Kilfithmore Church of Ireland, Co. Tipperary

Yesterday was one of those ‘go look at churches days :)  Myself and the dogs headed to a place in Tipperary on the Templemore road to go for a walk and after the walk, off we set to see how many Church photographs I could get.  I wasn’t banking on the battery in my camera being low though and the fact that somehow I had neglected to bring my spare.  Still, we saw a bit of the county and got home fast enough on the motorway even though we were 50k from home :)

Kilfithmore we literally happened across.  I didn’t have an OS map for this part of Tipperary with me and it was literally that we came out of one side road and I saw a church a bit down the road in the direction we were not going to go.  so, off we went.

A pretty little church, nicely looked after – with gravestones that I have not photographed.

Lewis Topographical Dictionary 1837 has nothing to say about Kilfithmore – and Kilfithmore in case anyone is wondering is just down the road from Borrisoleigh