Belfast City, Roman Catholic Parish Records

Roman Catholic Parish Records

List of Roman Catholic Parish Records available for Belfast City

This is a list of as many names and variations of names for each of the Roman Catholic Parishes of Belfast City with a list of ‘approximate’ dates that Roman Catholic Parish records are available for.  Sometimes there is a year, or a few years difference between the period of baptisms being recorded and the period of marriages.  The word approximate has been used because there may be gaps between the years given in this group but you will see the differences if you go to the National Library of Ireland web site and ‘read’ through the records yourself.

These Catholic parish registers can be viewed online at the National Library of Ireland web site and this is the link to the search page which will bring you to the records

National Library of Ireland(NLI) Roman Catholic parish record search page

Belfast RC parish nameTimeframe
BallymacarrettBaps, Marrs 1841-80
Holy CrossBaps, Marrs 1868-80
Holy FamilyBaps 1869-1900 ; Marrs 1895-1900
Holy RosaryBaps 1849-1900, Marrs 1890-1900
Sacred HeartBaps, Marrs 1872-82
St. Bridgid'sBaps 1886-90 ; Marrs 1891-1900
St. Joseph'sBaps 1872-80, Marrs 1872-80
St. Malachy'sBaps 1858-1900, Marrs 1858-1900
St. Mathew'sBaps 1841-1900, Marrs 1841-1900
St. Patrick'sBaps 1798-1880 ; Marrs 1798-1867
St.Paul'sNLI No records for this parish
St. Peter'sNLI No records for this parish
St. Vincent de PaulNLI No records for this parish
Union WorkhouseNLI No records for this parish
St. Mary'sBaps & Marrs 1867-81