Civil Records, Co. Armagh: Marriage Records

The information presented on these marriage records is an index of surname spellings and years that this surname is known to appear in this locality in Ireland. The names are referred to in the Irish civil registers. Each registration district covers a radius of approximately 10 miles. A number of people of the same name and surname may have been registered in the same year in the townlands of that district. If you look at the actual index books then you will find the reference for any record.

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Rose Hanratty1903NewryArmagh
Rose Harvey1887NewryArmagh
Rose Helen Hoey1898ArmaghArmagh
Rose Hoey1888ArmaghArmagh
Rose Mary Branagan1913ArmaghArmagh
Rose Nacy1874ArmaghArmagh
Sarah Colgan1864NewryArmagh
Sarah Colgin1864NewryArmagh
Sarah Devine1864NewryArmagh
Sarah Devine1864NewryArmagh
Sarah Ede1862NewryArmagh
Sarah Spiers1908NewryArmagh
Sarah Spiers1897NewryArmagh
Sarah Winslow1864NewryArmagh
Susan Garden1864NewryArmagh
Susan Kennedy1866NewryArmagh
Susan Kenney1866NewryArmagh
Susanna Kenny1866NewryArmagh
Thomas Adams1864ArmaghArmagh
Thomas Anderson1863NewryArmagh
Thomas Bannon1864ArmaghArmagh
Thomas Bennett1896NewryArmagh
Thomas Charles Anderson1862NewryArmagh
Thomas Costigan1864NewryArmagh
Thomas Costigan1864NewryArmagh
Thomas Devine1886ArmaghArmagh
Thomas G. Nunan1900NewryArmagh
Thomas Gearty1864ArmaghArmagh
Thomas Hanratty1900NewryArmagh
Thomas Hill1867NewryArmagh
Thomas Hoey1867ArmaghArmagh
Thomas Hoey1868ArmaghArmagh
Thomas Hoey1890ArmaghArmagh
Thomas Hoey1891ArmaghArmagh
Thomas Kilpatrick1865NewryArmagh
Thomas Wright1846NewryArmagh
William Kennedy1867NewryArmagh
William Leatham1879NewryArmagh
William Marshall1857NewryArmagh
William McGarry1891NewryArmagh
William Porter1876NewryArmagh
William Small1867NewryArmagh
William Spiers1896NewryArmagh
William Wright1846NewryArmagh