Castleinch or Inchy Church Photographs, Co. Kilkenny

Castleinch or Inchy,
Co. Kilkenny,

Photographs taken April 2009

This one was very sad in some ways.  It was all in very bad nick and I’ve left photos in to show the state of the roof etc, but, there was a man or family buried in the church.  He may have been a Lord or someone of that level in society.  I’d have to go back to my inscriptions or photographs to find out what his status was.

I find that lots of times, someone who would have been of importance in the social structure of things buried and forgotten and the memorial all desolate looking.

Just like my Mam used to say, the only thing we can be sure of is that we’ll die – and when we die, we can’t take what we have with us.