Civil Records, Co. Dublin: Birth Records

The information presented on these pages is an index of surname spellings and years that this surname is known to appear in this locality in Ireland. The names are referred to in the Irish civil registers. Each registration district covers a radius of approximately 10 miles. A number of people of the same name and surname may have been registered in the same year in the townlands of that district. If you look at the actual index books then you will find the reference for any record.

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Mary Elizabeth Cathcart Hemphill1864Dublin SouthDublin
Mary Galvin1864Dublin NorthDublin
Mary Geraghty1864Dublin NorthDublin
Mary Stanley1864Dublin NorthDublin
Mary Theresa Hoey1864BalrotheryDublin
Mary Wheatley1864Dublin SouthDublin
Michael Bannon1864Dublin NorthDublin
Michael Banon1864Dublin SouthDublin
Michael Geraghty1864Dublin NorthDublin
Michael Hawkins1864Dublin SouthDublin
Michael joseph Barrington1864Dublin NorthDublin
Michael Joseph Beahan1864Dublin SouthDublin
Nicholas Wall1864Dublin NorthDublin
Palmer Bacon1864Dublin SouthDublin
Patrick Bagnall1864Dublin NorthDublin
Patrick Hemphill1864Dublin SouthDublin
Patrick Hoey1864BalrotheryDublin
Patrick Joseph Mullen1864Dublin NorthDublin
Patrick Mullin1864Dublin NorthDublin
Patrick Stanley1864Dublin SouthDublin
Peter Geraty1864Dublin SouthDublin
Richard Joseph Cowell1864Dublin SouthDublin
Robert Joseph Gibson1864Dublin SouthDublin
Robert Lynch1864BalrotheryDublin
Rosanna Hoey1864Dublin SouthDublin
Samuel Peter Hoey1864Dublin NorthDublin
Simpson Gabriel Morrisson Adams1864Dublin NorthDublin
Teresa Hoey1864Dublin SouthDublin
Thomas Beahan1864Dublin NorthDublin
Thomas Gerratty1864Dublin NorthDublin
Thomas Wall1864Dublin NorthDublin
Thomas Wall1864Dublin NorthDublin
Thomas Wall1864Dublin NorthDublin
Victoria Elizabeth Gibson1864Dublin SouthDublin
William Crawford Whalley1864Dublin NorthDublin
William Gibson1864Dublin SouthDublin
William Joseph Hawkins1864Dublin SouthDublin
William Joseph Hoey1864BalrotheryDublin
William Mi?chael Galvin1864Dublin SouthDublin
William Mullen1864Dublin SouthDublin
William Mullen1864Dublin SouthDublin
William Thorn1864BalrotheryDublin
(Female) Lancaster1865Dublin NorthDublin
(Female) Norton1865Dublin NorthDublin
(Female) Stanley1865Dublin NorthDublin
Andrew Devitt1865Dublin NorthDublin
Anne Mullins1865Dublin NorthDublin
Anne Thorn1865BalrotheryDublin
Catherine Stanley1865BalrotheryDublin
Cathrine Norton1865Dublin NorthDublin
Charles Joseph McWilliams1865Dublin NorthDublin
Edward John Kinsella1865Dublin SouthDublin
Eliza Brennan1865Dublin SouthDublin
Eliza Hoare1865Dublin SouthDublin
Elizabeth Stanley1865Dublin SouthDublin
Ellen Campion1865Dublin SouthDublin
Frances Anne Broughan1865Dublin SouthDublin
Francis (indexed as F. Edward) Lynch1865Dublin NorthDublin
Henry Devitt1865Dublin SouthDublin
James Cairns1865BalrotheryDublin
James Grehan1865Dublin SouthDublin
James Mullen1865Dublin SouthDublin
Jane Caffrey1865BalrotheryDublin
Jane Connelly1865BalrotheryDublin
Jane Connelly1865BalrotheryDublin
Jerret Norton1865Dublin SouthDublin
John Alpin1865Dublin SouthDublin
John Mullen1865Dublin SouthDublin
John Norton1865Dublin SouthDublin
John William Roach1865BalrotheryDublin
John William Stanley1865Dublin SouthDublin
Joseph Brougham1865Dublin SouthDublin
Julia Marion Dewar1865Dublin SouthDublin
Julia Mullen1865Dublin SouthDublin
Mary Anne Connelly1865BalrotheryDublin
Mary Anne Devitt1865Dublin SouthDublin
MAry Frances Byrne1865Dublin NorthDublin
Mary Frances Dewar1865Dublin NorthDublin
Michael Grehan1865Dublin SouthDublin
Michael Norton1865Dublin SouthDublin
Patrick Campion1865Dublin NorthDublin
Patrick Connelly1865BalrotheryDublin
Patrick Norton1865Dublin SouthDublin
Richard Cumming1865Dublin SouthDublin
Roseanna Elizabeth Hoare1865Dublin NorthDublin
Thomas Caffry1865BalrotheryDublin
William Devitt1865Dublin NorthDublin
William Rawson1865Dublin SouthDublin
(Female) Hore1866Dublin SouthDublin
(Female) Lancaster1866Dublin SouthDublin
(Female) Pemberton1866Dublin SouthDublin
(Male) Dewey1866Dublin SouthDublin
(Male) Winne1866Dublin NorthDublin
Anna Maria Pellett1866Dublin SouthDublin
Bridget Hoare1866Dublin SouthDublin
Catherine Elizabeth Mullin1866Dublin SouthDublin
Catherine Evangeline Pelly1866Dublin SouthDublin
Catherine Mullen1866Dublin SouthDublin
Catherine Theresa Mullen1866Dublin NorthDublin
Edward Kinsella1866Dublin SouthDublin
Eliza Jane Ryan1866Dublin SouthDublin
Elizabeth Ryan1866Dublin NorthDublin
Elizabeth Sloane1866Dublin NorthDublin
Ellen Ryan1866Dublin SouthDublin
Ellen Ryan1866Dublin NorthDublin
Francis Stanly1866Dublin SouthDublin
George Alexander Molyneux1866Dublin NorthDublin
James Connelly1866BalrotheryDublin
James Joseph Rawson1866Dublin NorthDublin
James Molyneux1866BalrotheryDublin
James Stanley1866Dublin NorthDublin
John Duke Lancaster1866Dublin SouthDublin
John Joseph Hore1866Dublin SouthDublin
John Joseph Pell1866Dublin NorthDublin
John Joseph Pelly1866Dublin SouthDublin
John Maloney1866Dublin NorthDublin
John Thomas Pennefather1866Dublin NorthDublin
Joseph Stanley1866Dublin NorthDublin
Josephina Stanley1866Dublin SouthDublin
Kate Cheevers1866Dublin SouthDublin
Lavinia Stanley1866Dublin SouthDublin
Margaret Duffy1866BalrotheryDublin
Margaret Duffy1866BalrotheryDublin
Maria Hore1866Dublin SouthDublin
Marian Sydney Pemberton1866Dublin NorthDublin
Mary Esther Duggan1866Dublin NorthDublin
Mary Nash1866Dublin SouthDublin
Mary Nash1866Dublin SouthDublin
Mary Teresa Brougham1866Dublin SouthDublin
Michael Blackburne1866BalrotheryDublin
Michael Connelly1866BalrotheryDublin
Patrick Duffy1866Dublin NorthDublin
Patrick Wynn1866Dublin NorthDublin
Patrick Wynn1866Dublin NorthDublin
Richard Nash1866Dublin SouthDublin
Teresa Devitte1866Dublin SouthDublin
Thomas Stanley1866Dublin NorthDublin
William McWilliams1866Dublin SouthDublin
(Female) Campion1867Dublin NorthDublin
(Female) Fox1867Dublin NorthDublin
(Female) Halpin1867Dublin NorthDublin
(Female) Stanley1867Dublin NorthDublin
(Female) Wynne1867Dublin SouthDublin
(Male) Eades1867Dublin NorthDublin
(Male) Eades1867Dublin NorthDublin
(Male) Fox1867Dublin SouthDublin
(Male) Stanley1867Dublin NorthDublin
Anne Shannon1867Dublin SouthDublin
Bridget Connolly1867BalrotheryDublin
Bridget Fox1867Dublin NorthDublin