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Emigration and Education Statistics, 1931, Co. Wicklow

County Wicklow, extract from Thoms Directory 1931


Wicklow, a maritime county in the province of Leinster, is bounded on the north by county Dublin, on the east by St. George’s Channel, on the south by county Wexford and on the west by counties Carlow and Kildare. Its length from Bray, where it joins Dublin county, to the southern corner near Clonegall is 41 miles; and its breadth east to west from Wicklow Head to the boundary near Ballynure, west of Knockdarrig is 27 miles.


The name of the county is derived from its assize town. An ancient territory in counties Wicklow and Dublin was called Cualann; it comprised the Sugar Loaf Mountain, known as Slieve Cualann, and gave name to an ancient prebendal stall in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin. The O’Tooles and the O’Byrnes, when driven from county Kildarre took possession of territory in this county – The O’Tooles in the territory known as Hy Mail, and the O’Byrnes in ‘O’Byrnes Country’, or in Irish ‘Crich Brannach.’ A branch of the O’Byrnes settled in the district around Glenmalur, which was called Gaval Rannall, which is still preserved in the Dublin suburb of Ranelagh. Early in the 6th century, St. Kevin founded a monastery in the Valley of Glendalough which contributed largely to the diffusion of religion and learning, and gave its name to the Diocese which has for centuries been attached to that of Dublin.


The highest point in the cluster called the Wicklow Mountains is Lugnaquilla (3,039’); south-west of it are Slievemaan (2,498’) and Lybagh (2,053’). Keadeen (2,145’) is separated from these by Ballinbarny Gap. Kippure Mountain (2,743’) is on the boundary with Dublin as also are Seefingan (2,364’), Prince William’s Seat (1,825’), Tonduff North (2,045’), Tonduff South (2,107’), and Maulin (1,869’). On the south of the Dargle river are War Hill (2,250’), Douce (2,384’) and the Little Sugar Loaf (1,120’) – this cluster ending in Bray Head (793’). In the north-west, near the boundary with county Dublin are Butter Mountain (1,469’), Dowry (1,060), Sorrel Hill (1,975’) and Bulbawn (1,190’). Separating the valleys of the rivers Liffey and Ovoco are Gravale (2,352), Buff Hill (2,964’) and Mullaghcleevaun (2,783’); near them is Moonbane (2,313’). Near Holywood village is Slievecorragh, and Slieve Gadoe is to the south of it. In the vicinity of Glendalough Lugduff, Mullacor (2,176’), Derrybawn (1,567’), Trooperstown Hill (1,408’), Camaderry (2,296’) and Tonglee (2,684’), Croghan Kinsella, is on the Wexford boundary, north-west of Coolgreany.

Bray Head, Wicklow Head and Mizen Head are the chief Headlands, and the Harbours of Arklow and Wicklow are the principal indentations of the coast.

The Ovoca River formed by the junction of the Avonmore and the Avonbeg at the beautiful place known as “The Meeting of the Waters” enters the sea at Arklow, receiving on its way the waters of the Aughrim River. As tributaries of the Avonmore, there are the Annamoe, which runs through Lough Tay and Lough Dan, Cloghoge Brook and Glenmacnass River, Glendason River and Glenealo River. The Vartry River rises at the base of Douce Mountain, is retained at Roundwood as the reservoir of the Dublin Water Supply, and eventually reaches the sea at the town of Wicklow. The Dargle River rises between War Hill and Tonduff, forms at Powerscourt the Waterfall so named, it flows through the Dargle, and enters the sea at Bray. The Glencree and Cookstown Rivers are tributaries of the Dargle. The River Liffey rises south of Kippure Mountain, 13 miles from Dublin and pursues a circuitous route, forming the boundary with Kildare for two miles before entering that county. The Slaney rises near Lugnaquilla, and three miles below Baltinglass flows into County Carlow.

The Lakes in the county are Lough Tay, Lough Dan, Lough Ouler and Lough Nahangan, the Upper and Lower Lakes at Glendalough and the Upper and Lower Loughs Bray beside Kippure.





Total Pop.

55,203 55,564 110,767

61,052 60,505 121,557

63,489 62,654 126,143

50,230 48,749 98,979

44,122 42,357 86,479

39,496 39,201 78,697

35,101 35,285 70,386

31,054 31,082 62,136

30,584 30,240 60,824

31,113 29,598 60,711

28,903 28,680 78,562

Families and Houses in 1926

The number of families in the county was 12,865, the average number in each family being 4.3. The number of inhabited houses was 12,731 showing an average of 4.5 persons to each house. The special inmates of public institutions are omitted from these calculations.

There were in the county 9,038 Occupiers or Heads of Families who were in occupation of less than five rooms, being 70.3% of the total for the county; of these, 544, or 4.2% of the families in the county occupied one room; 2,359, or 18.3% , 2 rooms; 2,981 or 23.1%, 3 rooms; and 3,154 or 24.5%, occupied 4 rooms.

There were in the county 228 tenements in which the room had only one occupant; 260 cases where the room had 2-4 occupants; 54 cases in which there were 5-7 occupants and 2 cases where the occupants of one room exceeded 7 in number, including 1 case where 9 persons occupied the same room.

Birthplace of Inhabitants

Of the population in 1926, 72.82% were born in the county, 23.23 % in other counties in Saorstat Eireann. 1.24% in Northern Ireland, 2.22% in Great Britain, and 0.49% were born abroad.


In 1911 there were in the county 50,133 persons aged 9 years and upwards; of these 44,9302 or 89.6% could read and write; 1,241 or 2.5% could read only; and 3,962 or 7.9% were illiterate. As this is the first census where the age was raised from 5 to 9 it is not possible to compare figures for earlier censuses. However, the report states that the percentage of those of 5 years and upwards who were unable to read and write was 16.7% in 1891, 13.3% in 1901 and had fallen to 11% in 1901.

IRISH SPEAKING (1861-1911)

of people
1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911

Irish only
0 5 0 0 0 0

Irish & English
182 89 243 176 631 1,054
% of
0.2 0.1 0.3 0.3 1.0 1.7

RELIGIONS, 1871-1926 (% of population)

1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1926

Roman Catholic
80.6 79.9 79.3 79.05 79.06 82.71

Church of Ireland
17.7 18.3 18.7 18.66 18.39 15.04

0.9 1.0 1.0 1.01 1.0 0.85

0.4 0.4 0.7 0.83 0.92 0.72

0.4 0.4 0.3 0.45 0.63 0.68

EMIGRATION (1861-1911)

1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
11,173 5,387 4,591 6,242 1,691 1,779

Arklow Hearth Money Rolls, Co. Wicklow, 1669

This list was donated to the From Ireland web site by Peggy Leonard.

The index is alphabetical, each link brings you to all names beginning with those of the link and names beginning with other letters up to those of the next link. For example ‘Be’ brings you to all names beginning with Be, Bi and Bl. Links back to the Co. Armagh page and the Index page for this web site have been provided at the end of each alphabetical grouping. You are advised to read through any grouping for the letter beginning with any surname you are interested in (at least) as there are phonetic variations on surnames in these tables.

Surname Name Location
Abraham Joseph Arckloe
Adams Thomas Owghell
Annesley Tho. (Thomas) Ballycappell
Applebury Wm. (William) Ballydonnell
Arthur John The Knocke
Ash Wm. (William) Arckloe
Baky Morgan Carrigcoyle
Bane Darby Coolegarrae
Banfield John Ballnisky
Barley Wm. (William) Arckloe
Barrington Tho. (Thomas) Ballywoegge
Bawne Art. (Arthur) Ballymoyle
Bayly Joseph Arckloe
Bedford Henry Arckloe
Begg (see Murphy) ? ?
Begge John Coolegarrae
Bessick Robt. (Robert) Kilcashell
Bibby Wm. (William) Ballydonnell
Bland Richd. (Richard) Ballyrane
Blank Cornelius Arckloe
Blank Dorothy (widow) Glantiege
Blank Honora (widow) Coole ahullen
Blank Jo. Ardenary
Bolgor Garret Barnelugh
Bolgor Teige Barnelugh
Bonyet Jo. Bally Rise
Boodle Tho. Ballynegilloge
Booth Thomas Ballymortagh
Borne Bryan Ballywoegge
Borne Morgan Killeaghbegg
Borne Tady Ballywoegge
Borne Tady Rockslowne
Bottle Wm. Arckloe
Boyce Mathew Castle McAdam
Boyle Patr. Ballyduffe
Brabason Edward Ballyarthur
Branae Rowland The Knocke
Brogan Edmund Killahurler
Bromley Capt. Nich. Carringolan
Browne John The Sheep Houses
Browne Richard Johnstowne
Bryan Darby Johnstowne
Bryan Jo. Rockslowne
Bryan Tady Ballyharra
Bucknall John Knockanode
Bulger Garrett Ballynekill
Bulger John Arckloe
Burne Art Ballydonnell
Burne Bryan Ballymoneene
Burne Charles Ballyhurry
Burne Dan. Temple Lusky
Burne Daniel Coole ahullin
Burne Darby Temple Lusky
Burne Dennis Ballindale
Burne Derby Ballygahan
Burne Dorothy Coole ahullin
Burne Edm. Kilpatrick
Burne Garret Ballinavalla
Burne Garret Glanteige
Burne James Tymullin
Burne Jo. Ballymoneene
Burne John Ballinclea
Burne Margaret Glanteige
Burne Morgan Cooleballyhugh
Burne Owen Ballinavalla
Burne Owen Knockanree
Burne Patr. Ballynattin
Burne Patr. Moneyteig
Burne Patr. Rustigath
Burne Patr. The Money
Burne Phelim Templedreyny
Burne Symon Ballygyllyger
Burne Tady Ballymoneene
Burne Teig Ballinavalla
Burne Teig Coole ahullin
Burne Teig Thomastowne
Burne Tyrlagh Ballygyllyger
Burne Tyrlogh Ballynebarne
Burne Walter Ballygahan
Burne Walter Johnstowne
Bury Wm. Cooleboy
Butler Garret Killeaghbegg
Butler James Arckloe
Buttler James Arckloe
Byrekett John The Knocke
Byrne Morgan Ballinvallagh
Cardy Wm. Tyrane
Carefoot Wm. Ballymoyle
Carney Robt. Arckloe
Carny John Thomastowne
Carroll Art. Moneyteig
Carry Patr. Ballindale
Cavanagh Bryan Killahurler
Cavanagh Tady Ballynagee
Cavanah Art. Ballinvallagh
Cavenagh Edm. Ballyarthur
Cavenagh Peter Rustigath
Cavenagh Phelim Ballynasilloge
Cavenagh Phelim Clunwilliam
Cavenah Art. Tyrane
Cavenah Edward Ballynattin
Cavinah Phelina Johnstowne
Cawsey Tho. Bally Rise
Charneley Wm. Arckloe
Claborne Peter Ballyrane
Clarke Francis Ballyandrahan
Clarkson Geo. Killyneskyduffe
Clerke Arthur Ballydonnell
Clerke Roger Ballymortagh
Comiston Stephen Arckloe
Conman Dennis Ballinvallagh
Conner Tyrlogh Kilpatrick
Conniam Phillip Kilmacra
Cooleston Phillip Moneyteig
Coveney John Kilbryde
Coventrey Robt. Bally Rise
Cranill Murtah Coolegarrae
Cromwell Thomas Arckloe
Crowbrow Jo. Arckloe
Crumpton Tho. Ballyandrahan
Cruse Geo. The Sheep Houses
Crutcheley Henry Ballyandrahan
Crutchley Daniel Mungone
Cullen Daniel Temple Lusky
Cullen Garrett Ballynekill
Cullen Jo. Temple Lusky
Cullen Owen Killahurler
Cullin Edmund Ballycooge
Currall Abr. Ballyrane
Currall Jo. Ballyrane
Currall Tho. Ballyrane
Curry Michael Ballynagee
Daniel Edward Arckloe
Daniel John Arckloe
Daniel Monas Arckloe
Darlington Randal Ballygilroe
Davis Giles Ballyneskin
Davis John p. Ballyrohane
Dempsey Anth. Ballinavalla
Dempsey Patr. The Money
Dillon Franc. Ballynagee
Dillon Nich. Kilmacra
Donnagh James Owghell
Dowdell John Killahurler
Dowlan Hugh Arckloe
Doyle Ann Thomastowne
Doyle Barnabus Ballycooge
Doyle Bryan Knockananoghill
Doyle Dan, jnr. Knockmiller
Doyle Dan, snr. Knockmiller
Doyle Daniel Arckloe
Doyle Daniel Ballynagee
Doyle Dennis Ballyduffe
Doyle Dennis Temple Lusky
Doyle Edmund Ballyhurry
Doyle Eliz. Wid. Chappel
Doyle Garret Rustigath
Doyle Garrett Arckloe
Doyle Hugh Arckloe
Doyle James Ballynepark
Doyle James The Rock
Doyle Jo. Glanteige
Doyle Lewis Chappel
Doyle Lewis Johnstowne
Doyle Morgan Arckloe
Doyle Morgan Ballintemple
Doyle Morgan Johnstowne
Doyle Morris Arckloe
Doyle Nich. Ballydonnell
Doyle Nichas. Ballycooge
Doyle Nichos. Arckloe
Doyle Patr. Chappel
Doyle Phelim Ballycooge
Doyle Phelim Ballynagee
Doyle Tady Knockmiller
Doyle Wm. Ballyhurry
Duckat John Arckloe
Dunn Dennis Ballynesken
Eddin Murtagh Killahurler
Edwards Geo. Arckloe
Edwards John Arckloe
Edwards John Clunwilliam
Edwards Nich. Arckloe
Edwards Patr. Arckloe
Evans Leslie Arckloe
Farrar Garret Templedreyny
Farrell John Ballygyllyger
Farrell Morgan Rockslowne
Farrell Patr. Moneyteig
Finghan Nich ye Ballydonnell
Fitz Harris Edm. Ballygahan
Fitz Wm. Garret Killyluske
Fleming Barthol. Arckloe
Fleming Garret Tymullin
Floyd Jo. Arckloe
Fogott Daniel Ballynegilloge
Foster Richard Arckloe
Gardner Alex. Killmurray
Gill Thos. Arckloe
Glerby Geo. Ballyrahin
Goetobed Henry Askanteny
Gormeley Jo. Ballyandrahan
Grange Edm. Ballymoyle
Griffin Jo. Kill Mc Cow
Haley Morris Arckloe
Haley Wm. Ballyneshra
Hall John Ballyandrahan
Haminan Robt. Johnstowne
Hampson Tho. Ballynecurra
Hara Edm. Knockmiller
Harman Geo. Knockananoghill
Harry Wm. Ballygriffin
Harrys Henry Ballynagee
Hassells Robt, Esq Shelton
Hathernet Robt. Moneylane
Hatton Christo. The Knocke
Hatton Richard Temple Mitchell
Hawett Anth. Ballyrane
Hedyn Dennis Tyrane
Helean Dennis Knockanree
Hely John Templedreyny
Henley Wm. Arckloe
Hethernet Gilbert Monaglogh
Hickie Wm. The Rock
Hicky David Kilpatrick
Hill Thos. Mungone
Holloway Wm. Cooleanvarle
Hore Jo. Kill Mc Cow
Hownes Wm. Knockanode
Howson Jo. Ballyrane
Hoyle John Ballyrichard
Hudson Edm. Kilbryde
Hughes Lewis Ballyrush
Hunter Jo. Kilmurray
Hylan Wm. Ballynononago
Ireland Wm. Arckloe
Jelly Robert Ballyandrahan
Johnson Willm. Arckloe
Johnson Wm. Ballynagee
Jones Tho. Ballynekill
Juke (see Tuke) ? ?
Kehan Jo. Knockmiller
Kehoe Derby Blynewood
Kelly Daniel Killahurler
Kelly Derby Carrigcoyle
Kelly Edm. Killahurler
Kelly Laughlin Carrigcoyle
Kelly Morris Barnelugh
Kelly Patr. Ballinvallagh
Kelly Patr. Kilcashell
Kelly Patr. Killahurler
Kennedy Joane, wid. Ballindale
Kennedy Mary, wid. Ballindale
Kilbride Jo. Ballindale
King Mr. Arckloe
Kinseloe Teig Thomastowne
Kinselogh Art. Ballyduffe
Kinselogh Dennis The Rock
Kinsh Edward Corranstowne
Lancaster Robt. Corranstowne
Large John The Money
Larkin John Caringolan
Lay Tho. Arckloe
Leadbeater Jo. Arckloe
Loughlin Bryan Knockananoghill
Lyon Thomas Kilbryde
Maddin Derby Ballyrichard
Magilligan Corn. Ballynebarne
Malone John Thomastowne
Manyfold John Ballymoney
Marshall Thomas Killyneskyduffe
Mathews James Arckloe
McArt Donnogh The Sheep Houses
McArt Owen Ballynattin
McArthur Dan. Rockslowne
McCallistring Daniel Killahurler
McDaniel John Tynnyhaske
McDaniel Tirlagh Killahurler
McDermot John Knockananoghill
McGarrell Morgan Ballygyllyger
McJemmis Edm. Tymullin
McJone Walter The Sheep Houses
McLeere Wm. Ballydonnell
McLunan Dennis Ballintemple
McMorris Teig Tynnyhaske
McMurta Patr. Ballycooge
McMurtagh Wm. Ballygyllyger
McOny Tyrlogh Killahurler
McOwen Daniel Coolegarae
McRory Patr. Ballynagore
McRory Teig Ballynagore
McShaw Laughlin Coole ahullin
McShaw Morgan Ballycooge
Menan Bryan Ballynagore
Menan Daniell Ballynagore
Meneene Wm. Killahurler
Menlow Rich. Bally Rise
Menlow Tho. Bally Rise
Meredith Rice Owghell
Miller John Ballyduffe
Modesby Wm. Arckloe
Morris Chr. Arckloe
Morris Oliver Arckloe
Morris Wm. Eneriley
Mortimer Hen. Blynewood
Moynagh Roger Killahurler
Murphy Darby Moneyteig
Murphy Dennis Ballynattin
Murphy Henry Arckloe
Murphy Morgan Ballynesken
Murphy Owen Arckloe
Murphy als. Begg Wm. Ballymoyle
Murry Morgan Clunwilliam
Neile Michael Ballynasilloge
Newsom Jo. Kill Mc Cow
Neyle Izabell Ballindale
Neyle James Arckloe
Neyle Murtah Arckloe
Neyle Wid. Knockanree
Neyle Wm. Arckloe
Nowlan Daniel Coole ahullin
Nowlan Morris Kilpatrick
OöHugh John Ballynattin
OöNeyle Jo. Ballydonnell
Oates Mathe Parke
Obehagan Teig Killahurler
Oggan Elitha, wid Ballynattin
One house untenanted ? Killyluske
Owre Daniel Ballygyllyger
Page Jo. Teigronin
Penrose Richd. Ballyrane
Penrose Robt. Ballyrane
Pepoe Patr. Killahurler
Pevis Tho. Cronelusk
Phelps John Arckloe
Pointon John Ballynononogo
Porter John Killyneskyduffe
Proud Francis Arckloe
Pue Lancelot Ardenary
Quash Richd. Ballynattin
Quin James Ballymoneene
Quin Tho. Castle McAdam
Randle Joseph Kilbryde
Readnagh Jo. Knockananoghill
Reane Daniell Ballynattin
Reane Marcus Ballynattin
Redding Wm. Clogoe
Redman Wm. Ballinclea
Redshaw Cuthbert Ardenary
Revell Fr. Ballydonnell
Revell Fr. Kill Mc Cow
Reyman John Arckloe
Rhony Pat. Ballymoneene
Richardson Geo. Arckloe
Roe Edm. Ballygyllyger
Roe Garrett Knockanree
Roe John Ballynecurra
Roe Tyrlogh Ballynekill
Roman Wm. Ballywoegge
Rumley Jo. Ballyrane
Ruscad Robert Ballynebranna
Russell Peter Barnelugh
Sadler Valentine Kill Mc Cow
Sansom Wm. Ballynasilloge
Saunder Edward Arckloe
Savage John Ballynekill
Scorer Tho. Kilcashell
Sharpe Daniel Ballynekill
Shelton Jo. Carrigcoyle
Sheppard George Arckloe
Sly John Ballygriffin
Smith Glasney Coolegarrae
Smith Hen. Kill Mc Cow
Smith Tho. Ballyrane
Smode Arthur Arckloe
Stephens Wm. Arckloe
Sutton Anthony Ardenary
Sutton Tim Kilmurray
Swinfield Law. Ballynegilloge
Tacabray John Ballygriffin
Tayler Giles Mungone
Tayler Robert Arckloe
Tayler Roger Ballyandrahan
Tenements untenanted ? Ballygahan
Tenements untenanted ? Kilmagigge
The Kill of Killmc Cow ? Kill Mc Cow
Thomas Henry Ballywoegge
Thomas Peter Arckloe
Thorneton James Ballygilroe
Tichbourne Sir Wm. Ballynegilloge
Tindall Nicholas Ballymoyle
Tomlinson James Scratena
Tonnell Patr. Moneyteig
Tracy John Chappel
Tracy Tady Ballynesken
Tuke Mr. Castle McAdam
Turner Joe Rockslowne
Turny James Ballyneskin
Turny Wm. Johnstowne
Two houses untenanted ? Ballydufe
Two houses untenanted ? Coolegangan
Two tenements ? Arckloe
Vaughan Roger Arckloe
Vicars Richard Ardenary
Wadick Morgan Moneyteig
Wafer Rowland Arckloe
Walkinson Robt. Arckloe
Walsh Walter Ballydonnell
Ward John Ballyrahin
Ware Ralph Ballinavalla
Waterton Catherine Scratena
Wattom Symon Arckloe
Weaver Wm. Ye Ballygriffin
Welsh Murtagh Cooleganagan
Welsh Teig Coolegangan
West Major The Rock
White Lau. Arckloe
White Mathew Glanteige
Wickham John Arckloe
Wickham John Kilmurry
Williams Richard Ballyrahin
Witty Phillip Ballyarthur
Woods Tho. Ardenary
Woods Tho. Kilmagigge
Worrell Francis Ballyandrahan
Young Julyan Carringolan

Presbyterian (Seceders) Synod, 1833: Congregation Index

Roman Catholic Parishes, 1836: Parish Index

This page features a list of over 1,300 record parishes from the Roman Catholic Parishes index of 1836.

Official Authorities, 1834, Co. Wicklow

1821 : 195,076
1831 : 228,050

Constituency : 2,248

Henry Maxwell, Esq., nephew of Lord Farnham, and of he Earl of Carrick. 10, Upper Berkeley street, London, England ; & Farnham. County Cavan, John Young, Esq., eldest son of Sir William Young, Bart. 24, Upper Wimpole street, London, England ; & Bailieborough Castle, County Cavan

The Most Noble, the Marquess of Headfort. Headfort, County of Meath, and Virginai Park, County Cavan

HIGH SHERIFF: Charles James Adams, Esq., Retreat.

CUSTOS TOTULORUM: The Most Noble the Marquess of Headfort.

Alexander Saunderson, Esq., Castle Saunderson
Major Thomas Burrowes, Stradone House
Charles Coote, Esq., Ballamount Forest
Robert Henry Southwell, Esq., Castle-Hamilton
James Saunderson, Esq., Cloverhill
Cosby Nesbitt, Esq., Lismore
Charles Morton, Esq., Kilnaroth
Gerald Dease, Esq., Turbotstown

ASSISTANT BARRISTER : James Major, Esq., Commissioner of Bankrupts, 10 Great George’s street, North.


Surname & Name Title Address
Adams Benjamin
Adams Charles James
Adams Cosby
Adams Samuel
Armstrong Joseph
Battersby Thomas
Bell Andrew
Bell Andrew William, jun
Bell Richard
Bennison Joseph
Boyle Maxwell James
Burrowes George
Burrowes Thomas
Burrowes William
Bushe William
Caffery Atkinson
Carter Sampson (Police Magistrate)
Clements Henry John
Clements Theophilus Lucas
Coote Charles
Corry Thomas Charles Stewart
Cottingham Edward
Dease Gerald
Dickson Joseph
Donnelly John
Finlay Thomas
Finley John
Fitzpatrick Frederick
Fleming John
Forbes John
Godley John
Gumley David
Gumley John
Hassard Alexander
Hassard Francis
Hassard George
Henry Edmond
Humphreys William
Humphreys William, jun.
Jones John Moutray
Knipe George Marshal
Lucas Edward
Madden John
Maguire Joseph
Maxwell Henry
Mayne John
Mayne Richard
Mitchell Alexander
Moore Samuel
Morton Charles
Murphy Michael
Nesbitt Cosby
Nixon Humphrey S.
Nugent Christopher Edmond John
Powell George
Pratt John
Pratt Joseph
Robinson Christopher
Saunderson Alexander
Saunderson Francis
Saunderson James
Scott Richard
Serjeant Robert
Smyth Philip
Southwell Robert Henry
Stanford Bedel
Storey Joseph
Tatloe John Chas.
Tennison William
Thompson Francis
Thompson Robert
Thornton Perratt
Warburton Bartholomew
Waring James
Webb William
White Francis Melville
Williams Henry Frederick
Willoughby John
Young John
Young Richard
Young William
Earl of Limerick
Esq., (Police Magistrate)
Earl of Enniskillen
Sir, Bart.
Earl of Gosford
Baron Farnham
Marquess of Headfort
Retreat, Cootehill
Retreat, Cootehill
Northlands, Kingscourt
near Oldcastle,Co. Meath
Drumhiel, Cavan
Creevy, Mount Nugent
Drumhiel, Cavan
Mount Pleasant, Ballyconnell
Tullavin House, Cootehill
Mayne Hall, Cavan
Stradone House, Stradone
Templeport Glebe, Ballyconnell
Mullagh Glebe, Virginia
Not given
Ashfield Lodge, Cootehill
Rakenny House, Cootehill
Bellamont Forest, Cootehill
Rockcorry Castle (Co. Monaghan), Cootehill
Summerhill, Dublin
Turbotstown, Co. Westmeath
Ballyfree, Wicklow
Bailieborough Castle
Brackley Lodge, Ballyconnell
Shircock Glebe
Shantina, Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan
Killegar House (Co. Leitrim), Killeshandra
Not given
Bawnboy House, Ballyconnell
Skea, Enniskillen
Not given
Ballyhaise Castle & Dublin
Ballyhaise Castle
Tune Lodge, Belturbet
Ernehill, Belturbet
Castleshane, Monaghan
Hilton, Co. Monaghan
Crossdoney Lodge, & Farnham
Platanus (near Dublin)
Freame Mount, (Co. Monaghan), Cootehill
County Monaghan
Cullies House, Cavan
Keheacroot Cottage, Ballyjamesduff
Annalee, Cootehill
Lismore, Crossdoney
Nixon Lodge, Belturbet
Bobsgrove, Mount Nugent
Armsfort, Cootehill
Counshingo, Kingscourt
Cabragh Castle, Kingscourt
Mount Nugent
Castle Saunderson, Belturbet
Kildallen Glebe, Killeshandra
Cloverhill, Belturbet
Fort Frederick, Virginia & Dublin
Eighter, Virginia
Cherrymount, Co. Meath
Castle-Hamilton, Killeshandra
Carn Cottage, Killeshandra
Cranaghan, Ballyconnell
Crover, Ballyjamesduff
County Monaghan
Athumley, Navan
Greenale, Killeshandra
Not given
Newry & Killygowan, Cavan
Castle Corr, Mount Nugent
Redhills Lodge
Keltenglue Glebe, Virginia
Florence Court, Co. Fermanagh
Bailieborough Castle
Lakeville, Killeshandra or Crossdoney
Bailieborough Castle
Not given
Farnham, Cavan
Headfort & Virginia park

Militia Staff stationed at Cavan
Colonel : The Right Hon. Lord Farhham, Farnham, Co. Cavan & Newtownbarry, Co. Wexford
Adjutant : Captain Edward Harrison
Agents : Armit & Co.

Clerk of the Crown : Samuel Swanzy, Esq., Cavan & 44, Summer-hill
Clerks of the Peace : John & Edward Mayne, Esqrs.
Treasurer : William Erskine, Esq., Cavan
Secretary to the Grand Jury : Edward E. Mayne, Esq., Cavan
Sub-Sheriff : William Bell, Esq., Cavan
Returning Officers : Nathaniel & Richard Montgomery, Esqrs., 10 Old Dominick street
Coroners : William Irwin, Esq., Bilberry hill ; John McFadden, M.D., Bailieborough

County Gaol Cavan
Inspector : Rev. James Collins
Chaplain : Rev. James Collins
Roman Catholic Chaplain : Rev. Patrick Reilly
Presbyterian Chaplain : Rev. Joseph Denham
Physician & Surgeon : George Roe, M.D.
Apothecary : Mr. William Brice
Governor : Mr. George Gallogly

Distributor of Stamps: S. Whitaker, Enniskillen

Michael Babington, Ch., K.C.E., & special bail K.C., Cavan
Arthur Beatty, K.C., & special bail K.C., Cootehill
Andrew Bell, E.
Michael Cunningham, Ch., K.C.E., Kingscourt
W. Erskine, Ch., K.C.E., Cavan
T. Fenner, Ch., K.C.E., Belturbet
Edward Griffith, Ch., C.E., Laurelhill
Maurice Henry, Ch., E. & Special bail E., Cavan
A.M’Kibben, Ch., E., & special bail Ballyhaise
Richard Philips, Ch., K.C.E., & special bail K.C.E., Cootehill
John Walsh, K.C.E., & special bail K.C., Cavan
E. Whitley, K.C.E., Ballyconnell

Military Index, 1832

On the shelves in the National Archives of Ireland are some indices – books – and these books are indexed in a number of ways – the general title is ‘Index of Official Papers’. For most of the years, they have this title – but then for some of the years, there are Military or other indices with information separated from the general run of the mill official index for that year.

There is information in these as to the movements of various regiments – the simple fact of groups being overcome by cholera or some such gives us an idea of the times that diseases were present in certain places or all of Ireland. There are references to marriage records in here – requests from people for the effects of some other person, indicating relationships.

All the indices are indexed alphabetically – in the general indices then there may be a cross reference back to another letter of the alphabet in order to find the reference number.

The reference for any document is the number – what you see here has not been checked against the original and only covers items to ‘O’. As it stands, it simply gives you the researcher an idea of a resource that is not mentioned or rarely mentioned in lists of Irish genealogical resources.

Whilst the majority of th original documents may not be extant, the indices are still an extremely important resourse. To the best of my knowledge these have not yet been placed on microfilm.

Article: A

21. Anderson, John – Certificate of his services in 23rd Dragoons
45. Artillery Royal permitted to exercise in the Phoenix Park
79. Adj. Genl Depy. – respecting blank routes
011. Armstrong, Captn. – Soliciting appointment of District Adjt. At Cork
016 Artillery Royal – Passage to the Colonies of the Wives of Soldiers of.
114. Adg. Genl. Depy – Blank Routes
121 Adj Genl. Depy. – Requesting a list of names & stations of Yeom Brigade Majors
135. Armit & Boroughs – Franking of remittances &c.
319. Adjt. Genl. Depy – requesting a supply of blank routes
321. Antrim Mila (Militia) Jas. S. Moore, Esq., Junr., appointed Captain in.
332 Antrim Mila (Militia) Resignation of Ensign Di?ckey.
332 Antrim Mila – Appointment of A. Dunlop Esq., ?vied?


17 Bryen, Henry – Enquiry requesting Billets
30. Beard, Geo., a Deserter committed to the Bridewell at Newry
60. Brennan, M. D. Article in Tralee Mercury resp Mila allowances &c.
901. Benson, Lieut. – Representation respecting the 50th Regt.
104. Byrne, Mr. Gunpowder Vender – Robbery of
130 Beresford, Lt. Col., discontinued as Asst. Lr. Master General
133. Burdett, Mrs. Applying for copies of correspondence between her and Mrs. Goulbarn
144. Billeting of the Troops – Circular letter respecting
147. Billets to be provided by the Constables of Parishes
177. Bingham, M. Genl. Sir George to command the troops during Sir. H. Vivian’s absence
209. Brown, Mrs. Rebecca – Enquiry respecting the property of Capn. Phillips 44th Foot.
210. Brown, Mrs. Marriage Certificate of
212 Basworth, Private John. Attendance required at the Kilkenny Assizes
213. Brannon, Private, Thos. Sentence of transportation passed
227. Borehan, Mrs. Marriage Certificate of
241. Brereton, Private Martin, false information of, respecting Mr. Going’s murder
240. Boyle, Edwd. – Transported for Desertion
244. Brady, Lieut., respecting the delay in issuing his half pay
259. Burke, Bridget – respecting her son John Burke
261.Bulkankle, Jas. Sentence of transportation against.
267. Brannon, Private, Thos. – Struck off the ?52nd (or 32nd) Foot
2601 Blacke, Richd. Application for a commuted allowance &c.
2901 Brown, Private Fredk. Court Martial upon
305 Buchan, Major Gen. Sir John appointed on the Staff protempore
307 Bishop, Lieut. Respecting his Mila half pay in the event of his joining Don Pedro’s Service.
314 Bat?lie, John. Praying for a pension
327 Blakeney, M. Genl. Sir E. appointed to command the Troops pre temporare
347 Bishop, Mrs. Marriage Certificate of.


12 Campbell, Sir Guy 2nd Mr Genl. March of troops to Cashel & elsewhere
30 Corry, Trevor. Report respecting Geo Beard a Deserter
37 Carlow Militia. Arms to be conveyed to Dublin
301 Campbell, M. Genl. Respecting Mily accommodation at Carndonagh
43 Cavan Mila. Agreement for hire of accommodation of
50 Carlow Mila. John J. Cornwall to be Major in
51 Cork North Mila. Mr. Temple French Esq., to be Lt. Colonel in
91 Collins, Winifred. Praying for a passage for her husband a Soldier
99 Convicts. Escort for an Route to Kingstown
115 Callegy, John. Claim to a pension
119 Creagan, Eleanor. Praying for a free passage to her son at Woolwich.
120 Cork – Local inspr of the Gaol acknowledging Mutiny Act.
144 Circular letter respecting the billeting of the Troops – Mr. Bell
163 Carmichael, Jas. Claim against Thos. Sheridan Pensioner.
1014 Commissary Genl. Contracts for fuel and candles for Barracks
199 Cunningham, John. Enlisted and discharged without paying the smart money
200 Cope, Mrs. Marriage Certificate.
202 Chaloner, Rd. Conduct of Private Lavery, 28th Foot.
205 Caroll, Private ?Sth. Transportation of
206 Cooney, Michael Private. Transportation of
211 Cust, Mrs. Marriage Certificate of
224 cain, Private ?Stm. Sentence of – Transportation
229 Circular respecting Forage Allowances
231 Connell, Mary – Application for her husbands pension &c.
2401 Cowan, Wm. Respecting the sale of his half pay.
254 Chartrs, Mrs. Marriage certificate of
256 Cavan Mila. Appointments of Majrs. Thompson & Waring in
260 Carey, Capn. Tyrone Mila – Retired Allowance of.
261 Campbell, Robert – Sentence of Transporting Against.
276 Circular respecting Chelsea pensioners to Magistrates at Petty Sessions
277 Circular Respecting Chelsea Pensioners to inspr. Gen. Of Police
281 Clare Militia – appointment of a successor to Col. Sir J. ?Birtan
292 Cormick, Pat. Claim against the Officers of the S. Mayo Mila.
293 Campbell, ?Ds. William – Hospital Asst. Question respecting
302 Connolly, Michl. Claim to the effects of Pat & Ml. Connolly
304 Clare Militia – Reps. Cane & Co. appointed Agents to
3001Cole, Edwd. Sentence of Transportation against.
310 Chadwick, Lieut Peter – sale of his Commission in the Tipperary Mila.
311 Clare Mila. Conduct of Lieutenant Hodges
318 Cavan Mila. Mr. Thos. Young appointed Ensign in
320 Chelsea Hospital, Conduct of Elliott a Pensioner
329 Carter, Revd. H., Claim for officiating for the Troops at Carrickfregus
334 Clare Mila. Poole Hickman appointed Capt vice Griffin
S.G. Purdon do Patterson
Augustine Buller do Blood
Michl Finnucane do martin
3401 cane, Rd. Accommodation for paying Chelsea pensioners
354 Cheshire, Private Thos. Enquiry respecting
356 Circular – Suspension of the operation of that part of the Royal Warrant dated 14th Novr granting under certain conditions the discharge of Soldiers to pension at their own request.
359 Circular respecting the conveyance of Soldiers and their families by coasting Steam or canal conveyance.
365 circular respecting the rates for Fuel, Candles, Straw and Wood for the Troops in Ireland.
367 Circular respecting the rates of Allowance to general and other Staff Officers of infantry Regts in lieu of Forage for horses required to be kept by them.


19 Dowans, Edwd. Enquiry respecting his Son 23rd Welsh Fusiliers
22 Donnolan, Patk. Alledged debt due by 2nd Master Cooper Clare Mila
59 Drought, G.E.A. Soliciting compensation as a retired Billet Master
70 Down South Mila. Accommodation for Staff of
013 Down South Mila. Agreement respecting said Accommodation
0101Duggan, Mr. King’s duty on cart horses sold by
95 Darnly, Earl of. Acknowledging Circular respecting billeting of Troops
97 Dillon, Captn. Expenses incurred by as a magistrate &c.
104 Dillon, captn. Robbery of a Gunpowder vender at Tullamore
1001 Dunne, Geo. 32nd Foot. Enquiry respecting
125 Doherty, John – Debt of Lt. Curey, Tyrone Mila
129 Down Mila South – Arms and Accoutrements of
1401 Dalzell (Darbyell?) Saml. Schoolmr. Serjt. (Informations against)
156 Durneen, Eleanor – Applying for the Admission of her children into the Hibernian School
160 Doyle, C. Claim against the 60th Regt.
176 Daunt, Mrs. Marriage certificate of
192 Down North Mila. Appointment of Mr. Knox as captain
193 Daunt, Mrs. Marriage Certificate of
212 Duffy, Corporal – Attendance required at the Kilkenny Azzises
214 Darley, Ensign – Attendance required at the Kilkenny Azzises
221 Dublin Co. Militia – Baron de Robeck appointed Major of
2301 Dublin Co. Militia. Claim for the rent of the premises occupied by the Staff and Stores of
245 Dunphy, Edwd. Claim for acting as a Billet Master
247 Despard, Fras. Report on the conduct of the 28th Regt.
2501 Doherty, Sarah on behalf of her husband a soldier sentenced to be transported
261 Duggan Jeremiah Sentence of – Transportation against
Doherty, Dennis. Sentence of – Transportation against
280 Dempsey, Anne – Claim as a Relative of Miller, a Bandman
3001 Drake, John. Sentence of Transportation against
309 Down South Mila. E. Matthews appointed to Lt. Colonel
313 Dwyer, John. Claim as a Billet Master
316 Douglas, M. Genl. Sir. Jas. Placed on the Staff of Ireland.


33. Earl Robt, Wexford, Mila praying for a Pension
105. Early, John Enquiry respecting a balance due to his son a soldier.
10101 Eightieth Foot. Mssrs Cane & Co., appointed Agents to.
215Eighty First Foot or Eighty fourth Foot to be embarked from Liverpool to Dublin
246. Eighty First Foot. Mssrs. Armit & Co, appointed Agents to.
296. East India Co. Service – Question as to Pensions of the
320. Elliot, Robt., Pensioner. Refusal to take the oath of Allegiance.


16 52nd Foot. Mssrs. Cane & Co., appointed Agents to.
28. 47th Foot. Disembarkation of
39.Forbes, Visct. Report respecting an attempt to rescue a Deserter.
40.FitzHarris, Thos. Application for Geo. Jephson’s discharge from the Army.
55. 43rd Foot. Mssrs. Armit & Borough appointed Agents to.
56. 47th Foot. Mssrs. Armit & Borough appointed Agents to.
67. 47th. Major Sadleir – Transmissoin of Routes & Returns.
131. 4th Dragoon Guards. Mssrs. Cane & Co. Appointed Agents to.
146. Finlay Private, 6th Dr. Guards. Maintenance of a Child sworn to.
164. Ford, Peter. Enquiry respecting his marriage.
1015. Fintown. Misconduct of the Innkeeper at in refusing to accommodate a Military Escort.
215. 14th Foot. To be embarked from Portsmouth to Cork.
250 14th Foot. Mssrs. Armit & Borough & Co., appointed Agents to.
251. Floyd, Edwd., Soliciting a Pension as a retired Corporal of Militia.
261. Filly, Denis alias Bourke alias O’Donnell sentence of transportation against.
266. Fannon, John. Claim to Pension negatived.
281. Fitzgerald & Vesey, Lord. Vacant Colonelcy of Clare Militia
291. Feeney, John. Petition of the Widow of.
296. Fenton, J. Conduct of Pensioners of the East India Co. Service.
341. Forster, Major Wm. F. appointed as Asst. Adjt. Genl. Vice Harris.
344. Fannon, John. Col. Lindsay’s Certificate returned to
364. Fraser Mrs. Marriage Certificate of.


115. Gray, Saml., not considered eligible to a Yeomanry Commissoin
014. Gormley Revd., Mr. P.P. Claim for officiating in the Genl. Mily. Hospital
102. Griffith, Hugh. Private 66th Foot, application for relief.
161. Griffin, – convicted for having Fire Arms contrary to Law
161 also Gillespie, Joshua, recommending the disposal of said arms
167. Giddins, Thos. Applying for a Pension from the Chelsea Hospital
1016. General Order for granting Mily aid to Civil Power &C.
194. Griersan, Mssrs. Bill for ?Mutiny Acts &C.
196. Griffin, Mrs. Marriage Certificate of
257. Goodwin, Mrs. Rebecca – Claim to the Pension of
263. Galligan, Bridget. Enquiry as to her marriage.
279. Gore, Patk., late Pensioner – respecting his pension.
2016. Good, S. Pensioner – Conduct of.
289. Granard – Conduct of the Chief Constable at – Escape of a Deserter.
323. Gibson, Revd. A., Claim for officiating for the Military.
331. Galway Mila. Mr. C. Le Poer French appointed Captain in.
353. Gordin, Henry, Respecting Corpl. H. Gordins’ effects.


23. Hanbury, SSm. Compensation as Billet Master in town of Galway
24 Hewt Corpl. 60th Foot. Enquiry respecting distribution of his effects
66. Hazlewood Geo.Soliciting compensation as a Militia Officer.
69 Hibernian School Excuse for Sir. Sm. Gossets non-attendance as a Governor of.
015 or 615. Hervey, Lt. 66th Foot, Claim for his Widow to a Pension
103. Heany, Robt. Claim for Rent due by a Pensioner
117. Heffernan Park. Claim for car hire for Provisions for 9th Foot.
152. Heyburn, John. Enquiry thro’ Recruiting Dept respecting.
153 Hemly, Captain. – Claim for expenses incurred as Magistrate.
165 Harvey, Lady. Case of as Washerwoman of the Royal Hospital
Hibernian School – Mr. Rays’ bequest to See. 110
1701. Hungate SSm. Enquiry respecting his being a Coll. In the Army.
1013 Hogan, Private, Henry – Confined for debt. – Liberated.
197. Hill – Jas. Claim as Billet Master of Kildare
206. Hawkins, John SSm. Private. Transportation of.
2001 Hall, Mrs. Marriage Certificate of.
222 Hughes John – Marriage of with Judith Robinson not considered legal.
225 Hales, Mrs. Marriage Certificate of.
264. Hart, Hugh – Certificate of his services required.
265 Hunt, Mrs. Marriage certificate of.
290 Hynes, Michael – Claim to pension
311 Hodges lieut. Ssm. Conduct of.
341 Harris Lt. Col. Asst. Adj. Genl. Succeeded by Major Forster
342 Hawkins SSm Trial before a Court Martial
343. Hizzard, Private Thos. Applicatino on behalf f the Son of.
350 Hare, Lt. Col. Military party required for the protection of Coroner & c.


40. Jephson , Geo. Requesting an application for his discharge from the army
73 Joyce, David – claim to property left by 2nd Master Lynch
169. Johnston, Alexr Meml to be restored to the ensoins List
203 Irwin Mrs. Marriage certificate of
216. Johnston, Private John. Attendance required at Clonmel Assizes
223 Jones Rees B? Laudable conduct in billeting troops &C.
273. Jordan, Wm. Claim for arrears of pay & Clothing
2015 Jones, Private J. Case of pistols sold by
322 Irvine, Jas. Requesting the half pay of the late Ensign Frederick
355 Johnstone, Mrs. Marriage certificate of.


7 Kerry Militia – Augmentation Major Crosbie proposed to fill vacant Majority
31 Kemmis ?Mssrs. Report respecting debt of J.L. right
72 Keehan, Ml. Petition to be restored to the Penson List
107 Kelly Thos. Late of 15 Foot. Enquiry respecting his Effects.
1101. Keown, Fids. Claim against John Lappan 64th Foot
147 Kinnegad – Refusal of the Parish to nominate a Billet Master at.
155. Kelly Troop 2nd Mr. 4th Dr. Guards – statements of his services required
190 Kenna Thos. Out Pensioner of the Queens Co. Militia – Complaint of.
206 Kitson, George Private, Transportation of
214 Kay, Robert Sergt Major. Attendance required at Kilkenny Assizes.
220 Kelly, Mrs. Marriage certificate of.


14 Leslie, Major Cong. Bl. Rifles, requesting permission to parade in Lower Castle Yard
34 Lally, Edwd. 10th Foot. Sentence to Transportation
35 Lee, SSm 28th Foot. Sentence to Transportation
47 Leitrim Militia. Lodgement in Ordnance Stores of the spare arms of
74 Leitrim Militia. Escort for Swords to be returned into Store
701 Londonderry Militia. Imprisonment of a Drummer for debt.
017 Leitrim Militia, Charges against Adjutant Cox
90 Londonderry Militia, Liability of House hired for, to taxation
96. Larkin, Pat. Complaining of a Canteen for the Militia at Oughterard
110 Lappan, John 64th Foot, Claim of Fras. Keown against
122 Lamb, Rose. Praying for a passage to her husband serving in 75th Foot.
134 Lalor, Pat. 52nd Foot. Conduct of
202 Lavery, Wm. Private 28th Foot. Assault on a Police Constable
253 Lindesay, Mrs. Marriage Certificate of
284 Leitrim Militia. Claim of Serjt. Rutherford
286 Lorinan, N or M. Conduct of Good a Pensioner
301 Liddy, Patk. Claim to the effects of ?Timy Liddy, East India Co.
3001 Leitch, SSm. Sentence of Transportation against.
317. Lloyd, Mrs. Marriage certificate of.


4 Murray, Revd. ?Wm. Additional Allowance granted to
5 MacLean Major Genl. To succeed M. Genl. Smith Bl. Artillery
11. McClintock, Lieut. Repost respecting debt alledged to be due by him
26 Mily Secy. Mily party required to attend a public whipping at Galway
44 McDonald, Bernard, respecting prize money due to his brother
46 M. Genl. MacLean recommended for vacancy at the Board of the Royal Hospital
48 Murray Michl. Memorial to be restored to his Situation in the Engineers Dept.
52 Monaghan Milia. Col. Madden to be Col. Commandant
57 Military promotions and appointments in Ireland since 3rd Jany 832
501 Military promotions and appointments since 24th Janey 1832
60 McCartie, Mr. Charge against respecting Mila Compensation
61 Moffit, John. A minor discharged from 84th Regt.
Mily Secy. Report from on the abovementioned subject (discharge of Moffit, John)
62 Mily Promotions and Appointments in Ireland since 13th Feby 1832
64 Mahan Margt. Claim on the Forage Contractor to the Troops at Athlone
65 McDonald B. Prize Money
601 Monaghan Milia. Accomodation for Staff
96 Mily Secy. Report respecting a canteen car at Oughterard
100 Molloy, ?Arthur, not entitled to a pension
106. McMahon, John. Enquiry respecting Captain Cradock
111 McDermott, Geo. Late Pensioner 1st Foot, applying for relief etc.
112 McCraith, Patk respecting an annuity granted on account of his mother
126 Mily Secy. Illegal marriages of Soldiers of 92nd Foot (See 143)
1201 Mily Secy. Subsistence &c. of Soldiers wives & Children attacked with Cholera
130 Mily Secy Discontinuance on the Staff of Lieutenant Cols. Vincent & Beresford
137 Mily Secy. Order for burning the clothing of Soliers dying of the Cholera
138 Mily Secy. Transmitting Reports from Major Menzies 68th Foot to Capt Dillon64th
141 Mily Secy . Inconvenience attending the billeting of 4th Dr. Gds. At Newry
142 Moore, Hugh. Requesting Act for guidance of Billet masters
143 Mily Secy. Prosecution of Mr. Allen for illegally marrying soldiers
145 Mily Secy Transmitting reports from Major Madden & Capt Des Veux 50th Regt.
149 Mily Secy. Accommodation of Soldiers wives and Children attacked with Choler
150 Mily Secy. Removal of Military from the Penitentiary at Cork.
1501 Mily Secy Respecting the circulation of the General Orders for aiding the Civil Power
170 Madden, Private, Jas. Rate of Pension
174 Martin, rs. Marriage Certificate of
179 Military Acts, Circulation of
1010 McClerahan, Jas. Acts respecting Billet Markers required
1015 Mily Secy. Misconduct of an Innkeeper at Finntown
186. Mily Secy. Genl Order for granting Mily aid to the Civil Power & c.
195 Montgomerie, Mrs. Marriage certificate of
199 Miott (??), Jas. Discharge of a recruit enlisted by him without paying the smart money.
206 Martin, Jas alias SSm Thompson, Private. Transportation of
216 Moody, David & Peter. Attendance required at Clonmel Azzizes.
240 Mance, Thos. Transported for Desertion
242 McGee, Patkk. Complaint of a non-payment of his Pension
269. Mily Secy. Conduct of a Private of the 28th Foot at Callan
2701 McLeod, John Private, Transported
2013 McDuff, rs. Hannah. Supposed fraud in receiving her pension
280 Miller, Private 87th Foot. Claim of Anna Dempsey as a relative of.
289 Mily Secy. Conduct of the police Officers at Granard. Escape of a Deserter &c.
294 McDonald, Michael. Struck off the Pension List &c.
299 McGran, Jas. Praying to be placed on the Pension List.
303 McEllice, Private Chas. Attendance required at the Quarter Sessions
306 Mily Secy Attendance of Soldiers required at Clonmel
3001 Magennis, Patk. Sentenceof Transportation against.
309 Mathews, Echlin. Appointed Lt. Col. Of the Down Militia
312 McDermot, Fras. Enquiry respecting his service in the German Army
328 Meehan, John a Pensioner – Conduct of.
330 Mayo South Milia. Appointments of Mssrs. Orm & Palmer in
335 Mily Secy Grant of an additional allowance of 2 lbs of oats per ration to flases in billet?
337 McCoy SSm, Claim to Pension
Martin, SSm. Cliam to Pension.
339 Mily Secy. Transmitting letters from Major Parke & Capt O’Neill
340 Mily Secy Refusal of the Parish Priest of Boyle to officiate at the funeral of a Catholic Soldier of the 34th Foot.
342. Miller, Geo. Trial before a Court Martial
345 McGray, John – Claim to a Pension
349 Moore, Garret, acknowledging letter and sating that he has forwarded t to the ordnance Department
363 Mily Secy Hire of a magazine at Derry for the ammunition of 30th Regt.
366 Mottram, P.C. Enquiry respecting the Cheshire Militia
3601 Mathews, Private George – Application for his discharge.


31 Newport?Mssrs. Dividend on account of debt of T. L. Wright (see 89/33)
012 Needham, Henry. Enquiry from British War Office respecting
94 9th Foot not to be sent to Gibralter at present
107 Nowlan An. Effects of the late Thos. Kelly 15th Foot
159 New ?Ross, Sovereign of respecting the billeting of troops
215 90th Foot to b embarkd from Glasgow to Scotland
91st Foot To be embarqued from Liverpool to Dublin
232 Do Mssrs. Cane & Co. Appointed Agents to
274 Nowlan, Mrs. Marriage certificate of
3001 Noble John Sentence of Transportation against
360 Nester, Mrs. Marriage Certificate of


101 Ordnance – Cooking Material supplied to Guard Houses
20 Ordnance – Ammunition for Longford Militia Staff
63 O’Halloran, Lt. Marriage certificate of the Widow of
019 O’Brien Lieut., 2nd. Vr. Batt. Claim of his widow to pension
96 Oughterard, Complaint against a Canteen Car for the Military at
113 Ordnance – Reception into Store of the Arms and deposited in the gaol at Dundalk
124 Ordnance Issue of Pistols for persons employed at the Gaol at Maryboro’
132 Ordnance – Reception into the Store of the surplus arms &c of the South Down Mila
172 Ormond, Marquis of, appointed Aid de Camp to the King
205 Oakley, Private John, Transportation of
2101 O’Neill, John Late private 64th Foot, Claim of the Widow of
230 Ordnance – Bedding for the Provost prison Dublin
239 Owen, Mrs. Marriage Certificate of
366 Ordnance – Mr. Mothams ? enquiry respecting the Cheshire Mila was quartered in Richmond Barracks.

Revenue Officers, 1709

This is a list of people employed by the Irish Revenue Service in 1709. The surnames are for the most part English, those of Anglo-Irishmen. Some of these people would have been Englishmen who came to Ireland and settled down. Many will have been moved from one place of employment to another. This list simply shows the area in which they were employed on June 24th, 1709. Each name is found attached to a particular district, these districts may have covered more than one county. Districts may have had sub-groupings depending on the occupation of the person.

Fair Towns of Ireland, 1834

The Fair towns were very important towns and people walked for miles on a fair day to go to sell their produce. Until the Fair Day people would have no money and so once the produce or the animals were sold then the bills would be paid. The Fair towns in any county were major towns, places the population concentrated on, those that were important because of their fairs in the past may no longer be of any importance in a county today. Listed below are the names of the fair towns in each county as per Wilson’s Directory of Ireland, 1834. This list is also important in that it not only gives us the name sof the towns, but we can see variations on the way they were spelled in 1834 compared to the present spelling.

Ahogill Antrim Ardmoy Ballyclare Ballinagobogh Bridge Ballintoy Ballycarry Ballycastle Ballymena Ballymoney Ballymure Belfast Bernice Broughshane Bushmills Carrickfergus Carmony Clough Connor Craigbilly Crumlin Cushendall Dervock Drimbar Drumadoon Dunloy Dunluce Glenarm Glenavy Kells Larne Lisburn Loughgill Mosside Mounthill Newtowncrommelin Oldstone Parkgate Portglenone Randalstown Rasharkan Roughfort Shanecastle Straid Stranocum Templepatrick Toome Tullamore

Acton Armagh Ballibought Balnaglera Blackwatertown Camlough Charlemont Clare Crosmaglin Cullyhanna Culloville Forkhill Hamilton’s-bawn Jonesborough Johnstown’s bridge Keady Killileagh Loughgall Lurgan Mahery Markethill Middleton Newtownhamilton Pointzpass Portadown Portnorris Richhill Surgowny Tanderagee Tuskinpass

Ballon Borris Carlow town Hacketstown Kiledmond Knockan Knockmill Leighlinbridge Milford Myshall Nurney Orchard Palatinetown Rathvilly Sherwood Slyguff Staplestown St. Mullins Tennehinch Tullow Wells

Arvagh Bailieborough Ballinagh Ballinacarrig Ballyconnell Ballyhaise Ballyhighland Ballyjamesduff Bawn Belturbet Butlersbridge Cavan town Cootehill Crossdoney Crosskeys Doobally Kilcoguy Killeshandra Kilgola Kilnaleck Kilsub Kingscourt Largy Mountnugent Muff Mullogh Redhill Scraby Shircock Stradone Swadlinbar Tullyvin Virginia

Annacarriga Ardsallas Ballindreat Ballyket Ballyludan Banroe Bodike Bridgetown Broadford Brodagh Bunratty Callaghans Mills Clare town Clonroad Cooreclare Corofin Cratilow Donass Doonbeg Doonmore Enagh Ennis Ennistimon Holyisland Jasper’s pound Jeverstown Killanteel Kilclaren Kildysart Kilfenora Kilkeshen Killaloe Kilmichael Kilrush Kilmurrybricken Kilmurrymacmahon Lisdeen Miltownmalbay Moyarta Moynoe (Ballyglass) Moynoe (Read’s cross) Newmarket O’Brien’s bridge Quin Rosmanaher Scariff Sixmilebridge Spancelhill St. John’s Well Tomgrany Tulla Turloughmore

Ahacross Annegrove Aughadown Ballinakelly Ballinamona Ballinavar Ballinhassig Ballinphellie Ballinspidale Ballybuy Ballnacarrig castle Ballyclough Ballydehob Balligurteen Ballyhooly Ballyheene Ballymacody Ballyvolane Ballyvorney Bandon Banlahan Bantry Barnagrove Bartholomew’s well Blarney Brigown Buttevant Cahirmee Cardriney Carrigalane Carrigtowhill Castlelyons Castlemartyr Castletown Castletownroche Cecilstown Charleville Clonakilty Cloyne Connagh Coolaguragh Cooldorky Coolymurrahoe (Cork city) Cork city Cottersborough Crookstown Currabegland Curras and Maun Dangan Donaghmore Doneraile Downderry Drimoleague Dromagh Dromdeer Droumalagree Duhallow Dunmanway Eirkmacody Enniskeane Fermoy Fivemilebridge Glangowra Glanworth Glenville Gooseberryhill Greenoghs Innishannon Insegeela Kanturk Kilbritton Kilcummer Kildorery Killacounty Killieagh Kilmurrahan Kilmacleran Kilmurry Kiworth Kinsale Knocknacroghery Knucknamariff Lepp Liscarroll Lisgoold Lisnacon Lough of Cork Macroom Magilla Mallow Maslacanlands Masseytown Milford Middleton Millstreet Mitchelsfort Mitchelstown Mogeely Monkstown Mossgrove Mountbeamish Nadrid Newcestown Newmarket Newmill Newtown Oldabbey Oldcastle Oldmillstreet Passage west Rathclare Rathcormuck Rockhill Ross Rostellan Rugsboro’ Shanballymore Shandrum Sixmilewater Skibbereen Timoleague Tracton Transtown Tullilease Youghal

Aghygaults Ardara Ballintra Ballybofey Ballynass Ballyshannon Bonnyfobble Buncrana Burnfoot Cloghanbeg Carrigart Carndonagh Castlefinn Church-hill Convoy Culdaff Donegal town Dunfanaghy Dunkanally Fintown Glenties Killybegs Killigordan Laghey Letterkenny Machremore Malin Manorcunningham Mountcharles Muff Newbridgeglen Newtowncunningham Oldtown Port Pettigo Ramullen Raphoe Rashedog Rathmelton Redcastle Rosnakill St. Johnston’s Stranorlar Tullyodonald

Annadoyne Ardara Ballinahinch Balamagarry Ballow Ballywalter Banbridge Bangor Bryansford Carrowdore Castlereagh Castlewellan Clough Comber Crossgar Donaghadee Donaghmore Down Downpatrick Dromore Dundrum Gilford Grayabbey Greencastle Hillsborough Hilltown Kilkeel Killileagh Killough Kilmore Kircubbin Loughbrickland Narrowwater Newry Newtownards Portaferry Rostrevor Rathfriland Saintfield Scarvaghpass Seaford Sheepbridge Strangford Warrenpoint

Balriggan Ballymore Eustace Balrothery Carrickmines Donnybrook Fieldstown Garristown Kilsallaghan Lusk Newcastle Palmerstown Rathmichael Rathfarnham Rush Saggard Skerries St. Margaret’s Swords Tallaght

Ballinamallard Belcoo Belleek Brookborough Calaghane Callowhill Churchhill Clubboy Derralin Derrygonnelly Donagh Ederneybridge Enniskillen town Garrison Irvinestown Kesh Lisbellaw Lisnacarrick Lisnakea Maguiresbridge Magheravooly Monea Newtownbutler Roslea Stragowna Tempo Wheathill

Abbeynockmoy Aghrimlands Ahascragh Ardrahin Athenry Ballinakill Ballinamore Ballinasloe Ballymoate Ballymoe Barna Caltragh Cappatogel Castleblakeney Castelhackett Claddagh Claranbridge Claregalway Claremore Clifden Clonbur Clonfert Creggs Derry Mcoughy Drumgriffin Doonmore Dunloe Eyrecourt Fairhill Galway square (East gate) Galway town Gort Headfort Isserkelly Kilconnell Kilcorban Kilcreest Killimore Kilnelag Kiltartan Kiltormerkelly Kinvara Laurencetown Loughrea Meelick Monivea Moylough Mount Bellew bridge Mount shannon Newtowneyre Newtownbellew Oranmore Portumna Renville Tuam Tubberbracken Tuberindonny Tubberpadder Tullindally Turlaghmore Tynagh Whitegate Woodford

Ardfert Ballinclare Ballincleave Ballyheige Beale Beenmore Blenerville Cahirsiveen Castleisland Castelamine Currans Dromkeen Dromoroirk Gleneragh Granshaw Kilfin Kilgobnet Killarney Killorglin Lackeen Listowel Mallahuff Miltown Montanagee Mullahish Nantenane nedeen Rougtybridge Scortaglinny Tarbert Tralee

Athy Ballimaney Ballyonan Ballytore Calvertstown Castledermot Castle Carberry Celbridge Clane French-furs Hortland Johnston’s bridge Killballinerin Kilcock Kilcullen Kilcullenbridge Kildangan Kildare town Kilgowan Kildroughill Kilmeague Kilteel Leixlip Maynooth Monasterevan Moone Naas Narraghmore Newbridge Rathangan Rathbride Redlion inn Russelwood Timolin Tully

Ballylinch Ballynamara Ballicallen Ballyhall Ballyhibbuck Ballyragget Ballytrisna Barrowmount Bawn Bennet’s-bridge Burnchurch Callan Castlecomer Castlemorris Churchland Rower Cloga Coolianta Durrow Fertagh Fiddown Freshford Gore’s-bridge Gowran Graig Graigstown Grayney Innistiogue Johnstown Kells Kilkenny Killiboy Kilmaganny Kilmurry Knockmoyland Knocktopher Listerlin Mullinahow Mullinavat Powerstown Rathbeagh Rathkerran Rosberkon St. John’s Well St. Canice Stroan Templemartin Thomastown Tullaroan Urlingford

Ballyboy Ballicowan Banagher Bernagrotty Birr Ballycumber Brosney Charlestown Claranbridge Cloghan Clonbullock Conegown Clonony Creggan Cullenwayne Dunkerrin Edenderry Ferbane Frankfort Gallen Gleashill Kilcommon Killyon Killeagh Kinety Moneygall Phillipstown Rahillane Shannon Shinrone Tullamore

Ballinamore Carrick-on-Shannon Carrigallen Cashcarrigan Cloone Drumahaire Drumkerran Drumod Drumshanbo Druinsna Jamestown Leitrim Longfield Lurganbridge or Lurganbuy Lurganby Manorhamilton Mohill Newtown Newtowngore Tullaghan Turagh

Abbeyfeale Abbington Adare Almer Anglesborough Ardagh Ardpattrick Askeaton Ballingarry Ballingarrycramer Ballinvreeny Ballymagarrydown Ballybrood Ballyscanlan Bilboa Bruff Brury Caherconlish Cahirellywest Castleconnell Castletown Cluggin Court and Curraheen Croaghburgess Croome Drumcollogher Dromon Fedemore Galbally Glanogra Glin Herbertstown Hospital Kilfennycommon Kilfinan Kilmallock Kilmiddy Kilmore Kilteely Knockaderry Knockany Knocktoran Knocklong Limerick city Lismullane Mountpelier Murroe Nantenant Newcastle Pallasgreen Patrick’s well Portrenard Racahill Rathkeale Shanagolden Singland Spurreboy Stonehall Tubbermurry Tullow Turagh

Bellaghy Castledawson Churchtown Clady Coleraine Cross Curran Desertmartn Dungiven Feeny Figivee Garvagh Killowen Kilrea Lisane Londonderry Moneymore Magherafelt Mahera Mahoolan Muff Newtown-Limavady Parke Portglenone Swatteragh Tubbermore Tryadd

Ardagh Ballymahon Barry Bonlahy Cullyvore Drumlish Edgesworthstown Granard Killashee Lanesboro’ Newt. Forbes Shanmulla St. Johnstons St. Johnstown Tashiny

Annagassan Ardee Castletown Collon Drumcashel Dundalk Dunleer Foggart Lurgangreen Mulaghcrew Rochdale

Aglare Ardnaree Aughagown Ball Ballaghaderin Ballina Ballincostello Ballindangan Ballinrobe Ballively Ballyhane Ballyhaunis Ballivary Bangorerris Bauceysbarn Belcarra Belmullet Binghamstownerris Bionneconlan Brize Bunfinglass Cappakerrane Caracastle Castleaken Castlebar Castletownlands Clare Classagh Crossmolina Donamona Fortfield Foxford Gallowshill Glarn Hollymount Keelogues Killala Kilmain Kilternagh Lisloughery Louisburgh Loughmask Melcomberegis Minola Moyne Neale Newtowngrove Newportpratt Rakestreet Rathfran Rues Shrule Straid Swineford Tallagherris Tulrahan Turlogh Westport

Ardeath Armabrega Ashbourne Athboy Balliver Ballybogan Bectivebridge Belgree Carlanstownbridge Crossakeale Culmullen Drumconra Duleek Dunboyne Dunshaughlin Garretstown Grenanstown Kells Kildalky Kilmainham Wood Longwood Mulpheddar Navan Nobber Oldcastle Rathmolion Ratoath Skreen Slane Summerhill Trim Warrenstown

Ballinode Ballitrain Ballibay Carrickmacross Castleblayney Castleshane Clones Drum Emyvale Glasslough Knockboy Monaghan town Newbliss Rockcorry Scotstown Smithsboro’ Tedounet

Abbeyleix Aghaboe Ballicmoyler Ballinakill Ballybrittas Ballylinan Ballyroan Birchwood Borris-in-Ossory Castlebrack Castletown Clonaslee Castle Cuff Cullenagh Cullihill Donaghmore Dysart Errill Garindinny Graigue Maryboro’ Mayo Mountmellick Mountrath Pike of Rushall Portarlington Rathdowney Stradbally Timohoe Tinnehinch

Ardsallagh Athleague Ballinagrave Ballimurry Ballinafad Ballinlough Ballintubber Ballyfarnon Ballylegue Belonlagh Boyle Brideswell Castleplunkett Castlerea Castlesampson Cootehall Croghan Dangan Elphin Frenchpark Fuerty Glinsk Grevisk Keadne Kilcorky Knockacroghery Leckcarrow Loughlin Miltownpass Mount-talbot Newmarket Rockfield Roscommon town St. John’s Well Strokestown Tarmonbarry Tulsk

Ardnaglass Ballasodare Ballinacarrow Ballinahatty Ballintogher Ballymoate Banada Bellaghy Beltra Bunnidane Bunninaden Carney Carricknagat Castlebaldwin Cliffony Collooney Curry Drinaghanbeg Dromore Easky Enniscrone Farinaharpy Jameswell Newtown Quiguboy Roslee Sligo town Templehouse Tobbercorry Tubberscanavan

Ardfinan Ballingarry Ballyclerihan Ballyporeen Ballysheehane Borrisoleigh Burrisokane Cahir Cappagh Clanoulty Cashel Castleotway Carrick-on-suir Clogheen Cloughjordan Cloneen Clonmel Cullen Drum Dundrum Dunhill Emly Feathard Glynn Golden Gormanstown Grange Grangemockler Graystown Holycross Kilcash Kilcooly Killenaule Kilfeacle Killenaule Kilnockin Knockharding Lisinisky Mulinahone Mullough Nenagh New Bermingham Newinn Newport Pallis Roscrea Roesgreen Silvermines Templemore Templetoohy Thurles Tipperary town Toomavara Tubberhaney Tyrone Williamstown

Altmore Ardstranbridge Augher Aughnacloy Ballygawley Ballinmagorey Ballinscally Balnakety Benburbe Beragh Caledon Carland Carnteel Carrickmore Castlecaulfield Castledergh Clady Cookstown Clogher Coagh Dergbridge Donelong Donoughmore Dromore Drumquin Dunaghy Dungannon Dunymana Fintona Fivemiletown Frederickstown Gorten Grange Killeter Killen Machrecregan Mounthamilton Moyne Newtownsaville Newtownstewart Omagh Orrator Pomeroy Seskinore Sixmilecross Stewartstown Strabane Trillic

Affane Annestown Ballinamultina Ballyduff Ballygunner Ballykeerogue Cappoquin Carrickbeg Clashmore Clonagam Conna Drumana Drumcannon Dungarvan Faithleg Ferrypoint Gardenmorris Kilcomragh Kilgobnet Kilmacthomas Kilstownlaurence Knuckboy Lismore Modiligo Mountaincastle Newton at Silvermines Passage Stradbally Tallow Tramore Two-mile-bridge Waterford city Whitechurch Windygap

Athlone Ballinahown Ballymore Ballynacargy Balbarna Balnalack Castlepollard Castletowndelvin Castletowngeoghan Churchtown Clonmallon Collinstown Coole Coolnahay Dunower Empor Finea Fore Freemarket Glasson Grangemore Keney Kilbeggan Kilgarvan Kilkennywest Killear Killucan Kinnegad Killvalley Multifarnham Miltown Moate Moyvore Mullingar Noughwell Rathconrath Rathowen Rathwire Scartanpatrick Tyrellspass

Adamstown Ballycannow Ballyhack Banoge Birchgrove Blackwatertown Broadway Camolin Cairn Castlebridge Clahaman Clonegall Clonroach Coolgrenny Couracloe Croshue Crosstown Curragraige Enniscorthy Ferns Fethard Gorey Harrow Killinick Killuran Kilmuckbrifge Kilener Lady’s Island Limric Mocorry Monamullin Moneyhore Nash Newross Newtownbarry Oulart Oylegate Ragorey Ramsgrange Scar Scarawalsh Scarvagh Taghmon Tintrin Tomhaggard Wexford town

Aghrim Arklow Ashford Ballinacor Ballinderry Baltinglass Blessington Bray Calary Carnew Coolkenno Coolattin Coolboy Cronroe Donard Downs Dunlavin Hollywood Kilcoole Kilranelagh Kiltegan Macreddin Newcastle Newtownmountkennedy Rathdrum Rathsallagh Redcross Sevenchurches Shillelagh Stradford-on-Slaney Tinahely Togher Wicklow town

The Galtee Mountain Boy by Christy Moore

I joined the Flying Column in 1916
In Cork with Seán Moylan, Tipperary with Dan Breen
Arrested by Free Staters and sentenced for to die
Farewell to Tipperary said the Galtee Mountain Boy
We crossed pleasant valleys and over the hilltops green
Where we met with Dinny Lacey, Seán Hogan and Dan Breen
Seán Moylan and his gallant band they kept the flag flying high
Farewell to Tipperary said the Galtee Mountain Boy

We crossed the Dublin mountains we were rebels on the run
Though hunted night and morning we were outlawed but free men
We tracked the Wicklow mountains as the sun was shining high
Farewell to Tipperary said the Galtee Mountain Boy

I’m bidding farewell to old Clonmel that I never more will see
And to the Galtee mountains that oft times sheltered me
To the men who fought for liberty and died without a sigh
May the cause be ne’er forgotten said the Galtee Mountain Boy

Written by Christy Moore.