Civil Records, Co. Clare: Marriage Records

The information presented on these pages is an index of surname spellings and years that this surname is known to appear in this locality in Ireland. The names are referred to in the Irish civil registers. Each registration district covers a radius of approximately 10 miles. A number of people of the same name and surname may have been registered in the same year in the townlands of that district. If you look at the actual index books then you will find the reference for any record.

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Richard Goold1865KilrushClare
Ryan Margaret1888ScarriffClare
Sarah King1879EnnisClare
Simon Keogh1879KilrushClare
St. John Thomas Blacker1855KilrushClare
Stephen Reidy1865EnnisClare
Susan Devine1890KilrushClare
Susan Galvin1873KilrushClare
Susan Hickey1882KilrushClare
Susan Kenny1871KilladysertClare
Thady McNamara1869EnnisClare
Thomas Fox1870EnnistimonClare
Thomas Fury1865KilladysertClare
Thomas Galvin1872CorofinClare
Thomas Galvin1864KilrushClare
Thomas Garden1864EnnistimonClare
Thomas Gardin1864EnnistimonClare
Thomas Kennelly1864EnnisClare
Thomas Killeen1879EnnisClare
Thomas Killeen1879EnnistimonClare
Thomas Kinnane1873TullaClare
Thomas Kirrane1879KilladysertClare
Thomas Quealy1866EnnisClare
Thomas Reidy1865EnnisClare
Thomas Reidy1865KilrushClare
Thomas Reidy1865KilrushClare
Timothy Mescall1930KilrushClare
Walter Andrew Kingston1870EnnisClare
Walter Kingston1870EnnisClare
William Callaghan1858KilrushClare
William Chambers1864EnnisClare
William Kenealy1865EnnisClare
William Kennedy1873EnnisClare
William Kennelly1865EnnisClare
William McCarthy1883KilrushClare
William Noonan1899TullaClare
Wilson John1848ScarriffClare
Wilson Joseph1847ScarriffClare
Winder Fanny1847ScarriffClare
Winefred Halloran1864TullaClare
Winifred Killeen1879KilrushClare
Winnett William1847ScarriffClare