Civil Records, Co. Dublin: Marriage Records

The information presented on these pages is an index of surname spellings and years that this surname is known to appear in this locality in Ireland. The names are referred to in the Irish civil registers. Each registration district covers a radius of approximately 10 miles. A number of people of the same name and surname may have been registered in the same year in the townlands of that district. If you look at the actual index books then you will find the reference for any record.

Toole ors Devereux Anne1859Dublin SouthDublin
Toole ors Murtagh1860Dublin NorthDublin
Toole Rosanna1859Dublin SouthDublin
Toole Sarah1860Dublin SouthDublin
Toole Thomas1858Dublin SouthDublin
Torkington Arthur1846Dublin SouthDublin
Torkington John1846Dublin SouthDublin
Tounsell Sarah1846Dublin SouthDublin
Townley Charlotte1846Dublin SouthDublin
Townley William1846Dublin SouthDublin
Townsell Sarah1846Dublin SouthDublin
Townsend ors Digby Frances Georgiana1848Dublin SouthDublin
Troy Mary1898Dublin SouthDublin
Troy Mary1897Dublin SouthDublin
Troy Michael1897Dublin SouthDublin
Trunk Esther1892Dublin SouthDublin
Trunk Maria1892Dublin SouthDublin
Vance Peter1845Dublin SouthDublin
Wall Garrett1846Dublin SouthDublin
Wall Maria1846Dublin SouthDublin
Warrington James1866Dublin SouthDublin
Warrington James1868Dublin SouthDublin
Warrington John1890Dublin SouthDublin
Wass Charles1877Dublin SouthDublin
Watkins James1890Dublin SouthDublin
Watkins Maria Louisa1890Dublin SouthDublin
Watkinson Richard John1889Dublin SouthDublin
Whittaker John1848Dublin SouthDublin
William A. W. Emerson1910Dublin NorthDublin
William Allison1851Dublin NorthDublin
William Balfe1896Dublin NorthDublin
William Burness Hilton1867Dublin NorthDublin
William Clarke1864BalrotheryDublin
William Cleary1876Dublin NorthDublin
William Ford1864BalrotheryDublin
William Galvin1870Dublin NorthDublin
William Hill1865Dublin NorthDublin
William Hoar1863Dublin NorthDublin
William James Pollock1855Dublin NorthDublin
William Jesse Hoare1854Dublin NorthDublin
William Johnston1866Dublin NorthDublin
William Johnston1866Dublin NorthDublin
William Joyce1879Dublin NorthDublin
William Kearns1874Dublin NorthDublin
William Keating1870Dublin NorthDublin
William Kenny1873Dublin NorthDublin
William Kenny1873Dublin NorthDublin
William Maher1881Dublin NorthDublin
William McCarthy1882Dublin NorthDublin
William McGarry1891Dublin NorthDublin
William McNamara1845Dublin NorthDublin
William Murphy1896Dublin NorthDublin
William Murphy1898Dublin NorthDublin
William Murphy1900Dublin NorthDublin
William Murphy1897Dublin NorthDublin
William Murphy1896Dublin NorthDublin
William Murphy1896Dublin NorthDublin
William Murphy1900Dublin NorthDublin
William Nolan1891Dublin NorthDublin
William Tomlinson1852Dublin NorthDublin
William Wright1846Dublin NorthDublin
Wilson Anthony1851Dublin SouthDublin
Wilson Bessie1851Dublin SouthDublin
Wilson ors Grey Maria1849Dublin SouthDublin
Wilson Robert1851Dublin SouthDublin
Wilson William1849Dublin SouthDublin
Winslow ors Armstong Anne1851Dublin SouthDublin
Wm. Davies Hodges1876Dublin NorthDublin
Wolfenden Georgina Susanna1851Dublin SouthDublin
Wood Sarah1851Dublin SouthDublin
Woodger John1851Dublin SouthDublin
Wright Sarah1846Dublin SouthDublin