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Old Saint Mary’s, Ardee Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Louth

Erected by James Rutherford of Co. Down in memory of his beloved wife Jane Rutherford who departed this life the 4th April, 1865 aged 34 years, also her son Francis John Rutherford who died 9th June, 1864, aged 4 months.

Erected by Mary Cooney in memory of her father Owen Murray and Wife Mary Murray and Sons Pat and John Murray. May they rest in peace. (Pat son of Owen and Mary Murray neé McCartney Ardee was baptised 2.iv.1789)

Erected by Pat Winters of Athredee, mason, in Memory of his Father, Peter Winters who departed this life the 6th of March, 1809 aged 60 years. Also of his mother Anne Winters. She departed this life the 10th of April, 1800, aged 54(?)

Here lies the body of Thomas Rogers Eldest Son of Wm. Rogers of GrangeGeeth in the Co. of Meath, Gent., by Sarah Rogers otherwise Hansard his wife he Departed this life on the 9th of Nov., 1786 in the 29th year of his Age. Amiable in his Domestick Character and Strictly upright in his Publick Conduct he lived Belvoced and died universally lamented. Here also lies the Body of the above named Sarah Rogers who departed this life the 15(?)th of April, 1789 (?) in the 9(?)4th year of her age. Also here lies the Body of the above named William Rogers of Grangegeeth who Departed this life the 16 of December in the 72 year of his age 1798.

Termonfeckin Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Louth

Brabazon: Entombed here lie the remains of Elizabeth wife of Philip Brabazon of Carstown Esqr and daughter of the late George Adams of Hoarthstown in the County of Meath Esqr. who died the 27th of June 1795 aged 44 years, leaving four sons and two daughters and having buried one son and two daughters who died as in fants. Here also lie the remains of Eleanor Margaret, second wife of the above Philip and daughter of Joshua Warren Galtrim Castle, Co. Meath, Esq. who died 24th Feb, 1801 aged 41 years.

Brabazon: Underneath this stone lie the remains of Philip Emanuel Brabazon, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Surgeon to the County Down Infirmary. He departed this life at Downpatrick on the 27th day of August 1856 aged 45 years.

Corpori Mysterum. This stone was erected by Patrick Kelly of Clonmoor in memory of his father John Kelly who departed this life 22nd April 1806 aged 67 years.

Devin: Pat Devin dept 3rd Sept 1816 aged 5 years

Erected by Captain James Kelly, James Street, Drogheda in memory of his wife Marianne (nee Shiels) 11th Oct 1909 aged 31 years. The above capt. J. Kelly, lost at sea, 24th March 1922 and their daughter Catherine, 25th Nov. 1951.

Erected by Frank Kelly, Drumshallon in memory of his wife teresa. His brother William and his parents James and Mary Kelly. The above named Frank 27th June 1946.

Erected by John Devin of Boston, U.S. America, in memory of his mother Anne Devin of Milltown who died 27th March 1880 aged 65 yrs. Also his brothers Thomas and James who died young. Also his father Patrick who died 27th July 1902 aged 85 years. And Mary Devin, 21st July 1941 aged 86 years. Her husband Patrick, 19th July 1942 aged 88. Their sons James 5th Sept 1912. Patrick 17th July 1954 aged 62 years. Thomas 20th Jan 1955 aged 60 years. John 21st Oct 1958 aged 70 years.

Erected by John Murry of Curstown in memory of his father Terance Murry who died November 1841. Also his brother James Murry who died August 1857. Also his Mother Mary Murry who died March 1862 and his brother Patk died young.

Here lies the body of Mrs. Anne Bowyer, relict of the late Robert Bowyer Granard in the County of Longford Esquire, and the daughter of the late Robert Maxwell of Yellow Hall in the County of Armagh Esq. Who departed this life on the 8th of August 18 (missing)

In loving memory of Clarrie Kelly, Baltray, died 11th June 1980 aged 37 years.

In loving memory of Eliza Coulson Johnson, wife of William Johnson of Paumplestown House, Co. Kildare who died at Queensboro’ Drogheda, January 18th 1906

In memory of Robert Charles Pentland, Major, 1st Batt. R.D.F., died 1st March 1918 aged 66.

Pray for the soul of Major K.F. Patton, M.C., R.A.M.C., who died from war wounds 26th March 1947 aged 33 years. His father Henry died 13th Dec 1954. his mother Anne who died 24th Nov. 1956.

Sacred to the memory of Anne Rebekah Needham whose remains are interred beneath awaiting resurrection of the just. This stone is placed here by her Husband the Revd. George needham and his sorrowing children. She died at Terfeckan August 15th 1815 aged 18 years. Here also is buried the Clergyman George Needham. Clergyman of Ballynure, Co. Wicklow who died on Christmas Day 1862 aged 71. Their only son George Needham Lieutenant in Her Majesty’s 25th Regiment Kings Own Borderers died on passage home from India January 3rd 1849 and is buried at Cape Town, South Africa. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Here also is laid Georgina Needham their third daughter who died 5th May 1872.

Sacred to the memory of John Henry Lyte Kerr, Major General in the Madras Staff Corps, Second son of the late Clergyman John Kerr, Clergyman of this parish for forty years who departed this life in Termonfeckin, 9th of December 1878 aged 53 years. Also his devoted wife Milliora C. Kerr who departed this life 6th April 1886 aged 50 years.

Sacred to the memory of Richard Chaloner Lindsey, Major in H. M. Bengal Staff Corps, son of the late Captain William Lindsey of Wilfort Co. Galway who died on the 3rd Feb 1875.

Sacred to the memory of Vineena Harkshaw who died on the 1st Feb 1825 aged 78 years. Also her son John who died on the 4th Nov 1812 aged 26 years. Also to her son Wallop Brabazon, R.N. who died 30th Sept 1813 aged 23 years. Also to her grandniece Madeline, daughter of the above Wallop Brabazon of Rath House Esq who died on 5th January 1880.

This stone was erected by Patrick Murray of Drogheda, Miller, wherein lieth the body of his father Thomas Murray.

Balllymakenny Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Louth

Capt. Henry Tichbourne Smith, b. 2111845 d.1351917

Crutum prote Morientem parcator aspice. Here lies the remains of the Revd. James Read, Parish Clergyman of Termonfeckin who died on the 2nd of June 1815 aged 52 years. And the remains of Revd. Richd. Trenor, Pastor of Dyzard who departed this life the 13th June 1816 aged 62 years. And also the Revd. Patrick Murphy, Parish Clergyman of Haggardstown who died on the 8th Sept 1831 aged 80 years.

Erected by James Winters of Fieldstown in memory of his brother Patk. Winters who departed this life the 18th August 1842 aged 78 years. Also the above James Winters died 8th December 1861 aged 83 years. Also his wife Catherine Winters who died 1st of April 1868 aged 92 years. His son Nicholas who died 4th Aug 1901 aged 81 years. His wife Mary Winters 8th March 1916 aged 80. Their daughter Jane Winters died 24th May 1916 aged 86 years . Also their son Nicholas died 7 March 1923 aged 54 years. And James who died 9 April 1930 aged 65 years. Gertrude Winters, Greenhills, Drogheda who died 17 Sept 1953 aged 73 years. And their son William died 5th Jan 1955

Erected by James Winters, Fieldstown in memory of his mother Mary who died 6 Aug 1920, his father Patrick died 8 Aug 1920. his wife Alice died 28 Oct 1948. his daughter Ann Jane died 4 Jan 1951. The above James died 14th Oct 1872.

In loving memory of John and Anne Winters, Hamlinstown, also their son Patricj who died 19th Feb 1969. his wife Margaret 8th Dec 1969.

In loving memory of Patrick Winters and his wife Mary Anne, The Glen, Monasterboice, their son John died 20 Nov 1974. Jane died 19th March 1979.

In loving memory of Patrick Winters, Brownstown, Monasterboice, his wife Mary Jane, his sister Catherine also his daughters Elizabeth and Mary Kate.

In loving memory of Patrick Winters, Fieldstown who died 5th July 1979 aged 52.

In loving memory of Thomas Winters, Hamlinstown died 12th March 1962. his brother William died 13th March 1977.

John Winters, Hamlinstown who died 25 Feb 1968 (following an accident). Erected by his father James, his brothers and sister.

Lieut. Col. George Smith and Luielia Stella Marguerite McIlwraith married Trinity Church, Melbourne 7th Oct 1897. (stone lists dates of birth and death of children and relatives)

Lieut.Col St. George Alexander Smith b. 2611841 d. 27101916

Nicholas Winters, Fieldstown who died 18th Dec 1968 (following an accident). Erected by his father James, his brothers and sister.

Rev. James Silcock for 20 years Clergyman of Ballymakenny. Born May 9th 1809. Died April 19th 1887 and his wife Ellen who died Nov 3 1911 aged 86 years.

Winters In loving memory of Kevin Winters Foxhall who died 2nd Sept 1978. (following an accident) Erected by his brother and sister.