Civil Records, Co. Wexford: Marriage Records

The information presented on these marriage records is an index of surname spellings and years that this surname is known to appear in this locality in Ireland. The names are referred to in the Irish civil registers. Each registration district covers a radius of approximately 10 miles. A number of people of the same name and surname may have been registered in the same year in the townlands of that district. If you look at the actual index books then you will find the reference for any record.

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Mary Anne Kelly1879WexfordWexford
Mary Anne Kennalley1879WexfordWexford
Mary Anne Porter1860New RossWexford
Mary Anne Toole1864GoreyWexford
Mary B Furlong1931New RossWexford
Mary Call1857WexfordWexford
Mary Cleary1846WexfordWexford
Mary Delaney1873New RossWexford
Mary Dempsey1855GoreyWexford
Mary Ellen Furlong1927New RossWexford
Mary Furlong1923New RossWexford
Mary Furlong1930New RossWexford
Mary Gafney1873GoreyWexford
Mary Gallivan1869WexfordWexford
Mary Hayes1883WexfordWexford
Mary Hennessy1882New RossWexford
Mary Hogan1865GoreyWexford
Mary Hore1845WexfordWexford
Mary Jackman1875WexfordWexford
Mary Jane Eager1852GoreyWexford
Mary Jane Macmurray1862New RossWexford
Mary Kate Furlong1926New RossWexford
Mary Kennedy1865New RossWexford
Mary Kennedy1865New RossWexford
Mary Kent1871New RossWexford
Mary Keogh1878WexfordWexford
Mary Kerwan1879GoreyWexford
Mary Kilbride1879GoreyWexford
Mary Kinsella1871New RossWexford
Mary Kinsella1871GoreyWexford
Mary Kinsella1879WexfordWexford
Mary Lamb1879New RossWexford
Mary Lyng1864New RossWexford
Mary Lyng1864New RossWexford
Mary Lyons1890WexfordWexford
Mary Murray1890New RossWexford
Mary Reddy1864New RossWexford
Mary Riordan1909GoreyWexford
Mary Sinnott1867New RossWexford
MAthew Bowe1871New RossWexford
Michael Brennan1896New RossWexford
Michael Cahill1895New RossWexford
Michael Delany1873New RossWexford
Michael Freyney1894New RossWexford
Michael Furlong1922New RossWexford
Michael Furlong1926New RossWexford
Michael Heron1888New RossWexford
Michael Hyland1865GoreyWexford
Michael Keating1870WexfordWexford
Michael Kenney1866GoreyWexford
Michael King1871New RossWexford
Michael Lyng1864New RossWexford
Michael Roach1913GoreyWexford
Michael Walsh1931New RossWexford
Moses Kenny1867GoreyWexford
Murtagh Higgins1884New RossWexford
Myles Acton1893GoreyWexford
Nicholas Hines1870GoreyWexford
Nicholas Kenny1867New RossWexford
Nicholas Kent1867New RossWexford
PAtrick Broaders1865WexfordWexford
Patrick Cullen1929WexfordWexford
Patrick Culleton1864New RossWexford
Patrick Freney1892New RossWexford
Patrick Kavanagh1879New RossWexford
Patrick Kenbelah1867WexfordWexford
Patrick Kennedy1879New RossWexford
PAtrick Kent1871New RossWexford
PAtrick King1871New RossWexford
Patrick Lambert1879WexfordWexford
Patrick Lyng1864New RossWexford
Patrick Murphy1928New RossWexford
Peter Kavanagh1879GoreyWexford
Pierce King1879WexfordWexford
Richard Earl1861GoreyWexford
Richard Galavan1871New RossWexford
Richard Hinch1868GoreyWexford
Richard Kenbelah1867WexfordWexford
Robert Earl1861GoreyWexford
Robert Hennesy1883New RossWexford
Robert Kent1871New RossWexford
Robert Kepple1873New RossWexford
Robert Oughton1859GoreyWexford
Samuel Furney1854GoreyWexford
Samuel Warriner1847WexfordWexford
Sarah Kinch1878GoreyWexford
Stasia Hayes1881WexfordWexford
Statia Furlong1928New RossWexford
Thomas Cloake1864WexfordWexford
Thomas Culleton1864New RossWexford
Thomas Furlong1929New RossWexford
Thomas Hickey1881New RossWexford
Thomas Kennedy1867GoreyWexford
Thomas Kent1871New RossWexford
Thomas Kinch1865GoreyWexford
Walter Barlow1864WexfordWexford
William Boxwell1861WexfordWexford
William Devitt1917GoreyWexford
William Ebbs1853GoreyWexford
William Furlong1925New RossWexford
William Furlong1931New RossWexford
William Hennesey1881New RossWexford
William Heyden1882New RossWexford
William Hoare1854WexfordWexford
William Hore1876WexfordWexford
William Kensela1873WexfordWexford
William Kinna1872GoreyWexford
William Kinsela1873WexfordWexford
William Kinsella1879WexfordWexford
William M'Carthy1881New RossWexford
William Murphy1899New RossWexford
William Murphy1896New RossWexford
William Murphy1898GoreyWexford
William Murphy1897WexfordWexford
William Murphy1897WexfordWexford
William Roche1909New RossWexford
William Wentworth Murphy1897GoreyWexford