Cloney Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare

The following Cloney gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

Michael Fitzpatrick Cloney Who Died 1/4/1948 Aged 81 Years. His Wife Ann Who Died 3/9/1962 Aged 87 Years. Their Son Michael Who Died 20/11/1947 Aged 51 Years.

Daniel Fitzpatrick Who Died 23/5/1976 Aged 63 Years. His Wife Mary Fitzpatrick Who Died 23/2/1996 Aged 77 Years. Their Grandson Malcolm Fitzpatrick 1449 Kilberry Who Died 15/9/1976 Aged 4 Years.

James O Neill Derrighta Who Died 4/12/1964 Aged 69 Years.

Daniel Fitzpatrick Kilberry Who Died 23/5/1976 Aged 63 Years.

James Ennis Donaney Who Died 21/12/1955.

John Kavanagh Who Died 9/9/1948.

Denis Drennan Who Died June 1892. His Wife Margaret Drennan Who Died May 1923. His Son Thomas Drennan Who Died June 1931.

Erected By Patrick Murray Cloney In Memory Of His Brother John Murray Died 4th April 1885 Aged 33 Years. Also His Father Michael Murray Died August 1891 Aged 68 Years. His Mother Catherine Murray Died 4th April 1934 Aged 79 Years. The Above Patrick Murray Died 9th June 1937 Aged 80 Years.

Mary Dobbyn Who Died 14/10/1912. Her Father Daniel Donnelly Who Died 1/11/1923. Her Husband Daniel Dobbyn Who Died 9/7/1934.

Daniel (Dan) Boland Cloney Castle Who Died 20/10/1999 Aged 73 Years.

John Moran Cloney Who Died 9/1/1974 Aged 74 Years. His Wife Elizabeth Moran Who Died 7/6/1985 Aged 85 Years.

Betty McConville (Nee Moran) Born 3/12/1938 Died 7/9/2009 Aged 70 Years.

Martin Moran Cloney Who Died 24/9/1961 Aged 89 Years. His Wife Mary Moran Who Died 18/2/1959 Aged 88 Years

Noreen (Hannora) Moran Cloney Who Died 29/1/1977 Aged 31 Years.

William Brennan Newtown Bert Athy Who Died 31/8/1962 Aged 73 Years. His Grandson Joseph Martin Who Died In Infancy.

Erected By Kathleen Eustace Cloney In Memory Of Her Son Denis Noel Eustace Who Died 12/12/1970 Aged 37 Years. Her Father Denis Lawlor Who Died 31/1/1950 Aged 80 Years. Matthew Eustace Who Died 23/9/1977 Aged 70 Years. His Wife Catherine Eustace Who Died 10/11/1990 Aged 77 Years. James (Seamie) Eustace Who Died 12/3/2010 Aged 67 Years.

William Lawler Cloney Who Died 1/1/1951 Aged 78 Years. His Son Denis Lawler Who Died 7/10/1958 Aged 42 Years. Elizabeth Lawler Wife Of The Above Denis Who Died 1/8/1977 Aged 62 Years.

Margaret McDermott Cloney Who Died 20/4/1944. Also Her Father Joseph McDermott Who Died 12/10/1975 Aged 65 Years. Her Mother Mary McDermott Who Died 4/3/1980 Aged 65 Years. Her Sister Martina Kilbride (Nee) McDermott Who Died 30/4/1996 Aged 40 Years.

Mary Cullen Richardstown Who Died 6/9/1951.