Civil Records, Co. Wexford: Marriage Records

The information presented on these marriage records is an index of surname spellings and years that this surname is known to appear in this locality in Ireland. The names are referred to in the Irish civil registers. Each registration district covers a radius of approximately 10 miles. A number of people of the same name and surname may have been registered in the same year in the townlands of that district. If you look at the actual index books then you will find the reference for any record.

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Catherine Hewson1873WexfordWexford
Catherine Hyland1865GoreyWexford
Catherine Kennedy1867New RossWexford
Catherine Kilkenny1879WexfordWexford
Catherine Kinsella1871GoreyWexford
Catherine White1864WexfordWexford
Cecilia Hayes1883WexfordWexford
Charles Wheelock1845GoreyWexford
Christopher Higgins1884GoreyWexford
Christopher Keegan1879WexfordWexford
Christopher Kerger1879WexfordWexford
Daniel Barlow1867WexfordWexford
Daniel Kavanagh1867New RossWexford
David Egan1873New RossWexford
Deborah Hill1882GoreyWexford
Dorah Keogh1867WexfordWexford
Edmond Wesley Kenny1871WexfordWexford
Edward Brett1896New RossWexford
Edward Furlong1926New RossWexford
Edward Henrick1888New RossWexford
Edward Jackman1875GoreyWexford
Edward Keating1870New RossWexford
Edward Kinsella1879GoreyWexford
Eliza Cahil1895New RossWexford
Eliza Connolly1894New RossWexford
Eliza Keogh1871GoreyWexford
Eliza Kinsela1871WexfordWexford
Eliza McNamara1854New RossWexford
Elizabeth Furlong1928New RossWexford
Elizabeth Furlong1923WexfordWexford
Elizabeth Furlong1923WexfordWexford
Elizabeth Hill1869GoreyWexford
Elizabeth Kehoe1879WexfordWexford
Elizabeth Kenney1867GoreyWexford
Elizabeth Lucas1906GoreyWexford
Ellen Abraham1846GoreyWexford
Ellen Barry1896New RossWexford
Ellen Daly1932WexfordWexford
Ellen Furlong1929New RossWexford
Ellen Gallavan1871New RossWexford
Ellen Hore1876WexfordWexford
Ellen Kempson1872GoreyWexford
Ellen Kent1871New RossWexford
Ellen Kent1878New RossWexford
Ellen Sadler1892WexfordWexford
Ellen Shea1915New RossWexford
Esther Earl1851GoreyWexford
Frances L. Montgomery1845GoreyWexford
Francis Kinsella1873GoreyWexford
George John Grant1890WexfordWexford
Gregory Vincent Furlong1928New RossWexford
Hugh Kenny1873GoreyWexford
James Bowles1866WexfordWexford
James Cleary1852GoreyWexford
James Cleary1876WexfordWexford
James Furlong1923New RossWexford
James Furlong1923New RossWexford
James Furlong1927New RossWexford
James Furlong1929New RossWexford
James Hickey1884New RossWexford
James Hickey1882GoreyWexford
James Hore1853New RossWexford
James Hore1876WexfordWexford
James Keating1870WexfordWexford
James Keating1874WexfordWexford
James Kenny1865GoreyWexford
James Kenny1865GoreyWexford
James Kinsella1871WexfordWexford
James Leacy1930New RossWexford
James Nolan1891New RossWexford
James Porter1849WexfordWexford
James Ryan1909GoreyWexford
James Toole1864GoreyWexford
James Wall1846GoreyWexford
Jane Dora Porter1890GoreyWexford
Jane Kempson1873GoreyWexford
Jane Rollins1909GoreyWexford
Jane Wilson Auld1900New RossWexford
Jeremia Keogh1873New RossWexford
Joanna Kehoe1879New RossWexford
Johanna Bowe1869WexfordWexford
Johanna Furlong1925New RossWexford
Johanna Furlong1923WexfordWexford
Johanna Furlong1924WexfordWexford
Johanna Hayes1883New RossWexford
Johanna Kenny1879New RossWexford
Johanna Kent1871New RossWexford
John Bowe1872New RossWexford
John Bruce1849WexfordWexford
John Daly1864WexfordWexford
John Earl1851GoreyWexford
John Furlong1925New RossWexford
John Furlong1926New RossWexford
John Furlong1925New RossWexford
John Furlong1929New RossWexford
John Gallavan1870WexfordWexford
John Hayes1883New RossWexford
John Hayes1883WexfordWexford
John Hearne1882New RossWexford
John Hibbitts1884GoreyWexford