Clough, Ballacolla, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.)

This village,I live in it, we call it Clough and that sounds like the word ‘cluck’.  The word that is spelled ‘Clogh’ sounds like ‘clock’

Here in Clough, we have a problem, those that spell our road signs are very confused about what our name is, some call us ‘Clogh’ others call us ‘Clough’.  I did get photographs of both sets of spellings on official signposts but somehow between the jigs and the reel I have lost the ‘Clough’ sign and all I have is the Clogh one.  As soon as I find the other I will add it.

I told Peter a while back that I would get him some photographs of the church, the church is St. Canice’s, this Roman Catholic parish is where the Parish Priests of Aghaboe lie.  Aghaboe is just down the road from us and you can see photographs of that on my blog.  The graveyard of Bordwell, another ancient parish is exactly 2k away from my house, the remains of the ancient church lie in Bordwell and my parents are buried there.  It’s a beautiful little graveyard.

Here, I have photographs of St. Canice’s church, the four gravestones of Priests, the thatched cottage now that the roof is just finished, Mary’s bar (which is also a bed and breakfast), the community school which is surrounded by the graveyard, the National School, the plants and then the field I walk my dogs in :) and the ‘Clogh’ sign.  It’s a small village and really quite nice to live in.