Census Strays, Co. Antrim

Strays are people who are mentioned in some document not related to the county that they were born in or came from – or, a county that they would seem to have some connection to. This page is indexed or linked simply on the basis of the resource that the information was found in. Eventually, as the information for Stray pages builds, then each of these links will lead to separate pages, and the information broken down to various headings. For the moment, a search of this page using your browser will possibly show you whether there is any information pertinent to your own family research on this page, however, searching any Irish genealogy page for one or two spellings of a surname is usually not enough as there are so many variations and computers will only pick up exactly the spellings you look for.

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1901 Census – Gravestones – Parish Registers – Miscellaneous

Co. Monaghan
Castleblayney Rural D.E.D. 27
Derrycreevy 27/24
Crawford, Maudie. Church of Ireland, aged 6, born Belfast City

Extracted from \’Some Irish Inscriptions in an old burial ground at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia\’
Published in the Irish Ancestor 1973, Vol. V, No. 2
Transcribed by Keith A. Johnson

WALSH: Ann Walsh, native of Belfast, Ireland, died 29 Oct. 1847 aged 35 years Leaving a husband and son. Erected by her husband John Walsh died 2 May 1870 Aged 63 years. Also to memory of Terence Walsh died 10 May 1851 aged 8 months.

McKEILLEN. Erected by Mrs Ann McKeillen in memory of her husband William native of Belfast, Ireland, died 17 May 1862 aged 40 years leaving a wife and 2 children.

Extracted from: \’John Holmes\’s Family Notebook\’
published in the Irish Ancestor 1974, Vol. VI, No. 2
contributed by Rosemary ffolliott

Antrim connection?
1676 18 Dec my Grandfather James Robinson was born – he died on Mon the 30 March 1747 1/2 past 12 at noon Jane Robinson his first Wife died 14 Sep 1723 his second Wife who was Mother to Mrs Smith died Tuesday 2 Mar 1741/2 about 10 in the Morn his third wife Alice who was the Widow Johnston died 19 Sep 1747 at two in the Morn.

1762 23 Oct My Uncle Hugh Holmes died at his House Dorset St, & the 25 took his Corps to Belfast where it was Interd. The May following he would have been sixty nine.

Taken from: \’Old Parochial Registers of Scotland. References to Parties from Ireland\’, extracted by Donald Whyte and published in the Irish Ancestor. 1971: Vol. III, No. 2 pp. 79-82 & 1973: Vol. V, No. 2 88-89
\”The reference numbers are those assigned to the parishes, and contained in the Detailed List of the Old Parochial Registers of Scotland, printed at Edinburgh in 1872. Pre-1751 dates are given in Old Style.\”
Galston, Ayrshire, 593/5 22nd March, 1846: John Hutchison, Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland, and Marion Boyd Blackwood, Wallace Street, Galston, were married.

Edinburgh, Mid Lothian, 685/11
10th August, 1688: Alexander Donaldson of Bay in Ireland, in the Countie of Antrim, and Elizt. Dickson, a daughter named Grissel. Wits: Robert Whyt, wright, and John Alexander writer. Birth was on Tuesday last the 7th inst & the Baptism this day by Mr James Hutchinson.

Girthon, Kirkcudbrightshire, 866/1
1st June, 1819: William Radcliff of Belfast and Harriet McWilliam, in Gatehouse, married by Mr Turnbull of Anwoth.

Barony, Lanarkshire, 622/7
September 1792: Mr Richard Barnet, Mercht., Belfast, & Miss Helen Jamieson of this parish (proclaimed for marriage), 2 days.

Ibid. 622/17 ?( Barony, Lanarkshire)
January 1837: William Cotton, Esq., Blissington Parish, County of Wicklow,, Ireland & Stella Smythe, residing in Barony, lawful daughter of the late Samuel Smythe Esq., of Belfast. Married at Glasgow by the Revd. George Almond, minister at St. Mary\’s Episcopal Chapel, Glasgow.