Catholic Qualificaton Rolls, Co. Fermanagh

The following list of names and information as to occupation and their addresses were transcribed by the Rev. P. O Gallachair from Ms 2486 in the National Library of Ireland & MS 1A.52.77 National Archives of Ireland, and published in the Clogher Record. This is the full reference:

Catholic Qualification Rolls Index : Fermanagh & Monaghan. Rev. P. O Gallachair. Clogher Record, 1959, Vol ii, No. 3, pp. 544-551

With this reference, you can go to your local library and enquire as to whether or not they take part in an inter-libary loan scheme and apply for this paper should you see a name that is of interest to you on these tables.

Rev. O Gallachair’s introduction to this publication:

“A Catholic in penal times was presumed guilty of disloyalty to the authorities unless he could prove himself innocent. To avail of the provisions of the Catholic Relief Acts from 1778 he had to take an oath of loyalty at the assizes in the county town. The names were then registered in the Catholic Qualificatoin Rolls according to surname, Christian name, occupation, address, date and place of taking the oath.”

Surname Name
Alave Terence
Boge Edward
Bogue Hugh
Bogue Hugh
Bogue Owen
Bogue Thomas
Brady Andrew
Brady Terence
Bready Edward
Breslin James
Browning John
Browning Thomas
Callaghan James
Callaghan Thomas
Carberry Barny
Carr John
Carrigan John
Carrolan John
Cassady Peter
Cassidy Bryan
Cassidy Fras.
Clifferty Hugh
Collin john
Cox Philip
Craige Charles
Croker John
Cunnungham Patrick
Divin John
Dougherty Edward
Drummond Francis
Durnin Patrick
Durnin Patrick
Durnin Philip
Durnin Redmond
Fitzpatrick Michael
Fitzsimons James
Flaherty Edward
Flanagan Bartholomew
Flanagan Michael
Flanagan Michael
Flanagan Nicholas
Flanagan Owen
Fodaghan John
Fodaghan Patrick
Gallagher Edwd
Gallagher Phillip
Gillin Charles
Goodwin Roger
Grayson Edward
Healy Peter
Jones Francis
Jones Hugh
Karr John
Keary Connor
Keary John
keenan Patrick
Kelly Edward
Kelly Edward
kernan Felix
Kernan James
Kernan James
Kernan Terence
Kerr John
MacHugh Edward
Magauran James
Maglaughlin Terence
Maguier Francis
maguire Arthur
Maguire Bryan
Maguire Charles
Maguire Christopher
Maguire Connor
Maguire Connor
Maguire Const.
Maguire Conste.
Maguire Daniel
Maguire Denis
Maguire Denis
maguire Denis
Maguire Denis
Maguire Denis
Maguire Domk.
Maguire Hugh
Maguire James
Maguire James
MaGuire James
Maguire Michael
Maguire Michael
Maguire Michl.
Maguire Owen
Maguire patk.
Maguire Patk.
Maguire Patk.
Maguire Patk.
Maguire Patk.
Maguire Patrick
Maguire Patrick
Maguire Patrick
Maguire Patrick
Maguire Philip
Maguire Philip
Maguire Philip
Maguire Philip
Maguire Philip
Maguire Robert
Maguire Terence
Mahon Philip
Makue Richd.
Martin Henry
Martin Pedham
Masterson Thos.
McAtagart Owen
McAtagart Owen
McAtagart Peter
McAuley William
McAveny Patk.
McAvinua Patk.
Mccabe Daniel
McCabe Hugh
Mccaffrey Denis
Mccaffrey Edward
McCaffrey James
McCaffrey James
McCaffrey James
McCaffrey Owen
McCaffrey Patk.
McCaffrey patrick
McCaffrey Thos.
McCaffrey Terence
McCarvel Peter
McCormick Fras.
McDermott Christopher
McDermott Hugh
McDermott Thos.
McDonagh James
McDonald Alexander
McDonald Hugh
McDonald Patk.
McDonald Peter
McDonogh Fras.
McDonogh Philip
McElroy Denis
McErroll Hugh
McErroll Patrk
McGoldrick Andrew
McGuire Bryan
McGuire Danl.
McGuire James
McHugh John
McHugh Neal
McLouglin Thos.
McLusker James
McMahon James
McManus Conns
McManus Hugh
Mcmanus John
McManus Owen
McManus Patk.
Mcmanus Patk.
Mcmanus Patk.
Mcmanus Pter
McManus Roger
Mcmanus Terence
McManus Thomas
McManus Thos.
McNavy Denis
Mihan Terence
Mohan James
Morris patk.
Movernough John
Moynagh Patrick
Mulligan James
Murphy Edmond
Murphy Edwd.
Murphy john
Murphy Owen
Murphy Patk.
Murphy Peter
Murray Roger
Muvernagh Patk.
Nugent John
Owens Terence
Reilly Edwd.
Reilly Miles
Reilly Philip
Rooney Philip
Shanly Edmond
Sheannon Danl.
Smyth James
Sweeny Michl.
Sweeny Miles
Tearney John
Terny Danl.
Terny John
Terny owen
Thally Patrick
Timoney Patt
Warnock John
Welsh Henry