Marriage Records, Clonaslee, Co. Laois, 1849-66

The film number in the National Library of Ireland is Pos. 4202 and the LDS do not have a copy of this film according to my records.

The placename is mentioned only in some entries and there is a placename for the groom  and then another for the bride.

Spellings are exactly as I read them with no change. Question marks show you where I had difficulty reading a word.

I don’t know or can’t remember if I took all marriage entries for any year or if this is just a selection of marriages.  I’m sorry for that.  I probably do have a note in my computer but I have not found it yet.

The names are sorted alphabetically by the surname of the man.  I have one column listed as ‘she from’ and that speaks for itself.  The ‘From’ after the year of the marriage is the townland given for the Groom

Name Surname Bride Bride’s Surname Date Year
Matty Barret? Jenenae Fiach?in 18-Feb 1862
Thomas Barnett Ellen Molloy 28-Feb 1865
Peter Behan Anne Maher 12-Feb 1866
Daniel Blake Julia Conroy 06-Jul 1861
James Bracken Bridget Scully 30-Nov 1849
Patrick Brennan Mary Byrne 19-Dec 1852
Martin Brien Eliza Grennan 25-Jan 1860
Michl Cahile Margt Holloran 17-May 1865
Stephen Carole Mary Dunne 05-Oct 1865
Bernard Carroll Catharine Conroy 22-Nov 1860
William Carroll Catharine Casey 29-Jul 1861
William Cleary Judith Grogan 14-Oct 1861
John Cleary Betty Dunne 18-Nov 1861
Daniel Coghlan Sarah Costigan 20-Feb 1849
Patrick Condron Catharine ?Cody or casy 11-Feb 1861
Peter Conroy Catharine Dunne 08-Feb 1860
John Conroy Mary Fiac(?ri) 30-Sep 1860
Stephen Conroy Margt Dunne 21-Aug 1862
Thomas Conroy Rose Mulhall 12-Nov 1862
Thomas Conroy Mary Keenan 11-May 1863
Thomas Conroy Eliza Egan 06-Jun 1864
Thos Conroy Mary Conroy 12-Oct 1865
Peter Conroy Mary Gorman May 1851
Mick Conroy Margaret Murphy 05-Dec 1852
Edward Conroy Anne Scully 18-Dec 1852
Patrick Costello Mary Dunne 20-Jun 1849
Pat Coughlan Sara Brophy 14-Jan 1866
Patt Cumberton Mary Lalor 20-Sep 1851
Patrick Daly Catherine Nolan 15-Nov 1849
William Deegan Anne Daly 31-Jan 1864
John Delany Sally Conroy 12-Nov 1861
Thomas Delany Catharine Dunne 08-Feb 1864
James Delany Judith ??? 27-Oct 1864
Denis Delany Bridget ?Conroy ?April 1864
John Delany Mary Troy June 1850
Mick Delay Margaret Deegan 10-Feb 1850
John Dermody Mary Davis 20-Jul 1862
Patrick Dillon Anne Rigny 20-Jan 1862
Patrick Dooley Margaret Murphy 06-Nov 1862
John Dooling Rosana Con?roy 24-Jul 1865
James Doyle Bridget Conroy 15-Oct 1849
James Dunne Margaret Donelly 07-Feb 1860
William Dunne Anne Delahaunty 11-Nov 1860
William Dunne Mary Douling 28-May 1861
?Martin Dunne Judith Conroy 27-Aug 1861
Patrick Dunne Catharine Scully 03-Feb 1862
John Dunne ?Johana Brophy 25-Feb 1862
John Dunne Margaret Behan 01-Mar 1862
William Dunne Rose Blake 03-Nov 1862
Patrick Dunne Sarah Dunne 10-Feb 1863
John Dunne Eliza Blake 27-Feb 1865
Jas Dunne Mary Deegan 12-Feb 1866
Patrick Dunne Bridget Brislan 07-Feb 1850
Timothy Egan Honner Molloy 20-Feb 1860
John Egan Julia Maher 10-Feb 1861
John Fitzpatrick Kate Mihan 08-Jul 1864
James Fitzpatrick Margaret Dunne 31-Jan 1865
John Flanagan Honer Houlahan 19-Aug 1860
James Fleury Mary Delany 20-Feb 1865
Danl Flynn Betty Fitzpatrick 01-Feb 1860
Martin Flynn Mary Conroy 25-May 1860
John Flynn Agnes Healy 01-Sep 1864
Thomas G?eth Judith Kelley 28-Nov 1861
Patt Galvin Margaret Salmon 01-Feb 1860
Thos Geahan Cath Cleary 20-Jul 1865
John Gleeson Sally not given 14-Oct 1852
Mick Gorman Anne Morriss? 08-Jul 1862
Denis Gorman Mary plunkett 23-Aug 1862
Michl Gounan Margaret Conroy 15-Feb 1860
James Heney Ellen Scully 07-Feb 1850
William Hogan Catharine Dunne 06-Feb 1861
John Hoggins Catharine Caulton 24-Dec 1852
Michl Kearney Cath Condron 18-Apr 1866
Michl Kelly Joanna Murphy 26-Oct 1865
William Lalor Mary Mangum 07-Feb 1860
James Mahon Margaret Conroy 23-May 1864
Jno Mahon Mary Kenny 30-Nov 1865
Patt Mc?Evoy Mary Morriss? 06-May 1863
John McGuire Anne Byrne 21-Feb 1860
John Mihan Mary Gorman 12-Nov 1861
Jno Molloy Eliza Tarleton 04-Feb 1866
Mick Mooney Anne Behan 11-Feb 1850
Kieran Mooney Anne Nolan 10-May 1850
William Moony Mary Donnelly 21-Jan 1862
Timothy Murray Catharine Giligan 08-May 1860
Andrew Nolan Mary Donahoe 24-Feb 1862
John Poole Mary Dunne 27-Nov 1851
Bernard Rigney Anne Scully 26-Jan 1860
James Rooney Gilly Kavanagh 01-Feb 1866
Michl Troy Rosanna Corcoran 22-Nov 1851
Thomas Westman Maria Dunne 16-Feb 1863
James ??? Mary Carrol 06-May 1863