Baptism Records, Woodford, Co. Galway, 1869

Woodford Roman Catholic Parish,
Clonfert Diocese,
Co. Galway,

My Lyons family are from Woodford, along with Noonan.  My Grandfather, Matthew John Lyons cycled a bicycle from Woodford up to Longford and there began a meat business.

Woodford Roman Catholic baptismal record begins in 1821, the first section I came cross on the film I had was from Feb 20th, 1869 and there I began.  This section of the register is in Latin and for once the Priest seemed to know his Latin.  Where you see names spelled differently it is because the ending of the name changes if you are the ‘son of’ or the ‘father of’.  I do have a page on from-ireland translating the Latin names to English names.

As usual, I have kept the spellings of the names as best I could read them.  I have not changed any.  I have not sorted the surnames aphabetically, I have left them as they were listed.  We had exactly 47 registrations in 1869.

The film ref for the National Library of Ireland is 2433.

The LDS have a copy of this film and their ref as per my records is 1279217/8,18,19-21, 1-6.

I indexed all children and parents for 1869, and from then until Oct 25th, 1872 I transcribed the details for any Lyons, Noone or Noonan surnames.  My main index is for the 1869 records and below that you will see all records for these three surnames 1870-Oct 73

Question marks indicate letters or words I had a problem with. Placenames were not given in this section of the register.

The first section is for the year 1869.  The year is included in the second section.

Name Surname Father Mother Mother Surname Date
Bernardus Reilly Bernardi Mariae Finlay 20-Feb
Honoria Forde Joannis Annae Power 20-Feb
Anna Power Georgii Brigidae Hayes 20-Feb
Maria Power Michaelis Mariae McNamara 22-Feb
Maria Murphy Joannis Cath Conry 03-Mar
Maria Fahy Thomae Mariae Spain 09-Mar
Maria Willis Joannis Brigidae Shaughnessy 20-Mar
Joannes Kemple Thomae Mariae Quinn 25-Mar
Anna Culleen Edmondi Annae Torpy 28-Mar
Maria Anna Allen Gedielini Brigidae Cavanagh 03-Apr
Brigida Tuohy Patritii Honoria Costelloe 04-Apr
Honoria Egan Davidii Honoria G?ron?daii 04-Apr
Honoria Egan Thomae Mariae Lynch 04-Apr
Phillippus Conolly ?Patritii Mariae McNancy 09-Apr
Joannes Watson Roberti Annae Power 09-Apr
Joannes Gilfoyle Michaelis Eleonorae McCabe 01-May
Jacobus Finlay Jae??? Rosmariae Sheridan 01-May
Anna Hickey Patritii Eleonorae Hayes 01-May
Michael Walsh Joannis Mariae Torpy 02-May
Brigida Conry Ricardi Brigidae McDonogh 07-May
Margarita Heary Patritii Mariae Hacke(?t) 10-May
Honoria McCabe Joannis Honoria Conry 10-May
Petris Finnerty Joannis Cath Costello 06-Jun
Joannes Collins Patritii Cath Finlay 24-Jun
Eleonora Hayes Gulielmi Brigidae ?Fallon 26-May
Joannes McNany Francisci Catharinae McNamara 03-Jul
Brigida Halloran Michaelis Brigidae Walsh 03-Jul
Catharina Kennedy Patritii Brigidae Bonfield 29-Jul
Jacobus Bohan Patritii Cath ??Pol???? 13-Aug
Maria Fahy Joannis Mariae Mooney 03-Aug
Maria Elenora O’Farrell Jacobi Cath McNancy 04-Aug
Joannes Spain Gulielmi Winifredae Reilly 12-Aug
Jacobus Sheridan Bernardi Cath Reeve 11-Aug
Elizabeth O’Farrell Michaelis Eleonorae Deely 17-Sep
Marcella Pa?yne Gulielmi Mariae Joannae Ryan 07-Oct
Gulielimus Hayes Patritii Mariae Rory 16-Oct
Joannes Starr Michaelis Catharinae Leonard 18-Oct
Anna Treasy Patritii Brigidae Thornton 11-Oct
Joannes Burke Joannis Margarita ??Y0ung 09-Nov
Maria Noone Jacobi Brigidae Slattery 13-Nov
Maria Anna ?Pierrse Gulielmi Annae Magan 13-Nov
Thomas Burke Michaelis Mariae Burke 21-Nov
Brigida Conry Michaelis Brigidae Lyons 28-Nov
Matthaeus Georgii Hegney Thomae Juliae O’Regan 04-Dec
Margarita Mahon Joannis Mariae Gready 04-Dec
Rosa Murphy Patritii Brigidae Magan 11-Dec
Thomas McNany Joannis Brigidae Murray 26-Dec

Lyons, Noone & Noonan

Name Surname Father Mother Mother Surname Date Year
Anna Lyons Francisci Maria Killeen 13-Feb 1870
Patritius Mullen Patritii Maria Noone 13-Mar 1870
Eleonora Egan Laurentii Maria Lyons 12-Jun 1870
Michael Lyons n.g. Brigidae McDonald 26-Jun 1870
Lucia Conry Thomae Catharinae Noonan 03-Oct 1870
Maria McNamara Michaelis Annae Hanrahan 28-Oct 1870
Elizabetha Spain Gulielmi Winifreda ??Kelly 10-Feb 1871
Helena Sanders Patritii Mariae Noonan 28-Apr 1871
Patritius Lyons Joannis Helenae Geerin 29-Apr 1871
Brigida Noonan Michaelis Mariae ?Hall 13-May 1871
Anna Noonan Joannis Annae Noonan 25-May 1871
Gulielimus Lyons Martin Annae Ahberton 03-Jun 1871
Anna Maria Lyons ??Thomae Annae ??Finoly 12-Jun 1871
can’t read can’t read Timothaeus Joannes Collins 12-Jun 1871
Maria Lyons Patritii Brigidae McDonnell 24-Mar 1872
Maria Conry Ricardi Brigidae McDonogh 24-Mar 1872
Teresa Donohoe Thomae Bediliae Lyons 13-May 1872
Michael Egan Laurentii Mariae Lyons 15-Jun 1872
Ricardus Lyons Francisci Mariae Killeen 15-Jun 1872
Brigida Lyons Martini Annae Abberton 25-Oct 1872