Civil Records, Co. Armagh: Birth Records

The information presented on these pages is an index of surname spellings and years that this surname is known to appear in this locality in Ireland. The names are referred to in the Irish civil registers. Each registration district covers a radius of approximately 10 miles. A number of people of the same name and surname may have been registered in the same year in the townlands of that district. If you look at the actual index books then you will find the reference for any record.

Kate Hoey1893DundalkArmagh
Mary Bridget Hoey1893DundalkArmagh
Michael Hoey1893DundalkArmagh
Patrick Hoey1893DundalkArmagh
Sarah Anne Hoey1893ArmaghArmagh
Thomas John Martin1893DundalkArmagh
William Hoey1893DundalkArmagh
Thomas Martin1894DundalkArmagh
Caroline Mary Emerson1895ArmaghArmagh
George Joseph Stanley1897ArmaghArmagh
Hugh Hoey1898DundalkArmagh
Isabella Hoey1898ArmaghArmagh
John James Hoey1898DundalkArmagh
John Millar1898ArmaghArmagh
Mary Bridget Hoey1898DundalkArmagh
Sarah Millar1898NewryArmagh
Sarah Millar1898NewryArmagh
Thomas Hoey1898DundalkArmagh
Georgina Lynas1899NewryArmagh
Georgina Lynas1899NewryArmagh
Paul Edward Dalton1899DundalkArmagh
(Female) Newell1900ArmaghArmagh
Eileen Malone1900ArmaghArmagh
Eliza Ann Newell1901ArmaghArmagh
Josephine Moore1906NewryArmagh
Josephine Moore1906NewryArmagh
Anna M. Byrne1909DundalkArmagh
Samuel M'Cormick1909ArmaghArmagh
William John M'Cormick1910ArmaghArmagh
Anne M'Cormick1911ArmaghArmagh
Owen Branagan1913NewryArmagh
Owen Branagan1913NewryArmagh
Mary Frances Honeyford1920ArmaghArmagh
Bridget McDonnell1921DundalkArmagh
James Henry Honeyford1921ArmaghArmagh