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Munster Volunteer Registry, 1782, Co. Cork

True Blue Cork, 1745.
Colonel Richard Earl of Shannon.
One troop. Uniform- Blue, laced silver epaulets, white buttons; furniture, goat-skin.
Here follows the table of contents, giving a list of forty cavalry and eighty-six infantry regiments, which will be found in the general index.
While the work was printing, a new corps was formed, “The Limerick Cavalry ; Colonel Henry Perry, 1782.”
Note: An oval silver belt badge of the Cork True Blues is in my collection ; it bears the device of a harp crowned beneath a wreath inscribed “True Blue.” In Cochrane Patrick’s standard work on the ‘Medals of Scotland’, he figures, among those issued after the battle of Culloden, one to commemorate it, but gives no authority for doing so. In this he is mistaken, as it is the silver medal of the Cork True Blues. It is described, on the authority of Lindsay and Sainthill, in Fleming’s ‘Catalogue of War Medals, Clasps, and Crosses,’ and I have seen two that are preserved in Cork families, with the recipients names engraved upon the edge, who were officers in this the first of the volunteer cavalry regiments that were raised in Munster.-R. Day.
County Cork

Mitchelstown Light Dragoons – July 1774
Colonel Viscount Kingsborough
Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Cole Bowen
Major Thomas Badham Thornhill
Captain Harmer Spratt
Lieutenant William Raymond
Cornet William Alsop
Captain Thomas Bush
Surgeon David Fitzgerald
Secretary John Ryan
One Troop: Uniform – Scarlet, faced black, silver epaulets, yellow helmets, white buttons.
Furniture- goat skin edged black

Black Pool Horse, 1776
Colonel John Harding
Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Barry
Major William Alexander
Lieutenant Bradshaw Popham
Chaplain Arthur Hyde
Surgeon Richard Maguire.
One Troop: Uniform – Green laced gold, ditto epaulets, buff waistcoat and breeches; furniture goat-skin

Bandon Cavalry: May 6th 1778
Colonel Sampson Stawell
Major John Moore Traverse,
Captains Robert Waterhouse
Captain Simon F. Davies
Cornet Charles Bernard
Chaplain Charles Hewitt
Surgeon – ??
One Troop. Uniform – dark olive green jacket, half lapelled, crimson velvet cuffs and collar, silver epaulets; furniture, white cloth, hosing and holster caps embroidered; device B.C. harp and Crown.

Muskerry Blue Light Dragoons June 1st 1778
Colonel Robert Warren
Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Hutchinson
Major Samuel Sweete
Captain – ??
Lieutenant Thomas Coppinger
Cornet ??
Chaplain Edward Kenny
Adjutant Thomas Coppinger
Surgeon Richard Grey
Quartermaster John Spread
Secretary James Daltera
One Troop: Uniform – blue lapelled, edge white, silver epaulets, white jackets edged blue, furniture, goatskin

Youghall Cavalry 1776
Captain Commandant Robert Ball
Lieutenant John Smyth
Chaplain the Hon. Robert Moore
Surgeon – ??
Secretary John Segwick
One Troop. Uniform Scarlet, white faced.

Duhallow Rangers 1778
Colonel Hon. Charles Percival
Lieutenant-Colonel William Wrixon
Major Robert Wrixon
Captain George Crofts
Lieutenant – ??
Cornet James Purcel
Captain Arthur Kiely
Surgeon – ??
Secretary William Dore
Uniform not given

I am indebted to Captain J. Harris, of Annabella Villa, Mallow, for the loan of some interesting mementoes of this regiment, that enables me to fill the blank, and give its uniform, which was blue, trimmed with silver lace, silver epaulets, and gilt gorget. This gorget is of the usual regulation pattern, crescentic in form, of copper plated with gold, and engraved in the centre with the royal cypher G. R. crowned, between two sprays of laurel. It has its old leather lining of sheepskin, and is suspended by its original ribbon from two rosettes of blue silk. The shoulder belt, or, more correctly, the collar, is of blue cloth, four inches wide, with silver lace borders of one inch at each side, and between these a silver band of three-eighth inch, forming a continuation of chevrons from end to end, the length being four feet ten inches, or two feet five inches at each side when doubled. It is lined with buff leather. The silver epaulets are of the same pattern as those at present used in the Royal Navy. But of surpassing interest is the regimental banner, which measures three feet in extreme length, by one foot nine inches in width. It is made throughout of satin, rose colour on one side, and purple upon the other. The first has, richly worked with threads of gold, the device -of a harp crowned, and over it “Duhallow Cavalry,” the Whole encircled by a wreath of shamrocks. Upon the purple ground in raised silk embroidery is a volunteer in scarlet uniform upon a bay charger, and in the foreground a seated figure of Hibernia, with a harp; over all, the motto of the volunteers, “Aris et Focis,” surmounted with shamrocks. This banner was carried by the grandfather of Captain Harris, who held a commission in the Rangers as cornet. All are well preserved, and in excellent condition, and free from the ravages caused by moths and damp.-R Day

Imokilly Horse September 1778
Colonel Edward Roche
Lieutenant Colonel Robert McCarthy
Captain Robert Ball
Cornet John Fitzgerald
Chaplain Jeremiah Hart
Surgeon John Nagle M.D.
Secretary William Garde
One Troop. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, yellow buttons, gold epaulets, yellow helmets, white jackets edged red; furniture goatskin trimmed red.

Kilworth Light Dragoons July 1779
Colonel Stephen Earl Mount Cashel
Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Hyde
Major John Hyde
Captain William Newenham
Lieutenant Thomas Power
Cornet Garret Wall
Chaplain Hon. Robert Moore
Surgeon John Pigot M.D.
Adjutant and Secretary Richard Whitford
Uniform: Scarlet, faced green, gold epaulets, yellow buttons and helmets; furniture goatskin, trimmer green

Imokilly Blue Horse 1779
Colonel Robert Uniack Fitzgerald
Major Thomas FitzgGerald
Captain Travers
Lieutenant Uniack
Cornet – ??
Chaplain Edward Hardwood
Secretary John Hanning
Uniform: Blue, faced red.

Doneraile Rangers Light Dragoons July 12th 1779
Colonel St. Leger Lord Doneraile
Major John Hayes Sentleger
Captain Nicholas Green Evans
Lieutenant John Watkins
Cornet Nicholas Green Evans junior
Chaplain Hon. James Sentleger
Surgeon John Creagh M.D.
Adjutant Robert Atkins
Secretary James Hennessy
One Troop. Uniform- scarlet, faced green, edged white, gold epaulets, yellow buttons and helmets, green jackets, faced red; furniture, goatskins

Glanmire Union 27th August 1779
Colonel Henry Mannix
Captain Simon Dring
Lieutenant – ??
Cornet Deane Hoare
Chaplain Archdeacon Corker
Surgeon James Bennet M.D.
Secretary Rev. Chambre Corker
One Troop: Uniform Deep green, faced black; furniture, goatskin trimmed green.

Cork Cavalry
Colonel William Chetwynd
Major John Gillman
Captain John Smith
Lieutenant – ??
Cornet Paul Piersy
Chaplain – ??
Surgeon Thomas Harris
Secretary John Smith
One Troop: Uniform – Scarlet faced blue, silver laced, silver epaulets, white buttons; furniture, black cloth, laced gold.

Mallow Cavalry 1782
Colonel Cotter,
Captain – ??
Lieutenant – ??
Cornet – ??
Uniform – green jackets
Great Island Cavalry June 24th 1782
Captain Wallis Colthurst
Lieutenant William Colthurst
Cornet William Widenham
Adjutant Richard Donovan
Chaplain – ??
Surgeon Patrick Fitzgerald
Secretary John Roche
One Troop: Uniform Scarlet, green faced, gold epaulets., yellow buttons, white jackets edged black; furniture goatskin.


Cork Artillery
Captain Richard Hare, jun.
Lieutenant Francis Jones
One Company, two pieces, four-pounders
Uniform: Blue, faced scarlet, yellow buttons, gold lace

Imokilly Blue Artillery
Colonel Robert Uniacke Fitzgerald
Major Thomas Fitzgerald
One Company; two four-pounders.
Uniform: Blue, faced scarlet

True Blue, Cork, 1745
Colonel Richard Lord Shannon
Lieutenant Colonel Godfrey Baker
Lieutenant Colonel James Morrison
Major Michael Robert Westrop
Captain St. Leger Atkins
Captain John Thompson
Captain Francis Gray
Captain Richard Perry
Lieutenant Jasper Lucas
Lieutenant Charles Denroche
Chaplain William Johnson
Surgeon – ?? Davis, M.D.
Secretary John Terry
Four Companies, viz. one grenadier, two battalions, one light.
Uniform: Blue, laced silver, white buttons

Cork Boyne, 1776
Colonel John Bagwell
Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Lawton
Major John Bass
Captain Arthur Connel
Captain Thomas Chatterton
Captain James Chatteron
Captain Daniel McCarthy
Lieutenant : ?? Kearns
Lieutenant Robert Travers
Lieutenant James Chatterton, jun.
Chaplain Henry Sandiford
Surgeon Michael Busted
Four Companies – one grenadier, two battalions, one light
Uniform: Blue, faced blue, yellow buttons, gold epaulets and lace.

Mallow Boyne, May 1776
Colonel Sir James Laurence Cotter, bart.
Captain William Galway
Captain Edmund Spenser
Lieutenant Samuel Lloyde
Lieutenant Robert Kell
Ensign Edmund Carpenter
Surgeon John Faulkes
Quartermaster George Faulkes
One grenadier Company, one battalion
Uniform: Blue, edged buff, buff waistcoat and breeches, yellow buttons

Bandon Boyne, 1777
Colonel: ??
Captain: ??
Lieutenant: ??
Ensign John Loane
Chaplain: ?? Wright
Surgeon Richard Loane
Secretary Bernard Blake
One Company. Uniform: Blue edged buff, yellow buttons, buff waistcoat and breeches, gold epaulets

Carbery Independents, May 20th 1777
Captain Commanding William Beecher
Captain John Townsend
Lieutenant Lionel Fleming
Chaplain William Robinson
Surgeon Thomas Clarke
One company. Uniform: Scarlet, faced green, yellow buttons

Aughrim of Cork, 1777
Colonel Richard Longfield
Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Herbert
Major Ebenezer Morison
Captain Rowland Morison
Captain M. Busted Westrop
Lieutenants and Ensigns not filled up
Chaplain : ?? Lee
Surgeon Samuel Hartwell
Three companies. Uniform Scarlet, faced scarlet, edged white

Loyal Newberry Musquiteers, June 1777
Colonel Adam Newman
Major John Newman
Captain Richard Foot
Captain George Foot
Lieutenant James Lombard
Lieutenant Edmund Lombard
Chaplain Henry Newman
Two companies – one grenadier, one light. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black

Cork Union, March, 1776
Captain Commandand Henry Hickman
Captain Benjamin Hayes
Captain Simon Cooke
Captain James Gregg
Captain : ?? Galway
Lieutenants and Ensigns not filled up.
Adjutant James Hudson
Chaplain Broderick Tuckey
Surgeon ?? Townsend M.D.
Secretary James Gregg
Four Companies, one grenadier, two battalions, one light. Uniform: Scarlet, faced green, yellow buttons.

Culloden Volunteers of Cork, March 23rd, 1778
Colonel Benjamin Bousfield
Lieutenant-Colonel and Major not named
Captain Henry Newsom
Captain Samson Jervais
Captain Isaac Jones
Lieutenants not named
Chaplain H. Baggs
Surgeon: ?? Potter
Three companies: one grenadier, one battalion, one light. Uniform: Blue, faced scarlet, yellow buttons, officers: gold epaulets

Ross Carbery Volunteers
Colonel Thomas Hungerford
Captain Michael Feend
Lieutenant William Morris
Lieutenant John Hungerford
Chaplain Henry Jones
One Company. Uniform, scarlet, faced blue.

Passage Union, March 29, 1778
Major Commandant Michael Parker
Captain Richard Roberts
Captain Charles Clarke
Captain Achilles Daunt
Lieutenants not recorded
Ensign Edward Ford
Adjutant William Atkins
Chaplain: ?? Austen
Surgeon Anthony Mann
Secretary Michael Ford
Three companies: one grenadier, one battalion , one light. Uniform: Scarlet, faced deep green, white buttons

Bandon Independants, March 29th , 1778
Colonel Francis Bernard
Captain Robert Sealy
Lieutenant Thomas Child
Adjutant George Kingston
Ensign john Traverse
Chaplain George Sealy
Surgeon Richard Loane
Secretary Richard Needham
One company. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, gold epaulets, yellow buttons, green jackets, laced black.

Youghal Independent Blues, 1778
Colonel Robert Uniacke
Captain Richard Uniacke
Lieutenant Edward Green
Lieutenant Hugh Pollock
Lieutenant Samuel Nealore
Ensign Richard Seymour
Adjutant Samuel Nealore
Chaplain John Lawless
Surgeon John Sedgewick
Secretary John Scamadon
Two companies. Uniform: Blue, faced scarlet, edged white

Youghal Rangers, April 19th 1778
Lieutenant-Colonel Commandent Meade Hobson
Major John Swayne
Major Samuel Hobson
Major Thomas Browning
Major Samuel Freeman
First Lieutenant John Sedgewick jun
Second Lieutenant James Ellard, jun
Chaplain Jonas Pratt
Surgeon James Haigorm
Two Companies – one grenadier, one light. Uniform: Grass green, faced scarlet, gold lace and yellow buttons

Kingsale Volunteers, May 1st 1778
Colonel James Kearney
Captain Edmund Leary
Captain John Edward Heard
Lieutenant William Newman
Lieutenant Thomas Dunn
Lieutenant Robert Lander
Chaplain Hon. Gerald De Courcey
Adjutant Jos. Coleman
Surgeon Robert Smith
Secretary George Frith
Two companies: one battalion, one light. Uniform: Scarlet, faced buff

Kanturk Volunteers, May 1st 1778
Colonel John James Earl of Egmont
Lieutenant Colonel :??
Captain James Purcell (?)
Chaplain Charles Fennel
Surgeon Daniel Williams
One company. Uniform Scarlet, faced light blue

Hawke Union of Cove, May 9th, 1778
Captain Commandant William Dickson
Captain John Colthurst
Lieutenant William King Sleigh
Lieutenant Andrew Byrne
Lieutenant Ralph Sleigh
Chaplain: ?? Atterbury
Adjutant William King Sleigh
Surgeon James Sall
Secretary William Hannah
Uniform: Blue edged and lined buff, yellow buttons, buff waistcoat and breeches

Blackwater Rangers
Colonel Richard Aldworth
Lieutenant Colonel : ?? Stanard
Captain Lieutenant, Ensign not filled up.

Blarney Volunteers
Colonel George Jefferys
Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Gibbs
Captain William William
Captain Edward O’Donoghue
Captain Thomas Whally
Captain Samuel Townsend
Lieutenant Francis Cottral
Lieutenant William McCreight
Lieutenant Thomas Rubee
Chaplain Thomas Davies
Second Chaplain John Gibbs
Surgeon John Lee
Secretary Thomas Magin
Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, white buttons

Newmarket Rangers
Colonel Boyle Aldworth
Major William Allen
Captain Sentledger Aldworth
Chaplain Henry Weston
Surgeon Richard Graham
Secretary Laurence Curran
Uniform: blue, faced blue

Curriglass Volunteers, April 1779
Captain Commandant Peard Harrison Peard
Lieutenant Stephen Rolston
Chaplain: ?? Perceval
Secretary James Graham
One Company

Castlymartyr Society, May 1779
Captain William Hallaran
Lieutenant T.C. Wheble
One company. Uniform: Scarlet, faced pale

Inchigeelagh Volunteers, June 1st 1779
Captain Commandant Jasper Masters
Lieutenant John Boyle
Ensign Ben Swete
Chaplain Edward Weeks
Surgeon William Grainger
Secretary Henry Grainger
One light company. Uniform: blue, edged buff, buff waistcoat and breeches

Muskerry Volunteers, June 19th 1779
Captain Commandant Thos. Barker
Captain William Ashe
Lieutenant John Barter
Ensign Mathre Menheer
Chaplain Edward Synge Townsend
Surgeon Richard Grey,M.D.
Adjutant John Butler
One company. Uniform: Blue, edged buff, buff waistcoat and breeches

Doneraile Rangers, July 12th , 1779
Colonel Sentleger Lord Doneraile
Major Hon. Hayes Sentleger
Captain John Welstead
Lieutenant George Roberts
Adjutant Robert Atkins
Chaplain Hon. James Sentleger
Surgeon John Creagh, M.D.
Secretary James Hennessy
One Company. Uniform: Scarlet, faced green, yellow buttons, gold epaulets

Bantry Volunteers, July 12th 1779
Colonel Hamilton White
Captain Richard Blair
Lieutenant David Melifont
Ensign Henry Galway
Ensign John Young
Adjutant Henry Galway
Secretary Francis Hoskin
One Company. Uniform: Scarlet, faced white

Kilworth Volunteers, July 1779
Colonel Stephen Earl Mountcashel
Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Hyde
Major John Hyde
Captain Robert Hendley
Lieutenant John Drew
Ensign Lord Kilworth
Adjutant Richard Whitford
Chaplain Hon. Robert Moore
Secretary Richard Whitford
One company. Uniform: Scarlet, faced green, yellow buttons

Mallow Independents, 1779
Colonel John Longfield
Captain George Stawell
Ensign Jonas Stawell
Adjutant and Secretary James Magrath
One Company. Uniform, Scarlet, faced green, yellow buttons

Youghall Union Fusileers, 1779
Major Commandant Thomas Green
Captain John Reeves
Captain William Jackson
Lieutenant Daniel Freeman
Captain Thomas Walshe
Captain James Green
Chaplain Richard Vincent
Surgeon Benjamin Jackson
Two Companies
Uniform: Scarlet, faced blue, edged white, white buttons

Duhallow Volunteers, October 1779
Colonel Broderick Chinery
Captain William Leader
Lieutenant Henry Leader
One company

Kinnelea and Kerrech Union, December 1779
Colonel Thomas Roberts
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Herrick
Major John Roberts
Captain Richard Townsend
Captain Thomas Daunt
Captain Michael B. Westrop
Lieutenant George Daunt
Lieutenant William Daunt
Lieutenant ?? Carey
Ensign ?? Peed
Three companies. Uniform Blue, edged white, white buttons

Charleville Volunteers
Colonel Chidley Coote
Major St. George Hatfield
Lieutenant ?? Sanders
Secretary George Hooper
Uniform: Blue lapelled, edged red.

Imokilly Blue Infantry
Coloonel Robert Uniack Fitzgerald

Castle Lyons Volunteers
Colonel ??????

Munster Volunteer Registry, 1782, Co. Waterford

Waterford Artillery
Captain Joseph Pawl
Lieutenant John M. Carew
One company. Two pieces, four-pounders. Uniform: Blue, faced red, yellow buttons

Waterford Independants Nos. 1 & 6. No. 1 March 1778
Captain Commandant Henry Alcock
Lieutenant John Alcock
Lieutenant William Alcock
One company, 1st battalion.
Second battalion or No. 6, September 1781
Lieutenant Henry Hayden
Lieutenant John Wyse
Lieutenant Peter Ryan
Adjutant William Alcock
Chaplain Robert Drapes
Surgeon Simon Lamphire,M.D.
Quartermaster William Irvin
One company, 2nd battalion. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, white buttons, silver laced hats

Waterford Independants No. 2, March 1798
Captain Robert Shapland Carew
Lieutenant Robert T. carew
Lieutenant Arthur Dobbin
Lieutenant William Morris
Chaplain Richard Ryland
Surgeon James Semple, M.D.
One Company. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, silver laced wings, white buttons

Waterford independents No. 3, May 1778
Captain Hannibal William Dobbyn
Lieutenant Stephen Wortheval
Chaplain John Fury
One Company

Tallow Independent Blues, August 1st, 1778
Captain Commandant George Bowles
Captain William Carr
Lieutenants Thomas Boyce
Lieutenant Anthony Hales
Ensign Thomas Bull
Ensign John Drew Croker
Chaplain Hon. Robert Moore
Surgreon William Delany
Two Companies. Uniform: Blue, edged white

Royal Oaks or Waterford Independent Blues No. 4 & 5, September 1779
Colonel and Captain Cornelius Bolton
Captain Richard Kearney
Captain Henry Bolton
Lieutenant William Price
Lieutenant Samuel Roberts
Lieutenant Robert Cooke
Two companies, Nos. 4 & 5 – one light, one battalion. Uniform: Scarlet, faced blue

Dungarvan Volunteers, November 1st 1779

Colonel Right Hon. John Beresford
Major Godfrey Greene
Captain John Coughlan
Captain George Boat
Lieutenant Roger Dalton
Lieutenant James Ryves
Ensign Beverly Hearns
Chaplain ?? Higginbottom
Surgeon Patrick Comman
Secretary John Wilkinson
Battalion of light infantry, two companies. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, silver laced wing, white buttons.

Cappoquin Volunteers, 1779
Colonel John Kean
Captain Richard Kiely
Lieutenant Andrew Eaglish
Uniform: Scarlet and white, white buttons

Waterford Grenadiers, No. 7, June 1782
Captain David Wilson
Other ranks not filled up. One company. Uniform: Scarlet, faced yellow, wings silver laced, white buttons.

Munster Volunteer Registry, 1782, Co. Tipperary

Tipperary Volunteers, May 1st, 1776
Colonel Sir Cornelius Maude, bart.
Lieutenant-Colonel William Baker
Major Edward Moore
Captain Robert Bailie
Lieutenant Joseph Evans
Lieutenant John Cooke
Adjutant Frederick Corbett
Chaplain George Baker
Surgeon Joseph Evans, sen.
Quartermaster Richard De Lane
Secretary Robert Evans
One light company. Two brass field pieces, four-pounders. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, laced wings.

Roscrea Blues
Colonel Laurence Panens
Major Francis Tydd
Captain Edward Birch
Lieutenant Christopher Downer
Ensign George Birch
Chaplain Thomas L’Estrange
Surgeon John Franks
Secretary John Evans
Uniform: Blue, faced blue, edged scarlet

Ormond Union, 1779
Colonel Henry Prittie
Major John Bailie
Captain Charles James Bury
Captain Ralph Smyth
Captain Richard White
Lieutenant Ezechial Tydd
Lieutenant Joseph Roberts
Lieutenant Christopher Tydd
Ensign James Walker
Adjutant Tydd Abbot
Chaplain M. Walker
Surgeon John Duggan
Secretary Benjamin Tydd
Three companies. Uniform Scarlet, faced white, silver epaulets, white buttons

Burraskane Volunteers, March 25th 1779
Colonel George Stoney
Major Thomas Stoney
Captain John Cornwall
Lieutenant Anthony Stoney
Ensign Jeremiah Gardener
Chaplain James Nesbet
One Company.

Ormond Independents, March 23rd, 1779
Colonel Daniel Toler
Lieutenant-Colonel John Greene
Major Simon Pepper
Captain George Jackson
Captain Daniel Rogers
Captain Solomon Cambie
Captain John Head
Lieutenant William Greenshield
Lieutenant james Otway
Lieutnenat Thomas Biggs
Lieutenant Samuel Clibborn
Lieutenant George Jackson
Lieutenant John Minchin
Lieutenant Thomas Ely
Adjutant S. Pepper
Chaplaim Michael Philpot
Surgeon Thomas Harrison
Secretary William Greenshields
Battlaion of Light infantry, four companies. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, silver epaulets and wings

Clonmel Independants, June 4th 1779
Colonel Richard Moore
Major John Watson
Captain Thomas Grodon
Captain George Miles
Lieutenant William Lloyd
Lieutenant George Rebbins
Lieutenant John Jones
Lieutenant Terence Magrath
Lieutenant Hugh Meagher
Adjutant John Kelly
Chaplain Nicholas Milly O’Doyle
Surgeon Robert Constable
Secretary Thomas Morton
Two companies – one light, one battalion. Uniform Scarlet, faced black, white buttons

Castle Otway Volunteers
Colonel Thomas Otway
Uniform: Scarlet, faced green

Cashel Volunteers, June 1779
Colonel Richard Penefather
Lieutenant-Colonel John Power
Major Thomas FitzGerald
Captain Thomas Penefather
Captain Thomas Price
Lieutenant William Price
Lieutenant Richard Price
Adjutant Francis Maguire
Chaplain R. Fitzgerald
Two companies – one light, one battalion. Two field pieces, four-pounders. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, white buttons

Fethard Independants, June 1779
Colonel William Barton
Lieutenant-Colonel Mathew Jacob
Major Thomas Barton
Captain William Despard
Captain Hamilton Lowe
Lieutenant William Barton
Lieutenant Laurence Clatterbuck
Ensign John Hamerton
Adjutant Samuel Jacob
Chaplain Edward Bacon
Surgeon John Bacon
Secretary Edward Kickham
Two companies – one light, one battalion. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, white buttons.

Nenagh Volunteers, July 1st, 1779
Colonel Peter Holmes
Lieutenant-Colonel Stafford O’Brien
Captain Morgan Carroll
Captain George Harden
Lieutenant John Poe
Lieutenant William Smith
Adjutant John Heacock
Chaplain Thomas Dawson
Surgeon Thomas Harrison
Secretary John Griffin
One battlation, two companies. Uniform: Blue, faced blue, yellow buttons

Thurles Union, August 1779
Colonel Francis Mathew
Lieutenant-Colonel George Mathew
Major Francis Parker
Captain John Purcell
Captain Francis Mathew, jun.
Lieutenant Bryan Kearney
Lieutenant James Purcell
One light, one battalion company

Drum Division of Thurles Union, August 1779
Colonel Theobald Baker
Captain William Bourke
Lieutenant Milo Bourke
Lieutenant Walter Bourke
One battalion company. Uniform of both Scarlet, faced green, yellow buttons

Kilcooly True Blues, 1779
Colonel Sir William Barker, bart.
Captain Pierce Butler,
Ensign ?? Walsh
Uniform: Blue edged, buff, yellow buttons, buff waistcoat, and breeches

Newport Volunteers
Colonel Lord Jocelyn
Captain Richard Waller
Lieutenant Henry White
Lieutenant William Anderson
Ensign ?? Gooseberry
Chaplain Edward Lloyde
Uniform: Scarlet, green collar, yellow buttons

Carrick Union, September 1779
Colonel George Earl Tyrone
Major Willliam Alcock
Captain Edward M. Mandevil
Lieutenant Richard O’Donnel
Lieutenant Wiliam Smyth
Ensign Richard Sauce
Adjutant William Smyth
One company, battalion light infantry. Uniform: Blue, faced blue, yellow buttons

Caher Union, January 1st 1781
Colonel Hon. Pierce butler
Captain William Hayes
Lieutenant Richard Boyle
Lieutenant Jerem. Hayes
Ensign Pierce Butler
One light company. Uniform: Blue, faced red, yellow buttons.

Munster Volunteer Registry, 1782, Co. Limerick

Kilfinnan Light Dragoons 1777
Captain Charles Coote
Lieutenant – ??
Cornet George Chapman
One Troop: Unirform, scarlet jackets, faced Pomona green, laced silver and epaulets; furniture, goatskin

County Limerick Horse June 8th 1779
Colonel John Croker
Major Edward Croker
Captains Edward Nash
Captain James Langton
Lieutenant – ??
Cornet James Mason
Chaplain Richard Croker
Secretary John Owens
Two Troops: Uniform – Scarlet, faced black, yellow buttons, buff waistcoat and breeches, yellow helmets; furniture, goatskin edged black.

Conagh Rangers June 1779
Colonel Robert Lord Muskerry
Lieutenant-Colonel William Percival
Major Thomas Lloyde
Captain Hugh Lloyde
Lieutenant R. Llyode
Surgeon J. Galluly
Secretary John Lloyde
Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, yellow buttons; furniture, goatskin

County Limerick Royal Horse
Colonel Hon. Hugh Massey
Major James Fitzgerald Massey
Captain Richard Taylor
Captain Maurice Studdert
Adjutant John McCormack
Chaplain William Massey
Surgeon john Brown
Secretary John McCormack
Two Troops: Uniform: Scarlet faced blue, furntiture, goatskin

Small County Union Light Dragoons
Colonel John Grady
Uniform: Scarlet, faced green

True Blue Horse
Colonel William Thomas Monsel

Connell’s Light Horse
Colonel Thomas Odell
Major William Odell
Captain John Westrop
Lieutenant – ?
Cornet Henry Westrop
Chaplain William Odell
Surgeon – ??
One Troop: Uniform – Scarlet, faced goslin green, dark green jackets

Riddlestown Hussars
Colonel Gerald Blennerhasset
Major John Bateman
One Troop. Uniform: scarlet, faced blue, silver epaulets, white buttons, white jacket, faced blue; furniture, goatskin


Royal Glin Artillery, June 1779
Colonel John Fitzgerald, Kinght of Glin
Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Burgess
Major Henry Griffin
Captain Anthony Raymond
First Lieutenant Gerald Fitzgerald
Second lieutenant Daniel O’Brien
Adjutant William Quin
Captain Edward Day
Surgeon James Dubtertrand
Secretary William Fitzgerald
One sergeant-major, one sergeant, four bombardiers, two corporals, sixty rank and file, beside a band of ten. Four metal six-pounders, two small brass grass hoppers, one pounders. Uniform: Blue, faced gold, gold epaulets, scarlet cuffs and collar, yellow buttons, gold laced hat.

Kilfinnan Foot, 1776
Colonel Right Hon Silver Oliver
Lieutenant-Colonel William Ryves
Major Standish O’Grady
Captain William Chapman
Captain Robert Holmes
Lieutenant Matthew Franks
Lieutenant Henry Touchstone
Ensign William Touchstone
Ensign John Clarke
Secretary Westead Franks
One company. Uniform: Scarlet, faced Pomona green

County Limerick Fensible Volunteers
Colonel John Thomas Waller
Captain George Fosberry
Captain T. Fosberry
Lieutenant George Evans
Lieutenant George Clancy
Uniform: Scarlet, faced light blue

Loyal Limerick Volunteers, February 10th, 1776
Colonel Thomas Smyth
Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Harte
Major Thomas Burgess
Captain Thomas Vokes
Captain Sexton Baylie
Captain Thomas Bennis
Captain George Pitt
Captain Henry Erduni Titchin
Lieutenant Arnold Eggars
Lieutenant Tobias Dillon
Captain William End
Captain Jacob Ringrose
Captain Andrew Watson
Ensign Henry Bennis
Ensign Thomas Burgess
Adjutant Tobias Dillon
Chaplain Ephriam Moncell
Surgeon James Hill Phillips
Mate Thomas Gloster
Secretary Arnold Eggars
Five companies – one grenadier, three battalions, one light. Uniform: Scarlet, faced white, white buttons

Castleconnel Rangers, July 8th, 1778
Colonel Richard Lord Muskerry
Colonel-Commandant Richard Bourke
Major Thomas Lloyde
Captain George Gough
Captain Simon Purdon
Captain James Crawley
Captain George Hastings
Ensign Francis Frewen
Ensign Cornelius Crawley
Adjutant James Crawley
Chaplain Hon. James Murray
Surgeon Francis Llyode, M.D.
Secretary David Dwyer, jun.
Battalion and in light infantry four companies. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, edged white, silver wings

Adare Volunteers
Colonel Sir Valentine Richard Quin
Captain John Quin
Lieutenant ?? Quin
Uniform: Scarlet, faced green

Rathkeale Volunteers, July 1st 1779
Colonel George Leake
Major Mat. Lane Scanlan
Captain Robert Holmes
Captain Francis Yielding
Lieutenant Samuel Leake
Lieutenant Edmond Dartnell
Ensign John George Leake
Adjutant John Leader
Chaplain Chanc. Maunsell
Surgeon John Brown
Secretary Michael Young
One grenadier, one light company. Uniform, Scarlet, faced black, silver wings, officers, full laced.

German Fusiliers
Colonel James Darcey
Captain ?? Llyode

True Blue Foot
Colonel William Thomas Monsel

Limerick Independants, October, 1781
Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant John Smyth Pendergast
Major Caleb Powell
Captain John Gabbett
Captain Amos Vereker
Captain Walter Widdenham
Lieutenant Joseph Sergeant
Lieutenant William Fosberry
Lieutenant Charles Bolton
Lieutenant ?? Roche
Adjutant James Russell
One grenadier, one battlation, one light company. Two brass field pieces, four-pounders. Uniform: Scarlet, faced Pomona green, laced silver epaulets

Munster Volunteer Registry, 1782, Co. Kerry

Kerry Legion Cavalry January 1779
Major Commanding Rowland Bateman
Captain Rowland Bateman jun.
Lieutenant Richard Yielding
Cornet Edward Gorham
One Troop. Uniform – Scarlet, faced black, edged white, silver epaulets, white buttons; furniture, goatskin, edged black

Woodford Rangers
Colonel William Townsend
Captain – ??
Lieutenant ??
Cornet ??


Royal Tralee Volunteers, January 4th 1779
Colonel Sir Barry Denny, bart.
Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Morris
Major George Gun
Captain Robert Hickson
Captain Edward Collis
First lieutenant Nathaniel Payne
First Lieutenant Robert Helleard
Second Lieutenant William Weeks
Adjutant John Lewis Fitzmaurice
Chaplain May Denny
Surgeon Robert Collis
Quartermaster Christopher Helleard
Secretary William graves
Two companies- one grenadier, one light. Uniform: Scarlet, faced deep blue, edged white, yellow buttons, gold lace epaulets and wings

Kerry legion, January 1779
Colonel Arthur Blennerhasset
Lieutenant-Colonel James Ponsonby
Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Herbert
Major William Blennerhasset
Major William Godfrey
Captain Uriah Sealy
Captain Arthur Herbert
Captain Richard Meredith
Captain Thomas Blennerhasset
Captain Anthony Godfrey
Captain Whitwell Butler
Captain John Markham
Lieutenant John Sanders
Lieutenant Edward Herbert
Lieutenant Edward Blennerhasset
Lieutenant Richard blennerhasset
Lieutenant John Godfrey
Ensign Francis Fitzgerald
Adjutant and Secretary John Hurley
Chaplain John Blennerhasset
Surgeon Thomas Connell
Quartermaster Garret Barry
Seven companies. One grenadier, five battalion, one light. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, edged white, white buttons

Killarney Foresters, 1779
Captain Commandant Thomas Galway

Gunsborough Union, 1779
Colonel George Gun

Miltown Fusileers
Major Commandant William Godfrey

Laune Rangers
Colonel Rowland Blennerhasset

Dromore Volunteers
Colonel John Mahony

Munster Volunteer Registry, 1782, Co. Clare

County Clare horse July 24th 1779
Colonel Edward Fitzgerald
Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Fitzgerald
Major James Creagh
Captains Thomas Studdert
Captain Henry Brady
Lieutenants – ??
Cornet Alexander Hamilton
Adjutant Thomas Steele
Chaplain John Hewlett
Surgeon – ??
Secretary William O’Connor
Two troops: Uniform: scarlet, faced dark green, silver epaulets and buttons, white jackets, green cape; furniture, goatskin

Sixmilebridge Independants:
Colonel Francis McNamara
Secretary – ?? Murphy

Ennis Volunteers, September 12th, 1778
Colonel William Blood
Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Crowe
Major William Stacpole
Captain Edmund Power
Captain Hugh Brigdale
Captain John Fenucan
Lieutenant ?? Mahon
Lieutenant Giles Daxon
Lieutenant Christopher O’Brien
Ensign John stack
Ensign Perceval Banks
Chaplain James Kenny
Adjutant Hugh McClosky
Surgeon John Banks
Three companies: one grenadier, one battalion, one light. Uniform: Scarlet, faced blue

Inchiquin Fusileers, February 12th 1779
Colonel Murrough Earl of Inshiquin
Lieutenant-Colonel Edward William Burton
Captain William Adams
Lieutenant Neptune Blood
Ensign George Adams
Chaplain Michael Davnore
Adjutant Charles Jackson
Secretary Garrett Fitzgerald
One company. Uniform: Scarlet, faced light blue, silver buttons, braided wings and shoulder straps, hat cocked to one side, large plume of black feathers.

Kilrush Union, June 11th 1780
Colonel Crofto Vandeleur
Captain Randal Burrough
Captain George Smith
Lieutenant Thomas Rumley
Lieutenant Robert Jackson
Ensign Thomas Levers
Surgeon ?? Delaval,M.D.
Secretary John Daxon
Two companies, one grenadier, one battalion. Uniform: Scarlet, faced light blue

Munster Volunteer Registry, 1782: Introduction

Reprint of the Munster Volunteer Registry 1782 (with notes). Transcribed by Robert Day, f.S.A. President, presented as a lecture to the Cork Historial & Archaeological Society. Published in the Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society 1894, Vol. II.

This Pamphlet, as a contemporary record of the Volunteers of Munster, is of such rarity that I have thought it worth transcribing for our Journal. It will be of interest, not merely to the general reader, but to the descendants of the various families whose names are associated with those who held command and officered the Volunteers, and to all Irishmen who are imbued with the true spirit of patriotism, and who rejoice in being descended from those who, to defend their homes from foreign invasion sprang to arms, and were equipped, armed and accoutred at their own personal charges. Not a town, village, townland or hamlet in Ireland but had its cavalry or infantry corps, until the flame of patriotism burst forth and shed its light and influence from the causeway to cape Clear and from the Tuskar Rocks to the Cliffs of Moher; the glorious result being that not less than 100,000 men stood to their arms, and by their unanimity and determination won for their country a free trade with England, in which the tax on irish manufactured goods was all but abolished, and commercial advantages were gained for the country, without which its industrial life, already but extinguished, would have been utterly destroyed.

The different corps of Munster were early applied to for returns. Such as sent them are dated regularly, and those without dates never favoured the author with any, so he was obliged to insert them according to the best information he could procure from the different, reviews of this summer. N.B.-All cavalry wear helmets, infantry hats, except flank companies. The uniform, waistcoat, and breeches of every corps (except those mentioned buff) are white.

“Every troop of cavalry consists of, at least, as under, some more – Farrier 1, trumpeter 1, serjeant 1, rank and file 40; total, besides Officers, 43. Where two troops are in a corps, they are not more than thirty rank and file each troop. Infantry corps of more than one company consist each company of- Serjeants 2, corporals 2, drums and fifes 2, rank and file 50; total 56. Such corps as consist of one company only are much stronger, being in general from sixty to one hundred rank and file. In the different corps gentlemen of the first distinction are privates. The Cork Union and Glin Artillery have complete bands of ten each.”


A publication tending to transmit to posterity an authentic record of the Volunteer Corps of this kingdom has long been ardently wished for, the utility of a work exhibiting in a small compass every desirable information of the most glorious patriots any nation could ever boast of, is too obvious to require the aid of comment to facilitate its reception.

Did I address myself to a less illustrious body, I might, perhaps, call in the assistance of panegyric; to the Volunteers of Ireland, panegyric must yield to the feelings of gratitude. Our country rescued from usurpation, and elevated to a rank among the nations of Europe; our rights secured, our commerce revived, and our coasts protected from the insults of an enemy, are blessings too firmly imprinted in the minds of Irishmen to challenge the unmeaning compliments too often the style of dedication.