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James Callan: Victim of Zeal and Heroism

Born about 1825, son of Thomas (originally from Newry or north Co. Louth area) and Margaret (nee O’Reilly from Knockbride) Callan. He spent some of his youth (apparently with his parents) at the residence of Rev. Peter O’ Reilly, PP Drung, who was his Uncle. He as a younger brother of Rev. John Callan, ordained in Maynooth for Dromore Diocese in June 1838 and spent nearly all his pastoral life in Newark Diocese, New Jersey where he died in June 1879; he was Uncle of Rev. Edward O’Reilly from Corravilla, Knockbride, who died as PP of Upper Drumreilly in 1920; he was also related to Philip Callan MP for Louth in the 1870’s (word of mouth claims them to be brothers) . James callanmatriculated in Maynooth on 26th August 1844 and was ordained there for Kilmore on 25th May 1850. he served as curate possibly in Annagh for some time, definitely from 1851 in Killenagh (Catholic Directory 1852 incorrectly lists him as John). In 1852 – he obtained from Bishop Browne an ‘exeat’ from the Diocese to America. He went to his brother john in Newark and having served in South Amboy to 1854, he was Pastor of St. James, Newark (1854-61), St. John’s Patterson 1863-64). In February 1864 he went to California and began pastoral work in Santa Barbara. He met his death on September 5th 1864.

The steamer on which he was returning to Santa Barbara (from a retreat in san Francisco) caught fire when its boiler exploded. Many were killed outright and many more mortally injured by the scalding steam. Although he was uninjured, Fr. Callan literally ‘walked into the jaws of death’ to administer the sacraments to the dying. “during these ministrations he inhaled the live steam, but despite the agony he endured, he persisted in the work of heroic charity” After all this was over – he succumbed, “a victim of zeal and heroism”.

Armagh Plantations, Ballynemony and Dewcorran Manors, 1622

(1) The Manors of Dewcorran (1,500 acres) and Ballynemony (1,000 acres)

Dewcorran granted to John Brownlow May 28, 1610, and Ballynemony to William, his son, June 18 of same year. Carew in his report of 1611 states that both were then resident and dwelling in an Irish house, that they had brought over 6 carpenters, 1 mason, a tailor and workmen. One freeholder and 6 tenants had been settled and preparations made for the building of 2 bawns-some muskets and arms in readiness.

According to Pynnar’s Survey of 1619 bawns had been erected on both proportions, that at Dewcorran having within it a fair house of stone and brick, the bawn was, however, constructed of timber and earth but stone and lime were in readiness to build the usual walled enclosure. At Ballynemony there was a good strong house within an island. At this date “a fair town” had arisen on Dewcorran consisting of 42 houses all inhabited by English families, the streets “all paved clean through,” 2 watermills and 1 windmill-all for corn, 57 families “with divers under them” able to make 100 men with arms and “not one Irish family upon the land “- statements open to grave doubt.

The survey of 1622 gives particulars and measurements of the bawn on Dewcorran “near adjoining which he had made a good village of 40 houses inhabited with English tenants on both sides the streete in which a good windmill stands. “As regards Ballynemony nothing new transpires other than that the number of armed men had increased to 160 and 24 Irish families were resident.

William Brownlow was knighted in 1622, served as High Sheriff of the County in the following year, and represented Armagh in the old Irish House of Commons in 1639. He died January 20, 1660. By his wife Elinor O’Dogherty (daughter of John O’Dogherty of Derry and great-granddaughter of Sir John Oge O’Dogherty, Lord of Inishowen) he had issue three daughters, of whom the eldest. Lettice Brownlow, married firstly Patrick Chamberlain of Nizelrath. Co. Louth, member of an old Anglo-Norman family established in that county previous to 1312. By this marriage she had with other issue an eldest son Arthur Chamberlain born 1645, who assumed the name of Brownlow as directed by the will of his maternal grandfather.

Arthur Brownlow alias Chamberlain was High Sheriff of the county in 1679 and 1686 and Member of Parliament from 1692 until his death in 1710. He was a man of cultured tastes and took a deep personal interest in the management of the property especially in the welfare and housing of his tenants. His chief claim to our admiration, however, lies in the fact that he was the saviour of the Book of Armagh, that priceless treasure of the Primatial See and earliest of our Irish manuscripts that can with absolute certainty be dated. He was succeeded in the estate by his eldest son William, High Sheriff 1711 who followed his father in the representation of the county, retaining the seat until he died in 1739, leaving a son William (High Sheriff 1750, M.P. for the county 1753-1794) whose second son, Charles Brownlow, was the father of Charles Brownlow, M.P., created Baron Lurgan of Lurgan, ancestor of the present Lord Lurgan.(1) The estate was considerably enlarged in the early 18th century by the purchase of additional lands including the Manor of Richmount, Co. Armagh,(2) in 1706. The family also possessed property in Counties Louth and Monaghan.

(1) For detailed information on the Brownlow, Chamberlain, and allied families see L.A.J. Vol. x. pp. 318-326 and Vol. XI, pp. 173-185.
(2)See (6) Manor of Aghivillan and Brochus.

from “County Armagh In 1622 A Plantation Survey”
Edited byT. G. F. PATERSON, M.A., M.R.I.A. published in Seanchás Ardmhaca

Emigration and Education Statistics, 1931, Co. Louth

Description from Thom’s Directory of Ireland, 1931

Longford is an inland county in the province of Leinster. It is bounded on the North by counties Leitrim and Cavan, on the east and south by Westmeath and on the west by County Roscommon. It’s length from a point in the south west of Lough Rea to a point in the north-east is 30.5 miles, and its greatest width from the River Inny to Drumshanbo Lake is 18 miles.


Longford town which gives its name to the county was formerly called Longford O’Farrell, or the fortress (longphort) of the O’Farrells who were its ancient proprietors.

The county of Longford was the ancient territory of Annaly, the hereditary possession of the O’Farrell family. In earlier times the county was called North Teffia, being in County Westmeath. The Barony of Granard which is a part of North Teffia, was called Carbery of Teffia, and this gives its name to a range of mountains called Slieve Carbery. The country around the village of Ardagh was called Calry and St. Mel (the patron saint of Longford), founded a monastery in Calry.


There are no mountains of any importance in Co. Longford. The highest is Carn Clonhugh (912 feet) which rises in the middle of a plain south-west of Newtownforbes. Slieve Calry (or Slieve Gory) is 650 feet high and rises near Ardagh. The rest of the county is flat with a lot of bogland

The river Shannon forms the western boundary of the county for about 14 miles. The river Inny rises in County Westmeath and runs through County Longford for about 12 miles before it falls into Lough Ree. The Tang, the Rath and the Riffey are tributaries of the river Inny. The Ruin river which flows from County Leitrim falls into Lough Forbes. The Camlin flows through Longford town and joins the river Shannon near Cloondara.

Lakes: In the river Shannon are Lough Forbes which is near Newtownforbes, and Lough Ree. Lough Ree bounds County Longford on the south-west.There are many smaller lakes to be found between Loongford and Leitrim. Lough Gowna is 6 miles long and belongs partly to County Cavan, Lough Kinale is on the eastern boundary of County Longford, Glen Lough is found near Edgesworthstown. Killean and Cloonfin lie near Granard and Lough Bannow is near Lanesborough. Derry and Derrymacar Lakes are about 4 miles from Ballymahon.

The islands of Inchenagh, Clawinch and Inchcleraun are to be found in Lough Ree. Inchmore is in Lough Gowna


There were 7,953 families in the county according to the 1926 Census for Ireland, the average number in each family being 4.3. The number of ‘inhabited houses’ was 8,957, with an average of 4.4 persons to each house. The Special Inmates of Public institutions are omitted from these figures.

There were in the county 7,227 ‘Occupiers’ or ‘Heads of Families’ who were in occupation of less than five rooms, this was 90.8% of the total for the whole county. Of these 198, or 2.5% occupied one room; 993 or 12.5% occupied two rooms; 4,196 or 52.8%, occupied three rooms; and 1,840 or 24.4% were in occupation of four rooms.

There were 89 tenements in the county, in which the room had only one occupant at that time; 85 cases where the room had two, three or four occupants; 22 cases in which there were five, six or seven occupants and 2 cases where the occupants of one room exceeded 7 in number.




Total Pop.
1821 53,215 54,355 107,570
1831 55,310 57,248 112,558
1841 57,610 57,881 115,491
1851 41,041 41,307 82,348
1861 36,044 35,650 71,694
1871 32,512 31,989 64,501
1881 30,770 30,239 61,009
1891 26,681 25,966 52,647
1901 23,814 22,858 46,672
1911 22,656 21,164 43,820
1926 20,804 19,027 39,847


In 1911, there were in the county 36,606 people aged 9 years and upwards; of these 31,546 or 86.2% could read and write; 1,581 or 4.3% could read only; and 3,479 or 9.5% were illiterate. As that census was the first for which the age for consideration had been raised from 5 years to 9 years, no comparison can be made with figures from earlier censuses. But – the percentage of those of five years and upwards who were unable to read and write in 1891 was 16.9%. By 1901 this figure was listed as 13.5% and in 1911 had fallen to 11.9%.

IRISH SPEAKING (1861-1911)

of people
1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911

Irish only
34 2

Irish & English
774 245 640 252 340 915

Irish Total
808 245 642 252 340 915
% of
1.1 0.4 1.1 0.5 0.7 2.1

RELIGIONS, 1871-1926(% of population)

1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1926

1.0 0.7 0.3 0.55 0.53 0.30

Church of Ireland
8.1 8.0 7.7 7.29 7.03 4.95

Roman Catholic
90.1 90.0 91.3 91.58 91.96 94.25

0.2 0.3 0.4 0.43 0.37 0.27

0.6 0.0 0.1 0.15 0.11 0.23

EMIGRATION (1861-1911)

1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
14,577 13,632 13,305 11,786 5,701 5,041

1641 Depositions, Co. Louth

Surname & Name

Adams, Randall
Adams, Randall
Aldersy, Thomas
Aldrich, Will.
Aldrich, William
Aldrich, Wm.
Allen, ffrancis
Allen, John
Atkinson, Anthony
Babe, John
Bane, Patrick McHenry
Barber, Elizabeth
Barber, William
Barnewall, Christopher
Barnewall, Mathew als. Mathias
Barnewall, Patrick
Barnewell, Christopher
Barnewell, Chr’opher
Barnewell, Nicholas
Batten, Worsley
Beckett, Robert
Bell, Rgr.
Bellew, Christopher
Bellew, John
Bellew, Patrick
Bellew, Thomas
Bellinges, Barnaby
Bellings, Alderman
Bellings, Mark
Bermingham, Patrick
Birene, Patrick McHenry Bane
Birne, Bryan McRory Bane
Birne, Hugh
Birne, Patrick McHenry Bane
Blundell, G.
Blundell, George
Brereton, Hen
Bringhurst, Thomas
Briscoe, Amy
Cadogan, Wm.
Cappock, Tho.
Cappock, Thomas
Carroll, James
Chamberlaine, Mr.
Clarke, Thomas
Clearke, Captain
Clerke, John
Clerke, Thomas
Clinton, James
Clinton, Nicholas
Clinton, Peeter
Clinton, Peter
Clinton, Peter, Esq., Lawyer
Clinton, Stephen
Clogher, Hen
Colley, Gerrard
Colley, Gerrarde
Connor, Dennis
Cooke, Gregory
Cooley, Garrett
Cooley, Mr.
Coote, Charles
Cosar, Margaret
Coulton, Gregory
Cowley, Edward
Crooke, Gregory
Crowse, Jeran
Darcy, Nicholas
Dardise, Patrick
Davies, John
Davyes, Patrick
Dawe, Thomas
Devenish, Geo.
Disney, Lt. Col.
Doe, Thomas
Donellan, James
Donelon, Jas
Dongan, Tho
Dowdall, Charles
Dowdall, Edward
Dowdall, Garrett
Dowdall, Laurence
Dowdall, Nicholas
Dowdall, Patrick
Dowdall, Richard
Dowdall, Stephen
Dowding, Christopher
Dracott, John
Dromgoole, John
Dromgoolesten, John
Duff, Richard
Duff, Thady
Duffe, Thady
Elliot, John
Ellis, Patrick
ffennell, James
ffox, Arthur
ffugill, Thomas
ffzgarrald, John
Fitzwalter, John White
fossett, Christopher
fossett, Christopher
Garland, Henry
Garland, M.
Garland, Patrick
Garland, Patterick
Garland, Roger
Garnan, Henry
Gernon, Patrick
Greene, George
Gregory, George
Griffin, John
Griffin, Patrick
Hadsor, John
Halfpenny, Willm.
Hampston, Christopher
Hampton, Chr.
Hankin, Elizabeth
Hankin, James
Hanley or Stanley, John
Hanley, John
Hargreave, Christopher
Hill, Richard
Hitchcock, Will.
Hitchcock, William
Hitchcocke, Will.
Hitchcocke, William
Hoath, ffrancis
Hoey, Patrick
Holland, Alce
Howard, Grifin
Hulson, William
Hurleston, James
Hurlston, Jasper
Jackson, John
Joanes, Ithell
Jones, Hen.
Kelly, Margarett
Kienigston, Paul
King, George
King, Nichas
Lappage, Edward
Lowth, Lord
Lyndon, Roger
mac Maughon, Colle McBrian
Macbratin, Brian
MacLocklan, John
MacWard, Connor (alias Phillipp)
Mallone, John
Malone, Chr’opher
Malone, John
Malone, Philip
Malone, William
Maudesley, Richard
Maughhowne, Hugh Mac Rory
Mawdesley, Richard
Mawdesley, Thurston
Maxfield, Edward
M’Brien, Collogh
McBrattin, Thomas
McBrian, Collogh
McCosar, Margaret
McCreane, Brian
McIver, Toole McEdward
McMaghan, Coll. McBrian
McMaghan, Owen McBrien
McMaghon, Collo Mcbryan
McMahon, Ardell
McMahon, Coll mac Art
McMahon, Hugh
McMahon, Hugh McRory
McMahon, P. Fitzedmund
McMahon, Patrick McEdmund
McMahon, Patrick McLachlane,
McMahon, Patrick McMLaughlin
McMahon, Rory
McMahowne, Ardell
McMahowne, Ardell Beddy
McMahowne, Brian
McMahowne, Coll. McBryan
McMahowne, Collogh McBrian
McMahowne, Katherine
McMahowne, Patrick McCollo Roe
McMahowne, Patrick McEdmund
McMahowne, Patrick McLaughlin
McMahowne, Patrick McToole
McMaughowne, Ardell
McMaughowne, Ardell Booy
McMaughowne, Rory Booye
McMullghowne, Patrick McLaughlin
Meredith, Robert
Meredith, Robt.
M’Garland?, Mr.
Moor, Jane
Moore, Bartholomew
Moore, Ld.
Moore, Roger
Moore, William
More, Alice
More, James
More, Jane
More, William
Mortimer, John
Murphy, Michell
Nettervill, Luke
Netterville, Nicholas
Nettervyle, Lord
Newgent, Garrett
O’Cahalan, Manus
O’Calan, Hugh
O’Calan, Hugh Ramer
O’Calan, Hugh Ramer
O’Donnelly, Brian
O’Donnelly, Brian
O’Donnelly, Bryan
O’Donnelly, Bryan
O’Hanlon, Glasny
O’Hanlon, Glasny
O’Hanlon, Patrick
O’Hanlon, Patrick
O’Hoey, Patrick
O’Hoey, Patrick
O’Murchie, Owen
O’Murchie, Owen
O’Murphy, Owen
O’Murphy, Owen
O’Neale, Henry
O’Neale, Phellim
O’Neale, Phelmy
O’Neale, Phelym
O’Neale, Tirlogh Oge
O’Neile, Owen Roe
O’Neile, Phlemie, Sr.
O’Neile, Tirlagh Oge
O’Neile, Turlough McQuin
O’Neill, Tirlagh oge
O’Neille, Phelimy
O’Rely, Miles
O’Rely, Turlogh
Osborne, Robert
Parker, Elizabeth
Parker, Thomas
Pasmere, John
Pentheny, Mathew
Pharlie, Philip
Pigott, Edw.
Plinckett, John
Pluncket, Nicholas
Plunckett, James
Plunckett, John
Plunckett, William
Plunckett, Wm.
Plunket, Alex
Plunket, Captayne
Plunket, Robt.
Plunkett, John
Ponsonby, John
Pressick, Thomas
Preston, Captain
Price, Rich.
Price, Richard, Esqr.
Rawden, Geo.
Rayner, Robt.
Relie, Philip
Roberts als Walmsley, Jane
Ryves, Wm.
Sellis, William
Slane, Lord
Spell, Luce
St. Laurence, Bartholomew
St. Laurence, Christopher
St. Laurence, Walter
St. Lawrence, Bartholomew, Lieut. Col.
St. Lawrence, Christopher
Stanley or Hanley, John
Stanley, John
Stanley, Olivr.
Stanley, Rowland
Sterne, John
Stone, John
Taafe, James
Taafe, John
Taafe, Lady
Taafe, Laurence
Taafe, Lawrence
Taafe, Patrick
Taafe, Robert
Taafe, Stephen
Taaffe, John
Taaffe. Richard
That, Christopher
That, John
Ticquett, Major
Trant, Thomas
Varden, John
Verdon, Isaac
Verdon, John (Lord of Lowth)
Vesey, William
Voke?, Charles
Walmsley – See Roberts
Walmsley, John
Warren, W.
Warren, William
Warren, Wm.
Watson, Joh.
Weston, Patrick
White, Chr.
White, John
White, Nicholas
Whyte, Walter
Williams, Gabriell
Williams, William
Wise, ffrancis
Wooten, John
Wssher, William

Ardee Town Photographs, Co. Louth

I was passing through Ardee, county Louth recently for the first time that I know of and took a few photos. The town itself seems to be very big and well spread out and other than taking these photos I know nothing about it. It seems like a busy town with a lot of history. Too much to be able to take in on one pass through. 

Presbyterian (Seceders) Synod, 1833: Congregation Index

1821 Census, Ardee and Dundalk Town, Co. Louth

The following list of names and information as to occupation and their addresses were transcribed by Denis Carolan Rushe, 1852-1928 a county Monaghan historian.

Ardee Parish

Town of Ardee (Fair Green).
Brown, Thomas, aged 36, farmer and yarn bleacher.
Brown, Anne, wife, aged 30.
Brown, Stephen, son, aged 6.
Brown, Mary, daughter, aged 13.
Brown, Pat, son, aged 4.
Brown, Rose, daughter, aged 11/2.
McKenny, Richard, aged 20, servant.

Rogan’s Lane?
Ward, Honora, aged 45, widow.
Ward, Patrick, son, aged 16.
Judith, no surname, pauper, aged 28.
Alice, do. do. , aged 2.
Ann, do. do., no age given.

Market St.
Dolan, Thomas, aged 73, yarn bleacher.
Dolan, James, son, aged 40.
Dolan, Pat, son, aged 38. ..
Dolan, Bridget, daughter, aged 28.
Dolan, Andrew, son, aged 26.

Ward, Patrick, aged 36, shopkeeper ,
Ward, Anne, wife, aged 23.
Ward, Pat, son, aged 10.
Ward, Laurence, son, under 1.
Carolan, Laurence, nephew, aged 10.
Carrollan, Patrick, aged 36, clerk.
Garvey, John, aged 18, apprentice.
Farrelly, Alice, aged 26, servant.
Keelan, Ellen, aged 25, servant.
Hoey, Nicholas, aged 28, servant.

Dundalk town and parish


Rush, Laurence, aged 40, dealer.
Rush, Anne, wife, aged 34.

Hoey, Cashel, aged 28, gent.
Hoey, Ben, no further details given.


O Rourke, Patrick, aged 24, publican.
O Rourke, Mary, wife, aged 40.
O Rourke, Pat, son, aged 27.
O Rourke, Anne, daughter, aged 24.
O Rourke, Mary, daughter, aged 18.

Blakely, Robert, aged 25, clerk of church.wife and 2 daughters noted but no details given.

Magrath, William, aged 25, dealer.
Magrath, Anne, wife, aged 26,
Magrath, Anne, daughter, aged 3.
Magrath, Henry, soil, aged 2.
Magrath, Eliza, daughter, under 1.
Collins, Catherine, aged 19, servant maid.

Dransfield, J. Ashley, aged 38, innkeeper, 7 servants and 11 travellers noted but no details given.

Magrath, Peter, aged 33, woollen draper.
Magrath, Margaret, wife, aged 33.
Magrath, Catherine, daughter, aged 4.
Magrath, Bernard, son, aged 1.
Magrath, Edward, aged 17, apprentice.

Keenan, Rev. John, aged 34, clergyman and teacher.
Cullan, Pat, aged 16, pupil.
Callan, Philip, aged 14, pupil.
30 day scholars are noted attending his school.
Noble, Brabazon, aged 40, surgeon.

Callan, Michael, aged 34, tanner and currier .
Callan, Frances, wife, aged 32.
Callan, Michael, son, aged 10.
Callan, John, son, aged 7.
Callan, Denis, son, aged 5.
Callan, Mary, daughter, aged 3.
Callan, Anne, daughter, aged 1.
Callan, Pat, aged 18, apprentice.
Cunningham, Mary, aged 16, house servant.
Cunningham, Margaret, aged 19, house servant.
Byrne, Edward, aged 12, house servant.
Callan, John, aged 32, surgeon, lodger.

Roman Catholic Parishes, 1836: Parish Index

This page features a list of over 1,300 record parishes from the Roman Catholic Parishes index of 1836.

Official Authorities, 1834, Co. Louth

1821 : 107,570
1831 : 112,391

Constituency : 1,294

Honorable george John (Forbes), Viscount Forbes, eldest son of the Earl of Granard, a Major-General in the army. Castle Forbes, Co. Longford
Anthony Lefroy, Esq., son of the Member for Dublin University and Son-in-Law of Viscount Lorton, 84, Eaton Square, London, England

The Viscount Forbes. Castle Forbes, Count Longford

Samuel Blackhall, jun., Esq., of Corlamber

The Viscount Forbes

Sir George Ralph Fetherson, Bard. Ardagh
Richard Fox, Esq.
Lovell Edgeworth, Esq., Edgeworthstown
Anthony Lefroy, Esq., M.P.
Major Alexander Bond, Ardglass
Thomas Achmuty, Esq., Brianstown
John Thompson, Esq., Clonfinn
Edward O’Farrell, Esq.
Moylneux Shouldham, Esq., Ballymahon
James Barber, Esq., Mossvale

George French, Esq., K.C., 8, Mountjoy square, West


Surname & Name Title Address
George John
Achmuty Thomas
Arbuthnot Thomas
Baker James
Barber James
Bell Andrew, jun.
Bell Andrew, Sen.
Bond Alex. Perry
Crawford George
Crofton James
Davis William
Dopping John
Edgeworth Lovell
Fetherston George Ralph
Fetherston H. John, jun.
Fetherston H. John, sen.
Fox Barry
Fox Richard
Galbraith William Lloyd
Graham Richard
Harvey John
Hinds Richard
Kingston Arthur J.
Lennon Thomas
McEvoy James
Moffett James
Nesbitt Francis
Nugent Edward John
O’Donoughue Dan.
Osborne Daniel Toler
Pollock Hugh
Robinson Christopher
Robinson John
Skipton Valesius
Slater Bevan Coates
Stafford Hugh
Thompson John
Thompson William
Walker William
Warburton George
Webb Richard
White Luke
Wills John
Wilson Edward
Young Richard
Earl of Granard
Viscount Forbes
Earl of Longford
Sir, Major General
Sir, Bart
Sir, Bart
Sir, Knt., (Inspector General Police)
Major (Police Magistrate)
Major-General (Police Magistrate)
Major (Inspector General of Police)
Not given
Castle Forbes, Newtown-Forbes
Not given
Not given
Mossvale, Granard
Creevy, Granard
Ardglass, Rathowen
St. Anne’s, Newtownforbes
Longford House, Collony
Newpark, Lanesborough
Derrycassin, Granard
Not given
Not given
Fox-hall, Colerhill
Not given
Currygrace, Edgeworthstown
Not given
New-grove, Granard
Not given
Not given
Not given
Not given
Not given
Castlewilder, Colehill
Lisglassic, Ballymahon
Spring-hill, Longford
Clynaw, Colehill
Not given
Clonfinn, Granard
Not given
Not given
Lisryan, Granard
Not given
Not given
Not given
Not given

Militia Staff, stationed at Newtown-Forbes
Colonel : Viscount Forbes
Adjutant : William Walker, Esq.
Agent : ….. Atkinson

Clerk of the Crown : A. H. C. Pollock, Esq.
Deputy Clerk of the Crown : Thomas Gibbs, Esq., 119 Stephen’s Green, West.
Clerk of the Peace : John Verschoyle Crawford, Esq., Newtown-Forbes
Deputy Clerk of the Peace : Mr. James Tiernan
Treasurer : John R. Robinson, jun. Esq., Park-place, Ballymahon
Secretary to the Grand Jury : James Geoffroy, Esq, Edgeworthstown
Sub-Sheriff : Robert Wilson, Esq., Longford
Returning Officer : Mr. Jackson, Seal-Office, Exchequer
Coroner – None

County Gaol, Longford
Inspector : Vance Williams, Esq.
Chaplain : Rev. Alexander Hudson
Roman Catholic Chaplain : Rev. James Lyons
Presbyterian Chaplain : Rev. Thomas Kennedy
Surgeon : George Peacock, Esq.
Governor : Mr. Ulysses North

Distributer of Stamps: A. Bell, Edgeworthstown

J. Farrell, Ch., K.C.E., & special Bail C., Loughill
Simon Flood, K.C., Corina
J. B. McClelland, Ch., K.C.E., Longford
C. Reynolds, special bail K.C., & Master-Ex. Ch., Longford
Thomas Tuite, Ch., K.C.E.
Charles Gordon Webb, E.
Jacob Wiggins, Ch. K.C., Moatavally