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Parochial Papers by Very Rev. Canon Moore, P.P., Johnstown

Published in the Ossory Archaeological Society, Thomastown. In the Roman Catholic Parish of Thomastown there are very many ruins of ancient churches, &c., which well deserve the attention of the antiquarian.

1.- The most remarkable remnant of antiquity in the parish is, of course, the Abbey of Jerpoint. As its history is well known, we shall say very little about it. It was founded for Cistercians in 1180, by Donald, Prince of Ossory. The founder and Felix O’Dullany, bishop of Ossory, were interred in this Abbey. It did not escape the illiberal enactments of the English during the fourteenth century. In 1380 it was ordained that no mere Irishman should be permitted to make his profession there. The Abbot of Jerpoint was a lord of Parliament. The building is still in a good state of preservation.

2.-The old Gothic church of Thomastown is likewise too well known to need much description. There is a fine old Irish cross at the right side of the entrance. There are also some very old tombs in the grave yard. Among them there is one which bears the following inscription : –“Here lies the body of Patrick Lincoln, who died the 16th of December, 1666, and of Mary Dobbyn, his wife, who ordered this monument. She died the 11th day of May, 1709.” The tomb is elaborately worked, having emblems of the Passion, &e. It has also a shield empaling the arms of Lincoln and Dobbyn. Prior to the date first mentioned a fine silver chalice was presented to the chapel of Thomastown by a Mary Dobbyn – the same person, we presume, whose name is on the monument. It has the following inscription :-“Orate pro anima Mariae Dobbyn quae me fieri fecit, 1687.” Translation – “Pray for the soul of Mary Dobbyn, who caused me to be made, 1687”. In reference to this lady, we may also mention that there is in the chapel of Thomastown a. beautifully carved oaken statue of the Virgin and Child to which she presented crowns of silver in 1705.

3. – Near Thomastown, to the North-West of the town, is a church, or rather the ruins of a church, called “Modaleen.” (We write it as it is pronounced). It is evidently a very old Irish church, probably of far earlier date than the fine Anglo-Norman ruin of which we have just spoken. There are no traditions regarding it. Some suppose it to have been called after St. Mary Magdelan, its patron. We do not believe such to be the case.

4.- Church Jerpoint, as it is called, is apparently an Anglo-Norman erection. It is divided into nave and choir. It has a strongly-built tower at the west-end. Near the church is a tomb having the figure of a priest clad in vestments. There are no traditions or legends regarding it.

5.-Tho Priory of Dysert, about a mile-and-a-half S. E. of Thomastown, is beautifully situated on the Nore. The Anglo-Norman tower at the west end of the church is still perfect; but the church itself is almost wholly in ruins. It was turned to private uses by the family of Berkley – ancestors of the famous bishop Berkley of Cloyne. His father is said to have kept a school or academy there, and is said to have been buried on the top of the tower under a large slab, commonly called “the minister’s flag.” The Berkleys threw all the tombstones in and around the church into the Nore. Dysert is said to have been held as a house of novices, dependant on the Augustinian Priory of Kells.

6.-Columbkill Church was about 60 feet long by 20 wide. The walls wore nearly three feet thick, but badly built. There are no remains of windows, of font, or of anything else of the kind, save a little gable cross now marking a grave. The opening of the southern or south-eastern door also remains. Near this place is a holy well elegantly surrounded by Masonry. Up to a late period crowds used to assemble here on the Patron day, which was the Sunday after the 9th of .June.

7.- Kilcullen old church is about two-and-a-half miles east of Thomastown. It is about 25 feet long and 10 feet wide, and is very rudely built. It is in a mountainous locality, but commands a prospect of great extent and beauty. No traditions, no Patron day.

8. – Killeen, in Mountjuliet demesne, lies about two-and-a-half miles west of Thomastown. It has now totally disappeared, and its site is occupied by the monuments of the family of the Earls of Carrick. The name may signify the little church, or the place may have been called after Killian the martyr. No traditions, no memory of a Patron day. Near the site of this old church is a beautiful holy well.

9.- Killarney, “The church of the sloes,” (Joyce). It has not a stone upon a stone, nor any other vestige left. Captain Myhill, an officer of Cromwell, who lived in the townland of Killarney, was buried here. His sword, with a portion of the scabbard, was found in 1835. “Rogers, London, makers,” was marked on it.

10.–Teaumple Tehawn (we write it as it is pronounced) is a small church to the east of Thomastown, and on an elevation near Castle Grenan. It is a very ancient church, and appears to have been re-modelled by the Dens, Castellans of Grenan. There is a St. Tian; Feast 23rd Feb., Mart. Donegal. There is a tradition that on the occasion of the first Protesant being buried here, a commotion was created among the dead, who cried out to have his body removed from the holy place.

11.- Blessington, in Irish Lisnamanagh. The Lis i.e. “the house or fort of the monks”, is still extant. It is a circular rath of considerable extent, and is situated in a romantic locality. There are indistinct traditions of monks having been here. It is looked upon as a wonder that there are some hawthorns in the lis on which no thorns over grow. Some relics were found here about the year 1830. . I

12.- Kilmurry, i.e., Mary’s Church, was situated about one mile north of Thomastown. Not a vestige of it now remains. Even its site is not well known, although some very old people undertake to point it out. In the demesne of Kilmurry is a. field which is still called “the church field.” The mansion was at one time the residence of Chief Justice Bushe. •

13.- Tullaherin, with its fine round tower and fine old church, is too well known to need description. In the graveyard is a stone bearing an “Ogham description.” Patron, Saint Kieran ; Feast, 5th March. On the 5th March, 1800, there were seventy-five tents erected at Tullaherin, as we have heard from a, man who was there on that day.

14.- Kilfane, called from St. Phaan; Feast, 1st January, Mart. Donegal To the south of Kilfane House is a well with a very ancient cross. To the north is the Anglo-Norman Chureh of Kilfane, probably built by the Cantwells, owners of the land, the walls of this church are very strong, and an Anglo-Norman tower is built at the south side of the nave. Inside the church is an effigy in chain armour, elegantly sculptured, and in excellent preservation. The legs are crosswise, which shows that. the warrior was a Crusader. On the left arm is a shield bearing the arms of Cantvell. All the walls of the church are standing. It was used as a Protestant place of worship till 1835.

15 – Kilbline. Near the castle of that name is a ruined little church. It may have been dedicated St. Blaan, bishop, 10th August, Mart. Donegal. No legends or traditions.
16 – Skebul Brunnagh, now Brown’s Barn, is a very ancient, but greatly injured ruin. It is beautifully situated on the Nore, about two and a-half miles east of Thomastown. There is a St. Bran, 8th June, near Donegal, near Tallaght. No traditions.

17 – Kilmonage, near Kilminock, is very ancient. It was of a very small extent, and is now almost totally destroyed. Its patron may be presumed to have been St. Mohenog, the ‘h’ being mute, as is very common in Irish. We remember to have seen the above written Kilmohenog in some old parish register. This little ruin is situated about four miles south-east of Thomastown.

18-Poerswood is so called from a family of De La Poers, who lived in the townland. It is called in Irish Kilcornan. There is a St. Cornan, Jan. 6, near Donegal. This little church may have been a, private place of worship for the Castellans of Poerswood, as it is only a short distance from the place where their castle stood.

Ossory Show 2016. Trucks

Ossory Show, 2016

Trucks and Truckers

The Ossory Show 2016 was a different event for me – here are some photos of the Truck Show section.

I’d never seen a ‘Truck Show’ before and I didn’t know what to expect.  It was really interesting as I stood on top of one of the garden beds and watched a bunch of trucks come up the road blowing their horns like as if they were all excited to have finally found the show.  I did hear at one point that a few of the trucks were off in Mountrath because they were lost, didn’t know where the show grounds were, and it was the arrival of this bunch of trucks that I am talking about. Unfortunately, I can’t show the excitement, what it felt like to watch them all arrive, photographing them as they drove in.

For me though, the nicest bit was when I ‘bumped’ in to Johnnie and Holly.  I didn’t know who they were, they were just two gorgeous children playing together or around the trucks.  The three of us sat and chatted and we talked about how children should not talk to adults and that even though I was taking their photo for them I couldn’t put that photo on the internet.  I told them that I’d get a copy of my photo to them.

Maybe I should make the title of this page – “Johnnie” :)

I kept photographing as I do, and then I saw this wee little truck, a ‘baby’ truck, parked between two grown up trucks and I thought ‘wow’.  Then, I learned that the little truck actually works, I think it has a wheelchair engine AND that it belongs to Johnnie.  Later, Seamus asked me if I would photograph the truckers receiving their cups and I said “No, problem” and ok, they had a professional photographer but that didn’t bother me because I was just taking photos.  I’d get a shot of the people who came first and second but not the person who came third because the professional would get all three people to stand with their backs to the crowd.  So, I took photos of the trophy recipients as they came off the stage.  These are all off the cuff photos and some of them are not that perfect.

As I was watching & photographing the ceremony I realised that Johnnie and his mother were standing beside me.  I told him Mam (Sandra) that I had photographed Johnnie and Holly and I gave her the name of my website and asked her to email me so that I could send her copies of those photos.

THEN, next thing, Johnnie was called up to the stage – his dad went with him and he was told he was being given an award BUT that the group did not have a trophy for him right now, they would get one to him.  I took photos.

I’m only getting the photos online now BUT the other night, Sandra emailed me and told me that Johnnie had received his trophy.  I asked her if I could have a copy of a photo of him with his trophy and she said that she would get  a photo of Johnnie, his truck and his trophy.

I have put the photo of Johnnie, his truck, his trophy and his Dad as my header photo here now.   To me, that photo speaks a million words. I hope any truckers who read this page, come to see these photos will agree with me.

It was a pleasure to photograph the trucks and truckers, it was a bigger pleasure to have met Johnnie and see his truck.  Shouldn’t say this, showed my son the lead photo of Johnnie, Truck, Trophy & Dad  tonight and he said “That’s the luckiest boy in the world”



Clogh village, Kilkenny. Photographs

Clogh Village, Kilkenny


One of the days last year my daughter and her husband were on their way down to Clough the village I live in.  I think they were using the map on their phone and they commented on how they were going a different way to the way I go.  Then, they arrived in Clogh, Co. Kilkenny.  Clough, Co. Laois and Clogh, Kilkenny are separated by a 30 minute drive.  That was the time that they realised we have more than one place of the same name in Ireland and when they told me this I laughed and replied we have more than one place of the same name in each county!!
I went off to Clogh, Kilkenny deliberately in 2013 to see how they spell the name of their village took photographs of Clogh and then began photographing the gravestones in the Roman Catholic graveyard.  I have about 2/3rds of the graveyard photographed and almost completely indexed.  Come this Summer, I’ll get it all finished.


Ballyragget, Kilkenny. Photographs

Ballyragget village, Kilkenny

Ballyragget photographs

These photographs were taken 29th December 2007


Photographs of Graiguenamanagh Town, Co. Kilkenny

There I was yesterday and I decided to take myself off to the Book Fair in Graiguenamanagh, Kilkenny.  Graiguenamanagh is about 75 minutes of a drive away from me.  I didn’t even think about what part of Kilkenny it is in I just set off.  Sent my daughter a text telling her where I was going and she replies “You’ll call in then”.  She was down visiting her in laws in a place called Skeoghvosteen (I sometimes spell it Skeoughvosteen) and Skeoghvosteen is only a few miles from Graiguenamanagh.  I’d forgotten that, hadn’t I? :)

Even though I went to Graiguenamanagh because of the Book Fair, it’s still the kind of a town that you just photograph.  Take advice from Andy Defrancesco if you need photography advice. The flower display outside Graig Kebabish is spectacular.  The two little dogs had me laughing.  They were sitting looking up at one of the men who was eating and they were glued to him.  Later on, as I was walking back to my car they had moved across the road and I realised they were following the man!  Later on still, they had moved down the river and were beside the Scout hall.

The river, the bridge, the boats and the barges on the river, all so much for a brain to take in.  People live on some of the barges.  Look at the flowers around one of them.

I hope you enjoy these photos

Ordnance Survey Discovery Series Maps, Co. Kilkenny

A note on Maps – particularly Irish Ordnance Survey maps (OS maps) and this probably goes for most OS maps worldwide

We all have a mobile phone today, we all have internet connections and we all think that’s going to do us as regards a map for the area we are looking at – mobile phones are great, I’ve headed off over to Galway looking for graves with my mobile showing me how to get from A to B – and then………..then the phone went and bloomin’ died on me and there I was “lost” in Galway and sin and all as it is I had all the Galway OS maps – at *home* and what good were they to me there?

These Discovery Series Ordnance Survey Maps and what they tell you.

1. Churches are marked – and ones with the word church written in yellow I think. After that you get a black cross for a functioning church.
2. Graveyards are marked – Except they don’t tell you if there is a graveyard around a church, the marking is for places where the old church has disintegrated and now we have a graveyard remaining. Sometimes, you find nothing there or little there like at Ballybuggy in Rathdowney. Some graveyards are actually just an empty field
3. ‘Burial Grounds’ are marked. Thing is for the most part when you go to a Burial ground site, then all you see is a field with nothing in it.
4. Historical sites are marked, so you have castle written where a castle or it’s remnant’s stand. Mottes like I’ve mentioned are shown, also Standing stones – anything like that.
5. Caravan sites, Hostels, Public Telephones (do we still have them??), Picnic sites, camping sites, Tourist information , Viewpoints, Nature Reserves, Guards (Policemen – wow, I thought our numbers of them were decreasing!!)
6. National Monuments, Enclosures, Battlefields

I have all the OS maps for Laois, I’ve even had a few of them a few times, meaning that I buy the map, sit on the floor going through it marking off all the graveyards, churches – I have even marked the Mottes (would I know a Motte if I was standing in front of it – not on your life!!). So, I buy the map, sit down, mark off all the places I’m interested in, get into the car and set off to where-ever. I used to work it that I’d put a circle around where-ever it was I was going to go and once I’d been there then I’d put an X over the circle. Then I used to have a yellow glow marker and I’d draw along the road I’d been so that I’d know not to go there again. Gradually, when you have a map that’s handled like I handle them they disintegrate and when they do that, then all your info on the map disappears.

I think that’s about it.  Below these words I have imported a copy of an image of the kind of information that you see on these maps. On the OS 67 image below, you can see Knocktopher, Hugginstown, Ballyhale.  Around Knocktopher there is a Ch (Church), a black cross indicating a working church, a Friary and a Motte.  In other parts of the map you can see churches, graveyards, a round tower.  Some of these I have marked with yellow marker meaning that they are places that I am interested in looking at (some of them I have looked at in the past).  This is what these maps show

Ordnance Survey Map 67 : Kilkenny.   Map details

Ordnance Survey Map 67 : Kilkenny.
Map details

Kilkenny county is covered by a number of maps.  The image of the back of OS 67 shows you the county and other counties around it, but it also shows you the parts of Kilkenny covered by the different maps.  There are 6 maps for Kilkenny, Nos 60, 61, 67, 68, 75 and 76.  Each one also covers part of the other county beside it.

Discovery Series Ordnance Survey Map : Kilkenny

Discovery Series Ordnance Survey Map : Kilkenny

Listed below are the numbers of the maps and links to where you can buy them on Amazon (UK)

60Kilkenny, Laois & Tipperary
61Kilkenny, Carlow, Kildare, Laois & Wicklow
67Kilkenny & Tipperary
68Kilkenny, Wexford & Carlow
75Kilkenny, Tipperary & Waterford
76Kilkenny, Carlow, Waterford & wexford

Muster List, Kilkenny City, 1667

The following names have been extracted from a paper published in the “Proceedings and Transactions of the Kilkenny and the South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society” Vol 3. 1855. pp. 231-274

The article was written by John G. A. Prim.

The following is a list of men ‘mustered’ at St. Kenny’s Butts, April 8th, 1667.
All spellings of names are as they were listed in the document.  in such cases as a different spelling was given for a name I have listed this spelling in brackets on the line relating to the man. I have also sorted the list of surname alphabetically.

It must be noted that at that date in time only Protestant Citizens were ‘qualified’ to serve, as Roman Catholics did not take the oath of supremacy, without which, no one could under the then existing law, serve the State.

Peter Hilton was unable to serve because he was ‘in prison”
Robert Wilkinson, John Pape, ffrancis Harris, William Heyes and Davyd Rice ‘came late’
William Walters was represented by his son
Jacob Carnockes was represented by his servant
Richard Daniells also sent his servant who was marked ‘Papist’.

A third muster roll shows the Militia Medical Officer Mr. Tho. Bond, Chyrurgeon.

Name Surname Note/Year
John Ablewitt
John Allen
William Ayers
Michael Badge Sheriff 1664, 1665
Benjam Barton
Ralph Bayley
Bray Beaver
William Beaver Member of Merchant’s Guild at this time
John Beavere Cromwellian settler in Kilkenny. Member of the Merchant’s Guild (Beavor or Beaver)
Willm Bennet
Christopher Berry
Peeter Blacknall
Christopher Blott Sergt Sheriff 1668
Overington Blunden Cromwellian Adventurer – received grant of Clonmorne forfeited by Helias Shee
Nathaniell Bolster
Thomas Boshell
ffrancis Bradish Portreve Irishtown 1667
Joseph Brenane
Robt Broes
Richard Browne
Willm Burch Sheriff 1665. Portreve Irishtown 1668
Willm Burgesse Capt
John Burgesse taylor
George Burgesse
Edward Bustian Corporll
John Caddan Drumr
Thomas Campion
John Chamberlin
William Chapman
Thomas Chapman Sheriff 1658
Rich Clarke
Thomas Collins
John Collyns
Thomas Cone
William Connell Sheriff
  1. Mayor 1672
Willm Connell, Junr
Barthol Connor Sheriff 1664 & 1665.  Portreve Irishtown 1671 Mayor 1682
Thady Coogan
Tho: Cooksey Sheriff 1668
Thomas Cooksey
Henry Cookson member of Corporation Elected Sheriff 1671 but did not attend to be sworn into office
Richd Core
Jacob Cornocke
Ralph Coward
Mathew Crowe
Richd Danniell Sheriff, 1656
John Date Sergt Sheriff 1675
Tho Davijs *****a Thomas Davis of the Kilkenny Excise office struck a toekn about this time BUT 4 persons of that name on this muster roll
John Davys Sheriff , 1693, 1694 1693, 1694 (Davis)
Thomas Davys
Tho Davys
Willm Davys Sheriff 1676 & 1685.  Portreve Irishtown 1661 & 1665. (Davis)
Tho Davys taylor
Henery Dowson Drumr
Nicholas Doyle
Edward Dubberly
Charles Duke
Tho Dullard
John Dyan
Tho Edmonds
Evans Sheriff 1667 Mayor
Thomas Evans Mayor this year Chief Magistrate 1659, 1660, 1666, 1667 & 1668
Tho ffag
Nicholas ffarie
William ffletcher
Robt ffloyd
John ffollows
Thomas Foart
Edward Goddart
Thomas Golborne
Peeter Goodwin Sheriff, 1657 Mayor 1664, 1665
Myler Goodwin
Oudam Gourden
Allexander Gourdon
Daniell Grady
Christopher Greaves
George Grifith
Richd Grymes
Nicholas Halfpenny Portreve Irishtown, 1662
ffrancis Hamlin
ffrancis Harris
William Hart
Stephen Hassard
Adam Haydocke Sheriff 1667 (Haydock)
Josias Haydocke Ensigne Sheriff, 1659.  Mayor 1673, 1674, 1675 & 1701
Arthur Helsham Capt of foot in Cromwel’s army. Received a grant of land at Leggetsrath Mayor 1679 – year he died
Phillip Henderson
Thomas Heyden
Willm Heyes
Thomas Heyes
Edwd Hicks Sheriff 1666
Christopher Hill
Peeter Hilton
Gameliel Holden
John Horsley Corporll
Richd Inwood Innkeeper, Sheriff 1671 Coroner, 1672
Garrat Jacob Corporll
John Joly French Protestant settler His son Edward Jollie Sheriff 1752
Richd Jones
Willm Keast
Willm Kymberlin Joint Sheriff , 1669 Portreve of Irishtwn 1672, 1673 (Kimberley)
John Kyrke
Hugh Langam
William Laugharne
William Lawler
Nathan Lodge
Tho Lyon
William Marwood
ffrancis Mitchel
John Morgan
Richd Mukin
David Murphy
Ebenezer Mylam
John Neale
Thomas Norris Sheriff 1679
Richd Nowlan
George Oliver Sheriff 1666
John Pape Sheriff , 1677, 16788 Mayor 1696
Thomas Parkin
Walter Peart
Nicholas Pharey
Richd Phillips Sheriff , 1709
Sam Phillips Sergt Sheriff 1662, Mayor 1681
Antho Phillips
John Phillips Sheriff, 1660
John Plumer
Willm Plym
Thomas Pollardt
Richd Prat
Tho Price
Tho: Read
Joseph Read
Valentine Reed Leift Sheriff 1656
David Rice
Tho Richards
Willm Robinson
James Robinson
Robt Rose Joint Sheriff , 1669 with Kymberlin
ffrancis Rowlidge Sheriff
  1. Portreve Irishtown 1663.  Mayor 1676 & 1677
John Sandford
John Sayers
Robt Scarbrough Portreve Irishtown 1680
Richd Sergeant
Willm Sewell Warden of the Guild of Shoemakery Guild of Butchers at this time
John Sharpe
Willm Smith
James Syncock, Junr.
James Synocke, Senr. Sheriff, 1667 (Sinock)
Thomas Talbot Keeper of a wine tavern
Jeptha Tovey Sergt Sheriff 1670
James Tovey Sheriff, 1672 Portreve Irishtown 1669, 1674 & 1675
Willm Tydmarsh
Willm Veike
John Wall
Willm Walters
Willm Walters
John White
Henry White
Joseph Whitle son to Job Whittle, soldier in Cromwellian army
John Whittle Sheriff part of 1664.  Coroner 1665
George Wilkinson Sheriff , 1673, 1674
Randle Wilkinson
Tho Wilkinson
Richd Wilkinson
Walter Williams
Williams Smith
Robt Wilson
Tho Woodward
Cornelius Wright Sheriff , 1661 (Wright or Right)
Thomas Yong Sheriff , 1673, 1674 Mayor 1679 (Young)
Henery Yonge Corporll

Galmoy Barony, Co. Kilkenny, (Notes from General Assizes), 1861

Galmoy Barony, County Kilkenny Notes Taken from : 
County of Kilkenny
at a
General Assizes
General Gaol Delivery
held at
Grace’s Old Castle, Kilkenny
In and for said County
On Wednesday, the 13th day of March 1861
Before the
Hon. Mr. Justice Christian and the Hon. Mr. Justice O’Bren
The following
Were made by the Grand Jury and fiated by the Court
Printed by order of the Grand Jury
By Mary Anne Maxwell
the Kilkenny Journal Newspaper and General Printing office

The basics have been transcribed from the above – for New Works, the name of the person, a note on work and the name of the people who offered securities.  in some notes the name of another person was given so these names have been included.  Spellings are as given in notes and you will see that sometimes the same surname is spelled differently e.g. Brenan and Brennan

Galmoy Barony
Spring Assizes 1861
New Works

Making a Footpath
To Denis McCabe for 505 perches from Durrow & Ballyraggett between the school house at Ballyconra and
the Mill at Ballyraggett.
Securities John M’Cabe & Patrick Shortall

Making Fences
James Dowling – 2 protecting fences between the street at Urlingford and the county bounds at Fennard
Securities: Owen Dowling & Michael Corgan

Building Walls
John Brennan – build wall at Foulkscourt
Securities: James Brennan & John Hughes

John Brennan – build wall at Warrenstown on road from Johnstown to Urlingford
Securities John Brennan & John Hughes

Repairing Roads
Summer 1856
James Kavanagh – Johnstown to Durrow
Securities John Loughman & Nicholas Brennan

Spring 1858
John Murphy : Kilkenny to Durow
Securities Patrick McEvoy & Patrick Murphy

Summer 1858
William Doheny from Durrow to Templemore
Securities William Lewis & Patrick Feeny

John Curran – Durrow to Thurles
Securities Martin Maher & John Costigan

John Curran – Rathdowney to Thurles
Securities Martin Maher & John Costigan ???

James Dowling – Freshford to Johnstown
Securities Owen Dowling & John Breen

Michael Gaffney – Johnstown to Roscrea
Securities John Brenan & Michael Maher

Martin Dooly – Durrow to Thurles
Securities Thomas Maher & John M’Cabe

John Brennan Durrow to Thurles
Securities John Costigan and Michael Maher

John Costigan Durrow to Thurles
Securities: John Hughes Michael Maher

Thomas Kennedy Freshford to Urlingford
Securities Patrick Feeny & Michael Dowling

Michael Maher Durrow to Templemore between Michael Phelan’s house at Rathree and cross roads at
Securities Michael Gaffney & John Hughes

Denis M’Cabe Ballyragget to Durrow
Securities Thomas Maher & John M’Cabe

Denis M’Cabe Ballyraggett to Durrow
Securities Thomas Maher & John M’Cabe

Spring 1859
John Murphy Johnstown to Ballyraggett
Securities Martin Kerevan & Thomas Quinn

Daniel Maher Durrow to Templemore
Securities: Mathew Maher & Oliver Blanchfield

John Brennan Johnstown to Templemore
Securities: Martin Brenan and Muchael Brenan

Martin Brennan Kilkenny to Templemore
Securities: John Brenan and Michael Brennan

Thomas Kennedy Urlingford to Freshford
Securities: Patrick Feeny & Michael Dowling

Michael Grace Kilkenny to Durrow – Mr. Nixon’s gate at Clone
Secorities John Holohan and Patrick Kenny

Michael Grace Freshford to Durrow
Securities John Holohan and Patrick Kenny

Martin Brennan Kilkenny to Roscrea
Securities Michael Brennan abd John Brennan

John Hoyne allyraggett to Freshford
Securities Thomas Butler & Michael Grace

Michael M’Cabe Ballyraggett to Johnstown
Securities: Michael Grace & Daniel Maher

William Proctor Rathdowney to Kilkenny
Securities: Stephen Proctor and Michael Maher

Summer 1859
Richard Doheny Kilkenny to Urlingford (John Scully’s house Urlingford)
Securities: William Kennedy & Patrick Feeny

John Curran Rathdowney to Johnstown
Securities: Martin Maher & James Kennedy

John Hughes Johnstown to Rathdowney
Securities: Michael Kavanagh and Edmond Rochford

John Walsh Johnstown to Durrow
Securities: Martin Maher & Daniel Maher

William Doheny Urlingford to Rathdowney (James Bowden’s house at Urlingford)
Securities: James Doheny & Patrick Feeny

John Maher Durrow to Thurles
Securities: James Brophy & Kyran Ryan

John Neary Freshford to Rathdowney
Securities: Patrick Mulhall & Thomas Butler

John Costigan Kilkenny to Roscrea
Securities: John Hughes & John Walsh

John Ryan Kilkenny to ROSCREA (Mathias Phelan’s house at Coolnacrutta)
Securities: John Maher & John Costigan

James Kavanagh Ballyraggett to Johnstown (John Loughnan’s House at the Spa)
Securities: Nicholas Brenan and John Loughnan

Patrick Feeny Urlingford to Kilkenny (John Bowden’s house at Tincashel)
Securities: William Kennedy & Richard Doheny

John Costigan Kilkenny to Roscrea
Securities: John Hughes and John Walsh

Martin Dowling Freshford to Durrow
Securities: Patrick Mulhall & Thomas Butler

Martin Dowling Ballyraggett to Johnstown (Michael Phelan’s house at Ballyring)
Securities: Patrick Mulhall & Thomas Butler

James Dowling footpath, Johntown to Durrow (Edmond Rochford’s house Donoughmore)
Securities: Owen Dowling & John Colhesy

James Dowling footpath Johnstown to Urlingford
Securities: Owen Dowling ohn Clohesy

Spring 1860
John Hughes footpath Johnstown to Rathdowney (Rev. Dr. Birch’s fence)
Securities: John Brennan and Owen Dowling

James Dowling footpath Johnstown to Durrow (Daniel Bergin’s house in Johnstown – Widow Rochford’s house
Securities: John hughes & Owen Dowling

Summer 1860
John Ryan Kilkenny to Roscrea (Mathias Phelan’s house Coolnacrutta)
Securities: John Phelan and John Fogarty

James Kavanagh footpath Johnstown to Templemore (Michael Bergin’s barn Johnstown and Mr. Hely’s demesne
wall Foulkscourt)
Securities: John Sweeney and William Hayden

John Hughes footpath Johnstown to Rathdowney (Widow Fitzpatrick’s house at Bawn
Securities: Michael Kavanagh & John Walsh

John Curran footpath from Johnstown to Rathdowney (Dr. Birch’s fence near Johnstown
Securities: Michael Gaffney & John Feign

High Constable
Mr. Thomas Ringwood

Superannuated Police
Ralph Geale

Parish of Urlingford
Bridget Quinn – maintaining male child named Thomas Fielding about age of 12

Parish of Aharney
Catherine Dagge – maintaining female child named Mary Grove aged about 11 – to be paid to Rev. Samuel Madden

Calendar of Ormond Deeds, Vol. IV

This page features records (arranged alphabetically by surname) – including names, notes, and page references – for the Calendar of Ormond Deeds, Volume IV.

Surname Name/Note Pages
ALAN John, archbishop of Dublin, 1529-34 135
ALEN Thomas, clerk of the rolls 167
ALEN-ALEYN John, dean of St. Patrick’s, Dublin, d. 1506 311, 321, 331, 334, 342
ALEN-ALEYN John, dean of St. Patrick’s, Dublin, d. 1506 345, 349-352, 355 f.,
ALEN-ALEYN John, dean of St. Patrick’s, Dublin, d. 1506 358 f., 361 f., 368.
ALLEN-ALEN Sir John, chancellor of Ireland, d.c. 1561 198, 206, 229, 247, 249
ALLEN-ALEN Sir John, chancellor of Ireland, d.c. 1561 264, 275, 278, 293.
AMBARDAYN (?) John, abbot of Kilcooley 45, 50
An(…)ell Margaret, 311, 358. 311, 358
ANDERSON Martin 274
ANDROW Egidia, d. of Richard 1
ANELL (or Avell) Isabella, d. of Nicholas 140
ANELL (or Avell) James 141
ANELL (or Avell) John 140
ANELL (or Avell) Nicholas, of Callan, and his wife A. Cleri 140f
ANEREY Philip 142
ANGLYS Edmund, s. of Walter 46
ANGLYS Mc y Codehe 40
ARCHDEACON, al. McCode Gerald (s. of Piers) of Kiltley 182
ARCHDEKEN, Richard, lord of Galmoy, 58, 182.
ARCHDEKEN, al. McCode William s. of Thomas of Coulchashin 272
ARCHDEKYNE-ARCHEDEKIN, al. McCody Richard 111 f
ARCHEBOLD Patrick, chaplain 170
ARCHEDEKEN Piers Finn, of Culcaisshin 231
ARCHEDEKEN, al. McCode Edmund fitz John, of Fossey, 230f
ARCHEDEKEN, al. McCode James fitz William, of Killerny 231
ARCHEDEKEN, al. McCode john, bro. of Richard 181 f
ARCHEDEKEN, al. McCode Remonde fitz Robert, of Fossey 230 f.
ARCHEDEKEN, al. McCode Richard, s. of John bro. of Richard 181 f.
ARCHEDEKEN, al. McHodo (McCody) Richard, s. of Richard 131
ARCHEDEKENE, al. McCode Gerald (s. of Peter s. of Maurice) of Kylbleyne 182
ARCHER james, of Archerstown 221, 255
ARCHER Patrick of Kilkenny 51
ARCHER Peter 6
ARCHER Walter, sovereign of Kilkenny 156, 221, 259, 262, 265 f.,
ARCHER Walter, sovereign of Kilkenny 286 f., 289, 371
ARLAND Nicholas 11
ARLOND Edmond, s. of Laurence 29, 33
ARSDEKYN Gerald (the first) 80 f.
ARSDEKYN Gerald (another) 81
ARSDEKYN Richard 81
ARSDEKYN William, s. of Edmund ‘ruffus’ 81
ARSDEKYN William, s. of John 81
ARSDEKYN William’ candidus 81
ARSDEKYN-ASTEKIN. al. McOdee Anastasia, d. of James 59, 78.
ARSDEKYN-ASTEKYNE, al. McCode, Richard, captain of his nation 14, 164
ARSTEKYN Edmund, notary public, 70
ARSTEKYN Sir William, vicar of Eirke, 43, 69.
ARTHUR sir james 236, 267
ARTHURE Elys, and his wife (widow) Mare An 61
ASPOLL sir Patrick 188
ASTEKEN Edmund, s. of John’ flavus,’ s. of Nicholas 11
ASTEKEN, Joan, w. of P. O’Dullyn, q.v. q.v.
ASTEKIN, al. McOdee James 78
ASTEKYNE Thomas, and Honora (Cahill) his w. 11
ASTEKYNS Richard fitz Pers, and his w. Jowane Purcelle 228
AVELL. See Anell. N/A
AVEREY Philip, husbandman 107
AYLMER Sir Gerald, kt., Chief justice of the K.B. d.1559 148 f., 151, 153 f., 216, 229
AYLMER Sir Gerald, kt., Chief justice of the K.B. d.1559 245, 264 f.,275, 279
AYLWARD john, of London 300
BAGWELL Richard, historian 74
BALLAGHE Edmund 17
BALTINGLAS viscount of. See Eustace, T. See Eustace, T.
BAR(R)ON John 235, 286.
BAR(R)ON (FitzGerald) Rauland 109, 155. 169, 172, 187, 194, 207 f.,
BAR(R)ON (FitzGerald) Rauland 235, 250, 254, 259, 286 f., 300.
BARBOUR john, yeoman 182
BARNCHURCH the baron of 60, 78, 116
BARNCHURCH see Baron, John, and Rowland. N/A
BARNEWALL Sir John, lord of Trymelettiston, 143
BARNEWALL Patrick, serjeant-at-law, of Gracedieu 193, 220, 249, 259, 301.
BARNWELL Patrick, of Feldston 374
BARON David, Lord (baron) of Brownsford 37, 78, 82, 116, 254.
BARON Thomas, burgess of Clonmel, 272
BARON William, of Dunnoillogane 159
BARON (FitzGerald) John, baron of Barnechurch 193
BARON (FitzGerald) Milo (Miles-Myles) Bishop of Ossory, 1527-50 89, 148 f., 159, 162, 187, 191, 226
BARON (FitzGerald) Milo (Miles-Myles) Bishop of Ossory, 1527-50 191, 226, 247, 255, 262.
BARON-BARUN Sir James, 116, 269,273, 275 f
BARRE William 300
BARRET Sir Redmond 318
BARRETT (?) John, chaplain 18
BARRY Roo the Red Lord Barry 232 f.
BARTON John 278
BARUN see Baron. N/A
BASNET Edward, dean of St. Patrick’s 275
BATH(E) James, chief baron of the Exchequer 256, 264, 272, 275, 281 f.
BATH(E) William, of Dullardstown, gent 148 f., 151, 153 f.
BATHE Bartholomew, s. of Richard, of Laundiston 130
BATHE John 311, 359.
BATHE Walter 130
BAYN James 23 f.
BECKET-BEKKED-BEKKET John, merchant of Dublin 23-27.
BEGE-BEGG Roger 24, 26, 56, 74, 79.
BELING John, of Balscadan, gent., 249
BELYNGE John, of Baldongan, yeoman 60
BENET James, s. of William, of New Ross 132, 1.36.
BENET Katherine, of New Ross, d. of James 132
BENET Sir Richard, precentor of Ferns 175
BENET Thomas, of Teghtwo 148
BENET(T) James, s. of Richard 3, 37, 173, 176, 288 f.
BENET(T) William, sovereign of New Ross 37, 61, 136.
BENET(T)-BENNET(T) John, of New Ross 3, 61, 86 f., 132, 136.
BENETT Thomas, sovereign of New Ross 61, 73
BENETT-BENNET John, s. of Richard, of New Ross 156, 173 f.
BENNET Johan, Dublin 185
BENNET John, Dublin 184
BENNET Nicholas fitz Richard 163
BENNET Rosina, of New Ross 144
BENNETT Benedict, of Clonmel 302
BERGYN See O’Bergyn. N/A
BERKERY See Birrtagh. N/A
BERMINGHAM-BRMYNGHAM Philip, chief justice of the K.B, d. 1490 23, 25, 27, 370.
BERMYGAM Gybboun 15
BERMYNGHAM William, of Lusk 349
BERMYNGHAM Thomas, of Dublin, clerk 243
BERMYNGHAM -BRYMYNGHAM Patrick, chief justice of theK.B. d. 1532 79, 82, 97, 113
BERMYNGHAM-BEGRMGHAM Philip 309, 313, 372.
BERNWALL George 28
BICTON-BYCTON Sir James 294 f., 300
BIRRAGRA-MACBIRRAGRA (Berkery) See Birrtagh. N/A
BIRRONAGH Maurice, s. of Maurus. 342
BIRTON See Britton. N/A
BIRTON-BRITTON Sir Nicholas, treasurer of St. Canice’s 21 f., 172 f.
BLAKE Theobald-Tibbot, of New Ross, merchant 252, 288 f.
BLAKE William, New Ross 243
BLANCH FELL David, lord of Blanchvillstown 31, 35.
BLANCH FELL Gilbert (s. of David), lord of Kilmodymog 30, 35.
BLANCH FELL Isabella, widow of R. Shortals, 30, 35.
BLANCHEWILL John, gent., of Dublin 58
BLANCHFIELD-BLANCHVILE Edmund, captain of his nation 109, 156, 193, 207, 216
BLANCHFIELD-BLANCHVILE Edmund, captain of his nation 220, 235, 2.54, 259, 304.
BLANSWYLL Edmund, s. of James fitz Oliver 76, 78
BLAUNCHEVILE Richard. S. of Lionel 4
BLAUNCHVILE Leonard, of Dunmore 265, 272, 277, 286 f., 300.
BLAUNCHVILE Leonard, of Dunmore 216, 220f., 235, 243, 250f., 260ff.
BLAUNCHVILLE-BLANSWYLL James, s. of Oliver 4, 76, 78.
BODKIN Christopher, archbishop of Tuam, 1537-73 275
BOLEYN Sir James, kt., 62, 372 f.
BOLEYN-BULLEN Lady Margaret d. of Thomas Butler, 7th earl 100, 302
BOLEYN-BULLEYNE Sir Thomas, viscount Rochford 76, 99, 116 ff., 15r, 168, 307
BOLEYN-BULLEYNE Sir Thomas, viscount Rochford 309, 312, 373 ff.
BONE Katherine, d. of Thomas, of Lironagh 148
BONEWYLL the lord, of England 322
BOT(T)ELER See Butler. N/A
BOTELER Honorina, d. of Redmond, jun 99
BOTILLER Thomas, gent. 115
BOTILLER-BOTYLLER master, clerk of the rolls 324ff.
BOTILLER-BUTLER William, and Ellice, Castleknock 310, 325 f.
BOTLER John Edmond Richard his Son 344
BOTTYLER Sir Tybot fytz Water (Theobald I) 321 f., 345
BOURK Obreene McWilliam 315
BOURKE See Burke. N/A
BOURKE William Oge, of Tohyndelyn 242
BOWEDAY Oliver 172
BOYSER Sir David 116
BRABAZON Sir William, vice-treasurer of Irel 199, 206, 229,264
BRABAZON Sir William, vice-treasurer of Irel 266,275, 279, 301.
BRADY Nicholas, of Malahide 60
BRAGGES Christian. See Grace, T.
BRANAGH See Walsh. N/A
BRANDON James, of Dundalk, merchant 267 f.
BRAY Peter 175
BRAY Sir Reginald, Treasurer of the Wars 328
BRAY Robert 216
BREMYGHAM John, of Clonyn 101
BRENAGH (etc.) See Walsh. N/A
BRENAN Honore 171
BRENAN John 181
BRENAN Sir Patrick, formerly monk of Jerpoint 202
BRENES-BRENYS (Brenenses) See Obrenes N/A
BRENTHWAT, BRANTYNGHAM Thomas, servant of the earl 342, 368
BRETYN James, of Killosty 101
BREWER Katherine, w. of James Benet 61 f., 136.
BRIAN James, of Whiteswall 201
BRIAN-BRYAN Lewes, 294 f., 300.
BRIT Maurice, of Killenale 133
BRITHE Sir Thomas, chaplain 36
BRITTON Ellen (Elena), d. of Nicholas, 174 f.
BRITTON Isabel. See Edward, E. N/A
BRITTON Johanna, widow, and her son J. Delahyd 173
BRITTON Marion, d. of Nicholas 175
BRITTON Rose, d. of Nicholas 174 f.
BRITTON-BRYTTON Margaret, d. of Nicholas & Morina, w. of P. Wodloke. q.v.
BRITTON-BRYTTOUN-BYRTON Nicholas, of New Ross 3, 37, 53 f., 63, 86 f.,
BRITTON-BRYTTOUN-BYRTON Nicholas, of New Ross 156ff., 168, 174ff., 196, 201f.
BRITTON-BRYTTOUN-BYRTON Nicholas, his relict Morina Kevanaghe, 173 ff., 201 f.
BROTHER Philip, of Clonmel, and his wife Juliana Curke 15 f.
BROTHER Richard 15
BROUN Richard, justice of the bench, temp. Edw. III 115
BROWHEDER William 151
BROWN(E) Nicholas, servant of the earl of Ormond 272, 276, 293.
BROWNE George, archbishop of Dublin, 1536-55 198,275, 281.
BROWNE Richard 155
BRUGK Walter 159
BRYAN Donogh, historian 21, 312
BRYEN Robert 15
BRYMYNGHAM See Bermingham. N/A
BRYMYNGHAM sir Henry (Harry), notary public 157 f., 174 f., 202
BRYMYNGHAM John, of New Ross 175 f.
BRYN Robert, Callan 141
BRYNYN John, Callan 179
BRYT Edmund, portreeve of Callan, 245
BRYTYN Walter, of Killosty 208
BULLEN See Boleyn. N/A
BULLER (sic) Richard 306
BURGO Edmund, s. of Geoffrey de, 16, 142.
BURGO john, s. of Theobald de 106
BURK Walter, s. of Redmund 182
BURKE Richard fitz David fitz Edmund of Brittas 256
BURKE Richard fitz Ullick Oge, of Ballyvadick 279
BURKE Roland, bishop of Clonfert from 1541 275
BURKE Tybot, of Caherconlish . 256
BURKE Thomas, s. of Edmund 172
BURKE Ullughe mc Theobald 256
BURKE Ullicke fitz Thomas 279
BURKE Walter, of Caherconlish 256
BURKE William fitz Thomas 279
BURKE W. P., historian of Clonmel, 347. 347
BURKE (-) of Castleconnell, gent., 256
BURKE (-) David fitz Edmund, of Castle-connell 256
BURKE (-) Edmund mc UIlughe, of Caherconlish 256
BURKE (-) John, of the Caherconlish 256
BUSSHER Richard 129
BUTLER Anne, d. of Earl Thomas. See St.-Leger, A.
BUTLER Clement, of New .Ross 61
BUTLER Edmund, s. of James 3rd earl of Ormond 20
BUTLER Sir Edmund MacRiehard, d. 1464 24, 26, 29, 32 f., 4°, 201.
BUTLER Edmund, elder bro. of earl Piers, 80, 148-151.
BUTLER Edmund, of Ballynard 101, 208 f.
BUTLER James, s. of Edmund of Cahir 16
BUTLER James, s. of the 3rd earl of Ormond 20
BUTLER James ‘Dubh’ s. of Reynalda O’Brien & Earl John 21
BUTLER James, king’s esquire-at-arms (1527) 113
BUTLER James fitz Piers fitz James oge, 161
BUTLER James ooge, of Lismalin, gent. 162, 208, 215, 282 f.
BUTLER James fitz Piers of the Bawn 191
BUTLER Sir James(, base s. of James 5th earl 211 f., 310, 316, 318-323, 325,
BUTLER Sir James(, base s. of James 5th earl 327, 329-332, 334, 336, 356.
BUTLER James, s. & heir to Sir James base son 5th earl 214
BUTLER James, S. of John s. of Peter, of Killolwan 235
BUTLER James, of Ballyboght 276
BUTLER James, fifth S. of James, 9th earl 290 ff.
BUTLEr James fitz Richard, of Downamogan 302
BUTLER John fitz Edmund fitz Richard 30, 34
BUTLER John .cecus ‘ and his w. Morina & s. John 39-42
BUTLER John, of Ardmail 101, 208.
BUTLER John, s. of Peter of Killolowan, 235
BUTLER John, of Kilcash, 3rd son of James the 9th earl 288, 290, 292.
BUTLER Katherine, d. of earl Piers, 13, 185, 192, 294
BUTLER John son of Katherine d. of earl Piers 292
BUTLER Katherine, wife of Gerald Kavanagh 158
BUTLER Mac Leyne, the heirs of 63
BUTLER lady Margaret (FitzGerald) I, 10, 12 f., 19, 21, 23-27,
BUTLER lady Margaret (FitzGerald) 36 f., 53, 59, 62, 64
BUTLER lady Margaret (FitzGerald) 78,88 f ,92 f.,99, 109, 144
BUTLER lady Margaret (FitzGerald) 146, 181, 187, 190 f., 194 if.,
BUTLER lady Margaret (FitzGerald) 116, 142, 216, 291
BUTLER Maurice, S. of Theobald 4
BUTLER Melchior, precentor of Holy Trinity, Watrford 287 f.
BUTLER Nicholas, of Karchill 10
BUTLER Piers. See Ormond, 8th earl of.
BUTLER Peter, S. of Theobald (1512) 11
BUTLER Pers fitz Edmund 159, 163.
BUTLER Peter, S. of Peter S. of Redmund 167, 208.
BUTLER Peter, of Castletown 208
BUTLER Peter fitz Richard, of Mokkylly, 215
BUTLER Piers, of Cokishill 255
BUTLER Piers, bro. of Thomas baron of Cahir 264
BUTLER Piers fitz Maurice 268
BUTLER Pers fitz Tybod 269
BUTLER Redmund le, s. of James, and his Son Redmond 70, 99
BUTLER Redmond, s. of James of Ballyboght 276
BUTLER Richard, husband of Renalda O’Brien 20 f.
BUTLER Sir Richard, bro. of the 4th earl, 23-36,201.
BUTLER Richard, s, of John, s. of Edmund 36, 87, 159.
BUTLER Richard, s. of William s. of John lord of Poulakerry 92 f., 215
BUTLER Richard, 2nd s. of earl Piers 161, 170, 187, 190 f., 243
BUTLER Richard, 2nd s. of earl Piers 251, 257, 262, 264, 290 if., 298.
BUTLER Richard, S. of John, esquire, 181 f.
BUTLER Richard, of Buolick 155
BUTLER Richard, of Anaghes 191
BUTLER Richard, of Ballybody 207
BUTLER Richard, of Tubberaghne, 208. 208
BUTLER Richard fitz William, of Kilcash 215
BUTLER Sir Richard, kt., of Ballyeg (?ey) 250
BUTLER Richard fitz Nicholas Leynagh, 268
BUTLER Richard fitz William 268
BUTLER Richard, s. of Edmund Dowlaghe, 286
BUTLER Richard 306
BUTLER Richard fitz Thomas 337
BUTLER Robert,s. of Theobald, of Graigg, 273, 281.
BUTLER Rose, d. of Elizabeth 61
BUTLER Shane Reughe fitz Nicholas 268
BUTLER Theobald, S. of Nicholas, of Achill 10
BUTLER Theobald, s. of James 3rd earl of Ormond 20
BUTLER Theobald, s. of John 64
BUTLER Theobald, brother of Earl Piers, 80
BUTLER Theobald, s. of Edmund brother of earl Piers 80, 82, 113, 144.
BUTLER Theobald, s. of William s. of John 92f
BUTLER Theobald, cousin of Edmund s.of John 41
BUTLER Tybbot, of the Nigham, gent., 148-151
BUTLER Theobald fitz Richard fitz Nicholas Leyanagh 268
BUTLER Theobald (1532), 373. See Ormond, 7th and 10th earls
BUTLER Thomas, third son of earl Piersd. 1533 108, 160 f.
BUTLER Thomas, New Ross 158
BUTLER Thomas le, prior of Kilmainham, 177 f.
BUTLER Thomas, of Balyerke 208
BUTLER Thomas, of Clonhoure 208
BUTLER Thomas, of Clonmel 258
BUTLER Thomas, s. of Edmund Dowlaghe 286
BUTLER Thomas, rector of Knockgraffen, 299
BUTLER Walter, s. of Gerald Blake, 112 f.
BUTLER Walter, of Ballynenoddagh 288, 290, 292
BUTLER William 10
BUTLER William, s. of Theobald 11
BUTLER William, s. of John lord of Poulakerry 17, 46, 92 f.
BUTLER Eleanor (Alianore). w. of James 4th earl q.v.
BUTLER Edmund, s. of John s. of Edmund 141, 159.
BUTLER (Pierson-Person-McPeris), Edmund 142, 310, 317, 324 f., 339 f.,
BUTLER Edmund, s. of Richard fitzJohn, 152
BUTLER Edmund, s. of Richard s. of Walter 159
BUTLER Edmund s. of James of Knokekylle 167
BUTLER Edmund (1537) 172
BUTLER Edmund, archbishop of Cashel, 1524-53 187, 197 f., 207,215,218 f., 220
BUTLER Edmund, archbishop of Cashel, 1524-53 222, 224 f., 255 f., 262-265,272
BUTLER Edmund, archbishop of Cashel, 1524-53 279, 281 f., 293 f., 297, 299, 301.
BUTLER Edmund, s. of Richard of Anaghes 191
BUTLER Sir Edmund, baron of Dunboyne 211 f., 242, 285
BUTLER Edmund 254
BUTLER Edmund fitz Nicholas . 268
BUTLER Sir Edmond, second s. of James, 9th earl 289, 292 f.
BUTLER Edmund, of Tullagh 289
BUTLER daughter of Edmund. See McGillefadrik ‘Fynynus magnus’
BUTLER Edward, sixth s. of James 9th earl of Ormond 290 ff
BUTLER Elena, d. of Richard of Buolick, 159, 165.
BUTLER Elizabeth, of Bristol, widow of Clement 61 f.
BUTLER Ellen, d. of earl Piers 292
BUTLER Ellenour, d. of earl Piers 107
BUTLER Ellice. See Butler, William.
BUTLER Eveline, d. of Theobald 10
BUTLER Gerald, s. of James 3rd earl 20
BUTLER Gerald Blake, of Buollydesert, 112 f.
BUTLER Gyles, base daughter of James 9th earl 292
BUTLER Peter, lord of Lismalyn 36
BUTLER William, New Ross 175
BUTLER William fitz Theobald 268
BUTLER(E)-BOTILLER Sir James, s. of Edmund s. of Richard 13, 24-36, 80, 103, 201
BUTLER-BOTELER Sir Edmund of the Cahir, s. of Thomas 16, 20, 43-51
BUTLER-BOTELER Sir Edmund of the Cahir, s. of Thomas 79 f., 106 f., 337.
BUTLER-BOTELER Sir Thomas, baron of Cahir 55 f., 106 f., 212 ff., 237 ff.,
BUTLER-BOTELER Sir Thomas, baron of Cahir 256, 262 ff., 281.
BUTLER-BULTHEAR Catherine (Katherine) 14, 172, 195.
BUTLER-BUTTEL(L)ER (Pierson) Sir James, baron of Dunboyne 45, 49, 55 f., 58, 63; 77 f.
BUTLER-BUTTEL(L)ER (Pierson) Sir James, baron of Dunboyne 82, 142, 285, 310, 339 f.
BUTLER-BUTTELYR Peter, S. of Thomas 58, 106.
BUTLER-BUTTELYR Thomas, S. of Richard 58
BUTLER-BUTTILER Peter, S. of Richard 17, 46, 82, 92, 106.
BUTLER-LE BOTILLER James. See 1st-5th 5th, & 9th earls Ormond
BUTLER-LE BOTILLER John. See Ormond, 6th earl of.
BUTLERS of Achill and Burrishoole, the 10
BUTLERS of Polestown 24
BUTTILER James, of Darraghclare 17
BUTTILER William, of Clonmel 19
BUTTILLER Thomas, his son (1501), 346
BYCTON See Bicton. N/A
BYNSLEY William 295
BYR(R)TON See Britton. N/A
BYRTOUN John, yeoman, of Fethard, 202
BYRTOUN See Britton. N/A
BYRTTON Thomas, merchant of New Ross 158
CAHIR baron of. See Butler, Thomas.
CAHYS William, of Kilteynan 208
CALAN Donald, Minister of the Franciscans 127
CALF(E) Elizabeth 170 f.
CALFE or DE VEEL family 171
CALLOGHE See O’Carroll. N/A
CALLY Thomas, merchant of New Ross 90 f.
CAMYN Philip 78
CANTWELL Hubert, s. of Richard of Paynstown 3, 19, 39 f., 59.
CANTWELL master James, official of Ossory, 3f.,6,11f.,23f.,26,31,35f, 38,
CANTWELL James, parson & vicar of Callan 78
CANTWELL John, of Moylassyn 3
CANTWELL John, s. of Richard 5, 7 f.
CANTWELL John Flann, and his sons 8
CANTWELL Sir John, precentor of Ossory, 5, 67 f.
CANTWELL John, lord of Glangole 19
CANTWELL John, abp. of Cashel, 1452-84, 30, 34.
CANTWELL John, lord of Moycarky 30, 34
CANTWELL John, colonus 67-69.
CANTWELL Joan and Anycia 68
CANTWELL master John, official of Ossory (1523) 80 f.
CANTWELL John (1546) 304
CANTWELL Meiler, s. of Simon 3, 133, 208, 255, 276.
CANTWELL Nicholas. juvenis, 81
CANTWELL Oliver, bishop of Ossory, 1487-1527 13, 28, 31, 37 f., 45, 50
CANTWELL Oliver, bishop of Ossory, 1487-1527 66, 107, 330 f.
CANTWELL Oliver 198
CANTWELL Patrick, notary public 38
CANTWELL bro. Peter, monk of Holy Cross, 53
CANTWELL bro. Peter, of the order of preachers 69
CANTWELL sir Peter, laicus of Ossory Diocese 69
CANTWELL Peter 127
CANTWELL Peter of Freynstown 159
CANTWELL Redmund 38, 41.
CANTWELL Richard, of Paynstown 3, 5, 59.
CANTWELL (another) Richard of Paynstown, 164
CANTWELL Richard, lord of Brownstown, 9, 65 f., 68.
CANTWELL Richard, of Moykarky 208
CANTWELL Thomas, s. of Richard 5-9.
CANTWELL Thomas, of Glawngwoyl 144
CANTWELL Thomas, chancellor of Cashel (1534) 163
CANTWELL William, s. of Peter 3
CANTWELL William, B. of Thomas 5 ff., 9 f., 65 ff
CANTWELL William, s. of Richard 8
CANTWELL William. 29, 33, 81
CANTWELL William, s. of James of Ballyntougher & Kilboy 198
CARDIF sir Walter, chaplain 142
CARDYFF Walter, of Brymore, gent 133
CARNY Patrick 15
CARRAN sir David 284
CARRAN Henry, merchant, of Waterford 173 f.
CARREU (or Carren) Danys 77
CARROK Richard 87
CARROKE, Jenkyn 87, 152.
CARRW master William, doctor of Divinity 174
CASHELL Hugh, of Baldongan, yeoman 60
CASSE William. 159
CASSHEN-CASSHYN Katherine, d. of William 132 f., 143, 166.
CHAMPFLEUR -CHAMPFLUER Walter, abbot of St. Mary’s, Dublin 23, 25, 27, 310, 317, 321f.
CHAMPFLEUR -CHAMPFLUER Walter, abbot of St. Mary’s, Dublin 333-336, 340, 342, 349, 351f., 372
CHEK Nicholas 37
CHUONNY-CWONO Renalda (Reyned) In(n)y 171
CLANRICKARD Ulick, first earl of, d. 1544 273 ff.
CLERE Knoghor, Callan 181
CLERE Robert, servant of the earl, 154, 294.
CLERE master Thomas, vicar of Clonmel, 198, 258.
CLERE-CLERY sir James, dean of Ossory 36, 55, 58, 64, 79, 93, 156, 169
CLERE-CLERY sir James, dean of Ossory 187, 191, 194, 198, 235, 242f., 246
CLERE-CLERY sir James, dean of Ossory 250, 260, 262, 266, 272, 276, 284.
CLERI Anastasia, relict of N. Avell 140 f.
CLERY Ellyn, of Ballenegall 247
CLERY Walter, of Kilkenny 152
CLERY John 152
CLINTON(NR)-CLENTON Peter (Piers), sergeant to the earl 181, 243 f., 261.
CLINTONNE -CLYNTON -CLENTON, master Richard, doctor of divinity, 206 f., 226, 228, 236, 267.
CLYNTON John 267
CLYNTOUN bro. Richard, Franciscan 126 f.
CLYNTOUN John, of Castledoghe 70
COEN Edmund, of Karrnkey 282
COGiLLY-COGHYLLY Edmund, of New Ross, carpenter 297 f.
COLLATAN-COLLETAN-COLTANE bro. Nicholas (s. of John), canon regular, 8,53,65,67.
COLTAN Patrick 23, 25.
COLUMBELL John 76 f.
COMAN See Cowman N/A
COMEN George, of Ratkenee 208
COMEN Thomas, of Tullebean 101, 208
COMERFORD Edward, public notary 298
COMERFORD James, of Ballymartow (?Ballymoka) 254, 301.
COMERFORD sir Thomas, priest 11
COMERFORD William (s. of Philip), dean of St. Canice’s 60
COMERFORDE Anastace 247
COMERFORD-QUEMERFORD Sir James, rector of St. Martin’s, Kilkenny 269 f.
COMERFORD-QUEMERFORD Richard 11, 60, 156.
COMYN David, s. of George, of Fethard, 275
COMYN Edward, rector of Crognan 269
COMYN John 159
COMYN John, of Kilconyll 215
COMYN John (s. of William), of Limerick 309 ff., 314 f., 329 f., 342 f., 353 f.,
COMYN Nicholas, bishop of Ferns (1510-19) 37, 86, 148 f., 151, 153 f., 159
COMYN Nicholas, bishop of Ferns (1510-19) 162, 215, 237 f., 241, 255, 258, 265
COMYN Thomas, of Limerick 312, 364.
COMYN William, of Limerick 34 f.
COMYN-COMAN David, s. of Richard, 15, 92.
COMYN-COMAN Richard 15, 92.
COMYN-COMEN William 15, 169.
CONDON Katherine 21
CONWAY (A.) historian 322 f., 330 f., 335
CONWAY Sir Hugh, Treasurer 322 f.
CONWEY-CONVEY John 182, 294. ,
CONYLL Thomas 159
COPFERLER Laurence, master of St. Thomas Acre, London 137-140
COPWOOD John, gent. 76
COPYNGER Patrick 233
COPYNGER(E) William, notary public, 232 ff.
COR John 15
CORIKE David, of Clonmel 16
CORKERAN sir Robert, chaplain 86, 202
CORKERAY Thomas, smith, of New Ross 243
CORNELIUS son of Roricus 39
CORRIN James, bishop of Killaloe, 1526-46 244
COSSYN James, esquire 259
COSTALL William, s. of Edmund 36
COTIGAM Anastace, Waterford 165
COTT John 19
COTTON Sir Robert, antiquary, d. 1631 308
COTTRELL Thomas 273, 276.
COURANE Thomas, of Malahide. 60
COURCIES Mac Patrick 232
COURSY Patrick 4
COURSY-CURCY Walter, recorder of Kilkenny 4. 9, 11 54.
COW(E)LEY Robert, master of the rolls 74, 79, 206.
COWLEY Nicholas, of Kilkenny, servant 198, 262. 272, 277, 286 f., 293.
COWLEY Walter, king’s solicitor 169, 172, 188, 194, 199, 216, 221, 235,
COWLEY Walter, king’s solicitor 242, 245 f., 249 tI., 262, 265 f.,
COWLEY Walter, king’s solicitor 278, 280 f., 293, 298.
COWMAN-COMAN John, provost of Carrick 261, 299.
CREF-CRIFF James (constable) provost of Gowran 158 f., 163.
CROHGTE Richard, portreeve of Cashel 225
CROKE James, Callan 40
CROKE, al. Crocke Nicholas, of Ballykynve 82, 150.
CROKE, al. Crocke Sir Richard, formerly monk of Jerpoint 202, 270
CROKE, al. Crocke Thomas, formerly monk of Jerpoint 202
CROKE, al. Crocke Walter 261
CROMER George, archbishop of Armagh (1521-43) 82
CROMPE Christopher. 23, 25, 27
CRONE William 15 f.
CURKE Juliana, w of P. Brother q.v.
CURSY sir Patrick, precentor of Cashel 222, 224
CURSY Philip, of Thomastown, merchant 48
CURSY See Courcy. N/A
CUSAK Robert, gent., of Cosynstown, 23, 25, 27.
CUSAKE not named, farmer of Turvy. 359
CUSAKE Sir Thomas, kt., Master of the Rolls 128, 256, 275, 279 f., 301.
CWONO See Chuonny. N/A
DARCE(-Y) Sir William, of Plat[t]en 357
DARCE(-Y) Sir William, of Plat[t]en 357
DARCY master Thomas 23 f.
DARCY master Thomas 23 f.
DAREMODY Katherine Ny. See Tobyn, Richard, of CalIan.
DAREMODY Katherine Ny. See Tobyn, Richard, of CalIan.
DATON Gerald, S. of Richard 164
DATON Redmond, lord of Kylmogall 78 f.
DATON Richard, S. of Patrick 164
DATON Patrick 164
DATON Gerald, S. of Richard 164
DATON Redmond, lord of Kylmogall 78 f.
DATON Richard, S. of Patrick 164
DATON Patrick 164
DAUBENEY Giles, Chamberlain 328
DAUBENEY Giles, Chamberlain 328
DAWE John. 231
DAWE John. 231
DE FREYNE See Freyne. N/A
DE FREYNE See Freyne. N/A
DEANE Henry, bishop of Bangor, 1496-1500 328
DEANE Henry, bishop of Bangor, 1496-1500 328
DEISITER Jowan, Waterford 165
DEISITER Jowan, Waterford 165
DELAHIDE Christopher 56
DELAHIDE Christopher 56
DELAHIDE-DELAHYDE Richard, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas 79, 113, 115, 43.
DELAHIDE-DELAHYDE Richard, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas 79, 113, 115, 43.
DELAHYD John 173
DELAHYD John 173
DELVIN Lord (1497) 331
DELVIN Lord (1497) 331
DEN Fulc, baron of Cahir 109, 157 f.
DEN Fulc, baron of Cahir 109, 157 f.
DENHULL See DruhulI. N/A
DENHULL See DruhulI. N/A
DENTON John 97
DENTON John 97
DEORANE William. 260
DEORANE William. 260
DERBY Mr., official of Cashel 197
DERBY Mr., official of Cashel 197
DERMEDE Donyll 181
DERMEDE Donyll 181
DERRE James 226
DERRE James 226
DESMOND Gerald, third earl of, d. 1398 20
DESMOND Catherine d. of 3rd earl 20
DESMOND James FitzThomas, eighth earl 1468-87 316
DESMOND Maurice FitzThomas, ninth earl 1487-1520 45, 49 f., 252, 316,
DESMOND Maurice FitzThomas, ninth earl 1487-1520 321, 332, 335, 343.
DESMOND Eblina Roche, w. of 9th earl 136
DESMOND James FitzMaurice, tenth earl 1520-29 99, 127, 134 f.
DESMOND Thomas, eleventh earl of, 1529-34 135 f., 153 f., 258.
DESMOND Catherine w. of 11th earl 135f
DESMOND Joan d. of 11th earl See Ormond, 9th earl
DESMOND James FitzMaurice, twelfth earl 1534-40 206
DESMOND James FitzJohn, thirteenth earl 1540-58 189, 196 ff., 202-6,
DESMOND James FitzJohn, thirteenth earl 1540-58 216 ff., 262, 264, 266, 281
DESMOND daughters of Jame 13th earl 197
DESMOND Gerald FitzJames, fourteenth earl 1558-82 197
DESMOND Gerald, third earl of, d. 1398 20
DESMOND Catherine d. of 3rd earl 20
DESMOND James FitzThomas, eighth earl 1468-87 316
DESMOND Maurice FitzThomas, ninth earl 1487-1520 45, 49 f., 252, 316,
DESMOND Maurice FitzThomas, ninth earl 1487-1520 321, 332, 335, 343.
DESMOND Eblina Roche, w. of 9th earl 136
DESMOND James FitzMaurice, tenth earl 1520-29 99, 127, 134 f.
DESMOND Thomas, eleventh earl of, 1529-34 135 f., 153 f., 258.
DESMOND Catherine w. of 11th earl 135f
DESMOND Joan d. of 11th earl See Ormond, 9th earl
DESMOND James FitzMaurice, twelfth earl 1534-40 206
DESMOND James FitzJohn, thirteenth earl 1540-58 189, 196 ff., 202-6,
DESMOND James FitzJohn, thirteenth earl 1540-58 216 ff., 262, 264, 266, 281
DESMOND daughters of Jame 13th earl 197
DESMOND Gerald FitzJames, fourteenth earl 1558-82 197
DESMONDS (Desmonenses) Not named 211, 320.
DESMONDS (Desmonenses) the earl of Desmond 375
DESMONDS (Desmonenses) Countesses of Desmond 136
DESMONDS (Desmonenses) Not named 211, 320.
DESMONDS (Desmonenses) the earl of Desmond 375
DESMONDS (Desmonenses) Countesses of Desmond 136
DEVEREUX Nicholas, Waterford 51,82
DEVEREUX Nicholas, Waterford 51,82
DEVONSHIRE (various spellings) John, servant 311, 34, 331,
DEVONSHIRE (various spellings) John, servant 334, 341 f., 350-4, 362 ff.
DEVONSHIRE (various spellings) John, servant 311, 34, 331,
DEVONSHIRE (various spellings) John, servant 334, 341 f., 350-4, 362 ff.
DILLON Thomas, bishop of Kildare, 1526-29 114
DILLON Thomas, bishop of Kildare, 1526-29 114
DILLON-DYLLON Sir Bartholomew, kt. 36, 116, 373.
DILLON-DYLLON Sir Bartholomew, kt. 36, 116, 373.
DOBBEN-DOBBYN-DOBEN Peter, (Piers), mayor of Waterford 45, 166, 215, 285 f., 300.
DOBBEN-DOBBYN-DOBEN Peter, (Piers), mayor of Waterford 45, 166, 215, 285 f., 300.
DOBBYN(E) David, of Thomastown, 311, 353.
DOBBYN(E) David, of Thomastown, 311, 353.
DOBEN Laurence (Larens) 272, 275 f.
DOBEN Laurence (Larens) 272, 275 f.
DOBYN Joan 136
DOBYN Joan 136
DOLARD See Dullard. N/A
DOLARD See Dullard. N/A
DONALD Son of See Maurice.
DONALD Son of See Maurice.
DONOGHOW Patrick 15
DONOGHOW Patrick 15
DONSETT Edina, wife of John Flann Cantwell 8
DONSETT Edina, wife of John Flann Cantwell 8
DONYLL John 55
DONYLL John, junior 14
DONYLL John 55
DONYLL John, junior 14
DOOBYN Gylbard 254
DOOBYN Gylbard 254
DORAN William, New Ross 157
DORAN William, New Ross 157
DOWDALL Christopher, archdeacon of Meath 1493 321
DOWDALL Christopher, archdeacon of Meath 1493 321
DOWLARD Rosina, of Kilkenny 65, 67.
DOWLARD Rosina, of Kilkenny 65, 67.
DOWNYL Thomas, chaplain 54
DOWNYL Thomas, chaplain 54
DOWS William 346 f.
DOWS William 346 f.
DRUHULL (Denhull) Nicholas, lord of Kilberecan 64
DRUHULL (Denhull) Nicholas, lord of Kilberecan 64
DUBLIN Pursuivant 331 f.
DUBLIN Pursuivant 331 f.
DUFF Henry,-friayor of Drogheda 361
DUFF Henry,-friayor of Drogheda 361
DUFF, al. Walshe Richard, yeoman, of New Ross 202
DUFF, al. Walshe Richard, yeoman, of New Ross 202
DULLANY Donald, chaplain 163
DULLANY Donald, chaplain 163
DULLARD William 7 f., 65, 67 f.
DULLARD William 7 f., 65, 67 f.
DULLARD(E)-DOLARD Richard, s. of Robert 11, 81, 116
DULLARD(E)-DOLARD Richard, s. of Robert 11, 81, 116
DULLARD-DLLARD Robert and his w. Honora 21, 116
DULLARD-DLLARD Robert and his w. Honora 21, 116
DUNBOYNE baron of. See Butler (Pierson) Edmund See Butler, James
DUNBOYNE baron of. See Butler (Pierson) Edmund See Butler, James
DUSKYR-O’DOWSKYR Patrick 7, 67.
DUSKYR-O’DOWSKYR Patrick 7, 67.
DWYER Anne, and her father Conoghor, lord of Kilnemanagh 242
DWYER Anne, and her father Conoghor, lord of Kilnemanagh 242
DYLLON Robert 374
DYLLON Robert 374

Calendar of Ormond Deeds, Vol. II, 1350-1413, List of Deeds 5

LIST OF DEEDS 5 : 401-442
List 1 > List 2 . List 3 > List 4 > List 5

401. Quit-claim by John Dounyll to Nicholas Credow of a messuage in Hubardeston and Kiltravyn. (June 20, 1409].

402. Grant by Issyn Lucas to Meryk and David Walsh of land in Instyok. [July 7, 1409]·

403. Letters of protection of Thomas le Botiller, to the town of Rosbargon. [October 9, 1409].

404. Grant by Sir William … to Richard Tobyn of three messuages, in Coylagh. [January 12, 1410].

405. Court of the Liberty of Tipperary before Robert Poer at Crumpiscastell. [January 22, 1410).

406. Grant by Thomas Bremyngham to David de Valle and Maurice Cogeran of the manors of Cnokgraffon and Kilteuenane. (January 28, 1410].

407. Grant by William Allyngton to Robert Herbryg and Nicholas Stokes of the manor of Donadagh. [March 17, 1410].

408. Quit-claim by John Howlyn to Patrick Coterel of land in Mortimerislond. (September 21, 1410)

409. Letters patent of Henry IV pardoning to Richard Keppagh and William Venge all intrusions, misprisions, etc., committed by them. [November 4, 1410].

410. Grant by Christopher de Preston to Richard Keppagh and William Venge of the manor of Shanbo. [December 23,1410]

411. Deed of attorney by Clarice Franc1eyne to place Meyrik and David Walsch in seisin of land in Ballycaksufte. [January 17, 14II].

412. Letters patent of Henry IV. pardoning David Vale and Maurice Cogeran all intrusions, misprisions, etc., committed by them. [July 15, 1411].

413. Inspeximus of a writ by Henry IV. regarding the coming of age of James, Earl of Ormond. [August 13, 1411].

414. Rental of the Earl of Ormond in the Barony of Knocktopher made before John Lumbard. [November, 1411].

415. Rental of the free tenants of the Barony of Knocktopher. [Circa 1411].

416. Grant by William McNespok to Richard Proute of the manors of Cassilharaill, etc. (January 10, 1412].

417. Two deeds (I) Grant by John Row to Richard Beket of lands in Stamkarthy and Hamoundys Boly. (January 13, 1412]. (2) Grant by Richard Beket to John Rowe of land in Stammkarthy and Hamoundsboly. (January 17, 1412].

418. Indenture between James, Earl ()f Ormond, and Robert Herbrig granting to Robert the manor of Blakcastell, etc. [January 18, 1412].

419. Indenture between the above granting to Robert Herbrig the manor of Yagoteston. [May 16, 1412).

420. Rental of the Earl of Ormond of the barony of Knocktopher made before Nicholas Stokes. [April, 1412).

421. (1) Rental of the Earl of Ormond made before Nicholas Stokes. [April 25, 1412].
(2) Rental of no date, probably connected with foregoing.

422. Grant by Eva Chamberleyn to Richard Walsh of all lands in Hwddystoun, Laghballymoran, etc. . [July, 1412].

423. Grant and quit-claim by Richard Walsche to the Archbishop of Cashel of lands in Hwddyston, etc., and a grant by Johanna Salle to Sir Richard Walsche. [July, 1412], [October 14271-

424. Royal service due to the Lord of Balligaveran. [Circa 1413].

425 Quit-claim by William Gibbon to William Mertyn of lands in Henry Whytestoun, etc. [January 5, 1413]


426. Inspeximus by Elizabeth of ancient charters in favour of Theobald Walter and his heirs. [II85–1315], [1572]’

427. Inspeximus by James I of writs and charters enrolled in the Chancery relating to Connaught. [1200-1369], [1613].

428. A 16th century copy of two ordinances relating to the government of the city of Kilkenny. [1230], [1276]’

.429. Agreement between Richard Butler and Geoffrey Cornigerm concerning grant of’ Munin nevill’ [April 8, 1235].

430. Inspeximus by Charles I of a record of a plea in the Treasury of Dublin castle by Theobald Ie Botiller against Hugh Purcel. [March, 1296], [1637].

431. Will and Testament of Sir Edmund le Botiller. [September 12, 1321].

432. Inspeximus by Patrick Goghe, mayor of Dublin, of a charter of Edward III concerning the prize of wines. [December 5, 1355], [1576J

433. Inspeximus by Henry VIII of an instrument made before the Justices of the Common Bench of Ireland relating to an innstrument exhibited by Edward Watoun. [June 26,1364], [1527].

434. Compotus of William Ilger in the Liberty of Tipperary. [1368}.

435. Letters patent of Edward III granting to James, Earl of Ormond, leave to build a house of the order of Holy Trinity. [January 12, 1371]’

436. Rental of the chief rent of Balyclerthan. [1378-1379].

437. Inventory of the goods of Mathia Vyss. [September, 1380].

438. Purchases of the Earl of Ormond at Kilkenny. [? 1383], [? 1405].

439. Court roll of the manor of Kilcrone.[ ? Circa 1400J.

440. Extents of the baronies of county Kilkenny. [Early 15th century].

441. Confirmation of the liberties of Callan by Richard, Duke of York, King’s Lieutenant. [June 10,1407], [November 19, 1449].

442. Will and probate of Johanna White. Dune 30, 1406]. [February 10, 1410].

Taken from: Calendar of Ormond Deeds.  Volume II.  1350-1413
Edited by Edmund Curtis, Littl. D.,
Irish Manuscripts Commission
Published by The Stationary Office, Dublin