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Graine, Gravestone name index

Gravestone Name index

Co. Kilkenny

An index to the names that I have seen on gravestones in Graine graveyard in Co. Kilkenny.

Copies of original photographs can be purchased for a figure of 5 Euro per stone.

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General Index to names on all gravestone photographs on this site (all counties/70,000 names)

On the table below some words are abbreviated
e.s=Erected stone
n.d.= No date
??? = I was not able to read or was unsure of the letter/number I was reading

The number beside each ‘stone name’ shows how many stones were there with this surname on them.  Tobin was the most common surname in this graveyard with Phelan next, then followed by Campion and Burke.

Billy=William : Cait=Catherine (Cait is the Irish for Catherine) ; Dick=Richard : Jack=John : Jim=James : Sean=John : Kate=Catherine : Ned=Edward : Nellie=Eleanor : Paddy=Patrick : Peggy=Margaret :

BridgetBergin189871Bergin 1
BridgetBergin194643Bergin 1
EllenBergin194074Bergin 1
KenBergin200441Bergin 2
MichaelBergin198280Bergin 1
RichardBergin193674Bergin 1
MauraBissett200039Purcell 1
JohannaBoucher200393Boucher 1
Johanna JuliaBoucher197874Boucher 2
JohnBoucher196863Boucher 1
RobertBoucher199081Boucher 2
BridgetBowden1939?25Sandford 1
Catherine (Katty)Bowden199973Bowden 1
EllenBowden1897Sandford 1b
JamesBowden188764Sandford 1b
JamesBowden1928Sandford 1c
MaggieBowdenn.d.Sandford 1b
MargaretBowden190080Sandford 1b
PatrickBowden198669Bowden 1
JohnBowe189651Bowe 1
MaryBowe187659Bowe 1
ThomasBowe188180Bowe 1
PatrickBreen1969Phelan 8
AnnieBrennan200689Brennan 1
BridgetBrennan199784Brennan 2
CatherineBrennan200295Brennan 4
ColetteBrennand.y.Pekin 1
DavidBrennan1975Pekin 1
David J.Brennan198359Brennan 3
EllenBrennan1959Pekin 1
JohnBrennan199167Julian 1
JohnBrennan1913Pekin 1
KathleenBrennan193857Julian 1
LouieBrennan196741Julian 1
MaryBrennan1994Pekin 1
PatrickBrennan196078Julian 1
RichardBrennan198376Brennan 1
SeanBrennand.y.Pekin 1
WilliamBrennan198390Brennan 2
CatherineBuckley200594Buckley 1
JohnBuckley1960Buckley 2
MaryBuckley1961Buckley 2
MichaelBuckley1927Buckley 2
PatrickBuckley199356Buckley 1
PatrickBuckley1949Buckley 2
PatrickBuckley200283Buckley 2
WilliamBuckley199594Buckley 1
AnnieBurke199585Burke 3
BridgetBurke198974Burke 6
BridgetBurke200081Burke 8
EllenBurke198684Burke 5
GeorgeBurke198881Burke 7
JohnBurke198779Burke 3
JosephBurke198575Burke 1
JuliaBurke199890Burke 4
MargaretBurke1965Burke 2
MaryBurke199786Burke 1
Mary (Mollie)Burke199788Burke 7
MauriceBurke199886Burke 8
MichaelBurke197873Burke 5
MichaelBurke199352Burke 5
PatrickBurke1936Burke 2
PatrickBurke197069Burke 4
EdwardButler197774Butler 4
FlorenceButler1974Butler 3
JamesButler1992Butler 2
JohnButler1950Butler 1
John (Sean)Butler1966Butler 3
JosephButler1963Butler 2
Katherine (Kattie)Butler1966Butler 1
SarahButler1947Butler 2
SarahButler1954Butler 2
Sean (Seanie)Butler200156Butler 3
TomButler2001Butler 2
MaryCahill191974Cahill 1
MaryCahill199574Cahill 2
PatrickCahill191975Cahill 1
PhilipCahill198367Cahill 2
Caldbecke.s.Purcell 3
AliceCampionn.d.Campion 4
AnastasiaCampionn.d.Campion 3
AnastasiaCampion195582Campion 3
AndrewCampionn.d.Campion 1
AnnieCampiond.y.Campion 2
BillyCampion200067Campion 8
BridgetCampion193380Bowe 1
BridgetCampionn.d.Campion 2
BridgetCampion1908Campion 2
BridgetCampion1970Campion 6
CatherineCampionn.d.Campion 1
CatherineCampion194777Campion 4
DanielCampionn.d.Campion 1
EamonCampion1963Campion 7
EdmondCampionn.d.Campion 2
EdmondCampion190530Campion 2
EdmundCampion192464Bowe 1
EdwardCampion193676Campion 4
EdwardCampion1977Campion 4
Edward J.Campion1968Campion 5
ElizabethCampionn.d.Campion 3
EllenCampion193759Campion 2
JamesCampionn.d.Campion 1
JamesCampion190122Campion 2
JamesCampionn.d.Campion 3
JamesCampionn.d.Campion 3
JamesCampion1980Campion 4
JohnCampion1965Campion 6
JosephineCampion198477Bowe 1
MargaretCampion1988Campion 5
MaryCampionn.d.Campion 3
MaryCampionn.d.Campion 3
MichaelCampion189659Campion 2
MichaelCampion193618Campion 2
NoelCampion2003Campion 6
PatrickCampionn.d.Campion 1
PatrickCampion1(?9)87Campion 1
PatrickCampion193962Campion 2
PatrickCampionn.d.Campion 3
PatrickCampion1977Campion 7
RichardCampion194792Campion 3
RobertCampion197073Bowe 1
Robert (Bob)Campion194070Campion 4
WilliamCampionn.d.Campion 3
WilliamCampion1852Campion 4
WilliamCampion191(5 or 6)Campion 4
DorothyCarroll199982Kerwick 2
KieranCarroll197664Carroll 1
PatrickCarroll1988Kerwick 2
BettyCeaser199970Ceaser 1
HarryCeaser199576Ceaser 1
PaddyCeasern.d.Ceaser 1
BridgetCleere198672Burke 2
JohnCleere1973Burke 2
SeanCleere199764Cleere 1
CatherineClohesy187(?5)?70Clohesy 1
JamesClohesy188046Clohesy 1
JohnClohesy187(?3)88Clohesy 1
JosephCoady196046Heffernan 2
MaryCoady200183Coady 1
Mary (Babs)Coady200684Heffernan 2
ThomasCoady200086Coady 1
JamesComerford197079Comerford 1
MaryComerford197477Comerford 1
Stephen J.Comerford196778Comerford 1
LawrenceCoogand.y.Coogan 1
MaryCoogane.s.Coogan 1
WilliamCoogan185765Coogan 1
JohnCorbett195448Corbet 1
MaryCorbett198269Corbet 1
SeanCorbett198043Corbet 1
HarrietCorcoran??7?Quinlan 1
JohnCorcoran??94Quinlan 1
MaryCormack196373Fitzpatrick 1
MichaelCormack194863Fitzpatrick 1
MaryCostello198083Costello 1
MichaelCostello195673Corbet 1
WilliamCostello195662Costello 1
MargaretCostelloe1991?57Costelloe 1
MaryCostelloe194586Costelloe 1
MorganCostelloe194383Costelloe 1
MorganCostelloe197143Costelloe 1
PatrickCostelloe197677Costelloe 1
MargaretCostigan198491O'Dwyer 1
MichaelCoyne200088Coyne 1
CharlesCruite191386Cruite 1
CharlesCruite194072Cruite 1
EllenCruite18???13Cruite 1
JudithCruite1869?71Cruite 1
JuliaCruite191272Cruite 1
MargaretCruite19?4753Cruite 1
NicholasCruite1863?11Cruite 1
WilliamCruiten.d.Cruite 1
AliceCuddihy?1914?27Cuddihy 1
JohnCuddihye.s.Cuddihy 1
KateCuddihy189170Cuddihy 1
MaryCuddihy????Cuddihy 1
MichaelCuddihy18967?8Cuddihy 1
PatrickCuddihyn.d.Cuddihy 1
WilliamCuddihyn.d.Cuddihy 1
ElizabethCummins1975Dillon 1
LawrenceCummins1949Dillon 1
Denis J.Deere1981Deere 1
HelenaDeere2005Deere 1
JohannaDelahunty18?887?5Delahunty 1
JohnDelahunty187265Delahunty 1
MaryDelahunty188234Delahunty 1
MichaelDelahunty189446Delahunty 1
PaulDelahunty18?8847Delahunty 1
Claire MarieDelaney1977Delaney 1
KateDelaney196380Heffernan 2
MaryDelaney199975Delaney 2
MichaelDelaney198873Delaney 2
MichaelDelaney197277Heffernan 2
PatrickDelaney199050Delaney 1
AndrewDelany1994Delany 1
Margaret M.Delany1954Delany 1
MauraDelany1979Delany 1
ThomasDelany1933Delany 1
WilliamDelany190?3Dillon 1
MichaelDen-Keatinge18??Keatinge 1
ElizabethDillon1900Dillon 1
AnastatiaDobbyn197080Murphy 1a
??Dowling189696Dowling 1
AnastasiaDowlingn.d.Dowling 1
EdwardDowling198481Dowling 2
ElizabethDowling194975Dowling 2
Ellen J.Dowling1936Dowling 3
Frances MaryDowling1907Dowling 3
JamesDowlinge.s.Dowling 1
JamesDowling1977Dowling 1
JohannaDowling1971Dowling 1
Kate M.Dowling195584Dowling 2
Martin P.Dowling1907Dowling 3
MaryDowling1984Dowling 1
PatrickDowling1948Dowling 1
PatrickDowling1968Dowling 1
PatrickDowling193675Dowling 2
RitaDowling198476Dowling 2
FamilyDoyleDowling 3
DenisDuggan199363Duggan 2
EllenDuggane.s.Duggan 1
PatrickDuggan1876??Duggan 1
BrigidDunne196889Dunne 3
BrigidDunne19194Dunne 3
CatherineDunne192884Dunne 3
ChristineDunne19415 mosDunne 1
JeremiahDunne196486Dunne 3
JohannaDunne199086Dunne 1
KieranDunne198181Dunne 1
MargaretDunne193473Dunne 1
MargaretDunne196975Dunne 1
MichaelDunne190964Dunne 1
PatrickDunne199598Dunne 1
PhilipDunne196070Dunne 1
Richard (Dick)Dunne2000Dunne 2
WilliamDunne196876Dunne 1
WilliamDunne198369Dunne 3
CathleenDwyer1969Dwyer 1
MargaretDwyer1928Dillon 1
MichaelDwyer1986Dwyer 1
PatrickDwyer1981Dwyer 1
AnastasiaFennelly1917Fennelly 1
CatherineFennelly1967Fennelly 1
EllenFennelly1919Fennelly 1
JohannaFennelly1927Fennelly 1
MargaretFennelly1985Fennelly 1
TerenceFennelly1938Fennelly 1
WilliamFennelly1948Fennelly 1
WilliamFennelly1925Fennelly 1
JamesFitzgerald188573Fitzgerald 1
JohannaFitzgerald198295Dunne 1
MartinFitzgerald191762Fitzgerald 1
MaryFitzgerald190659Fitzgerald 1
MaryFitzgerald192460Fitzgerald 1
BridgetFitzpatrick199784Campion 2
HannieFitzpatrick1957Fitzpatrick 2
KittyFitzpatricke.s.Fitzpatrick 1
MargaretFitzpatrick195669Fitzpatrick 1
PatrickFitzpatrickd.y.Fitzpatrick 1
WilliamFitzpatrick1979Campion 2
WilliamFitzpatrick194976Fitzpatrick 1
CatherineFleming1989Fleming 1
josephFleming1976Fleming 1
ConFogarty199288Fogarty 1
NoraFogarty198986Fogarty 1
BridgetFox1969Fox 1
CarolFox200023Fox 2
EllenFox199573Fox 3
JamesFox1971Fox 1
JohnFox200382Fox 3
MargaretFox197076Fox 3
MaryFox186?171Fox 1
MaryFox1965Fox 1
MichaelFoxe.s.Webster 2
PaddyFox200170Fox 3
PatFox199129Fox 4
WilliamFoxe.s.Fox 1
WilliamFox1922Fox 1
KatieGlennon1966Noonan 1
??GreeneGreene 1
PaddyGuilfoyle197080Guilfoyle 1
AnneHanrahan191175Hanrahan 1a
ElizabethHanrahan186756Hanrahan 1b
JohnHanrahan191580Hanrahan 1a
JohnHanrahane.s.Hanrahan 1b
JohnHanrahan198563Hanrahan 1b
KateHanrahan189828Hanrahan 1a
MargaretHanrahan192747Hanrahan 1a
MaryHanrahan1967Hanrahan 1b
Mary AnneHanrahan194675Hanrahan 1a
MonicaHanrahan199870Hanrahan 1c
PatrickHanrahan187646Hanrahan 1b
RobertHanrahan192345Hanrahan 1a
WilliamHanrahane.s.Hanrahan 1a
WilliamHanrahan186773Hanrahan 1b
WilliamHanrahan1953Hanrahan 1b
EllenHayden.d.Hayde 2
JimHayde199887Hayde 2
JohnHayde197772Hayde 2
JohnHayden.d.Hayde 2
VincentHayde200630Hayde 1
PaddyHealy197933Healy 1
AnneHeffernan192167Heffernan 2
BridgetHeffernan195282Corbet 1
HanoraHeffernand.y.Heffernan 1
JohnHeffernan193585Heffernan 2
MaryHeffernan186970Heffernan 1
MaryHeffernan187862Heffernan 2
MaryHeffernan194464Heffernan 2
MichaelHeffernann.d.Heffernan 2
MichaelHeffernan186314Heffernan 2
ThomasHeffernan187290Heffernan 1
WilliamHeffernan187965Heffernan 1
EllenHennessy1946Hennessy 1
EllenHennessy19?32Hennessy 1
JamesHennessy1909Hennessy 1
MaryHennessy1981Hennessy 2
MichaelHennessy1979Hennessy 2
NoraHennessy197867Hennessy 3
ThomasHennessy1986Hennessy 1
WilliamHennessy196463Hennessy 3
AnastatiaHickey198479Hickey 1
JohnHickey1963Hickey 1
MichaelHickey1963Hickey 1
AnnHolohan198688Holohan 1b
JamesHolohan196161Holohan 1b
MargaretHolohan194381Holohan 1
MaryHolohan199375Holohan 1b
PatrickHolohan1947?50Holohan 1
ThomasHolohan192583Holohan 1
ThomasHolohan197775Holohan 1b
BridgetHoyne1956Dunne 2
CatherineHoyne192872Hoyne 1
EllenHoyne1988Hoyne 1
JamesHoyne191374Hoyne 1
MichaelHoyne1958Dunne 2
RichardHoyne192530Hoyne 1
AnthonyHughes198363Hughes 1
JosephineHughes196180Hughes 1
MartinHughes19692Hughes 1
MaryHughes199564Hughes 1
JohnJulian190882Julian 1
JohnJulian190230Julian 1
KateJuliane.s.Julian 1
KateJulian192891Julian 1
LizzieJulian189724Julian 1
ThomasJulian195882Julian 1
JamesKavanagh197966Kavanagh 1
MaryKavanaghn.d.Kavanagh 1
BridgetKealy1964Kealy 1
BridgetKealy1930Kealy 1
ThomasKealy1975Kealy 1
MaryKelly197363Kelly 1
MichaelKelly193967Kelly 1
SarahKelly195477Kelly 1
WilliamKelly198076Kelly 1
DickKennedy197378Kennedy 3
EllenKennedy200090Kennedy 3
EllenKennedy195956Kennedy 4a
Hanna MariaKennedy191326Kennedy 4
JamesKennedy195958Kennedy 3
JohnKennedy??Kennedy 2
JohnKennedy191166Kennedy 4
JohnKennedy197661Kennedy 4a
KateKennedy193549Kennedy 4a
MargaretKennedy??Kennedy 2
MariaKennedy191875Kennedy 4
MaryKennedy??Kennedy 1
PatrickKennedy196382Kennedy 4a
ThomasKennedye.s.Kennedy 1
ThomasKennedy190626Kennedy 4
DanielKerwick1927Kerwick 1
DanielKerwick195681Kerwick 2
MargaretKerwick1936Kerwick 1
MariaLaffan1936Rahill 1b
MaryLaffan1950Rahill 1b
MichaelLaffan199776Rahill 1
WilliamLaffan196179Rahill 1b
MaryLahart197369Boucher 1
MaryLahart195672Bowe 1
PatrickLahart198978Boucher 1
BridgetLawlor197076Lawlor 1
MichaelLawlor198290Lawlor 1
ThomasLawlor198970Lawlor 1
CatherineLawrence194260Lawrence 1
AnneLeahy187275Leahy 1
BridgetLeahy1943Leahy 1b
EdwardLeahy193??Leahy 1
EdwardLeahy1966Leahy 1c
HenryLeahy200489Leahy 1d
JohnLeahy186584Leahy 1
JohnLeahy1949Leahy 1b
JohnLeahy198880Leahy 1c
KieranLeahy1977Leahy 1c
MariaLeahy195583Leahy 1
MaryLeahy200287Leahy 2
Patrick ChristopherLeahy198772Leahy 2
RichardLeahy199380Leahy 3
SheilaLeahy199675Leahy 1d
WilliamLeahy199087Leahy 1c
JosephLee1991Lee 1
NellieLee1987Lee 1
JohannaLuby198875Luby 1
LawrenceLuby1965Luby 1
MargaretLuby1962Luby 1
MargaretLuby198772Luby 1
CaitMac Oda1982Mac Oda 1
LiamMac Oda1946Mac Oda 1
JoanMarshall199418Marshall 1
EllenMcDonnell1952McDonnell 2
MaryMcDonnell1984McDonnell 2b
ThomasMcDonnell1954McDonnell 1
WilliamMcDonnell1952McDonnell 2
WilliamMcDonnell1978McDonnell 2b
JohannaMcKeon1982McKeon 1
PatrickMcKeon1973McKeon 1
Thomas "Tom"McKeon2002McKeon 1
MeagherMeagher 1
BrigidMoriarty193420Moriarty 2
MaryMoriarty199384Moriarty 1
MaryMoriarty1953Moriarty 2
MaryMoriarty193522Moriarty 2
PeterMoriarty200485Moriarty 2
RichardMoriarty197766Moriarty 1
ThomasMoriarty199275Moriarty 2
WilliamMoriarty1958Moriarty 2
AliceMuldowney1983Muldowney 2
JamesMuldowney1983Muldowney 2
John PaulMuldowney19793 mosMuldowney 1
MaryMuldowney199699Muldowney 2
PatrickMulholland195879Ryan 6
BridgetMulvihille.s.Mulvihill 1
DenisMulvihill199664Mulvihill 1
JohnMurphy195265Murphy 1
MargaretMurphy195438Murphy 1
MargaretMurphy197588Murphy 1
MaryMurphy200486Murphy 1a
MichaelMurphy200382Murphy 1
ThomasMurphy199781Murphy 1a
Patrick (Paddy)Nolan200267Nolan 1
MaryNoonan1991Noonan 1
NasonNoonan1946Noonan 1
Thomas J.Noonan1961Noonan 1
CatherineNorton197581Delahunty 1
CissNorton1988Norton 2
ElizabethNorton194890Delahunty 1
EllenNorton198470Norton 1
JackNorton1943Norton 2
JohnNorton196164Delahunty 1
JohnNorton2001Norton 2
RichardNorton198170Norton 1
StatiaNorton1954Norton 2
ThomasNorton191462Delahunty 1
FamilyO'Carrolln.d.O'Carroll 1
DanielO'Dwyer197477O'Dwyer 1
JeremiahO'Dwyer198086O'Dwyer 1
MaryO'Dwyer199284O'Dwyer 1
EdwardO'Gorman197660O'Gorman 2
JackO'Gorman199980O'Gorman 1
JoeO'Gorman200482O'Gorman 1
KathleenO'Gorman198537Purcell 4
MargaretO'Gorman199073O'Gorman 2
MaryO'Gorman198968Purcell 4
PatrickO'Gorman198273Purcell 4
ThomasO'Gorman200487O'Gorman 1
JohnO'Grady199083O'Grady 2
MaryO'Grady199486O'Grady 2
MauraO'Grady200568O'Grady 1
MichaelO'Grady199313O'Grady 1
PhilipO'Grady199519O'Grady 1
AustinO'Malley1980Buckley 2
NoraO'Malley1994Buckley 2
AnastatiaPekin1888Pekin 1
AnnePekine.s.Pekin 1
AnnePembrokee.s.Pembroke 1
AudreyPembroke1978infantPembroke 1
ThomasPembroke198865Pembroke 1
Anastasia (Daisy)Phelan200095Phelan 11
AnniePhelanPhelan 6
BridgetPhelann.d.Phelan 1
BridgetPhelan193859Phelan 3
BridgetPhelane.s.Phelan 9
CatherinePhelan196085Phelan 4
DavidPhelan199319Phelan 12a
David E.Phelan199319Phelan 12
EdmondPhelanPhelan 1
Edward F.Phelan197157Phelan 12
EileenPhelan19598Phelan 9
Elizabeth (Betty)Phelan199872Phelan 5
EllenPhelan198772Phelan 1
EllenPhelann.d.cPhelan 1a
EllenPhelan188?14Phelan 3
EllenPhelan195687Phelan 8
JamesPhelan198932Phelan 8
JohannaPhelan188948Phelan 3
JohnPhelan187783Phelan 1
JohnPhelann.d.Phelan 1a
JohnPhelan196660Phelan 8
JosiePhelan199263Phelan 7
JudithPhelan1923Phelan 1
KathleenPhelan198479Phelan 8
KieranPhelan1971Phelan 2a
KieranPhelane.s.Phelan 2b
KieranPhelan200192Phelan 6
MargaretPhelan198369Phelan 10
MargaretPhelan198075Phelan 12
MargaretPhelan1974Phelan 2a
MargaretPhelan187947Phelan 2b
MaryPhelan188079Phelan 1
MaryPhelan1970Phelan 1a
MaryPhelan1991Phelan 2b
Mary AnnPhelan1937Phelan 2a
MichaelPhelan1903Phelan 3
MichaelPhelan200287Phelan 4
MichaelPhelan198570Phelan 9
NicholasPhelan190973Phelan 1
NicholasPhelane.s.Phelan 1a
NicholasPhelan199683Phelan 1a
PatrickPhelann.d.Phelan 1
PatrickPhelan1936Phelan 2a
PatrickPhelan1984Phelan 2a
PatrickPhelan196645Phelan 3a
Richard (Dick)Phelan199776Phelan 7
WilliamPhelan195282Phelan 3a
WilliamPhelan193570Phelan 4
WilliamPhelan198068Phelan 4
MargaretPollard198878Pollard 1
MichaelPollard198769Pollard 1
DanielPower199783Power 3
EdwardPower199582Power 3
JamesPower198480Power 5
JohnPower197164Power 1
JohnPower199880Power 2
JohnPower196489Power 3
MargaretPower192850Power 3
MaryPowere.s.Power 1
MaryPower200345Power 2
MaryPower199877Power 3
MaryPower199176Power 4
MaryPower19522Power 5
MaryPower199182Power 5
MichaelPower197771Power 4
MichaelPower198843Power 6
TeresaPowere.s.Power 2
ThomasPower1924Power 3
BridgetPurcell1963Purcell 1
CaoimhePurcell1963Purcell 2a
CatherinePurcell194495Purcell 1
CatherinePurcell197591Purcell 4
EdwardPurcelln.d.Purcell 2
FrancisPurcell1982Purcell 5
JackPurcelle.s.Purcell 2
JamesPurcell198971Purcell 1
JohnPurcell198284Purcell 2a
MaryPurcelln.d.Purcell 2
MaryPurcell1957Purcell 5
Mary AnnePurcell1978Purcell 2
MatthewPurcelln.d.Purcell 2
MichaelPurcell1954Purcell 1
NoelPurcelln.d.Purcell 2
PatrickPurcell198279Purcell 3
RichardPurcelln.d.Purcell 2
RichardPurcell198661Purcell 2a
RobertPurcelln.d.Purcell 2
ThomasPurcell189348Purcell 1
ThomasPurcell1949Purcell 1
WilliamPurcelln.d.Purcell 2
Quea(ll)yn.d.Quea(ll)y 1
NicholasQueally199269Queally 2
ElizaQuinlan187330Quinlan 1
Mary AQuinlane.s.Quinlan 1
CatherineRahill1927Rahill 1a
EdmondRahill188069Rahill 1
MaryRahill186248Rahill 1
MaryRahill192765Rahill 1a
MichaelRahill192266Rahill 1a
Amy MartinaReid19809Reid 1
JohannaReid1974Reid 2
ThomasReid1972Reid 2
Anastasia DaisyRochford199388Rochford 1
WilliamRochford200093Rochford 1
AndrewRyan193470Ryan 1b
BridgetRyan195276Coogan 1
BridgetRyan193761Ryan 1b
BridgetRyann.d.Ryan 3
CatherineRyann.d.Buckley 2
EamonRyan199849Ryan 10
EdwardRyan198885Ryan 9
ElizabethRyan193964Coogan 1
EllenRyan191188Ryan 1
FamilyRyann.d.Ryan 5
JohnRyand.y.Luby 1a
JohnRyan189279Ryan 1
JohnRyan181575Ryan 2
John MorrisRyan1955Ryan 4a
KatherineRyan1976Ryan 8
MargaretRyan193765Ryan 2
MargaretRyan1961Ryan 8
MartinRyan1985Ryan 7
MaryRyan192865Ryan 1
MaryRyan184765Ryan 2
MaryRyan193779Ryan 2
MaryRyan194976Ryan 4a
MaryRyan194780Ryan 6
MaryRyan197868Ryan 7
MayRyan198585Ryan 3
MichaelRyane.s.Luby 1a
MichaelRyane.s.Ryan 2
MichaelRyann.d.Ryan 3
MichaelRyan191957Ryan 4a
MichaelRyan196348Ryan 4b
MichaelRyane.s.Ryan 6
PatrickRyan195491Ryan 1b
PatrickRyan197575Ryan 6
PatrickRyan1970Ryan 8
ThomasRyan1884?18Luby 1a
TomRyan199782Coogan 1
WilliamRyan196587Coogan 1
WilliamRyan194782Ryan 2
CatherineSandford1927Sandford 1
EdwardSandford1927Sandford 1
FamilyShortalln.d.Shortall 1
JohnShortall1978Shortall 2
MaryShortall1981Shortall 2
CatherineTalbot195282Talbot 1
JohannaTalbot199084Talbot 1
JohnTalbot196248Talbot 1
ThomasTalbot199482Talbot 1
WilliamTalbot195192Talbot 1
JamesTeehan197865Teehan 2
PeggyTeehan198463Teehan 2
WilliamTeehan197768Teehan 1
AnastasiaTobin198789Tobin 4
AnastatiaTobin199284Tobin 6
BridgetTobin189448Tobin 3
BridgetTobin195969Tobin 3
CatherineTobin196473Cahill 1
EdmondTobin197271Tobin 5
EdwardTobinn.d.Tobin 8
ElizabethTobin198070Tobin 4
ElizabethTobin1960Tobin 12
Ellen (Nelly)Tobin200375Tobin 2
HarryTobin198065Tobin 10
JamesTobin196482Cahill 1
JamesTobin186835Tobin 3
JamesTobin191872Tobin 6
JamesTobin197880Tobin 6
JamesTobin193456Tobin 8
JamesTobinn.d.Tobin 8
JimTobin200158Tobin 9
JoanTobin199242Tobin 16
JohannaTobin195137Tobin 5
JohannaTobin194681Tobin 7
JohannaTobinn.d.Tobin 8
Johanna (Josie)Tobin199881Tobin 14
JohnTobin1881Tobin 1
JohnTobin192425Tobin 6
JohnTobin198771Tobin 10
JosephTobin197164Tobin 11
JosephTobin198375Tobin 15
JudithTobin187170Tobin 3
MargaretTobin193663Tobin 6
MargaretTobin200292Tobin 7
MargaretTobin196682Tobin 8
MargaretTobine.s.Tobin 13
MarieTobin199116Tobin 12
MartinTobin192511Tobin 8a
MartinTobin199774Tobin 10
MaryTobin191754Tobin 5
MaryTobin200389Tobin 11
MaryannTobin197286Tobin 8a
MichaelTobin198664Tobin 8
MichaelTobin1979Tobin 12
MickTobin199276Tobin 8a
MrsTobine.s.Tobin 1
NedTobin199978Tobin 8a
NoraTobin199588Tobin 15
PatrickTobin191781Tobin 3
PatrickTobin197191Tobin 3
PatrickTobin193483Tobin 5
PatrickTobin199790Tobin 7
PatrickTobin194359Tobin 8a
PatrickTobin197164Tobin 10
PatrickTobin198578Tobin 14
PeterTobin196848Tobin 8a
StephenTobin196961Tobin 13
WilliamTobin185148Tobin 3
BridgetWalker187356Walker 1
MichaelWalker1864?11Walker 1
AnnastasiaWall195874Wall 1
BridgetWall199477Wall 2
Edward (Ned)Wall193517Wall 1
LukeWall194229Wall 1
MaryWall196318Wall 2
PatrickWall197061Wall 2
PatrickWall195217 mosWall 2
ThomasWall195883Wall 1
AnneWalshn.d.Burke 4
JamesWalsh199082Cruite 1
JohnWalshn.d.Burke 4
JuliaWalsh198467Cruite 1
KathleenWalshe.s.Campion 3
PatrickWalsh198897Murphy 1a
Thomas (Todd)Walsh200174Purcell 5
MichaelWatson198651Watson 1
CatherineWebstere.s.Webster 3
ChristinaWebster200387Webster 1
DanWebster199576Webster 1
JamesWebster197886Webster 1
JamesWebster197950Webster 3
JohnWebstere.s.Webster 2
MaryWebster1932Burke 2
MaryWebster1977Webster 2
ThomasWebster1957Burke 2

Marriage Index. Aughaviller (Aghaviller), Kilkenny. 1848-51

Aughaviller (Aghaviller), Kilkenny

  Aughaviller (Aghaviller) Marriages 1848-51

This is an index of the names of the people who were married in the Roman Catholic parish of Aughaviller (Aghaviller) during the years 1848-51.  The following table of marriages is transcribed from Microfilm No. 5022 held online by the National Library of Ireland accessible through their Roman Catholic Parish Register Search page.   All names and surnames given here are as I read them.

My list is sorted by the surname of the groom.  Question marks indicate letters or words I had a problem reading.  The letters ‘sic’ indicate that is how I read the letters I have typed.
[ ] indicates that the letters within the brackets are my best guess at what the letters might be. n.g=not given.

Townlands are given.

Nicknames, Shortened names used in Irish records

If you go to the page I have linked to below and are sitting at a PC and want to search the records for a surname that you are interested in then press Ctrl and F together.  A box will pop up for you to enter the characters you’d like to find on the page you are on. Pressing enter will bring you to the next entry for that name and so on.  My thanks to Clare Lawler Kilgallen who posted this information on a Facebook page.

If you are working with a Mac then press ⌘ & F and continue as above.

Page 63 Marriage Records Aughaviller (Aghaviller) Roman Catholic Parish : Transcription begins on this page of microfilm.


DateYearNameSurnameBride NameBride SurnamePlacename
24-Feb1848PatrickMaraMargtFahyNew Marketp. 63 RHS
02-Mar1848JohnLonerganCatheLeeNew Market
23-Jan1849JohnMcDonaldJudyWalshKilkeasyp.64 LHS
17-Feb1849MichaelConollyEllenTenisonCarrick Shock
20-Feb1849TimothyGradyCatheCahillNew Market
30-May1849DenisRyanJudyFlynnNew Market
12 no month1850ThomasPriceElizabethPowerMoonroepre May 6th
03-Mar1851JohnBulgerMaryFarrellLissmatigue (sic)
23-Nov1851RichardDempseyCatheFeehan alias SullivanBallinraw

Slieverue, Kilkenny & Waterford. Marriages 1835-36

Slieverue, Waterford & Kilkenny

Marriage Index 1835-36

The following table of Slieverue marriages is transcribed from Microfilm No. 5031.   This microfilm is kept online by the National Library of Ireland accessible through their Roman Catholic Parish Register Search page.  This is an index of the names of the people who were married in the Roman Catholic parish of Slieverue during the years 1835 & 1836. This section of the register is in English.  It was very difficult to read.  Slieverue parish includes townlands in both counties Waterford and Kilkenny.

My list is sorted by the surname of the groom.  Question marks indicate letters or words I had a problem reading. Spellings are exactly as I read them, no corrections have been made, the letters in brackets ‘sic’ means that whatever spelling I have given it is as I read it. Square brackets [ ] hold letters that I am guessing at.

Place names are generally given in this section of the register.  In some cases separate places were named for the man I am not including those placenames.

Nicknames, Shortened names used in Irish records


NameSurnameName BrideSurname BridePlacenameDateYear
John [F]anninMaryDugganLuff[v]ery15-Feb1836
John [G]r[e]n[y]JudyDempsy??19-Feb1835
John [Sc]urryAnamariaGoggan[Sl]ieve..ae17-Jan1835
John Brown[e]MargaretSinnottCh[r]i[s]ndone28-Feb1835
John CostelloEllenGrant??Sliever..05-Jun1836
John DonovanMaryNeiln.g.04-Feb1836
John DooleyJohannaMcNamaraWaterford16-Aug1836
John Hon?eJudyHallagann.g.04-Feb1836
PatrickLawlerBridget[M]uldowny……o22 ??June1835
MartinLoni[s]talMaryD….Lin[g]…..20 ??June1835
Richd McJohn??AliceCor[k]eranFerrybank02-Nov1836
John MurrayEllenGrantPaper Mill27-Feb1835
John Pres?h??HonoraKelly??19-Sep1836
John RocheMargaretFurnaceGla[l]housey15-Feb1836
John RyanBridgetMulally??05-Sep1836

Gowran & Clara, Kilkenny. Marriages 1811-1812

Gowran & Clara, Kilkenny.

Roman Catholic Marriage Index 1811-1812

The following is an index to the names of the people who were married in the Roman Catholic parish of Gowran & Clara, Kilkenny during the years 1811 and 1812.
Placenames were not given in this section of the register.  First names were shortened and I give all spellings exactly as I read them.  This section of the register is in English.

Full names of shortened versions are as follows.
Anastace= Anastasia/Anastacia ; Elenor/Elinor=Eleanor ; Jams=James ; Jno=John ; Margt=Margaret ; Michl/Mich=Michael ; Patt=Patrick ; Richd=Richard ; Thos=Thomas ; Wm.=William ; Edmd=Edmund ; Cathr/Cathrn=Catherine ; Honor/Honora=Honoria

One name I have never seen before is Allinia and this could possibly be a version of Ellen, Helen, Helena.

Columns are sorted by the surname of the groom

PatrickReadeBridgetHarler or Havler25-Feb1811

Castlecomer, Kilkenny. St. Mary’s. Gravestone photos

Castlecomer, Kilkenny.  St. Mary’s.  Gravestone photos

Castlecomer, Kilkenny.  St. Mary’s.  Gravestone photos surnames A-H

St. Mary’s Church of Ireland,

Castlecomer, St. Mary’s Gravestone photos.  Surnames A-H
Castlecomer, St. Mary’s Gravestone photos.  Surnames K-W

These 76 photographs of gravestones in St. Mary’s, Castlecomer, Kilkenny were taken in 2007.  All gravestones in St. Mary’s, Castlecomer were photographed but many were illegible.

The surnames which are on the gravestones in Castlecomer are given as the names of the gravestones. Each stone will have a number on it indicating the number of times that the first surname has been found on any gravestone in this graveyard in Castlecomer, e.g. if a stone had the surname Lyons as the first surname on the stone then the stone becomes Lyons 1.  If another stone with the surname Lyons on it is found in a different plot then this becomes Lyons 2.  If there are other surnames on the stone then these surnames come after the number.
The letters a, b or others after a number indicate that there were a number of gravestones on one plot and these all belong together

We are giving you close up images of the gravestones in some instances.  All gravestone photographs are reduced in size in order to allow us have copies of all photographs on this site.  We have a full photograph of each stone as well as the close ups. charge 3 Euro to email you a copy of a photograph or set of photographs.

Contact to purchase a High Quality JPG of any gravestone for €3.00.

Contact to purchase a High Quality JPG of any gravestone for €3.00.


Contact to purchase a High Quality JPG of any gravestone for €3.00

Our Lady of Lourdes, Skeoughvosteen, Co. Kilkenny

Our Lady of Lourdes,
Roman Catholic Church,

This church belongs to the Roman Catholic parish of Graignamanagh.

Baptism Records, Clara and Gowran, Co. Kilkenny, 1809

Gowran & Clara, Ossory. Baptisms Jan 1st. 1809 – July 20th 1828. Rev. Robert Grace C.C. Placename only given in some instances in first page. Possible that the name I’ve read as Henerey surname is Henesy really! 2 s’s run together in old form in 1809 – first looking like an f then an s. Went to 1817/1818 placename is given at this stage. Very few records for 1821 and no actual dates!! Actual years can be difficult to make out – 1822 seems to go on a long time with a Jan 1st and an Oct 5th entry on top and bottom of one page!! It could be that 1821 & 1822 are confused with years and this might account for missing 1821 entries!

Name Abbreviations found in registers:
Wm = William Jas/Js. = James ; Mich/Mick. = Michael ; Margt. = Margaret ; Jn/Jno. = John or Jonathan; Ally = Anastasia (sometimes) ; Anty = Anastasia/Anastatia ; Lau. = Laurence ; pat/patt = patrick ; May = Mary ; Jos. = Joseph ; Matt. = Matthew ; Onny = Winifred ; Cath. = Catherine ; Danl., Dan = Daniel; Hanna = Hanora or Anne ; Jer. = Jeremiah ; Sally = Sarah ; Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza ; Biddy/bridgt. = bridget ; Fanton = Finton. Nics./Nich = Nicholas ; Thos. = Thomas ; Nelly = Eleanor or Ellen ; Fanny = Frances

Name Father Mother Date
Peter Aylward Nichs Cathr Hoban 05-Jan 1809
Henery Bambrick Jams Anstace Carroll 05-Jan 1809
John Bergin Jams Mary Brophy 07-Jan 1809
James Blanchfield Patt Mary Brenan 08-Jan 1809
Cathr Br?enan Patt Anne Treacy 08-Jan 1809
Jams Breen Patt Anne Wedlock?? 10-Jan 1809
John Breen Wm. Jane Cash 10-Jan 1809
Mary Breen Jams Elenor Heffernon 10-Jan 1809
Patrick Breen Michl Mary Lawler 11-Jan 1809
Anne Brenan Thos Mary Carroll 12-Jan 1809
Anne Brenan Martin Mary Delany 11-Jan 1809
Anstace Brenan Michl Cathr Doyle 13-Jan 1809
Bridget Brenan Martin Mary Delany 17-Jan 1809
Catharine Brenan Thos Joan Lynch 17-Jan 1809
Elizabeth Brenan Jno Elenor Cleary 17-Jan 1809
James Brenan Jno Mary Cain 22-Jan 1809
Joan Brenan Thos Cathr Loughlin 23-Jan 1809
John Brenan Thos Anne Loughlin 24-Jan 1809
Margaret Brenan Jams Elizabeth Meagher 26-Jan 1809
Patrick Brenan Jams Mary Holmes 29-Jan 1809
Anne Brenogue Jno Margt Spruhan 30-Jan 1809
Anstace Bridget (sic) Jams Mary Byrne 31-Jan 1809
Elizabeth Broderick Lau Mary Murphy 31-Jan 1809
Jno Brophy Jams Mary Walsh 01-Feb 1809
Thos Brophy Jno Mary Keeffe 04-Feb 1809
Gregory Bryan Gregory Margt Walsh 04-Feb 1809
James Bryan Philip Bridget Synott 06-Feb 1809
John Bryan Jno Mary Cantwell 06-Feb 1809
James Buggy Jno Bridget n.g. 07-Feb 1809
Anne Bulger Jams Mary Morrissey 13-Feb 1809
Elizabeth Bulger Jno Joan Culin 16-Feb 1809
Cathr Burke Philip Mary McDonnell 16-Feb 1809
John Butler Michl Mary Eagan 19-Feb 1809
Mary Butler Jams Cathr Morrissey 20-Feb 1809
William Butler Jams Mary Hogan 20-Feb 1809
Bridget Byrne Thos Bridget Dobbin 24-Feb 1809
Catharine Byrne Jams Sarah Brass 26-Feb 1809
Catharine Byrne Jams Mary Murphy 26-Feb 1809
Charles Byrne Jno Margt Spruhan 28-Feb 1809
Elenor Byrne Thos Cathr Dobbin 01-Mar 1809
John Byrne Patt Honor Dobbin 01-Mar 1809
John Byrne Jno Bridget Quirk 04-Mar 1809
Margaret Byrne Edmd Margaret Kerevan 05-Mar 1809
Martin Byrne Mathew Joan Murphy 06-Mar 1809
Mary Byrne Thos Mary Naughtin 07-Mar 1809
Patrick Byrne Michl Elenor Boyle 14-Mar 1809
Thos C?ulleton Jams Joan Breen 15-Mar 1809
Mary Ca(?n)field Thos Mary Swain 17-Mar 1809
Margaret Cahill Jno Bridget Kelly 17-Mar 1809
Patrick Cahill Edmd Joan Cullen 18-Mar 1809
Catharine Cain Richd Bridget Commorford 19-Mar 1809
David Carew Edmd Bridget Nevin 19-Mar 1809
Elizabeth Carew David Elenor Keeffe 19-Mar 1809
Daniel Carroll Wm. Mary Spruhan 12-Mar 1809
John Carroll Dan Cathr Tewit 14-Mar 1809
Mary Carroll Dan Honor Walsh 19-Mar 1809
Bridget Cartey Richd Mary Brophy 19-Mar 1809
Patrick Cartey Michl Elenor Kenny 22-Mar 1809
James Carty Michl Elenor Roach 23-Mar 1809
Cathr Cash Martin Elizabeth Fleming 23-Mar 1809
Michael Caulley?? Jams Bridget Keeffe?? 01-Jan 1809
Kyran Clooney?? Theady Elizabeth Heffernon 01-Jan 1809
Joan Commerford Darby Mary Ca… 26-Mar 1809
Mary Connolly Jno Elenor Walsh 26-Mar 1809
Bridget Connors Charles Cathr Hoban 26-Mar 1809
Catharine Connors Jams Cathr Muldowny 28-Mar 1809
Catharine Coogan Martin Margt Brenan 28-Mar 1809
James Coogan Jams Bridget Loughnane 29-Mar 1809
John Corcoran Patt Margt Connelly 02-Apr 1809
Catharine Corrigan Dan Bridget Cormuck 03-Apr 1809
Michl Cranney Martin Cathr Walsh 03-Apr 1809
Elizabeth Croak Jno Cathr Kennedy 09-Apr 1809
John Cullen Jno Cathr Corcoran 09-Apr 1809
Mary Culleton Michl Margt Kelly 09-Apr 1809
Thos Cummins Patt Joan Dwyer 12-Apr 1809
Catharine Deevy Martin Joan Murphy 12-Apr 1809
Mary Delahunty Columbus Mary Kelly 13-Apr 1809
John Delany Philip Joan Boland 13-Apr 1809
Patrick Delaughny David Mary Byrne 16-Apr 1809
Jams Dooly Peter Cathr Moore 16-Apr 1809
John Dooly Peter Cathr Moore 18-Apr 1809
Mary Doran Patt Bridget Delahunty 18-Apr 1809
Michl Dowling Jams Mary Farrell 22-Apr 1809
Thos Dowling Patt Anstace Commerford 23-Apr 1809
Elenor Doyle Nichs Elizabeth Cashin 26-Apr 1809
Joan Doyle Nichs Elizabeth Cashin 30-Apr 1809
Mary Doyle Laur Mary Rice 03-May 1809
Michael Doyle Patt Mary Traverse 11-May 1809
Patrick Doyle Richd Mary Fitzgerald 17-May 1809
Patrick Doyle Peter Winifred Doyle 15-May 1809
Richd Doyle Jno Elenor Shee 18-May 1809
Margaret Drenan Patt Mary Lee 20-May 1809
Joan Dullard Michl Elizabeth Shea 22-May 1809
Bridget Dunn Michl Anstace Ryan 26-May 1809
John Dunn Jno Anne Ryan 27-May 1809
Bridget Eagan Jno Elenor Murphy 28-May 1809
Denis Eagan Jno Elenor Murphy 28-May 1809
James Eagan Richd Mary Navin 28-May 1809
Bridget Farrell Jno Margt Hughes 03-Jun 1809
Bridget Farrell Thomas Mary Moylan 28-May 1809
Joan Farrell Wm. Mary Headen 03-Jun 1809
Mary Farrell Michl Mary Costelloe 05-Jun 1809
Mathew Farrell Michl Joan Farrell 06-Jun 1809
Patrick Farrell Martin Cathr Byrne 07-Jun 1809
William Farrell Jno Hanora Coady 10-Jun 1809
Patrick Fitzgerald Gerald Cathr Keeffe 09-Jun 1809
Joan Fitzpatrick Denis Elenor Byrne 11-Jun 1809
Mary Fitzpatrick Corns Bridget Byrne 12-Jun 1809
John Flanigan Jno Anne Carroll 12-Jun 1809
Elenor Flinn Thos Bridget Hickey 18-Jun 1809
Mary Flinn Andrew Joan Landrigan 18-Jun 1809
Michael Flinn Patt Jane Bailey 18-Jun 1809
Daniel Fowler Patt Allicia Lyster 19-Jun 1809
Honora Garvey Michl Margt Murphy 19-Jun 1809
Michael Giff?en Jams Winifred Menogue 19-Jun 1809
Anstace Glindon Michl Cathr Hickey 21-Jun 1809
Thos Glispen Jams Joan Hoban 21-Jun 1809
Martin Gore Wm. Margt Grace 24-Jun 1809
Elenor Gorman Nichs Mary Walsh 25-Jun 1809
Catharine Grace Edmd Allina Phelan 25-Jun 1809
James Griffith Thos Mary Kavanagh 26-Jun 1809
Saragh Halford Hugh Bridget Farrell 27-Jun 1809
Martin Hammon Harry Bridget Holohan 27-Jun 1809
Elenor Hanlon Jno Margaret Cantwell 28-Jun 1809
John Hanlon Thos Cathr Power 29-Jun 1809
Elenor Hart Jams Elenor Coady 30-Jun 1809
Thos Hart Michl Cathr Quinn 01-Jul 1809
Mary Haylan Thos Cathr Cuddehy 02-Jul 1809
Laurence Healy Laurence Mary Nowlan 02-Jul 1809
Peter Healy Jams Mary Dooly 04-Jul 1809
Anstace Henesy Mathew Margt Ryan 06-Jul 1809
Michl Henesy Patt Elenor Tynan 07-Jul 1809
Elenor Hickey Patt Joan Walsh 08-Jul 1809
James Hickey Jno Elenor Kennedy 09-Jul 1809
Laurence Hickey Jams Mary Phelan 10-Jul 1809
Martin Hickey Martin Anstace Fitzgerald 10-Jul 1809
Mary Hickey Nichs Margt Butler 10-Jul 1809
Patrick Higgins Michl Bridget Meany 14-Jul 1809
Mary Hunt Christopher Mary Brenan 14-Jul 1809
Martin Jones Wm. Bridget Kavanagh 14-Jul 1809
Cathr Kealy Mark Honor O’Donnell 16-Jul 1809
Martin Kealy Thos Anstace Dunphy 19-Jul 1809
Patrick Kealy Patt Margt Walsh 23-Jul 1809
Patrick Kearney Michl Mary Glispen 29-Jul 1809
Patrick Kearney Thos Bridget Nowlan 23-Jul 1809
Andrew Keeffe Mathew Elenor Deneefe 29-Jul 1809
Bridget Keeffe Jno Mary Ring 30-Jul 1809
David Keeffe Patrick Anstace Roach 30-Jul 1809
Joseph Keeffe Andrew ?Honora Kenny 30-Jul 1809
Nichs Keeffe Michl Cathr Tobin 30-Jul 1809
Philip Keeffe Andrew Anne Sutton 31-Jul 1809
Walter Keeffe Mathew Mary Keating 01-Aug 1809
Kenny Keegan Jams Mary Bambrick 06-Aug 1809
John Kelly David Mary Carroll 06-Aug 1809
Michael Kelly Andrew Mary Keeffe 06-Aug 1809
Martin Kennedy Nichs Elenor Tobin 07-Aug 1809
Michael Keough Miles Bridget Meagher 08-Aug 1809
Bridget Kinchela Jams Elenor Murphy 08-Aug 1809
Eliza Kinchela Jams Elenor Murphy 09-Aug 1809
Patrick Landrigan Jams Honora Delany 10-Aug 1809
Richd Landrigan Richd Mary La…. 13-Aug 1809
Anne Langton Daniel Mary Kennedy 13-Aug 1809
Mary Langton Jno Margt Brenan 13-Aug 1809
Edwd Lanigan Edmd Elenor Naddy 13-Aug 1809
Margaret Lanigan Peter Mary Sanpey 13-Aug 1809
Anstace Lannen Nichs Mary Ryan 13-Aug 1809
Cathr Lannen Jams Mary Conden 15-Aug 1809
Patrick Lannen Jno Elizabeth Carter 16-Aug 1809
Philip Laracy Jno Margt Quirk 19-Aug 1809
Michael Lawless Richd Mary Navin 20-Aug 1809
Margaret Loughlin Patt Mary Nowlan 20-Aug 1809
Jams Loughnane Malachy Elenor Brenan 20-Aug 1809
Denis Lyons Joseph Mary Butler 20-Aug 1809
Elizabeth Magrath Jams Mary Feehan 20-Aug 1809
Mary Malone Patt Cathr Shortall 21-Aug 1809
Elenor Mara Jno Margt Delahunty 24-Aug 1809
John Martin Corns Mary Walsh 25-Aug 1809
John McDonnell Patt Elizabeth Corcoran 27-Aug 1809
Mary McGuire Arthur Bridget Quinn 27-Aug 1809
Denis Meagher Laurence Cathr Millet 27-Aug 1809
Timothy Meagher Jno Allicia Keeffe 27-Aug 1809
Anstace Millea Wm. Margt Headen 01-Sep 1809
John Millea Jno Mary Hoban 03-Sep 1809
Mary Millea Walter Elenor Brenan 03-Sep 1809
Patrick Millea Jams Bridget Keeffe 03-Sep 1809
Walter Millea Walter Anstace Farrell 05-Sep 1809
Jams Morrissey Richd Joan Gready 06-Sep 1809
Joan Morrissey Thos Cathr Murphy 09-Sep 1809
Mary Morrissey Richd Mary Murphy 09-Sep 1809
Michl Morrissey Edmd Mary Bulger 11-Sep 1809
Edmd Moylan Tom Allicia Kelly 12-Sep 1809
Mary Moylan Jams Elenor Keeffe 14-Sep 1809
Richard Moylan Denis Bridget Long 16-Sep 1809
James Moyle Henery Mary Ryan 17-Sep 1809
Andrew Muldowny Jno Mary Ryan 17-Sep 1809
Michl Muldowny Jams Mary Heffernon 19-Sep 1809
Margaret Mullins Jams Mary Waters 19-Sep 1809
Anstace Murphy Michl Mary McDonnell 20-Sep 1809
Bridget Murphy Patt Elizabeth Breen 21-Sep 1809
Edmd Murphy Wm. Anne Johnson 21-Sep 1809
Elenor Murphy Luke Mary B?unaughs 24-Sep 1809
Joan Murphy Jno Joan Ryan 24-Sep 1809
Margaret Murphy David Elizabeth Eagan 26-Sep 1809
Margaret Murphy Wm. Mary Gready 25-Sep 1809
Margaret Murphy Richd Elenor White 24-Sep 1809
Mary Murphy Jams Mary Gorman 04-Oct 1809
Mary Murphy Jams Bridget D(??onovan) 26-Sep 1809
Mary Murphy Jno Anne Murphy 01-Oct 1809
Patrick Murphy Jno Mary Brenan x 1809
Peter Murphy Peter Mary Neil x 1809
Timothy Murray Jams Bridget Brenan 07-Oct 1809
Pierce Naddy Richd Elenor Cullen 08-Oct 1809
Margaret Nary Edmd Bridget Murphy 08-Oct 1809
Michael Nary Jno Anne Quirk 09-Oct 1809
Denis Navin Patt Honor Keeffe 17-Oct 1809
Denis Navin Martin Mary Murphy 12-Oct 1809
John Neil Jams Mary Bergin 17-Oct 1809
Patrick Neil Jams Elenor Mallone 19-Oct 1809
Cathr Nowlan Silvester Sarah Cahill 20-Oct 1809
Mary Nowlan Michl Mary O’Hara 22-Oct 1809
Patrick Nowlan Richd Mary Shanahan 26-Oct 1809
Thos Nowlan Patt Anne Nowlan 27-Oct 1809
Joan Ox Thos Margt Quinn 28-Oct 1809
Patrick Ox Marcus Cathr Dobbin 28-Oct 1809
Thos Pembroke Patt Mary Langton 29-Oct 1809
Catharine Phelan Edmd Mary Ryan 30-Oct 1809
John Phelan Jno Cathr Hoban 01-Nov 1809
Margaret Phelan Michl Cathr Somers 04-Nov 1809
Mary Phelan Richd Cathr Trihy 04-Nov 1809
Patrick Phelan Jno Cathr Magrath 05-Nov 1809
Elizabeth Powell? Joseph Mary Neil 02-Jan 1809
Anstace Power Pierce Hanora Henery 05-Nov 1809
Elenor Power Patt Mary Cardel 05-Nov 1809
Michael Power Nichs Mary Meagher 05-Nov 1809
Nicholas Power Patt Joan Waters 08-Nov 1809
John Prendergast Jams Cathr Bryan 08-Nov 1809
Cathr Purcell Patt Mary Lawlor 09-Nov 1809
Patrick Purcell Laur Mary Muldowny 11-Nov 1809
Anstace Purcell?? Wm. Mary Forestal 03-Jan 1809
Bridget Purcell?? Jams Bridget Nowlan 04-Jan 1809
Denis Quinlan Jams Mary Kelly 12-Nov 1809
Anne Quirk Nichs Mary Hughes 12-Nov 1809
Michl Quirk Richd Mary Dunphy 12-Nov 1809
Thos Quirk Nichs Mary Hughes 14-Nov 1809
John Reede Mathew Mary Maddocks 17-Nov 1809
Bridget Reily Patrick Mary White 19-Nov 1809
Catharine Rice Michl Cathr Dunphy 19-Nov 1809
Mary Roach Jno Mary Maddock 19-Nov 1809
Charles Rourke Andrew Mary Clancy 20-Nov 1809
Anstace Ryan Michl Bridget Magrath 25-Nov 1809
Margaret Ryan Michl Margt White 25-Nov 1809
Patrick Ryan Patt Bridget Lannen 26-Nov 1809
Mary S(?i or e)nk Jams Joan Commerford 30-Nov 1809
John Scully Luke Anstace Murphy 02-Dec 1809
Thos Shearman Patt Mary Carroll 09-Dec 1809
Cathr Shortall Thos Bridget Brophy 10-Dec 1809
Michael Shortall Thos Mary McDonnell 12-Dec 1809
Mary Spruhan Jams Mary Morrissey 18-Dec 1809
Mary Synnott Jno Honora Dunn 22-Dec 1809
Kyran Tobin Thos Cathr Kealy 24-Dec 1809
Bridget Traverse Thos Joan Davis 24-Dec 1809
Mary Walsh Kyran Joan Drenan 24-Dec 1809
Mary Walsh Robert Cathr Gardner 24-Dec 1809
Mary Walsh Patt Elenor Henesy 25-Dec 1809
Michael Walsh Walter Anne Cranney 25-Dec 1809
Patrick Walsh Jams Margt Dwyer 25-Dec 1809
William Walsh David Mary Walsh 27-Dec 1809
Patrick Walton Jno Cathr Shee 28-Dec 1809

Marriage Records, Carrigeen and Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny, 1799

Notes on with some extracts from the section of this register which covers marriages 1799. Marriage register is titled “Carrigeen and Mooncoin”. People are listed as being from Polrone and other parishes. All that could be read easily for Jan & Feb 1799 transcribed completely.

Note – first few marriages are listed that the people are both of the parish of Polrone – why??

Jan 16th Thos. Walsh & Mary Carroll – Poulroan parish
Michael Carroll & Elizabeth Walsh

Jan 25th Richd Doherty & Margaret Kenedy.Polrone Parish
Edmd Macky & Maurice Phelan & Willm Carroll

Jan 27th
Michael Dullard & anstas Dunphy of Polron parish
Martin Dunphy, Edmd Dullard & Walt Grant

Jan 27th
Jas Feore of Aglis Catherine Henebry of Ballybrazill
Edmd Feore, Nicholas Henbry & Willm Broders

Feb 3rd.
Patrick Hickey of Cloga to Margaret Grant of Cur?boddy
Kyran Brennan, William McDonnell & Patrick Knox

Feb 5th
Jas. Howley to Mary Begley – Polrone parish
Willm Dunne, Philip Carroll & Ell?a Commerford

Feb 5th
David Keefe to Jean Walsh both of ?Glin
Robbin Walsh, Walt Walsh & James Conway

Feb 9th Michael ??ibs of ?Dowr?mone to Catherine Cuddihy of Donebrone?
Jno Quin, Edmd Stone & Edmd Grant

Feb 11th
Martin ?Nonane of Monchoine to Anne Browne of Ardry.
Thomas Dunphy, Edmond Heign & John Connors

Feb 12th
Jno Phelan of Ballincurry to Catherine Power of Polrone
Rihd Hayes, Jas Morahan, & Richd Phelan

Feb 15th
Jas. Divine, parish of Ownen to Joan Walsh of Silversprings
Michl Cullanan, Thos Walsh, Ann Tobin

Feb 15th
Edmd Walsh, Portnascully to joan Henebry of Ballybrasil
Nicholas Henebry, Danl Walsh & Margaret Macky

Feb 16th
Jno Broders and Anstas Walsh of Doonane
Jno >Dedy, Thos Henebry & Richd Feore

Feb 17th
Edmond McDonel Eleanor Walsh both of Doonane
Richard Walsh, Richard Feore & Anstace Walsh

Feb 18th Patrick Balden of Mothel parish to Elizabeth Brennan of Rath?Crub.
Edmd Fielding, Jno Duggan, Walt Walsh

Feb 18th
Richd Hogan & Mary Fribs both of Grange
Robert Fribs ??? Hogan & Patrick Duigan

Feb 12th, 1792
Married : Thos. Reddy of Kilmacow parish by a certificate from Revd. Mr. Gorman) to Catharine Maguire of Rathkyran present: Mathew Reddy, David Lyons and Thos. Maguire

May 1799
Rathkyran: May 7th. Married, John Reed to Joan Cudihy. Both of this parish and related in the 3rd degree of consanguinity
Wit: Thomas Reed & Margt Reed & Cathy Knox

Ballala?siria. Septr 12th. Married Thomas Ready to Margt Cudihy
Both of this parish
Witnesses: Richd Reed & Cathy Walsh

Timahoe Church of Ireland, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.)

Church of Ireland,
Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.),

Lewis Topographical Dictionary (1837) tells us “TIMAHOE, a village, in the parish of FOSEY, or TIMAHOE, barony of CULLINAGH, QUEEN’S county, and province of LEINSTER, 4 ¼ miles (S. S. W.) from Stradbally, on the road to Ballinakill; containing 96 inhabitants. This place takes its name from the foundation here of the monastery of Teach-Mochoe, by St. Mochoe, who died in 497, and which was destroyed by fire in 1142….”

These photographs were taken in 2013, I do have some more which will be added at a later date.

The Church of Ireland is now a library.

Kilmocar Old Church, Co. Kilkenny

Old Church,
Co. Kilkenny,

According to Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland ”

KILMOCAR, a parish, in the barony of FASSADINING, county of KILKENNY, and province of LEINSTER, 3 ¼ miles (S. W.) from Castlecomer, near the river Nore; containing 1413 inhabitants.

Also “In the R. C. divisions it is partly in the union or district of Conahy, and partly in that of Ballyragget. “

These photographs were taken June 2014