDarby Ballinree Tankardstown
John McDonald Tankardstown Tankardstown
Margaret McDonald Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
Robert McDonald Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
Michael McEvoy Magharegh/Magheragh Tankardstown
George Meredith Monebrock Tankardstown
James Moore Graigue Barrowhouse
John Moore Ballybeg Tankardstown
Patrick Moore Tankardstown Tankardstown
James Murphy Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
Patrick Murphy Magharegh/Magheragh Tankardstown
Timothy Murphy Magharegh/Magheragh Tankardstown
Thomas Philips Tankardstown Tankardstown
Catherine Piert Tankardstown Tankardstown
James Ryan Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
William Stacey Magharegh/Magheragh Tankardstown
Lewen Weldon Kilmorony Tankardstown
Anne Whelan Tankardstown Tankardstown
daniel Whelan Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
Edward Whelan Tankardstown Tankardstown
William Whelan Ballinree Tankardstown

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Stradbally 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Stradbally in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Rev. Robert Armstrong Stradbally Town Stradbally
Henry George Bailey Stradbally Town Stradbally
Margaret Ellen Bailey Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary Bambrick Stradbally Town Stradbally
Anne Bannon Stradbally Town Stradbally
Elizabeth Barnes Stradbally Town Stradbally
Sarah Barnes Stradbally Town Stradbally
Margaret Barrington Newtown Stradbally
Michael Belford Brockley Park Stradbally
William Bennett Rathmore Stradbally
Sydney H. Bergin Stradbally Town Stradbally
Elizabeth Birch Brockley Park Stradbally
John Bowe Newtown Stradbally
Terence Bowe Newtown Stradbally
William Boyd Brockley Park Stradbally
James Brady Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary Brady Stradbally Town Stradbally
Catherine Brennan Kylebeg Stradbally
John Brennan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Julia Brennan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Michael, Rev. Brennan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Charles Bryan Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Bryan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Margaret Bryan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas Buggie Stradbally Town Stradbally
Daniel Buggy Knocknambraher Stradbally
Mary A. Bulger Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas Burke Stradbally Town Stradbally
Catherine Byrne Stradbally Town Stradbally
Ellen Byrne Rathmore Stradbally
James Byrne Rathmore Stradbally
James Byrne Stradbally Town Stradbally
Joseph Byrne Knocknambraher Stradbally
Thomas Byrne Oughaval Stradbally
James Callaghan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary Callaghan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Jane Canning Stradbally Town Stradbally
Alicia carroll Stradbally Town Stradbally
Michael Carroll Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas Carroll Stradbally Town Stradbally
Timothy Carroll Aghamaddock Stradbally
Margaret Colcut Stradbally Town Stradbally
Matthew Cole Stradbally Town Stradbally
Annie J. Colgan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Edward Colgan Stradbally Town Stradbally
James Condren Stradbally Town Stradbally
James Connell Stradbally Town Stradbally
Laurence Connell Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary Connell Stradbally Town Stradbally
Margaret Connolly Stradbally Town Stradbally
Michael Connolly Stradbally Town Stradbally
Patrick Corcoran Rathmore Stradbally
Michael Cuddy Rathmore Stradbally
Mary Cullen Stradbally Town Stradbally
Daniel Curran Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mrs. Anne Daly Stradbally Town Stradbally
Margaret Daly Stradbally Town Stradbally
Michael Daly Stradbally Town Stradbally
Sergeant Patrick Daly Stradbally Town Stradbally
Patrick Deegan Knocknambraher Stradbally
William Deegan Kylebeg Stradbally
Catherine Delaney Stradbally Town Stradbally
John delaney Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Delaney Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas Delaney Stradbally Town Stradbally
Catherine Dempsey Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Dempsey Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary Devoy Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary Devoy Stradbally Town Stradbally
Honoria Dewane Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas Dillon Stradbally Town Stradbally
George Dixon Oughaval Stradbally
George Dixon Stradbally Town Stradbally
Walter Dobbin Stradbally Town Stradbally
Catherine Doherty Stradbally Town Stradbally
Jane Donohoe Stradbally Town Stradbally
Patrick Donohoe Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Doran Ballaghmore Stradbally
Bridget Dowling Stradbally Town Stradbally
Daniel Dowling Stradbally Town Stradbally
Eliza Dowling Stradbally Town Stradbally
Eliza Dowling Stradbally Town Stradbally
Ellen Dowling Stradbally Town Stradbally
James Dowling Brockley Park Stradbally
Laurence Dowling Stradbally Town Stradbally
Margaret Dowling Stradbally Town Stradbally
Margaret Dowling Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary Dowling Stradbally Town Stradbally
Patrick Dowling Stradbally Town Stradbally
Anne Dunne Stradbally Town Stradbally
Catherine Dunne Kylebeg Stradbally
Eliza Dunne Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Dunne Aghamaddock Stradbally
John Dunne Stradbally Town Stradbally
Martin Dunne Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas Dunne Stradbally Town Stradbally
Wineford Dunne Stradbally Town Stradbally
Catherine Egan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Martin Egan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Elizabeth Evans Stradbally Stradbally
Hanoria Farrell Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Farrell Stradbally Town Stradbally
Richard Farrell Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Feeney Stradbally Town Stradbally
Fanny Fennelly Stradbally Town Stradbally
Joseph Fingleton Stradbally Town Stradbally
William Fingleton Ballaghmore Stradbally
John Fitzgerald Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary Fitzgerald Rathmore Stradbally
sarah Fitzgerald Stradbally Town Stradbally
Agnes Fitzpatrick Stradbally Town Stradbally
Edward Fitzpatrick Stradbally Town Stradbally
James Fitzpatrick Stradbally Town Stradbally
James Flanagan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Michael Flanagan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Patrick Flanagan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas Flanagan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Jeanie Fleming Stradbally Town Stradbally
William Fox Stradbally Stradbally
Mrs. Mary Gallagher Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas Gannon Rathmore Stradbally
Catherine Gibson Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Gibson Oughaval Stradbally
William Green Stradbally Town Stradbally
Arthur Greenham Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Gregg Stradbally Stradbally
Michael Grogan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Matilda Gurd Rathmore Stradbally
Thomas R. Gurd Stradbally Town Stradbally
Margaret Hacket Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas Handy Stradbally Town Stradbally
Patrick Hanlon Kylebeg Stradbally
Bridget Hannigan Stradbally Town Stradbally
James Heaney Stradbally Town Stradbally
Honoria Hennsy Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary Hewitt Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas F. Higgins Stradbally Town Stradbally
Anne Hogan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Edward Hosey Stradbally Town Stradbally
Elizabeth Hyland Stradbally Town Stradbally
William Hynes Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Johnston Stradbally Town Stradbally
Margaret Kavanagh Stradbally Town Stradbally
Margaret Kay Stradbally Town Stradbally
Patrick Kay Stradbally Town Stradbally
Maria Keating Stradbally Town Stradbally
Anastatia Keeffe Carricksallagh Stradbally
Ellen Keeffe Oughaval Stradbally
Margaret Keegan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Michael Keenan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Catherine Kelly Stradbally Town Stradbally
James Kelly Stradbally Town Stradbally
Owen Kelly Stradbally Town Stradbally
Stephen Kenna Rathmore Stradbally
Bridget Kennedy Kylebeg Stradbally
Thomas Kennedy Newtown Stradbally
Jeremiah Lacey Stradbally Town Stradbally
Joseph Large Oughaval Stradbally
Jane Lawless Stradbally Town Stradbally
Edward Lawlor Stradbally Town Stradbally
Joseph Lawlor Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary Leahy Stradbally Town Stradbally
Sarah Leigh Stradbally Town Stradbally
James T Lewis Stradbally Town Stradbally
Charles Little Stradbally Stradbally
Bernard Loughlin Stradbally Town Stradbally
Patrick Loughlin Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary Madden Stradbally Town Stradbally
Anne Maher Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary Maher Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas Maher Stradbally Town Stradbally
Bridget Mahon Stradbally Town Stradbally
James Mahon Aghamaddock Stradbally
Michael Mahon Stradbally Town Stradbally
PAtrick Mahon Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Mansworth Oughaval Stradbally
Mary Martin Stradbally Town Stradbally
Sarah McCormack Stradbally Town Stradbally
Patrick McCormick Oughaval Stradbally
Thomas McDonald Stradbally Town Stradbally
Michael McDonnell Stradbally Town Stradbally
Patrick McDonnell Stradbally Town Stradbally
John McEvoy Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary McEvoy Kylebeg Stradbally
William McEvoy Stradbally Town Stradbally
Patrick McKeever Stradbally Town Stradbally
James McLeod Brockley Park Stradbally
Catherine Miller Stradbally Town Stradbally
William Mitchell Rathmore Stradbally
Mary Molloy Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Moloney Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas Mooney Stradbally Town Stradbally
Anne Moore Stradbally Town Stradbally
Eliza Moore Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Moore Stradbally Town Stradbally
Michael Moore Stradbally Town Stradbally
Patrick Moore Newtown Stradbally
William Moore Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Morrsey Stradbally Town Stradbally
Michael Mulally Stradbally Town Stradbally
Anne Mulhall Stradbally Town Stradbally
Henry Mulhall Kylebeg Stradbally
Henry Mulhall Rathmore Stradbally
James Mulkerin Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Murphy Stradbally Town Stradbally
Anne Murray Stradbally Town Stradbally
Anne Murray Stradbally Town Stradbally
Daniel Murray Stradbally Town Stradbally
James Murray Ballaghmore Stradbally
Michael Murray Oughaval Stradbally
Patrick Murray Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas Murray Stradbally Town Stradbally
William Neil Stradbally Town Stradbally
William Newton Stradbally Stradbally
George North Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas Oakes Stradbally Stradbally
Eliza O’Hear Stradbally Town Stradbally
Teresa O’Herane Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas O’heron Stradbally Town Stradbally
Henry Paisley Stradbally Town Stradbally
Elizabeth Percival Stradbally Town Stradbally
Joseph Porter Stradbally Town Stradbally
Ellen Mary Quinn Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas Quinn Stradbally Stradbally
Bridget Reilly Stradbally Town Stradbally
Margaret Reilly Stradbally Town Stradbally
Michael, Rev. Rice Stradbally Town Stradbally
Frances Russell Stradbally Stradbally
Anne Ryan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Edward Ryan Knocknambraher Stradbally
Thomas Ryan Brockley Park Stradbally
Francis Satchwell Stradbally Town Stradbally
Denis Shaughnessy Stradbally Town Stradbally
Patrick Shaughnessy Stradbally Town Stradbally
Elizabeth Shaw Stradbally Town Stradbally
Anne Sherlock Stradbally Town Stradbally
Ellen Sherlook Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Sherlook Stradbally Town Stradbally
Andrew Shortall Rathmore Stradbally
Eliza Shortall Stradbally Town Stradbally
Joseph Shortall Rathmore Stradbally
Martin Shortall Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary Shortall Aghamaddock Stradbally
Thomas Shortall Aghamaddock Stradbally
William Shortall Stradbally Town Stradbally
Bridget Simmons Stradbally Town Stradbally
William Simpson Stradbally Town Stradbally
Alexander Sinclair Brockley Park Stradbally
John Sinnott Stradbally Town Stradbally
Charles Smith Stradbally Town Stradbally
Abraham Stone Stradbally Stradbally
James Switzer Brockley Park Stradbally
Kathleen Tarleton Stradbally Town Stradbally
Edward Thornton Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary Timmins Stradbally Town Stradbally
Thomas Timmins Stradbally Town Stradbally
Elizabeth Turpin Stradbally Town Stradbally
Samuel Turpin Stradbally Town Stradbally
Jane Tynan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Archibald Vass Stradbally Town Stradbally
Michael Wall Stradbally Town Stradbally
Bridget Walsh Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Walsh Stradbally Town Stradbally
John Walsh Stradbally Town Stradbally
Patrick Walsh Stradbally Town Stradbally
William Walsh Stradbally Town Stradbally
Eliza Whelan Stradbally Town Stradbally
James Whelan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Michael Whelan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Patrick Whelan Stradbally Town Stradbally
Mary Anne White Stradbally Stradbally
Margaret Wholohan Knocknambraher Stradbally
William, Esq. Young Brockley Park Stradbally

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Straboe 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Straboe in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Peter Bennett Ballymooney Maryborough, Rural
Patrick Bergin Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
Michael Bowe Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
James Brett Shaen Shaen
John Broomfield Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural
William Brophy Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
Matthew Brophy Ballyclider Maryborough, Rural
Thomas Brophy Ballymooney Maryborough, Rural
Patrick Buggy Derry Kilcolmanbane
John Bunyan Ballymooney Maryborough, Rural
Catherine Burke Straboe Shaen
Patrick Byrne Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
Richard Byrne Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
Margaret Byrne Ballydavis Shaen
Mary Carbery Derrygarron Shaen
Denis Cashen Straboe Shaen
Mary Cheevers Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
Nathaniel Cheevers Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
Thomas Coleman Straboe Shaen
catherine Conroy Shaen Shaen
James Conroy Ballydavis Shaen
Patrick Conroy Ballydavis Shaen
Patrick Coss Shaen Shaen
John Crawford Eyne Shaen
Anne Cushen Ballydavis Shaen
Anne Cushin Ballyclider Maryborough, Rural
Thomas Cushin Ballyclider Maryborough, Rural
John Daly Ballydavis Shaen
JOhn Daly Shaen Shaen
Mary Deevy Ballydavis Shaen
Michael Delany Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Michael Dempsey Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Michael Donohoe Ballydavis Shaen
Richard Donohoe Straboe Shaen
Ellen Doran Shaen Shaen
Henry Doran Ballydavis Shaen
Peter Dowling Straboe Shaen
John Drennan Ballymooney Maryborough, Rural
Loughlin Drennan Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
Catherine Dunne Ballymooney Maryborough, Rural
Catherine Dunne Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
John Dunne Ballydavis Shaen
Kate Dunne Ballydavis Shaen
William Dunne Shaen Shaen
Michael Eason Derrygarron Shaen
Francis Ewing Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Thomas Ewing Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Christopher Fennelly Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Robert Fennelly Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Thomas Fennelly Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Daniel Fennelly Derrygarron Shaen
Patrick Fennelly Eyne Shaen
Peter Ferris Ballydavis Shaen
Judith Fitzpatrick Derry Kilcolmanbane
John Fitzpatrick Ballymooney Maryborough, Rural
Edward Fitzpatrick Ballydavis Shaen
Ellen Fitzpatrick Ballydavis Shaen
James Fleming Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Thomas Flynn Ballydavis Shaen
Michael Forans Eyne Shaen
James Fyanes Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Richard Gee Derrygarron Shaen
Catherine Ging Ballyclider Maryborough, Rural
Patrick Ging Rathbrennan Maryborough, Rural
James Ging Straboe Shaen
Maria Ging Straboe Shaen
Peter Ging Ballydavis Shaen
Peter Gray Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
Matthew Gray Shaen Shaen
Patrick Gray Shaen Shaen
David Griffin Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
Jane Haslam Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
William Hennessy Shaen Shaen
Thomas Higgins Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural
George Higgins Shaen Shaen
James Higgs Ballyclider Maryborough, Rural
Catherine Holbrook Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Mary Holbrook Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
James Houlihan Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
William Houlihan Ballyclider Maryborough, Rural
John Howe Straboe Shaen
Richard Humston Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Anthony Humston Ballydavis Shaen
Hanorah Hutchinson Straboe Shaen
Margaret Hutchinson Straboe Shaen
James Hyland Ballydavis Shaen
Mary Hyland Ballydavis Shaen
Richard Hyland Ballydavis Shaen
Patrick Jordan Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Ellen Kavanagh Eyne Shaen
James Keating Eyne Shaen
Laurence Keeffe Ballydavis Shaen
Hanorah Kelly Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Henry Kelly Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
Edward Kelly Ballydavis Shaen
Thomas Kemmis Shaen Shaen
Mary Kenna Ballydavis Shaen
Murtha Lalor Ballyclider Maryborough, Rural
Patrick Lalor Ballydavis Shaen
William Lalor Ballydavis Shaen
Maria Langley Eyne Shaen
Patrick Langton Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural
James Lawler Ballydavis Shaen
John Lawlor Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
John Loughlin Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Michael Lynch Straboe Shaen
John Maher Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
Patrick Malone Derrygarron Shaen
William Matthews Derry Kilcolmanbane
Denis McEvoy Straboe Shaen
Edward McEvoy Derrygarron Shaen
Jeremiah McEvoy Straboe Shaen
Joseph McEvoy Straboe Shaen
William Meehan Shaen Shaen
John Morrison Derrygarron Shaen
William Mullins Beladd Maryborough, Rural
Patrick Norton Ballydavis Shaen
James O’Brien Ballydavis Shaen
James O’Hare Beladd Maryborough, Rural
John Quigley Shaen Shaen
John Rafter Ballydavis Shaen
James Rankin Derry Kilcolmanbane
James Ruth Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural
David Salmon Ballydavis Shaen
Elizabeth Salmon Ballydavis Shaen
Joseph Salmon Ballydavis Shaen
Lucey Shanahan Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
William Sherlock Eyne Shaen
William Spooner Ballydavis Shaen
John Tallant Shaen Shaen
Elizabeth Toole Eyne Shaen
Patrick Torritt Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural
William Troy Straboe Shaen
Arthur Tynan Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural
John Tynan Ballydavis Shaen
Joseph Walsh Ballymooney Maryborough, Rural
Patrick Walsh Beladd Maryborough, Rural
Mary Walsh Derrygarron Shaen
James Whelan Rathbrennan Maryborough, Rural
John Whelan Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural
Peter Whelan Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Anne Whelan Ballydavis Shaen
Patrick Whelan Eyne Shaen
Thomas Whelan Ballydavis Shaen
Norah White Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural

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Sleaty 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Sleaty in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
William Bolger Sleaty Graigue Rural
Matthew Cullen Knockbeg Shrule
Patrick Curran Sleaty Graigue Rural
Michael Dunne Knockbeg Shrule
Thomas Dunny Sleaty Graigue Rural
Michael Foy Sleaty Graigue Rural
Denis Hoey Sleaty Graigue Rural
Edward Lennon Sleaty Graigue Rural
James McWey Sleaty Graigue Rural
Mathias McWey Sleaty Graigue Rural
Patrick Nolan Knockbeg Shrule

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