Clogh village, Kilkenny. Photographs

Clogh Village, Kilkenny


One of the days last year my daughter and her husband were on their way down to Clough the village I live in.  I think they were using the map on their phone and they commented on how they were going a different way to the way I go.  Then, they arrived in Clogh, Co. Kilkenny.  Clough, Co. Laois and Clogh, Kilkenny are separated by a 30 minute drive.  That was the time that they realised we have more than one place of the same name in Ireland and when they told me this I laughed and replied we have more than one place of the same name in each county!!
I went off to Clogh, Kilkenny deliberately in 2013 to see how they spell the name of their village took photographs of Clogh and then began photographing the gravestones in the Roman Catholic graveyard.  I have about 2/3rds of the graveyard photographed and almost completely indexed.  Come this Summer, I’ll get it all finished.