Baptism Records, Aghagallon, Co. Antrim, 1829

The Roman Catholic Parish records for the parish of Antrim are listed as those of Aghagallon & Ballinderry.  In theory they run from March 29th, 1828 straight through to Dec 22nd, 1880.

Of the 1828 records I can tell you that there seem to be some gaps.

Listed below is an index to the names of children and parents given in these parish records, also a placename when it was given, plus the date of baptism as best I could read it.

The LDS do not have a copy of these records to the best of my knowledge.  The microfilm ref for the National Library of Ireland is 5467.  The PRONI ref for the microfilm is MIC.1D/6.6

Spellings are exactly as I read them.  Wm. = William.  Jos = Joseph. Thos = Thomas.  Chas = Charles.  Ed. = Edward or Edmund.  Edmd. = Edmund. Danl = Daniel.  Michl = Michael.  Richd. = Richard.  Robt. = Robert.

Betty / Biddy = Elizabeth.  Peggy / Margt / Margret = Margaret.  Fanny = Frances.  Kitty = Catherine.  Sally = Sarah.

I have not sorted these names alphabetically but left them in the order I read them.  Where I give a month for date of baptism it means that the actual date could not be read.  Placenames are given and I give them as I read them.

Question marks indicate letters or full words that I had difficulty with.

Aghagallon/Ballinderry, Roman Catholic Baptismal Index for the year 1829

Name Surname From Father Mother Mother Surname Date
Clenaghan Upper B. Hugh Mary Johnston January
Sarah McKernon Upper B. ?Thos Nancy Doran January
Hugh Heaney n.g. Robert Alley Mc?McCrenan January
Alley ?McHugh n.g. John Eliza Sloan January
John McCorry Bronkinstown John Ellen Lavery January
John Campbell n.g. Owen Nancy McCarry January
Catherine ?O’Regan B. Derry Edmd Charlotte Campbell January
Anne Edward Fallon B. Derry ?Jos. Alley ?Finton 16-Jan
John Lappen Derry?annish Henry ?Sally McAvoy 24-Jan
Margaret Lavery ???Dromore Henry Sally Heaney 25-Jan
Mary Mallon D. a?rnich John Mary Bell 25-Jan
Edward Devlin Co. Tyrone Francis Biddy McStravock 28-Jan
Henry Magee Coal Lane Henry ?Sally ?Lavery 15-Feb
Mary McCartan D. Arnish John Betty McCarry or McGarry 15-Feb
Alley Murray C. Island Richd Betty Johnston 17-Feb
Ellen Carrill C. Island John Mary Anne McCaverey 21-Feb
Hugh Dillon Chapel Hugh Betty Close 22-Feb
Cre?ney or Cressey Derryclone Patk Margt Lavery 22-Feb
James Harbin?ser B. Derry Arthur Mary Duncan 22-Feb
Ellen Lavery Cranagh Lane John Margt Lavery 23-Feb
Edward Lavery Cronagh Lane Hugh Ellen Lavery 23-Feb
Edward Armstrong B. Derry Hugh Jane Johnston 01-Mar
Alley Donegan B. Derry Danl Margaret ?Mollon 01-Mar
John Anvill Derry?esh John Mary Hor?tins 01-Mar
Anne Breedan C. Island Isaac Mary Quin 04-Mar
John Mc?Ilmurray Derrymore John Cicely McC?anahy 04-Mar
Patrick Magill C. Island Patrick Mary Larkin 11-Mar
Ellen McAuley B. Derry John Matty Wright 15-Mar
Patrick Kelly D. clone John Kitty B?reen 15-Mar
Anne McGarry B. Derry Hugh Biddy McManus 22-Mar
Margret Hill Derrymore Isaac Margret Magill 28-Mar
David Kelly Derryclone Anne Creney 29-Mar
Mary Anne McDonnell B. ?town ?Neol Mary ?Finn 19-Apr
Mc?Aulloen Derryesh James Jane Robinson 19-Apr
John ?Jar n.g. John Nancy Donegan 20-Apr
Isabella McNally Derry?huk Henry Ellen McCan 23-Apr
Mary Anne Lavery ?Visgollen or Disgollen Mary McCarry or McGarry 25-Apr
Patrick Hendren n.g. Hugh Peggy McStrovock 04-May
Charles McAuley B. Derry Danl Anne Barber 04-May
Hugh McHolland B. Derry Jane Lavery 04-May
Anne Lavery B. Derry John Jane Conner 05-May
James Mc?Crory D. Lanaghan John n.g. Meigh?en 06-May
David Campbell D. Hink David ?Roney McNally 08-May
Isabella McCavigan D. clone James Eliza McStravock 10-May
Deorah McManus B. Derry Edward n.g. n.g. 17-May
Connally ??Fasgollon John Sally Blain 17-May
Hugh Lavery Canal Lane ?Patty Mary Campbell 17-May
Betty Magee B. ?town John Sally Clark 27-May
Anne Brown n.g. n.g. n.g. n.g. 28-May
Margaret Philton D. clone Benjamin Sally McCanaghy 31-May
n.g. ??Gauland n.g. Henry n.g. Ferris June
Daniel McCauley n.g. son of do’ Elizabeth McCan 18-Jun
Michael Branken n.g. Michael Elizabeth ??Brankinstown 21-Jun
Alice Toal Courtney’s Island PAtk Elic n.g. 21-Jun
Phobe Irwin B. Derry Mary Fally 21-Jun
James McKendry B. Derry Francis Peggy McGrane 08-Jul
Henry McKernon B. Derry John Magret Johnston 14-Jul
Wm. Henry Brankin D. Ar?vish Michl Ellen Bu?sh 14-Jul
McCalia n.g. Patrick Maria Bush 20-Jul
Peter ?Turney Carrick(?inacrap) Henry Margret Cluskey 26-Jul
Sarah Jane Ward Bolly Rele Michl Martha Higginson 16-Aug
Margret Lavery Cronagh Lane Phil n.g. Campbell 16-Aug
John McLarnon n.g. James Mary ?Valson 16-Aug
Cathrine Downey Derryclone John Betty Mc??? 28-Aug
Mary Bell Pattimore Robt n.g. n.g. 30-Aug
Eliza Jane McCarry Ballinderry Henry Jane Brackinridge 30-Aug
Henry McCaveney Bolli?kell John Ellen McCrory 01-Sep
John Finn B. Keel Robert Sally Mc?Areney 03-Sep
Alex Kelly B. Derry Joseph Jane ?McCan 06-Sep
Henry Clarke Ca?ranall ?Cicely ?O?null 06-Sep
Mary Dobson n.g. John Nancy McDonnell 06-Sep
Sarah Donegan B. Derry Mary Garland 08-Sep
Alice Lavery Brankin?slawn ?John Betty Hency 14-Sep
Eliza Magill Bollokell Robt ?Betty McQuillan 14-Sep
Wm. James Curran Vinecash parish n.g. n.g. n.g. 16-Sep
Eliza Jane Shanks n.g. Robt Biddy ?Sullon 19-Sep
Arthur Coarly Derryhink Felix Sarah McQuillan 25-Sep
Alley McVeigh Derry?ornish Edward n.g. n.g. 29-Sep
Thomas McKeveney Coranole Henry Rebecca ?Bannan 10-Oct
Eliza Brennan n.g. Edward Mary McCartan 10-Oct
McCaveney Derrymore John Mary Moore 11-Oct
Edward McCarry Aughagollon ?Hu Rosy McCaveney 17-Oct
Mary McCartan Derrynanish John Mary Anne ??Turnbrile 21-Oct
Elizabeth Campbell D. ?hirk Henry Betty ??Hinds November
Henry McDonnell Brankinstown ??Hy Kitty Finn November
John Henecy Lisgollon John Kitty Convill November
Mary Anne Kearney Ballymacreney Anthony Mary Lavery 15-Nov
William Lenaghan Derrymore ?Thos Mary Smyth 16-Nov
Hugh McCarry D. Hanaha Henry Rose McCann 16-Nov
Mary Anne Campbell D. Hirk Edmond Mary McCorry 21-Nov
Cathrine Mc???Henecy Brinkelow John Eliza Cor?nican 29-Nov
James Mooney Coal Lane Henry Betty Kew 08-Dec
Patrick McShovock n.g. ?Wm. Mary McAvy 12-Dec
Mary Gallaher B. Derry James Sarah ?Berber 13-Dec
Helina Lavery n.g. John Ibby Lavery 13-Dec
Alex Waddell Derryclone John Mary McAvoy 13-Dec
Fergus Gallaher ?Tisgollon James Betty Madalo 15-Dec
Charles Walsh Derryesh Robert Mary Anne ??O’Neile 19-Dec
Patrick McAvoy Derryclone ??David Rachel ??Albile December
Betty Anne Dowd Lower Dollinderry ??Henry Peggy McCarry 23-Dec
Sarah Anne Gribbin n.g. John Ellen Mallon 25-Dec
Charles McStravock ?Leaghernagh Terence Fanny Devlin 26-Dec
Ellen Magill Bolly?trech Bend Peggy Gribbin 27-Dec
Anne Mallon ?Courtney Bend ???? ??? 29-Dec