Dysart Church, Aghnacross (Aughnacross), Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.)

Aghnacross (Aughnacross),
Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.),

I remember the first time I was ever in this graveyard, before I got there I saw my first ever prayer tree.  I thought there was rubbish all over the tree until I realised it was bits of cloth and rosary beads and things like that and when I stopped the car to look at what I was seeing, I realised there was a well under the tree.  It was amazing.

Then, I got to the church and luckily for me around about that time the people in the locality had cleaned up the graveyard and marked all the script on the stones and I could read many of them that I can’t read now because of this. The church is associated with St. Monahan according to the Laois Archaeological Survey.

Dysart Gravestone Transcriptions