Civil Records, Co. Clare: Death Records

The information presented on these pages is an index of surname spellings and years that this surname is known to appear in this locality in Ireland. The names are referred to in the Irish civil registers. Each registration district covers a radius of approximately 10 miles. A number of people of the same name and surname may have been registered in the same year in the townlands of that district. If you look at the actual index books then you will find the reference for any record.

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Agnes M'Arthur186637ScarriffClare
Anne Anglim186766ScarriffClare
Catherine Ahern186466ScarriffClare
David Flannery186450ScarriffClare
Dorothy Kelly187884ScarriffClare
Elizabeth Noonan18650ScarriffClare
Ellen Kennedy188564ScarriffClare
Honor Keane187873ScarriffClare
Honora Flannery186460ScarriffClare
John Wall187260ScarriffClare
Kate Noonan186570ScarriffClare
Margaret Flannery186460ScarriffClare
Margaret Higgins188080ScarriffClare
Mary Allen186459ScarriffClare
Mary Ann M'Arthur18790ScarriffClare
Mary Henehy18740ScarriffClare
Mary Watkins193378ScarriffClare
Michael Holland187879ScarriffClare
Michael Murray187560ScarriffClare
Michael Murray191577ScarriffClare
Pat Keefe187869ScarriffClare
Patrick Kirby187870ScarriffClare
Thomas Hill187817ScarriffClare
Thomas Watkins192185ScarriffClare
William Cleary186548ScarriffClare
William Cleary186588ScarriffClare
(Female) Hennessy18650KilrushClare
(Male) Kearney18660CorodinClare
Ann Kellourhy18786EnnistimonClare
Ann Killourhy18786EnnistimonClare
Anne Carmody186434EnnisClare
Anne Cleary186511EnnisClare
Anne Coffee18700EnnisClare
Anne Donohoe187982TullaClare
Anne Emnerson186470KilladysertClare
Anne Hegarty18803EnnistimonClare
Anne Henley187470EnnisClare
Anne Hennessy18650TullaClare
Anne Hoar186419EnnistimonClare
Anne Lyons1865-EnnisClare
Anne Rourke187780EnnisClare
Anthony Egan186835KilrushClare
Barny Keating18640KilrushClare
Barny Keating186560KilrushClare
Bartholomew Cleary18657EnnisClare
Biddy Hederman1864-KilrushClare
Biddy Hegarty186576EnnistimonClare
Bridget Agnes Kelly18780KilrushClare
Bridget Ahern186481EnnisClare
Bridget Burke188063EnnisClare