Census Ireland, Belleek DED, Co. Fermanagh, 1901

Heads of household extracts

The first part of this page is slightly organised in that there are tables and links to those tables. The second part is not tabulated and no links have been created yet. The intention is to list the heads of households for each townland for the 1901 census of Co. Fermanagh and to include notes on people born in other counties but living in Fermanagh at that time. FOr each person listed as a head of household there is then a separate sheet giving the details on the people who lived in that house. So, while one surname may be listed as head of household, other surnames may be included on the family sheet – those of servants and members of the family or visitors on the night of the census. Only those who come from another county will be noted on this page.

The basic division for electoral purposes is the District Electoral Division – in this case Beleek District. Beleek District is broken down into a number of Electoral Districts.All the extracts currently on this page are from the Beleek Electoral Division. D.E.D. 1. Each townland in a D.E.D. is then given a separate number, so for example the references seen here are D.E.D.1/4 ; D.E.D. 1/5 i.e. Commons is the fourth townland listed in the Beleek Electoral Division and it is numbered 4. Derrynacranog (as per the census) or Derrynacrannog is the fifth listed in the Beleek D.E.D. Derryrone Glebe, is also know as Derryrona Glebe and number 6. Part of Beleek Electoral Division – D.E.D. 1/6.

Also listed on this page are extracts from D.E.D. No. 3. Still in Beleek District, but the third Electoral District of Beleek District. That is Garrison Electoral District. Garrison being D.E.D. 3 and each townland in Garrison being assigned a number. The townlands of Garrison District that are covered here are Slattanagh or Slattinagh D.E.D. 3 – townland No. 9 = D.E.D. 3/9 ; Scribagh 3/8 ; Gorteen 3/6 ; Knocknagashangan 3/7 ; Garrison 3/5 ; Freevagh or Frevagh 3/4 ; Inver Beg (?Tower Beg) 3/10

In time, more extracts will be added to this page.

Commons townland, D.E.D 1 part 4 : written 1 / 4

Surname & Name Surname & Name
Brady SarahBranley MichaelCurneen Mary

Dolan Anne

Dolan Frank

Dolan Mary

Donagher Peter

Gallagher Denis

Gallagher James

Gallagher Patrick

Gilfeather James

Gonigle Peter

Kelly James

Kelm Patrick

Kerrugan Mary

Laughrin JohnMaguire TerenceMcCaffery Hugh

McCaffery James

McGarrigle Mary

McGovern Thomas

McGowley Daniel

McGowley Thomas

McGowley William

McGrath Bridget

McIntyre Ellen

McMahon Michael

Mortimer Thomas

Murray Thomas

Quinn Susan


Sarah KANE, Mary Kerrigans granddaughter aged 13 born Co. Donegal

Tessy McCANN – McGarrigle house – Commons 1/4 cousin, aged 12 born Co. Donegal

Thomas McGOVERN, Aged 34 Roman Catholic, born Cavan

Sarah BRADY, Roman Catholic, Aged 60 born Co. Mayo

Peter DONAGHER, Roman Catholic, aged 30 Born Co. Donegal

Peter GONICLE, Roman Catholic, aged 40 born Co. Donegal

Derrycranog 1/5

Surname & Name Surname & Name
Carmichael PatrickDoherty EdwardDoherty Edward

Doherty Michael

Flanagan Bridget

Gallagher Denis

Gallagher John

Gallagher John

Gallagher Margaret

Gallagher Willia

Kerrigan DenisKerrigan FrancisLannon William

McGinley Andrew

McGoldrick Bridget

McGowen James

Mulhern Terence

Ruddy James

Shea Pat

Walsh Daniel


Francis KERRIGAN, R.C., aged 43 born Donegal

Anne KERRIGAN, R.C. aged 47 born Donegal

Denis KERRIGAN, R.C. aged 42 born Donegal

Daniel WALSH, R.C. aged 33 born Donegal

James M’GOWN R.C. born Co. Donegal

Patrick CARMICHAEL ; R.C. aged 35; born Co. Donegal

Derryrone Glebe – Beleek 1/6

Surname & Name Surname & Name
Baron JohnCrummer MargaretCrummer Mary

Gallagher Bridget

Gallagher John

Gallagher John

Gormley James

Kane Catherine

Kane Mary

Magee John

Magee Thomas

Maguire James

Maguire John

McArthur James

McGrath Thomas

McKinleyFannieMcKinley John

M’Crea Charles

McShery Michael

M’Garigle Michael

M’Garigle William

M’Grath Ellen

M’Grath James

M’Kervy Elleen

M’Laughlin Anne

Mul?ione Thomas

Mulrone James

O’Hare? James

Tolan Henry


John BARRON, R.C., aged 30 born Donegal
Bridget FLANAGAN, mother in law John Barron, aged 80 born Co. Donegal
Roze (sic) FLANAGAN, sister in law John Barron, aged 30 born Co. Fermanagh
Margaret CRUMMER, Roman Catholic, aged 50 Widow, born Co. Donegal
Bridget GALLAGHER, R.C., aged 50 widow, born Co. Donegal

Druminiller D.E.D. 1 part 7
Margaret MONTGOMERY, R.C., aged 80 born Co. Leitrim

Michael MAGUIRE, R.C. aged 59 born Donegal

Finner D.E.D. 1 part 8
Gadalough 1 part 9
Graffy 1 part 10

Keenaghan 1 part 11
Annabelle MULHERN, R.C., aged 58, widow born Co. Donegal
John McCARTHY, son Annabelle Mulhern, R.C., aged 30 born Donegal
Mary Anne QUINN granddaughter Annabelle Mulhern, R.C. aged 6 born Co. Donegal

Mary KENNY (Thomas Gallaghers house), R.C. aged 20 born Co. Donegal

Magherameenagh D.E.D. 1 part 12
Connolly George
Giblin John
Quinn Patrick

John GIBLIN, Irish Church, aged 41, born Co. Sligo

Rathmore D.E.D. 1 part 13
Margaret MAGUIRE, R.C., aged 45, born Co. Donegal
James McGOWAN, R.C. aged 40 born Co. Donegal

Tawnyoran D.E.D. 1 part 14
Gallagher Mary
Keenan John
O’Connor John
Quinn Bessy
Quinn James
Shea Owen

Rev. John O’CONNOR, Church of Ireland, aged 33 born Co. Galway.
Johnston MEYLAR – servant in Rev. O’Connors house, Church of Ireland, aged 27 born Co. Donegal

Tievealough D.E.D. 1 part 15 – No occupiers

Tiergannon D.E.D. 1 part 16
Flanagan Andrew
Flanagan William
Kyle Catherine
McBrine James
McCafferty James
McGoldrick Susan
Tracy Catherine

Andrew Flanagan, Head of Household, R.C., Read and write, aged 46 born Co. Fermanagh
Elizabeth, aged 34 wife; Isabella aged 6 daughter, Thomas Jas. Aged 4; Mary Kate aged 2 and Christina aged 3 months

William Flanagan, aged 37 Roman Catholic, Head of Household, Read & write; born Co. Fermanagh, widower. Anne daughter to William, aged 7 born Co. Fermanagh

James McCAFFERTY, Roman Catholic, aged 37 born Co. Donegal

Beleek D.E.D. 1 part 17c

Surname & Name Surname & Name
?MoohanJohn Public HouseAiken James Private dwelling

Aiken James Manufactory

Beacon? John Private dwelling & shop

Burns Daniel

Cleary James Public House

Daly Edward

Dolan James R.I.C. Barracks Sergt

Dolan John Private dwelling

Dolan Michael

Dolan Michael

Dolan Patrick

Donagher Peter

Downey Margaret

Elliott David Warehouse

Finn Edward

Gallagher John

Gallagher William

Gonigle Edward

Gonigle James

Henshall William

Johnston David

Keenaghan James

Keenan Mary

Keenan Michael

Kelm Mary

Knox Isaac Private dwelling

Knox James

KnoxWilliamMAguire Patrick

Maguire William

Martin James

McBride Kate

McCann Patrick

McDermot Margaret

McHugh Arthur

McLoughlin William

Miller Andrew

Milly William

Monaghan Denis

Montgomery Patrick

Montgomery Sarah

Moohan Anne Shop

Mulrone Patrick

Murphy Thomas

Murray Anne

O’Connor Joseph

Rogan Francis

Rogan Mary

Ruddy Edward Private dwelling

Slavin James

Slavin John

Stephens John Private dwelling

Stephens William

Stinson Anne

Thornhill Edward

Thornhill George

James AIKEN, Methodist, aged 70 born Co. Londonderry

James CLEARY, R.C., aged 44 born Co. Donegal
Mary GILLESPIE (?Clearys house) aged 15, servant, born Donegal

Mary ROWAN (Moohan house) aged 50 born Co. Donegal
James McGOWAN (Moohan house ) aged 28 born Co. Leitrim
James MARTIN, Head of Household, Roman Catholic, Read & Write; aged 42 , male; Railway Signalman; married born Co. Fermanagh.
Mary MARTIN ; wife; Roman Catholic ; Read & Write ; aged 28, F ; Housekeeper; Married ; born Co. Leitrim
Catherine Anne MARTIN; daughter ; Roman Catholic ; Read only ; aged 5 ; F; Scholar ; Not married ; Born Co. Donegal
Patrick Joseph MARTIN; son; R.C.; cannot read ; aged 4 ; scholar; born Co. Donegal
Bridget Ellen MARTIN; daughter; R.C. Cannot read ; aged 1 ; F ; Not married, Born Co. Donegal

John WILSON, (Moohan House ) aged 53 born Co. Leitrim

David ELLIOTT, Irish Church aged 59 born Co. Donegal

Alice CECIL (W. Gallagher House) aged 24 born Co. Sligo

Edward RUDDY, R.C., aged 67 born Co. Donegal

Isaac KNOX, Church of Ireland, aged 50 born Co. Donegal

Edward ENGLISH, R.C. aged 22 born , CO. Dublin (Burns House
Henry FERGUSON, (Burns House) aged 50 born Co. Leitrim

Patrick McCANN, Roman Catholic, aged 34 born Co. Armagh
Mary KANE (Aunt to Patrick McCann) aged 58 born Co. Armagh

Mary F. CARLOW (niece – McBride house) aged 14 born Co. Longford
Kate A. McBRIDE, aged 37 born , Co. Longford

Andrew MILLER, Church of Ireland, aged 33 born Co. Longford

Elizabeth McCANN (Montgomery Niece) aged 17 born Co. Donegal

Edward FINN, R.C. aged 33 born Co. Tyrone

James KEENAGHAN, R.C. aged 50, born Co. Donegal

Peter DONAGHER, aged 56 born Co. Donegal

Francis RAGAN Aged 22, R.C. born Co. Donegal

Thomas MURPHY, R.C. aged 60 born Co. Donegal

William KNOX, R.C. aged 45 born Co. Mayo

Margaret McDERMOT, R.C. aged 47 born Co. Leitrim

Mary ROGAN, R.C. , aged 38 widow, born Co. Donegal

Sarah McCANN, R.C., aged 18 born CO. Donegal – Murray house

Joseph O’CONNOR, Rev., R.C. Read & Write, aged 37 Catholic Curate, born Co. Monaghan
Bridget McCAFFERTY, housekeeper to Rev. O’Connor, aged 24, born Co. Donegal

Mary KEENAN, aged 60, R.C. born Co. Donegal

Slattanagh D.E.D. 3/9

Boyle Edward
Burns John
Cristal Thos.
Irvine Cathreine
Lynne Ellen
Maguire Patrick
McCaffery Peter
McGovern? Mary
Robinson Wm.
Sweeney Andrew
Wilson Ellen

Scribbagh D.E.D. 3/8

Treacy Thomas
Boylan Michl.
Campbell James
Campbell Thomas
Deane Matthew
Dermott Anne
Dermott Michael
Dolan Miles
Duffy Denis
Ferguson Terence
Flannigan Michael
Gallagher Roger
Gallagher Susan
Henry Charles
Keown Francis
MAguire Charles
McClean George
McGeever Francis
McGourn? Anne
McGowan James
McGowan John
McGullion James
McLoughlin (mcGloughlin) Patrick
McMorrow Bernard
Reynolds James
Robinson James
Scott Patrick

James McGowan, Roman Catholic, Head of Household, aged 67, born Co. Leitrim
McGeever, Francis. Roman Catholic, Head of household, aged 64, born Co. Leitrim
McGowan, John, Roman Catholic, Head of Household, aged 55, born Co. Leitrim
Henry, Charles. Church of Ireland, Head of Household, aged 47 born Co. Sligo

Gorteen D.E.D. 3/6

Atcheson James
Atcheson John
Atcheson Mary
Atecheson? James
Carty John
Cassidy? Felix
Dolan Elizabeth
Duffy Patrick
Feely James
Ferguson James
Hamilton James
Johnston George
Keon John
Maguire John
Maguire Peter
Maye John
Miller John
Ovens Margaret
Robinson Francis
Robinson James
Scott Barbara
Treacey James
Ward Anne
Ward Daniel

Elizabeth Dolan, Head of Household, Roman Catholic, aged 60 born Co. Leitrim, Widow
Patrick Molan, servt in Robinson house, Roman Catholic, aged 30 born Co. Leitrim
Dorothy Carson, ?niece, Robinson houe, Methodist, aged 12. Born CO. Leitrim

Knocknashangan D.E.D. 3/7

Birney Mary Jane
Carson ??
Carson Mary Jane
Carson Robert
Cassidy Robert
Clarke Eliza
Feely Thomas
Lynne David
McGrath Catherine
McGrath James
McIntyre James
Nixon George
O’Brien Denis
Robinson Johnston

Garrison D.E.D. 3/5

Blair Edward
Casey Stephen
Cathcarth Archibald
Coulter R., Sergt.
Duffy Margaret
Gallagher Bernard
Gallagher William
Hammond Michael
McBrien Thomas
McGurran Elizabeth
Robinson William
Scott Archibald
Scott Jane

Harold Walker, Church of Ireland, Aged 40 – Scott house, born Co. Antrim
Stephen Casey, Head of Household, Roman Catholic, aged 38. Shopkeeper, married, born Queen’s County (Laois)
Elizabeth, wife, aged 30 born Co. Donegal
Martha A. aged 10 born Co. Monaghan
Mary 9. Born Co. Monaghan
?Alfred aged 7 born Co. Monaghan
Patrick J. age?? Born Co. Monaghan
Eva L. aged 3 born Co. Monaghan
Martha Wright – friend of Stephen Casey, aged 36, born CO. Monaghan
William Quigley, boarder Casey house, Roman Catholic, aged 53 born Co. Londonderry
Henry Donaghy, boarder Casey house, Roman Catholic, aged 29 born Co. Armagh

Hammond, Michael, Head of Household. Wesleyan Methodist, aged 31, born Co. Donegal
Gallagher, William. Head of Household, Church of Ireland, aged 63, born CO. Donegal
F. Hopkins, (?Frances), grandau to W. Gallagher – aged 6 born Co. Tipperary

Duffy, Margaret, Head of Household, Irish Church, aged 50 Widow. Born Co. Roscommon

Coulter, Sergeant R. Presbyterian, aged 38, not married, born CO. Down

Freevagh D.E.D. 3 / 4

Bustard Andrew
Bustard Robert
Carson William
Fox James
Gilmartin Laurence
Hamilton John
Leith Gabriel
McGuinness Dan
Ovens James

Bridget Rogers (Ovens house), servant, Roman Catholic, aged 42, born Co. Leitrim
Gilmartin, Laurence, Head of Household, Roman Catholic, aged 58, born Co. Leitrim
Catherine McLoughlin, servt Gilmartin house, aged 19, Roman Catholic, born CO. Leitrim
Fox, James. Head of Household, aged 45, born Co. Leitrim
Fox, Mary, sister to James, aged 47 born Co. Leitrim

Inver Beg. D.E.D. 3 part 10
Carson Anne
Carson Elizabeth
Carson James
Carson Joseph
Carson Mary A.
Carson William
Cox James
Duffy Christopher
McGullion Philip
McIntyre Mary
Shannon Patrick
Stinson Richard