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Will Abstracts, Co. Westmeath

The following abstracts of wills and deeds were either written by people from Co. Westmeath or contain mention of Westmeath people.
BROCK Aungier, of Battstown, Co. Westmeath, dat. 5 Dec 1781, proved Prerogative 6 Feb. 1783 by James Brock, the son, the executors having renounced.
To my only son James Brock all real and personal estate, goods and chattels subject to hereafter mentioned legacies, also lease of Gallstown alias Ballymagall for 3 lives held under Thomas Smith of Drumcree, Co. Westmeath Esq, lease of my part of Fenner, Co. Westmeath, for 3 lives held under John Nugent of Clonlost Esq, lease of Knewbawn alias Kinnebawn for 3 lives held under Right Hon. Hercules Langford Rowley Esq, lease of Battstown and part of Dryderstown, Co. Westmeath for 3 lives held under Robert Ogle Esq, lease of Harberstown and part of Allentown for 21 years held under William Walker of Allentown Esq, lease of Glookstown for 31 years held under Lewis Monfort Esq, lease of part of Gartlandstown for 3 lives held under Stern Tighe Esq. To niece Margaret Levingstone £10 a year charged to Battstown and Fenner for her life, if she marry her husband to have no say therein. To my niece the only dau. of the said Margaret Levingstone £20 if she marries with consent. To nephew James Brock only son of Arthur Brock of Kilbride, Co. Longford £30. To niece Frances Brock dau. of said Arthur Brock £30. To nephew James Brock eldest son of Alexander Brock of Cartirincard, Co. Longford £30. To nephew Aungier Brock 2nd son of said Alexander £30. To nephew Linegar Brock 3rd son of said Alexander £30. To niece Margaret Adams eldest dau. of said Alexander Brock £30. To niece Frances Nicholls 2nd. dau of said Alexander Brock £30. To niece Anne Brock youngest dau. of my said brother Alexander £30. To nephew William Livingston (sic) only son of Thomas Livingston of ?ally, Co. Longford £30. All residue to my son James, but if he die unmarried and without issue my executors to sell my estate and divide proceeds equally among the aforesaid legatees.
Executors: Thornas Smith of Drumcree, Co. Westmeath Esq, Henry Cusack of Lara Co. Kildare Esq, John Martlv of Athboy, Co. Meath Esq.
Wits: William Hickie, John Hamill, Charles Swindell.

BROCK Lenigar, of Drumcohil, Co. Cavan, dat. 12 June 1816, proved Prerogative 6 May 1817 by Ernelia Brock sole executrix of Linegar Brock late of Johnstown, Co. Westmeath, Farmer.
All my property equally among my children male and female. My dear and loving wife Amelia is provided for by our marriage settlement but in addition thereto in token of my affection I leave her all my household furniture and farm stock and appoint her sole executrix.
Wits: Henry Bevin Wilson, Francis Smith Burrowes, John Mullen.

GEOGHEGAN, Mary, now living at Conlinstown, Co. Westmeath, widow, dated 10 August 1807.
My just Debts and funeral Expenses to be paid by my Executors. To my Nephew Francis Isdell £100. To Oliver Isdell son of my said Nephew Francis Isdell £200. To Patrick Isdell, another son of my said nephew Francis Isdell, £200. To Oliver Isdell son of my Nephew Thomas Isdell, 7 Grand Canal Debentures for £100 each, bearing an Interest of 6%, and I order that the Interest of same shall from time to time be paid unto my said Nephew Thomas Isdell for his Life, and on his decease the said £700 shall be paid unto the said Oliver Isdell for his own use and benefit. To the two sons of my Niece Ann Minchin £300, and I direct that the Interest of same shall from time to time be paid her for her life and on her decease the said sum to be paid unto her said two sons in equal shares. To the said Ann Minchin my best Black Gown and Petticoat, my best lace Handkerchief, my Mantielles Petticoat, two Shawls, Six Caps and four double Handkerchiefs. To my Grand Nephew Oliver Minchin £200. To my Niece Mary Ann Morton 5 Grand Canal Debentures for £100 each bearing an Interst of 6%, and also my Gold Watch and all my Rings and Trinkets not hereafter otherwise bequeathed. To my Niece Mrs. Sarah Magrath one Grand canal Debenture for £100 bearing an interest at 6% and all Interest thereon for her own use, also my best Diamond Ring. To my Niece Mrs Ann Doran £300 and my best long Cloak, my Riding Coat, 6 Shifts and two Black quilted Petticoats. To the Children of Mrs Honor Graves £200 to be placed out at Interest for their use until they shall respectively attain the age of 21 or be Married, when said £200 shall be divided equally amongst them, and in case either of the Children shall die, under age and unmarried then the share to the survivor and if both so die then said £200 unto Mary Morton and Susanna Morton Daus. of Doctor John Morton equally. To Lucy Wilson £20. To Mrs Ann Gardiner £20. To my Grand Nephews Patrick Ryan and Thomas Ryan sons of my Nephew Thomas Ryan and unto my Grand Nieces Frances and Ann Ryan daus. of the said Thornas Ryan £100 each to be paid at age of 21 or marriage, meanwhile said sums to be placed at Interest, and in case any of them die under 21 and unmarried then the Legacy equally among the survivors. To Elizabeth Isdell wife of said Thomas Isdell a Diamond Ring, my Chintze Coat and Petticoat, 6 Shifts, my Bed, Bedstead and Curtains, my Press, 2 pair of streets and 1 Quilt,, and all the rest of my wearing apparel not before bequeathed to be divided and disposed of by Mary Arm Morton as I shall direct. To my Executors 6 Guineas to be given to 6 poor Widows in equal shares. To Miss Hanna Meares, Miss Mary Meares, Miss Arm Meares and Miss Elenior West £5 each. The residue (save such property real and personal as I am or may be Entitled to in Right of my Brother Robert Ahoell deceased and which I have disposed of by Codicil to this my Will) to my Grand Nephews Oliver Minchin, Oliver Isdell and Patrick Isdell sons of my Nephew Thornas Isdell equally.

Executors: My said Nephew Thomas Isdell, James Middleton Berry of Middletown Co. Westmeath and John Berry of Ann Street in the city of Dublin.
Signed: Mary Geoghegan.
Wits: James West, W. H. West, H. Meares.
In addition to the above Legacies I leave the further sum of £50 to Mrs Elizabeth Isdell wife of my above named Nephew Thomas Isdell and to Willm Morton son to Doct. John Morton £100.
Wits: same as will.

White, Abraham. Dublin, Gent.
11th June 1717. Narrate, 1 1/2 p. 10th Aug 1717.
Wife Anne. His mother. Son Thomas White, second son Abraham, third son William White. Daughter Mary, second daughter Honoria, third daughter Anna, fifth daughter Frances, sixth daughter Elizabeth, daughter Martha Betty Anna Maria. Sister Elizabeth White. “Brother” Paul Howell. Trustees his wife, John usher Esq., Doctor of Laws and Paul howell Gent.
Land in Co. Kilkenny. Ardrass in B. of Salt Co. Kildare. Inheritances in city and Liberties of Dublin, leases in co. Dublin. Tincurry, Co. Wexford. Aghavana and the rest of his concerns in Co. Wicklow. Lands bought from patr. White in Co. Galway.
Witnesses: Rev. Stafford Lightburn, Dublin, Clerk. Moses Cahill, Dublin, Surgeon. Elizabeth Piers, wife of Thomas Piers of Commonstown, Co. Westmeath, Esq.
Memorial Witnessed by: Francis Glascock, Dublin, Gent; Hugh Maguire.
18, 463, 9546
Anna White (seal)

Will Abstracts, Ardagh Diocese, Co. Longford

The Diocese of Ardagh (Church of Ireland) covered mainly counties Leitrim and Longford, but also parts of Cavan, Roscommon, Sligo and Westmeath. Up to 1692 it was a separate Diocese, from 1692-1751 it was held by the Protestant Bishop of Kilmore; from 1751-1839 by the Archbishop of Tuam and then in 1839 it was united with the Diocese of Kilmore.

The Church of Ireland Diocese of Ardagh did not equate with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ardagh. Wills and Deeds were administered as per the boundaries of the Church of Ireland Diocese.

Most Irish wills and deeds which had been lodged with the Public Records Office of Ireland in Dublin pre 1904 were destroyed during the fire in the Four Courts in 1922. Wills had howver been indexed and some of these indexes survived in whole or in part. The information contained on these pages is from the Index to the wills of the Diocese of Ardagh. In some instances there is no address or date given. The palcename spellings may vary. In those cases that a placename was given but no county, then some attempt has been made to identify the county based on that listed for some other entry with that placename in the index, or on a phonetic variation of that placename listed in the 1851 Townland Directory. Where for example a civil parish was listed and no county then the county name has been entered in these tables based on where that civil parish covers. Assumptions have been made in order to try and identify counties for placenames and these assumptions may be incorrect. However, given the variations in placename spellings and the difficulty that researchers have in identifying townlands in Ireland it has been thought best to include these assumptions. Where there is a county in any of these tables marked with an asterix * then this indicates that the county was not actually listed in the original.

Will Abstracts, Co. Waterford

Pre 1858 abstracts can be helpful even for those whose ancestors did not make wills – here we have domestic servants mentioned, there are placenames which may or may not be phonetic variations on those we find in the 1851 Townland Directory.

19 June 1724
Everard, George
Will of George Everard of Garrondillon Co. Tippy (Tipperary)- his wife Ellen, eldest son Edmond two thirds, John second youngest son one third of the property. To Dr. James Glysane, par. Priest, a young black filly & £4.6.8. To Mr. Wm. McCarthy one of executors, a young bay meare. Mr. Hamilton Lowe ffetheard, Mr. Wm. Mcarthy Clocully & wife Ellen Everard, Executors. Present: Laur Fanning, Nich White. Bond of £200 ster: due from Mr. Redmond Everard Bart of some other person for his use.

NOTE: John Bray: Burgess of Clonmel, Conf. Kilkenny & M.P. Clonmel in St. James II parliament, lived at Garondillon in 1677: he had forfeited under Cromwell & by deed of 26 Mar 1669 was demised 478 acres in Knockballymallow/Knockballynemollogh for term of 31 years, by Thomas Juxon

26 Nov 1729
Goss, Gration:
Will of Gration Goss, Citty of Waterford – all to his wife Catherine Goss. £5 to her Grandchild Thos. Comby, declared by Gration Goss in presents of Alexr Desmaison, Pirce Butler, James Walsh – after or in my life – my ffrince book to Alexr Desmaison in ye same order as at p.: sent, with the silver clasps on ye salme along wth them.

12 Feb 1725
Clancy, Johannes:
Admon of goods of Johannes Clancy intestate of Kildarmudy firmarius, granted to Marg. Clancy his Widow by Thomas bishop of Waterford & Lismore.

16 July 1725
Quarry, Isaac:
Will of Isaac Quarry, Knockane – his farm and cattle &c to be divided between his two sons John & William – joint Executors, to old servt Mary Ryane, house garden & grassing for four collops during lease of Knockane, rent free & to her two children my daughter by her £5 each at 19 years of age. To my good friend Wm. Gombon during my lease a house rent free for life and grassing for one beast & when he dies to daughter Esther. Prest Pierce Power, Robt Quarry Will Gambon.

14 Feb 1729:
Redmunds, Timotheus
Admon of goods to Timotheus Redmunds granted to Alicia Redmunds, Clonmel, Widow

5 Aug 1725
Wells, Simon
Will of Simon Wells schoolmaster – All to his wife Sarah Wels (execux) & daurs. Amy, Elizabeth & Lydia. Prest. John Fell, Thos. Murray, John Sault

27 Jan 1726;
Ellis, John
Will of John Ellis, gent: Leaves a Moydore to each Edwd Redmonds , Benj. Robinson, Wm. Blackcoat (son of John Blackcoat), his silver watch to John Norrinton, sword to Michl. Browne & rest, bonds debts to Susanna Browne. Prest. John Smith David Walls, Willm Lonergan.

Meade, Garrett. Dungarvan, Mercht.
2nd May 1787. Probate to Frances Lonergan 23rd Aug 1787
Partnership of Lonergan & Meade.: – Accts. & Bequest of £200 on Geo. Porter – conditioning Wm. Lonergan son of Francis Lonergan to have stores & cellars & £25. £25 to Revd. John Buckley for purpose I have mentioned him & further sum of £25 for said purpose. Gold watch to Wm. Lonergan, £39 to Mr. Thos. Fade. Residue to wife mrs. Elizabeth Lonergan for sole use & c. She and Frances Lonergan sole Execrs. G. Lonergan, James Kennedy.
Codicil to last: £5 to James Williamson for mourning. 40 guineas to Barthol. Guinan, Cork. 30 gns to Michl. Anthony, Jr. Tanner. £10 to Mrs. Marg. Connery, Dungarvan. Residue only; any effects to my brother Henry Meade not yet remitted should produce amount. William Walsh, Mary Power.

Robinson, John. Waterford City. Gent.
18th Nov. 1786. Probate to Robt. Backas 23rd Aug. 1787
Rbt. Backas, son of Alderman Geo. Backas & Elenor his wife, the dwelling house and garden in rere of Peirce’s Lane orwise Kisby’s Lane, city Waterford, which Mr. Kelly now holds under me with the Turrett and garden outside (inside) same to be held & enjoyed by said Robt. Backas and heirs. I also leave him my House in Barronstrand St now in possession of Mr. David Henry,(Heneary) also houses held by lease to Mr. John Archbold, Mercht. Near the new bridge. Robt. Backas sole Exr. & Rec. Legatee. Present: R. Dillon, Sylvester Pyne, Tho. Anthony.

Baldwin, John. Gent. Cahir.
9th Feb 1786. Probate 15th Oct. 1787.
5s each to sons & Daurs. Edward, Margt.McGrath (Als. Baldwin), Allice Mahony (Als. Baldwin), Thomas, James, John, bridget, Ellen. All the rest to wife Bridget Baldwin als. O’Brien. Prest. Jeffery Keating, Pierce Everard.

Bohen, Matthew. City of Waterford, Baker.
14th May 1787. probate 25th Jan 1788
Wife Margt. & Six sons. Bakery, houses to wife & Revd. D. Thomas Hearn. Exors. Andw. Dobbyn; Thos. Hunt and Thomas Cooke.
Codicil June 1787: Bequeaths Revd. Thomas Hearn £5.

Foster, Francis. Coolroe.
29th Feb 1788. 12th Mar. 1788 Probate.
Sister Ann Rogers als. Foster £50. Cath Moore als. Foster £20, Sister Elizabeth Cottanger £10, nephew Chris. Moore my bal or best bay horse. To nephew Wm. Moore my other bay horse. To friend and bror in law Pierce Rogers my watch. Rest to two sisters Sarah Gill and An Rogers. Trustee Revd. Anth. Sterling, sole exor. Prest. Will Cheeran, Jno, Edwd. Bourne.
Probate granted to Revd. A. Sterling.

Walsh, Richard. Mariner. Waterford City.
5th Jan 1788. Probate 23rd June 1788. Probate 23rd June 1788
Appoints wife Margt. Sole heiress Execx. & Adminx. Bequeath her all real and pers. Pres. Jas. Foristall, Ellen Hynes.
Probate granted to Margt. Widow.

Whelan, John, Waterford.
21st June 1784. Probate 16th July 1788
To be buried in St. Patrick’s. To each sisters children, John martin and Richd. Tobin, to John Neale’s son, Wm. Neale, silver ink horn with a gold and silver pen.- watch to keep in memory of me. £5 to repairs of Johnstown Chapple. Exors. Wm Neal, Joan Tobin als Morrisey, and Murphy.
Codicil to last:21st June 1784:
If Wm. Neale and Joan Tobin not living at death bequeath Mr. Henry O’Neile, bror of Mrs. O’Neile, Exors. £10 for trouble.

Osborne, Sir Thomas,
Tickincor, Co. Waterford, Knt.
13 Oct 1713. Precis ½ p., 17 Sept 1717

Wife Dame Ann Osborne als. Usher. Son Nicholas. Grandson John Osborne.
Edward Hubbart, lessee of Winsland als. Farrinbullin near White Church Rock. Edmond Power, lesee of the lands in B. Glannehiry, William Rony, Widow Gough, Widow Bull, Susanna Cox, John Fling, Joseph Thomas, William Hore of Caraine. Widow Ronane, Wm. Fies, Thomas Morrisy, Morrish Houllighane and Gerald Gibon, tenants in parish of Dungarvan.
Cullenagh, Coolepeasoone (?Coolnabeasoon), Knockmeale, Barneshangannagh in B. of Glannehiry; Cooleporsilly, Parknecorry, Clyneskie, Parkeirsheal, Clynegonniny and Garrystroppie, Parish of Dungarvan, Barony of Decies; Winsland als Farrinbullin, all in Co. Waterford
Witnesses: William Browning, Affane, Co. Waterford, Esq; James Usher, Ballintaylor, Co. Waterford, Esq.,; and Robert Carew, Tickinure, Co. Waterford, gent.
Memorial Witnessed By: Peter Molloy, Dublin gent; Cha. Browne
Ann Osborne (Seal)

Will Abstracts, Co. Donegal

These are some examples of abstracts of wills and deeds. The pre-1800 are taken from the abstracts made by P. Beryl Eustace from wills and deeds held in the Registry Office in Dublin. Each abstract contains the names of people and places that are mentioned. Those with post 1858 dates are from the abstract books held in the National Archives in Dublin. The wills for which the post 1858 abstracts were created were amongst those that were destroyed in the fire in the Four Courts in 1922.

Pre 1858 abstracts can be helpful even for those whose ancestors did not make wills – here we have domestic servants mentioned, there are placenames which may or may not be phonetic variations on those we find in the 1851 Townland Directory. Connections can be seen from one county to another – here, William Clinch was from Dublin, but Simon Clinch from Co. Antrim is mentioned and Christian a widow in Newcastle.

M’KLEWAINE, James of Dunclea, parish of Taboyne, Co. Donegal. Dated 15th September 1731, proved 11th of July 1732 at Raphoe.
Sons James M’Klewaine, Joseph M’Klewaine, John M’Klewaine, Thomas M’Klweaine and Joseph BREDIN. Son Mathew. Son Robert M’Klewaine to have a legacy of £20 if he returns to this Kingdom. Wife Elizabeth. Dau Martha (unmarried). Debts owing to testator by John DAVIS of Magavlin and John COWAN of Londonderry.
Executors: Sons James and Joseph M’Klewaine and John COLHOUN junior of Corncannon.
Overseer: John COLHOUN senior of Cornacannon.
Witnesses: Matthew PINKERTON, James PINKERTON, Thomas WILSON.

315 VAUGHAN, GEORGE,- Buncranagh, Co. Donegal. (Registry of Deeds abstract)
23 June 1753. Precis 1 1/2 p. 23 Nov. 1763.
Nephew Basil BROOKE, Esq., Gustavus BROOKE, nephew of testator, brother of said Basil Brooke.
George, Lord Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of all Ireland, William, Bishop of Derry, the Bishop of Clogher, the Bishop of Raphoe, Edward, Bishop of Elphin, Joseph, Bishop of Kilmore, Henry, Bishop of Meath, St. George Caulfield, Esq., Lord Chief Justice of H.M. Court of King’s Bench, Henry SINGLETON, Lord Chief Justice of H.M. Court of Common Pleas, Rev. Thos. BARNARD, clerk, rector of Magheral,
Rev. Edward GOLDING, clerk, Archdeacon of Diocese of Derry, Rev. Richard LEAKE of Londonderry, Anthony FOSTER, Dublin, Esq., and Andrew KNOX, Prehen, Co. Londonderry, Esq., trustees. His estates in Co. Fermanagh and all other lands.
Witnesses: Henry BARTLY and Thomas BARTLY both of BUNCRANAGH, smiths, George GILLASPHY, Buncranagh, wheelwright, Rev. Richard LESLIE, Londonderry, Edward GILLASPHY the younger, Buncranagh, yeoman.
Memorial witnessed by: Thos. BARTLY, Richd. COWEN, Lifford, Co. Donegal, gent.
Gustavus Brooke (seal)
221, 432, 148461

592 CALDWELL, ROBERT, Ballybogan, Co. Donegal, gent. (Registry of Deeds Abstract)
18 April 1774. Precis 3/4 p. 11 Aug. 1778.
Benjamin FENTON, Strabane, Co. Tyrone, apothecary, Richd. COWAN, Lifford, Co. Donegal, Esq., trustees
Town and lands of Legnaneil and Gortindoragh, held in fee farm in manor of Lifford, and part of Ballybogan held under See of Derry, called Cames (Camus)then in occupation of Miles McTEHER, Daniel McTEAGUE and Will. KEARNEY, and his third part of the corn mill on lands of Ballybogan aforesaid, and the holding occupied by the miller thereof.
Witnesses: Geo. LEATHERN, innkeeper, John CLARKE, parish clerk, Robt. SMITH, innkeeper, all of Lifford.
Memorial witnessed by: Robt. SMITH, Samuel SHORTT, Lifford, gent.
Richd. Cowan (seal)
319, 546, 216927

593 COGHRAN, JOHN, Edenmore, Co. Donegal, gent. (Registry of Deeds abstract)
18 Nov. 1776. Narrate 1/2 p. 22 Sept. 1770.
His brother Zacherius Cochran, exor. All his estate in Edenmore in manor of Stranorlar, Co. Donegal, and all other his real and personal estate.
Witnesses: Gust. HENDERSON, Isaac ARMSTRONG, Alexr. PURVIANCE,
all of Lifford, Co. Donegal, gents.
Memorial witnessed by: Gust. Henderson, Alexr. Purviance.
Zachs. Coghran(seal)

MURRAY, David (Administrations)
Effects Under £200
20 December 1860
Letters of Administration of the personal Effects of David Murray late of Aughahull in the County of Donegal, Farme,r a Bachelor deceased who died 12 December 1859 at same place were granted at Londonderry to Mary Anne Murray of Ramelton in said County of Donegal Spinster the Sister one of the next of kin of said deceased.

6th February 1860
Letters of Administration (with the will annexed) of the Personal Estate of Neal Boyle late of Minnimore in the County of Donegal, Farmer, deceased who died 28th November 1859 at same place were granted at Londonderry to Mary Boyle of Minnimore aforesaid Widow the principal Legatee.

TORRENS, David. (34) 18th March 1896
Letters of Administration of the Personal Estate of David Torrens, late of Trainbeg, Co. Donegal. Farmer, who died 25 May 1894 were granted at Londonderry to Fanny Torrens of Trainbeg, the Widow. Effects £109.18s.9d.

TORRENS, John (277) 4th December 1900
Letters of Administration (with the will) of the Personal Estate of John Torrens, late of Dooen’s Glebe, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Farmer, who died 8th March 1900 were granted at Londonderry to Richard Torrens and Francis Torrens, Farmers. Effects £584

TORRENS, Thomas (659) 18th October 1907
Probate of the Will of Thomas Torrens late of the Grove, Co. Donegal, Farmer, who died 14th July 1907, at the Infirmary, Omagh, Co. Tyrone were granted at Dublin to John Quigg, Solicitor and James Quigg, Schoolteacher. Effects £1,650.13s.2d.

TORRENS, Moses (98) 20th February 1911
Probate of the Will of Moses Torrens late of Glenleary, Ramelton, Co. Donegal Farmer, who died 13th November 1910, were granted at Dublin to Georgiana S. Torrens and Margaret F. Torrens, Spinsters. Effects £890.18s.4d.

An Extraordinary Will

An esteemed correspondent favours us with the following. John Langly, an Englishman who settled in Ireland, where he died, left the following extraordinary will:-

“I, John Lanley, born at Wincanton, in Somerset-shire,and settled in Ireland in the year 1651, now in my right mind and wits, do make my will in my own handwriting. I do leave all my house, goods and farm at Black Kettle of 253 acres to my son, commonly called ‘Stubborn Jack,’ to him and his heirs for ever, provided he marries a Protestant, but not Alice Kenrick, who called me ;Oliver’s whelp.’ My new buckskin breeches and my silver tobacco stopper with ‘J.L.’ on the top I give to Richard Richards, my com-rade who helped me off at the storming of Clonmel when I was shot through the leg. My said son John shall keep my body above ground six days and six nights after I am dead ; and Grace Kendrick shall lay me out, who shall have for so doing five shillings. My body shall be put upon the oak table in the brown room, and fifty Irishmen shall be invited to my wake and every one shall have two quarts of best acqua vitae, and each one skein, dish, and knife before him, and when the liquor is out nail up the coffin, and commit me to the earth whence I came. This is my will ; witness my hand this 3rd of March, 1674. “John Langley”

Some of Langley’s friends, before his death, asked him why he would be at such expense treating the Irishmen whom he hated? He replied, that if they got drunk at his wake they would probably get to fighting, and kill one another, which would do some-thing towards lessening the breed !

Will Abstracts, Co. Antrim

These are some examples of abstracts of wills and deeds. The pre 1800 are taken from the abstracts made by P.Beryl Eustace from wills and deeds held in the Registry Office in Dublin. Each abstract contains the names of people and places that are mentioned. Those with post 1858 dates are from the abstract books held in the National Archives in Dublin. The wills for which the post 1858 abstracts were created were amongst those that were destroyed in the fire in the Four Courts in 1922.

Pre 1858 abstracts can be helpful even for those whose ancestors did not make wills – here we have domestic servants mentioned, there are placenames which may or may not be phonetic variations on those we find in the 1851 Townland Directory. Connections can be seen from one county to another – here, William Clinch was from Dublin, but Simon Clinch from Co. Antrim is mentioned and Christian a widow in Newcastle.

The following are arranged chronologically

Clinch, William, Loughtown Co. Dublin, Esq.,
2 April 1705. Narrat 3/4 pp. 20 July 1711
Leaves all to James Clinch then in France “if the law would permit him live in Ireland”. Appoints William Clinch, son of John Clinch a butcher in Oxmanstown near Dublin, his heir if said James Clinch cannot enjoy legacy. Grandchild Thos. Connor. Kinswoman Margaret Hickey. Charles Fagan and Ferdinando Hickey, kinsmen, and Richard Nowlan, overseers.
William Clinch, son of Lawrence Clinch of Killdonane, Co. Dublin. The son of Simon Clinch, Grange, Co. Antrim. Domestic servants Maurice Tannan and Nicholas Tarran. A legacy to Christian Clinch, a widow in Newcastle, she to pay two hens yearly to Loughtown house as an acknowledgment.

Loughtown, Hanistowne and Newcastle Co. Dublin,.

Witnessed by: John Balthurst, Coolentragh, Co. Wexford, Farmer.
Memorial Witnessed by: Mich. Doyle, John Connell, Dublin, Gent.
6, 336, 2227
Margarrett Hickey (seal)

Mount Alexander, Hugh Earl of
21 Jan 1716. Full 2 pp. 23 March 1716
Brother Henry Montgomery and his son Thomas. Cousin James Montgomery of Rosement and his son William. Cousin Edmundston Montgomery, brother of said James. Cousin Mrs. Jane Shaw and her daughter Sarah Shaw als Montgomery. Cousin Mr. Justice Caulfield and my very good friend Charles Campbell Esq. To assist extx.

My faithful servants Mrs. Jane Meredith (extx) and Mr. John Meredith. James Johnston , mariner, tenant of a house in Donoghadee, John Hepperson, glover another tenant.

Lands held from the Primate, and from the Bishop of Down (situation not mentioned). Land in parish of Kilmore. Mount Alexander and lease of land adjoining, held from Mr. Ross of Portovo. Rent out of Cherryvally “with the Hourse Course reserved to me”. Privileges etc., of Manor Cumber als Mount Alexander. Ballyhays, Ballymony, Carnyhill. Rents of Manor of Donoghadee. House etc., in Dublin.

Witnesses: Patt Hamilton, Hugh Clement, Alex Laing, and John Meredith.
Memorial Witnessed by: Will Parry, Dublin Gent. John Gregson.
18, 207, 8855
Jo. Meredith (seal)

McCutchion, Adam
Belfast, Co. Antim, merchant
3rd May 1712. Narrate 3/4 p., 3rd Jan 1718

His two eldest children Thomas and Jane. Daughters Isabell and Margaret. Brother James. Brother Robert’s children. His sister Craig, her son Archibald. His brother in law Archibald Craig. His brother in law Robert Allen. Joseph Innis and William Stevenson, two of his trustees.

Bellygrass and Bellytruston, Co. Down.

Witnesses: Rev. Samuel Ross, Londonderry, James White, Belfast, cooper and John Hamilton, then apprentice to said William Stevenson.

Memorial Witnessed By: James White, Robert Armstrong.
John Johnston (seal)
his wife Jane Johnston (seal)
als. McCutchion, a legatee
Joseph Innis (seal)


ROBERT McCARROLL Ballycastle B. Carey Co. Antrim, gent. (VI)
8 Aug. 1720. Narrate, ¾ p., 14 Feb. 1722.
His son Lessly McCarroll. His daughter Christian McCarroll.
Robert McCarroll, pretended son of Charles McCarroll deceased.
Nephew Williams McCarroll, eldest son of his brother Simon McCarroll.
Mr. John Dunlop of Garteonny, Andrew Steward of Park and his
nephew William McCarroll, guardians and overseers of will.
Rodon, Malnedivan and Cullkenny in parish Ramoan B. Cary Co.
Witnesses : William Ettenby, Thos. Fitzpatrick Simon McCarroll and Wm. Mccarroll, all of Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.
Memorial witnessed by : Arthur Workman, Lisburn Co. Antrim Wm. McCarroll, Ballycastle.
37, 259, 22639.
Wm. McCarroll (seal) (Testator’s nephew)


CORNELIUS CRYMBLE, “of Knocker in the county of Antrim or Carrickfergus, Esq.”
23 March 1717. Précis, ½ p., 4 May 1723.
Wife Ann Crymble, exor. Son William Crymble. Grandson Cornelius Crymble, son of Charles Crymble of Ballyclare.
Wm. Murray, tenant in Liberty town of Carrickfergus. David
Crafford, Belfast, gent., exor. All his estate lands and tenements.
Witnesses : Patrick Adair, Liberty of Carrickfergus gent Alexander McDowell of same, farmer Gerald Byrne Dublin, gent.
Memorial witnessed by : Alexander McDowell, Alexander Hutchinson, clerk to Robert Donnaldson of Dublin.
Gideon Jacques (seal)
35, 433, 23131
Ann Jacques (seal) als. Crymble, wife of said Gideon

JOHN MATHEW, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim, farmer.
23 Jan 1717. Précis, part in full, ¾ p., 7 May 1723.
To be buried in the churchyard of Drumbegg. His wife. His son Gilbert Mathew, exor. Legacy to son George Mathew if he return home exor. Legacy to son Arthur at his return home. My firearms to be divided among my three sons.
Rebecca Robinson, daughter of Joseph Robinson and Ann Mathew his wife. Wm. Legg of Malone.
The Black Mountain. The seven acres whereon Mr. Malcom dwells.
Glanhead. 14 acres whereon his son Gilbert then lived [situation not mentioner).
Witnesses : James Harrison, John McCormick.
Memorial witnessed by : Robert Smith, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, gent.,
David Gillespie, Downpatrick, Co. Down, gent.
38, 44, 23197
Gilbert Mathew (seal)

RICHARD WILSON, Belfast, Co. Antrim, gent.
2 Dec. 1711. Full, 1 ¼ p., 30 May 1723.
Wife sole extx. Son Richard Wilson. Son William. Son John. Daughters Elizabeth, Barbara, Mildred.
Estate or lands of inheritance in the Co. of Tyrone. Liskittle. Tullylegg, Tierglassogitrah, and Tierglassogoutragh.
Witnesses : Matt. French; then of town of Belfast, Clerk, Nathaniel Byrtt, Belfast, gent., David Wilson, Dublin, gent.
Memorial witnessed by : David Wilson, John Downing, Dublin, gent.
36 437 23453
Richd. Wilson (seal)

EDMOND FRANCIS STAFFORD, Brownstown, Co. Meath, Esq.
4 Sept. 1722. Full, 1 p., 4 May 1724.
My mother and my wife guardians of my daughter Ann during her minority. Cousin Bartholomew McNaghten. £12 per ann. to “my coz. Rowen for her life … without her husband’s intermeddling therewith.” Cousin Alexander McNaghton. Cousin Edmd. MoNaghton.
Sir Compton Domvile and Archibald Stewart of Ballintoy, clerk, trustees. Kenedy Stafford, eldest son of Henry Stafford. Recites settlement of Co. Antrim lands made 1722 between ” myself and Isabella my wife of the first part, the Hon. Brigad. David Creighton and Wm. Sampson of Inch, Co. Donegal, Esq., of the second part, and Sir Compton Domvile, Bt. and Alexr. McNaghten of Dublin, Doctor of Physick, of the third part.”
Ballybog, Ballykenedys, Ballyrevan, Chreighnakeragh, Limneherty, Lisroddan, Curnary, Ballintullagh and Glenon and other lands in Co. Antrim.
Witnesses: William Forward, Castleforward, Co. Donegal, Esq., Thos. Jackson, Dublin, Esq., David Wilson, Dublin, gent.
Memorial witnessed by: David Wilson, Thos. Downam Clarke, Dublin, gent.
40, 309, 25982
Alexr. McNaghten (seal)

JOHN YOUNG senr., Belfast merchant.
29 Aug 1722. Narrate 1p. 4 June 1724.
His wife Mary Young. Eldest son Alexr. Young exor. Second son Hugh Young. His four youngest children. £100 “to the children of Gilbert McTeer by his daughter Jane Young.” Son Charles Young. Son Robert Young. Third son James Young. Wm. Millikin, son to his daughter Abigail Young by Robt. Millikin.
Daniel Mussenden, Belfast, Wm. Stevenson Ballymacarrett, exors.
Ballydian, Co. Down. Listender Co. Down. Ballynickole, Co. Down The townland commonly called the Fish Quarter [situation not mentioned. ?Co. Down].
p. 129
Witness: James Park and Thomas Stevenson, Belfast, rnerchant, James McTeer, Belfast, merchant.
Memorial witnessed by: James Park, Thomas Sturgeon, both Belfast.
Alexr. Young (seal)
39, 433, 26213
Hugh Young (seal)


COLONEL RICHARD KANE, Carrickfergus, in province of Ulster and Kingdom of Ireland. 29 May 1735. Narrated½ . p., May 1740.
His cousin germen John Dobbin, eldest son of his uncle James Dobbin deceased. Said Jno. Dobbin, since deceased, his sole exor.
His estate in and near Carrickfergus. The estate of Dromcashell, Co. Louth.
Witnesses : Rowley Godfrey, captain in testator’s Regiment at Minorca, Rev. Alexr.. Cornwall, chaplain to said Regiment, and Phineas Jno. Edgar, ensign in said Regiment, which said Regiment now lyes at Minorca and belongs to Brig. Reid.
Memorial witnessed by : Rowley Godfrey, Rev. Alexr. Cornwall.
97 374, 68757
Arthur Craven (seal) london, gent, exor. an residuary legatee of said
John Dobbin

MATHEW HENRY Ballymoney, Diocese of Connor, Co. Antrim innholder. Codicil 22 Dec. 1753. Full ½ p. 11 Aprl 1755.
Empowers his children to sell or dispose of houses (mentioned in his Will) if they so wish.
Witnesses: Robert Kirk, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, merchant, John Jordon Ballymoney yeoman George Hutcheson, Dublin, attorney.
Memorial witnessed by: Robert Kirk, Allinson Campbell, Bally money, gent.
363 554 245747
Margt. Henry (seal)


REV ROBERT ROWAN, Mullans, Co. Antrim, clerk.
16 May 1742. Full 2 ½ pp. 20 Dec. 1769.
My wife Letitia Rowan. My daughter Margaret Rowan. My brother William Rowan of Sea Patrick, Co. Down, clerk, and Mr. Archibald McNealle of Belfast, chirurgeon, trustees and exors. My younger children Archibald, Stewart, William and Margaret Rowan, under 21 years. My eldest son John Rowan. My second son Archibald Rowan.
My third son Stewart Rowan. My fourth son William Rowan. My in estate of freeholds [situation not mentioned].
Witnesses : Rev. Skiffington Bristow, Halebrook, Co. Antrim, clerk Rev. John Brett, Ballywillan, Co. Antrim, clerk, Jas. Blair, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Doctor of Physick.
Memorial witnessed by: Skeffington Bristow, Henry Dunkin, Dublin, William Rowan, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, gent.
277 478 178891
Stewart Rowan (seal)


ROBT (Robert) PATTERSON, Priestland parish and barony of Dunluce, Co. Antrim. 24th may, 1772. Precis ½ p. 12th Dec. 1810
To his son Robt. His dwelling house, offices and farms in which he, the testator, resided, and which said son Robt. Assigned to Wm. Moore, Priestland, gent., and is since deceased.
Witnesses: Rev. Jno Cameron, Park, and John Patterson, Priestland, blacksmith, and David Thompson, Ballyclough, farmer, all of the parish of Dunluce.
Memorial Witnessed by: Thos. McNaghtin, David Thompson.
625, 152, 432620
Wm. Moore (seal)
Sworn at Coleraine 27th Oct 1810.


MARY MURRAY, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, shopkeeper. 26 Oct. 1783. Full 1 ½ p. 27 Nov. 1789.
My daughter Deborah Murray now Rogers. My daughter Elizth. Murray; my daughter Mary; my son James. My dwelling house, office and garden in Lisburn which I purchased from James Hinley of Belfast and Danl. Craig of Donoclong and paid for in full and for which my son James obtained a new lease from the Earl of Hertford in trust for me which trust he has declared by a writing of 6 Sept. 17 7 1, I leave to said James Murray.
Exors. Jacob Hancock, junr., John Hall and said son James Murray, all of Lisburn.
Witnesses: John Hill, John Lockart and John Shaw.
Memorial witnessed by: John Sheperd and James Kennedy, both of Lisburn, Co. Antrim, gents. 407,480,272023
Deborah Rogers (seal)
wife of John Rogers
John Rogers (seal)
Sworn at Lisburn 10 Nov. 1785


THOMAS McCLURE, Gortnagallon, parish of Killead, Co. Antrim, farmer. 8 Dec. 1789. Full 2 ½ pp. Sworn at Ballymacmary 11 Oct. 1802
To my son William McClure £60. My sons Daniel McClure and Hugh McClure. To my daughter Mary Bell otherwise McClure £11. To my daughters Easter McClure, Sophia McClure, and Elizabeth McClure £120, share and share alike, and to said three daughters if not otherwise provided for at my death a room to sleep in with loft over if they need it, bedding etc. and one milch cow of their choosing to be grazed in summer by my two sons Daniel and Hugh McClure, and part of a meadow. When all married said part of house to said son Daniel. Said sons are to thatch the end of the house left to my three daughters.
To said sons Daniel and Hugh McClure my interest in farm of Gortnagallon and house I now live in, out-offices to be divided between them.
Exors. Mr Wm. Fisher, town of Antrim, Mr James Swan son of Mr John Swan of Killeah, and my son William McClure, with advice of Mr William Swan senr., and Joseph McNeily. I nominate Archd. Hunter of Ballymacmary instead of Mr Joseph McNeily deceased.
Witnesses: Jas. Cunningham, Thos. Hunter, Thomas Ingram.
Codicil 21 May 1791. To my son Wm. McClure the half of the third of my lands (the other two thirds of my freehold of Gortnagallon had been granted to sons Daniel and Hugh McClure) instead of the £60 mentioned in my will.
Witnesses: Jas. Cunningham, Thos. Hunter, Thos. Patterson.
Memorial witnessed by Thos. Hunter of Ballymacmary, Arch. (?Hunter) of Gortree, Co. Antrim, farmer.


THOMAS HUNTER, Ballymacmary, Co. Antrim, farmer. 8 June 1803. Full 1 ½ p. 8 Nov. 1805.
To my wife lsabella Hunter the profit arising out of my two farms in Ballymacmary during the minority of our son Thomas Hunter, for the purpose of educating my three children. When said Thornas reaches twenty one years of age my wife is no longer
to hold the lease I hold under my father’s will but shall continue to hold the farm I purchased from Williarn Cummins and John Baryhill during her widowhood. Legacies to my son James and my daughter Sarah Hunter.
Exors. William Fisher and Samuel Martin both of Antrim, and Archd. McEwel, Gartree. Trustees Samuel Fisher and Archd. Hunter.
Witnesses: Benjm Nettleton, Gortnagallon, Co. Antrim, farmer, John Beryhill and Daniel McClure. Memorial witnessed by: said Benjamin Netticton and Robert Irwin (blank), Co. Antrim, gent. 577,347,387905
Samuel Martin (seal)
Sarah Hunter (seal)

JAMES McCLURKAN, 21 March 1804. Narrate 1/3 p. Sworn at Henryville, Co. Antrim. 7 July 1810. 7 July, 1810.
To his wife Hannah McClurkan otherwise Telfair during her widowhood one acre, one cow, and the upper room to herself free of rent. Rent to be paid to Mr Robt. Corry. His three sons James, Robt. and Mathew to share his land. One shilling each to his son Leslie, his daughters Isabella, Peggy and Jane. His daughter Betty, and her husband.
Exors. George Joy, Esq., Belfast, Robert Corry and Mr. Wm. Colvill.
Witnesses: William Dixon, public notary, Thomas Clark his apprentice.
Memorial Witnessed By: William Dixon, Thomas Clark.
212, 529, 140263
Benj. Ranson (seal)


HENRY MATHEWS, Carnbeg, Co. Antrim, gent. 30 Dec. 1763. Full 3/4 p. 23 Sept. 1814.
To be buried in the church of Clough (? Co. Down). All my judgement debts on my freehold in Carnbeg to be paid, and then all my interest in said lands of Carnbeg or Dugarry to my sister Rose McNaghten otherwise, Mathews. Small bequests to my nephew John Richey, Glenarm, my sister Sarah Hunter otherwise Mathews. The lands of Carnbeg have a rent charge for John Hunter, Ballynacree, who is to be paid his lawful demands by said Rose McNaghten.
Witnesses: Nathl. White, Ballyreagh, Robert Miller also of Ballyreagh, and Owen Magee of the Glens, all in Co. Antrim.
Memorial witnessed by: said Nathl. White, and Geo. Casement, junr., attorney, Henryville, Co. Antrim. 679,8,467343
John Dickey (sea I)
Rose Dickey (seal) otherwise McNaghten, his wife,
two of the heirs of said Henry Mathews.
Sworn at Ballymena 20 Sept. 1814.

CHARLES CASEMENT, Roseville, Co. Antrim, Esq. 30 Aug. 1825. Full 1 p. 22nd Nov. 1832.
To my brother-in-law Rev. Hugh Casement Carleton, Arrow, Co. Warwick, and William Whitla, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Esq., all my property in trust for the use of my wife Mary Casement otherwise Carleton for ever. Exors. my wife Mary Casement, and said Hugh Casement Carleton and William Whitla.
Witnesses: John McComb, late of Lisbum, innkeeper, now deceased, Rev. Edward James Cardner, Lisburn, clerk, and William Holmes, Barnhill, Co. Tyrone, attorney.
Memorial witnessed by: said Edward Jarnes Cardner, aged 30 years and upwards, William Henry Sproule, Lisburn, gent.
Mary Casement (seal)

Adair, William Robert
Effects Under £50
20 February 1860
Letters of Administration of the Personal effects of William Robert Adair late of Ballyalbonagh in the County of Antrim Farmer a Bachelor deceased who died 13 February 1858 at same place were granted at Belfast to Jane Adair of Ballybonough Widow the Mother next of kin of said deceased.

Lyons, Robert
Effects Under £450
20 June 1860
Letters of Administration of the Personal effects of Robert Lyons late of Bradbury-place Belfast in the County of Antrim grocer and Publican a Widower deceased who died 9 March 1860 at same place were granted at Belfast to Jane Lyons of Kensington-place Belfast aforesaid Spinster the Daughter one of the next of kin of said deceased. – See more at: