Census Substitutes, Co. Antrim

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1642-1643 Muster Roll, Shankill. PRONI T.3726/2

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1740 Protestant householders in the parishes of Ahogill, Armoy, Ballintoy, Ballymoney, Ballywillin, Billy, Drummaul, Duneane, Dunluce, Finvoy, Kilraghts, Kirkinriola, Loughguile, Ramoan, Rasharkin, Rathlin Island. PRONI T.808/15258. Genealogical Office (GO) 539

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1776 Deputy Court Cheque Book (votes cast) PRONI D1364/L/1

1779 Map of Glenarm, including tenants\’ names. \’The Glynns\’ No. 9, 1981

1796 Spinning Wheel Premium List. – This list, also known as the Flax Growers list is available on cd from Genealogical.com

1798. Persons who suffered losses in the 1798 rebellion (propertied classes only) NLI I 94107

1799-1800 Militia Pay Lists and Muster Rolls. PRONI T.1115/1A & 1B

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1803 Agricultural survey recording householders, occupations and agricultural possessions – Armoy, Ballymoney, Balyrashane, Billy, Culfieghtrin, Derrykeighan, Dunluce, Kilraghts, Loughguile, Ramoan, Rathlin Island. NAI T679/107-16

1820 Lisburn Householders. PRONI T679/107-12

1821 Thrift abstracts – census. NAI Thrift abstracts

1823 Parishoner\’s list. Church of Ireland parish of Layd, Co. Antrim. PRONI T.679/359-63

1823-38 Tithe Applotment Books

1824 Ulster from Pigot & Co\’s Provincial Directory of Ireland on John Hayes\’ \”Failte Romhat\” web site

1833-1839 EMigrants from Antrim. \’Irish Emigration Lists, 1833-39.\’ Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company, 1989

1837 House Book for Belfast, house by house evaluation, giving householders names, date not complettely certain. NAI OL 70001 VO Quarto Book

1837 Valuation of towns returning MP\’s (occupants and property values), Lisburn. \’Parliamentary Papers, 1837. Reports from Committees\’

1841 Workhouse Records: Lurgan Union 1841-1910, Larne Union 1845-78. PRONI

1846 Ulster from Slater\’s Commercial Directory of Ireland on John Hayes\’ \”Failte Romhat\” web site

1851. Census returns: Ahoghill (partial – Craigs townland only); Aghagallon (M to T only) ; Ballymoney (Garryduff only); Kilead (A to C only); Rasharkin (K to T only). PRONI MIC.5A/11-26, also NAI.

1856-1857 Voters. NLI ILB 324

1856 Census of united parishes of Glenavy, Camlin and Tullyrusk, taken in 1856-57, reviewed in 1858-59 and 1873, with Glenavy Church of Ireland registers. PRONI MIC.1/43-44, 44A, 74 ; C.R. 1/53 ; T.679/1, 74

1861-62 Griffiths Valuation

Griffiths Primary Valuation of Ireland – index – Antrim – all parishes on John Hayes Failte Romhat web site

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1876 Landowners in Antrim index : on John Haye\’s \”Failte Romhat\” web site

1901 – Antrim : Census of Ireland see Belfast Street Index for links to Heads of Household index

1911 – Antrim : census of Ireland

1600-1900\’s Freeholders & Voters lists – Search engine on Public Records Office Northern Ireland (PRONI) web site