Census Strays, Co. Armagh

Strays are people who are mentioned in some document not related to the county that they were born in or came from – or, a county that they would seem to have some connection to. This page is indexed or linked simply on the basis of the resource that the information was found in. Eventually, as the information for Stray pages builds, then each of these links will lead to separate pages, and the information broken down to various headings. For the moment, a search of this page using your browser will possibly show you whether there is any information pertinent to your own family research on this page, however, searching any Irish genealogy page for one or two spellings of a surname is usually not enough as there are so many variations and computers will only pick up exactly the spellings you look for.

The only way to really make sure that there is no relevant information on any Irish genealogy page is to read through the whole document.


1901 Census

Antrim – Belfast 1901

Milford Street, No. 55
Priests House – no head of family as such.
Kate McKenna, servant, R.C., can read and write, aged 40, Domestic servant – Cook, widow, born Co. Armagh

Cinnamond street No. 35
Peter Donnelly. Head of Family. Roman Catholic, can read and write, aged 30, male, Labourer in Mechanic Works., Married, Born : Co. Armagh.
Margaret Donnelly, wife, R.C., Can read and write, aged 30, female, no occupation listed, born : Co. Tyrone
Thomas Donnelly, son, R.C., cannot read, aged 3, male, no occupation, not married, born: Co. Armagh
Mary E. Donnelly, daughter, R.C., cannot read, aged 1, female, no occupation, born : Co. Tyrone
Annie Coleman, boarder, R.C., can red and write, aged 17, scholar, not married, born Co. Tyrone.
See Armagh Strays Table

County Fermanagh 1901

Beleek D.E.D. 1 part 17c
Patrick McCann, Roman Catholic, aged 34 born Co. Armagh
Mary Kane (Aunt to Patrick McCann) aged 58 born Co. Armagh

Garrison D.E.D. 3/5
Henry Donaghy, boarder Casey house, Roman Catholic, aged 29 born Co. Armagh

1901 Census – Monaghan County

Annadrumman 27/1 Clontibret parish
Grahan, James; age 55 Roman Catholic; born Co. Armagh
Anne, 50; Mary, Bridget, Mary Cumisky

Cavanagullagh 27/6
Redmond, John; Presbyterian; age 54; Born Co. Armagh
Eliza, William, Aggie, Minnie, Samuel, Andy, Ethel

Cornaclough 27/9
McShane, Tom; Roman Catholic; Age 50; Born Co. Armagh.
Mary (wife), Bridget, Patrick, James, Maggie, Kate, Minnie, Hugh McShane age
30 Born Co. Armagh – brother of Tom

Tattygar 27/16
John Graham, Roman Catholic, aged 54 born Armagh
Sarah (wife), Hugh, Katie, Sarah

Annyard 27/21
Legget, Charles, Church of Ireland; aged 65, Born Armagh
Elizabeth (wife), Margaret, John, Jane

Counabury – Part of Rural 27/23
Alms Houses – The Blaney Charity
Gamble house
Jane McIlveen, aged 8 Presbyterian born Co. Armagh

Drumaliss 27/25
M’Ker, Agnes. Irish Church, aged 86 born Armagh

Killycard 27/28
McBirney, Samuel. Methodist, aged 82, born Co. Armagh
Anne M. (daughter), Mary E., Martha W., Joseph S.P.

Castleblayney Town D.E.D. 28
Brewery or New St. 28/1

Cassidy, Alice, aged 23 – born Armagh
King, Ann, aged 56 born Armagh – mother of Alice Cassidy

Mulligan, Patrick. Roman Catholic, aged 28 born Armagh
(Catherine (wife), Teresa, Annie, Katie

Waters, Patrick. Roman Catholic, aged 51, born Armagh
Elizabeth (wife) Thomas, Elizabeth, Patrick

Casey Michael, Roman Catholic aged 30, born Armagh
R.Anne (wife) M. Ellen, Sarah Bridget, Michael

Castle Square 28/2
King, Margaret. Church of Ireland, aged 25, born Co. Armagh

Streets not noted:

McDowall, Lizzie. Presbyterian, aged 25 born Armagh

Savage, James William. Church of Ireland, aged 36. Born Newry, Co. Armagh

Duke, Martha, aged 20 born Co. Armagh

Buried in the Catholic Cemetery at Andover Massachussets, transcription published in the Irish Ancestor (REF), transcriber Paul Martin Doherty. Vol. IV, No. 1, 1972, pp.23-26

ANTRIM. Erected by Esta in memory of her husband Joseph Antrim who died June 26 1857 aged 29. Native of (illegible: looks like Saga) Co. Armagh, Ireland.
Esther Antrim died May 10 1890 aged 60 years. Esther T. dau. of Amos and Anne Perkins died Feb. 27 1878 aged 1 year 3 months and 12 days. Also their son Joseph who died Oct. 15 1857 aged 14 months. John who died June 28 1875 aged 25 years.

Some Irish Inscriptions in an old burial ground at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Published in the Irish Ancestor 1973, Vol. V, No. 2 Transcribed by Keith A. Johnson

SHERRY: Matthew Sherry, born at Killillea, Co. Armagh, died at Sydney 30 Oct. 1863, aged(?7) years.

McVEIGH. Thomas McVeigh, native of Newry, Co. Armagh, Ireland, died 1 July
1859 aged (43) years Also John his son died 23 Jan. 1874 aged 29 years.

MARGARET BRENNAN died 1st May 1853 aged 53 years. Native of County Amagh?, Ireland.

Published in ‘Monumental Inscriptions, Termonfeckin Cemetery, Co. Louth.’ Transcribed by James Garry and Donald Murphy, published in the ‘Irish Genealogist,’ V. 8 pp. 292-314; 436-452

Bowyer: Here lies the body of Mrs. Anne Bowyer, relict of the late Robert Bowyer Granard in the County of Longford Esquire, and the daughter of the late Robert Maxwell of Yellow Hall in the County of Armagh Esq. Who departed this life on the 8th of August 18 (missing)

Published in : Irish Family History. Journal of the Irish Family History Society Vol. 9, 1993, pp. 20-24
ISSN: 0790-7060

Jamaican Memorials of Irish Interest.
pre 1881 transcribed by Richard Flatman (Member no.176)

Parish of Kingston.

473. JAMES KING BELL, of Armagh, Ireland, Paymaster, HMS Boxer, born 5 April
1842, died 8 August 1879.

Taken from: ‘Old Parochial Registers of Scotland. References to Parties from Ireland’, extracted by Donald Whyte and published in the Irish Ancestor. 1971: Vol. III, No. 2 pp. 79-82 & 1973: Vol. V, No. 2 88-89

“”The reference numbers are those assigned to the parishes, and contained in the Detailed List of the Old Parochial Registers of Scotland, printed at Edinburgh in 1872. Pre-1751 dates are given in Old Style.””

Dunipace, Stirlingshire, 478/2
22nd August, 1792: At Denovan. William Huggins, Esq., of Englishtown in the County of Armaugh, Ireland, and Miss Sarah Kennedy, lawful daughter of the late Mr James Kennedy, Surgeon, Crokstown, both residing at Denovan, Bleachfield, gave up their names for proclamation in order to Marriage. They were proclaimed three times in the Church of Dunipace and no objections offered. They were married at Denovan Bleachfield on friday the 31st of August 1792 by the reverend Mr George Harvey, Minister of the Gou………….arhert.


From an article in the Journal of the Louth Archaeological Society. Vol. 7 No. 4, 1932

‘Title Deeds of Co. Louth.’

Town of Carrickmacross
Mem of Ind. April 20th 1711 between Thos. Lord Viscount Weymouth, o.o.p. and Thomas Dawson of Armagh City, Marmaduke Coghill, L.L.D, Dublin, Robert Cope, Loughgall Co. Armagh, Francis Dobbs of Carrickmacross and Brian Osborne als. Norbury, Thomastowne, Co. Louth – all that mess. or ten. and structure erected and built at the cost of Ld. Weymouth in the tn. of Carricmacross, and now or lately used for a school and schoolhouse and a mansion or dwellinghouse for the schoolmaster together with the soyle or ground whereon it is erected, and all yards, gns. etc.; and a yearly rent of £70 issuing out of the tates called Garligubban, Ballingary, Doneley, Lisnakelly, the two Annacraughs, Drumreaver, Lisneshannag, Kennelly N. & S., with the ho. l.t. by Jacksons in Carrickmacross all of which lie in Co. Monaghan in the tenure of Richard Fitch and his undertanants at a yearly rent of £150