Census Substitutes, Co. Down

The Following abbreviations are used
PRONI : Public Records Office of Northern Ireland
NAI : National Archives, Ireland (Dublin)
NLI: National Library Ireland (Dublin)

1630-31 Muster Roll. Ref. PRONI D/1759/3C/1
1642-1643 Muster Roll. Ref: PRONI T.563/1
1642 Muster Roll, Donaghdee. Ref. PRONI T.3726/1
1659 Pender’s ‘Census’ Ref. PRONI MIC/15A/76
1660 Poll Tax Returns PRONI MIC/15A/76
1661 Books of Survey and Distribution. Ref. PRONI T.370/A & D.1854/1/18
1663 Subsidy Roll. NAI M.2745, also NLI Pos. 206; PRONI T.307; LDS # 1279356
1663 Newry & Mourne Poll Tax Returns. Ref. PRONI T1046
1708 Householders in Downpatrick Town. PRONI D/1759/2A/8 or published in ‘The City of Downe’ Author Parkinson, R.E.
1720 Down and Antrim Landed Gentry. RIA 24k19
1722-1970 Records of Southwell Charity School Downpatrick. Ref. PRONI D/2961
1740 Protestant Householders (partial). Ref. PRONI T.808/15258
1766 Church of Ireland census Kilbroney, Seapatrick, Inch and Shankhill. NLI Ms. 4173; PRONI T/808/15264-7
1777 Freeholder’s Register. Ref. PRONI DOW5/3/1 and 5/3/2
1780 Freeholder’s Register. Ref. PRONI DOW5/3/1 and 5/3/2
1789 ‘Deputy Court Cheque Book’ (votes cast). Ref. PRONI D.654/A3/1B
1790 Freeholders Lecale Barony c.1790. Ref. PRONI T.393/1
1795 Freeholder’s Register. Ref. PRONI DOW 5/3/1 and 5/3/2
1795 Spinning Wheel Premium List. PRONI T/3419 also surname index MF/7.
1798 Person’s who suffered losses in the 1798 rebellion, propertied people only. Ref. NLI I 94107
1799-1800 Militia Pay Lists and Muster Rolls. Ref. PRONI T.1115/4A T.1115/4C
1813-1821 Freeholders. Ref. PRONI T.761/19
1815-1846 Downpatrick Electors. Ref. NLI Ms. 7235
1821 Some extracts NAI Thrift Abstracts
1823-38 Tithe Books
1824 Freeholders. Ref. PRONI T.761/20
1837 Valuation of Newry Town (heads of houses only) ‘Parliamentary Papers, 1837. Reports from Committees’ Vol. II (I), Appendix G
1837 Marksmen (illiterate voters) in Parliamentary Boroughs Newry and Downpatrick. ‘Parliamentary Papers, 1837. Reports from Committees’ Vol. II (i), Appendix A.
1841-61 Religious Censuses: Aghaderg. RCB Library, Ms. 65 May be on the 1841/1851 Irish census cd at:
1851 Some Thrift Abstracts NAI
1851 Presbyterians: Loughinisland. ‘Family Links’ Vol. 1, Nos 5 & 7 1982/1983
1863-1864 Griffiths Valuation
1868 Census of Church of Ireland parish of Shankhill, Co’s. Armagh & Down, local clergymen
1873 Census of the congregation of the Church of Ireland Parish of Knockbreda, Co. Down, also 1875 with Church of Ireland registers.
1901 Census of Ireland
1911 Census of Ireland