Census Substitutes, Co. Armagh

1631 : Muster Roll of Armagh. Armagh County Library and PRONI D.1759/3C/1, T.808/15164 and NLI Pos. 206

1634: Subsidy Roll. NAI M.2741, 2475
1654-1656. Civil Survey. NLI Ir.31041 c.4
1659 Pender’s Census
1660 Poll Tax Returns, Co. Armagh. PRONI MIC/15A/76
1661 Books of Survey and Distribution. PRONI T370/A, and D. 1854/1/8
1664 Hearth Money Roll. Archivum Hibernicum, 1936. NLI Ms.9586, PRONI T.604. Seanchas Ardmhaca, 1958, Vol. 3. No. 1.
1689 Protestants attainted by James II. PRONI T808/14985

1727-1845 Diocese of Armagh Marriage Licence Bonds PRONI MIC/5B/1, 2, 3
1735-1797 Grand Jury Lists PRONI T/647
1737 Tithe Payers, Drumcree. NLI 920041 p.1
1738 Freeholders. NLI Pos. 206; and Armagh County Library
1740 Protestant Householder’s – Cregan, Derrynoose, Loughgall, Mullaghbrack, Shankill, Tynan. NAI, also PRONI T808/15258 ; and LDS film # 258517
1750 Volunteers and Yeomanry of Markethill & district c. 1750.NLI (see Cornascreeb in NLI Author index)
1753 Poll Book. NAI M. 4878, and PRONI T808/14936; LDS #1279237
1753 Objections to Voters PRONI T/808/14949
1758-1899 Armagh Grand Jury Presentments ARM/4/1
1761 Militia Officers. Proni T/808/15235
1766 Creggan Parish. NAI Parliamentary Returns 657; PRONI T808/14936; LDS #100173
1770 Armagh City householders. NLI Ms 7370; PRONI T808/14977, T.808/14938; LDS #258621
1790 Armagh Grand Jury Presentments PRONI D/288/112
1793-1797 Muster Rolls, Armagh Militia PRONI D/183
1793-1908 Armagh Militia Records. NLI Pos. 1014 and Armagh County Library
1796 Catholics emigrating from Ulster to Mayo. Seanchas Ardmhaca, 1958, pp. 17-50
1796 Ardress Yeomanry Book, c. 1796 PRONI D/296
1796 Churchill Yeomanry Book c.1796 PRONI D/321/1
1799-1800 Militia Pay Lists and Muster Rolls. PRONI T.1115/2A-C

1808 List of Officers of Armagh Militia T/561
1813-32 Freeholder’s List PRONI ARM/5/2/1-17 1820 Crowhill Yeomanry Pay List PRONI T/2701
1830-39 Freeholders Registers PRONI T/808/14934
1821-1831 Armagh Freeholders (baronies of Tiranny, Lower & Upper Fews) NLI Ir. 94116 a 1, Ir. 352 p2;
1821 Kilmore Parish. PRONI T. 450
1821 Thrift abstracts – census fragments. NAI
1823-1838 – Tithe Books. NAI
1834-1837 Valuation of Armagh Town (heads of households only) Parliamentary papers, 1837, Reports from Comittees, Vol II, No. 1, Appendix G; PRONI Val/1B/21A
1837 Marksmen (illiterate voters), Armagh Borough, Parliamentary papers, 1837. Vol II, No. 1, Appendix A
1839 Valuation of Co. Armagh. NLI Pos. 99 also Armagh county Library
1840-1855 Emigrants from Derrynoose to the US and Scotland, with parish registers. PRONI MIC.1/158
1841-1910 Lurgan Workhouse Records. PRONI BG 22 ; also LDS 259166-72
1843 Armagh Voters. NAI 1842/85
1851-73 Persons entitled to vote. PRONI T/808/14927; Armagh County Museum D7; also LDS 1279325
1851 Various census fragments. NAI Thrift Abstracts. May be on the 1841/1851 Irish census cd
1864 Tynan parish, c. 1864 in ‘The History of Charlemont Fort and Borough, 1921
1864 Griffiths Valuation of Ireland
1868 Census of the Church of Ireland parish of Shankill, Co’s Armagh and Down, with the local Clergymen
1871 Creggan Upper. Archivum Hibernicum, Vol. 3

1901 Armagh Census – Jean McCarthy’s 1901 census abstracts Jean is transcribing information relating to the surnames she is interested in, *but* she is also taking all information on any people of any other surnames listed in the homes of those with her surnames on the census night. Even if you are not interested in the same surnames as she is, her transcriptions still prove to be an invaluable resource for many whose family members were lodgers or visitors to the families of the surnames she is interested in.
1911 Armagh Census

Some LDS film references that may or may not be included above and may or may not be considered as census substitutes, or films that will have more detailed references to ‘census’ substitutes.

LDS film reference numbers:

Land & Property (1824-1840): 0256573, 0256615, 01256688
Armagh Catholic Church Records: 0926089
Armagh Directories 1820: 0258724
Armagh Townlands: 1279331 (Item 4)
Armagh – Oneilland East Barony 1813-1820: 0993156 (Item 4)
Armagh – Land & Property (Householders, wills etc.): 0258498, 02458499, 0258500