Civil Records, Co. Cork: Death Records

The information presented on these pages is an index of surname spellings and years that this surname is known to appear in this locality in Ireland. The names are referred to in the Irish civil registers. Each registration district covers a radius of approximately 10 miles. A number of people of the same name and surname may have been registered in the same year in the townlands of that district. If you look at the actual index books then you will find the reference for any record.

William Ahearne18797MallowCork
William Allen186760SkullCork
William Blackburn187524KinsaleCork
William Cleary186520KanturkCork
William Coffee187042CorkCork
William Devine186490MillstreetCork
William Doody186424KanturkCork
William Doody18663CorkCork
William Emery1954-CorkCork
William Hederman186483KanturkCork
William Hegarty18804MallowCork
William Henby187550CorkCork
William Hennessey186475MallowCork
William Hennessey186460SkibbereenCork
William Hennessy186448CorkCork
William Hennessy186484MiddletonCork
William Henohon186479MacroomCork
William Herlihy187855CorkCork
William Herlihy187847KanturkCork
William Hickey188057CorkCork
William Kane187846CorkCork
William Kearney18780CorkCork
William Kearney187876MallowCork
William Keating186473CorkCork
William Keating18650CorkCork
William Keating18650SkibbereenCork
William Keating18660CorkCork
William Keating186632CorkCork
William Keating186650SkibbereenCork
William Kingston18780SkibbereenCork
William Lyons186555BandonCork
William Lyons18650CorkCork
William Lyons186513MiddletonCork
William Lyons186517MiddletonCork
William Marshall186672CorkCork