Civil Records, Co. Carlow: Death Records

The information presented on these pages is an index of surname spellings and years that this surname is known to appear in this locality in Ireland. The names are referred to in the Irish civil registers. Each registration district covers a radius of approximately 10 miles. A number of people of the same name and surname may have been registered in the same year in the townlands of that district. If you look at the actual index books then you will find the reference for any record.

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Bernard Hennessy18706New RossCarlow
Bridget Broadway187445New RossCarlow
Bridget Doody18660New RossCarlow
Bridget Doran192870New RossCarlow
Bridget Doran193370New RossCarlow
Bridget Doran194575New RossCarlow
Bridget Keating186518New RossCarlow
Bridget Kennedy187566New RossCarlow
Bridget Warrington192774New RossCarlow
Brien Hennessey187066New RossCarlow
Catharine Hennessy187011New RossCarlow
Catherine Andercon186423New RossCarlow
Catherine Connick186480New RossCarlow
Catherine Doran191779New RossCarlow
Catherine Doran191875New RossCarlow
Catherine Doran192890New RossCarlow
Catherine Keating186442New RossCarlow
Catherine Keating187878New RossCarlow
Catherine King187576New RossCarlow
Catherine Lannen187876New RossCarlow
Catherine Lyons1865-New RossCarlow
Daniel Doran19110New RossCarlow
David Doody186468New RossCarlow
Deborah Doran191780New RossCarlow
Edward Doran191280New RossCarlow
Edward Hennessy187174New RossCarlow
Edward Hennesy18713New RossCarlow
Edward Hennesy18740New RossCarlow
Edward Keeffe186664New RossCarlow
Edward Tubbert187360New RossCarlow
Eleanor Cheevers186660New RossCarlow
Eleanor Gaull186611New RossCarlow
Eliza Kennedy187554New RossCarlow
Eliza Marshall186796New RossCarlow
Elizabeth Barron186472New RossCarlow
Elizabeth Doran191459New RossCarlow
Elizabeth Doran194174New RossCarlow
Elizabeth Hennessy186986New RossCarlow
Ellen Blackburne186663New RossCarlow
Ellen Doran18812New RossCarlow
Ellen Kearns18666New RossCarlow
Ellen Porter186474New RossCarlow
Ellin Hennebery187559New RossCarlow
Francis Doran191276New RossCarlow
Hugh Hennessy186978New RossCarlow
Hugh Marshall186730New RossCarlow
James Doran187965New RossCarlow
James Doran192184New RossCarlow
James Doran194371New RossCarlow
James Egan186870New RossCarlow
James Hayes187875New RossCarlow
James Hennessy187440New RossCarlow
James Keating186550New RossCarlow
Jane Porter186459New RossCarlow
Joanna Hennessey187196New RossCarlow
Johanna Aspel186490New RossCarlow
Johanna Hennessy187080New RossCarlow
Johanna Hickey18782New RossCarlow
John Broadway187866New RossCarlow
John Defrance187890New RossCarlow
John Doran189656New RossCarlow
John Doran191364New RossCarlow
John Doran191972New RossCarlow
John Doran192060New RossCarlow
John Doran194171New RossCarlow
JOhn Doran19420New RossCarlow
John Doran19440New RossCarlow
John Hennesy186517New RossCarlow
John Henry Bowles18860New RossCarlow
John Joyce187823New RossCarlow
John Jurdon187856New RossCarlow
John Kavanagh18780New RossCarlow
John Kennedy187566New RossCarlow
John Kielly18782New RossCarlow
Judith Keefe186655New RossCarlow
Kate Doran193257New RossCarlow
Laurence Hennesey186560New RossCarlow
Laurence Joyce18780New RossCarlow
Luke Nash1864-New RossCarlow
Margaret Doran193342New RossCarlow
Margaret Hennessy186560New RossCarlow
Margaret Marshall18654New RossCarlow
Margaret Redmond1927-New RossCarlow
Margaret Redmond1927-New RossCarlow
Margret (sic) Keating186466New RossCarlow
Martin Barron186465New RossCarlow
Martin Cheevers186779New RossCarlow
Martin Henly187040New RossCarlow
Martin Hennesy18741New RossCarlow
Mary Ann Kavanagh187857New RossCarlow
Mary Anne Broadway186412New RossCarlow
Mary Barron186487New RossCarlow
Mary Doran191166New RossCarlow
Mary Doran193773New RossCarlow
Mary Doran194381New RossCarlow
Mary Doran194382New RossCarlow
Mary Ellen Doran191328New RossCarlow
Mary Hegan187849New RossCarlow
Mary Hegun187840New RossCarlow
Mary Hennessy186588New RossCarlow