Cumber Yeomanry Cavalry, 1797

The famous Volunteer force collapsed somewhat abruptly and ignominiously in 1793; and a militia force was the only safeguard of peace in the country which was seething with sedition and evidently heading for rebellion. In 1796 a yeomanry force, cavalry and infantry, officered by local gentlemen was raised for preserving order. The cavalry force was disbanded in 1814 and the infantry gradually lapsed and ceased to exist in 1834. The Yeomanry was employed in in the rebellion of 1798 and earned an unenviable reputation for harshness and cruelty. The force was controlled by Government by whom the officers were appointed; and the men were clothed and equipped by the estate and also were paid for nine days drill and when called up for permanent duty. The horses of the cavalry belonged to the men serving. The uniform of the officers was :- Red cloth , yellow facings, swallow tail; gilt brass chain epaulettes and grenade badge; embossed gilt buttons which bore the name of the Corps. The uniform of the rank and file was:- Tunic , red cloth, blue facings, and silver braid; rows of braid across the front and lines and loops on the back. Buckskin breeches; buttons bore name of Corps. The following is the monthly return of the Cumber Cavalry for 1797 .

Captain David Ross
1st Lieut Michael Ross
2nd Lieut Michael Ross junior


Alexander John
Bond Oliver
Bradley John
Bradley Pat
Christy Alex
Conway Henry
Dunn Robert
Eakin Sam
Hamilton Wm
Handcock H
Handcock Thos
Haslett Jas
Humphries Jos
Jameson John
Laughlin Jos
Logan Jas
Long Andre
Macgwire Duncan
Mc Olly Wm
McCullough James
McFaul Denis
McIldowney Jas
McIlhinny Wm
McLaughlin George
McLaughlin Jas
Millar Robert
Morrison James
Morrison James Jun
Morrison Thomas
Murphy Peter
Quigley Andrew
Ross John
Simpson William
Simpson Wm
Stevenson James
Swan Paul
Thompson Wm
Wigton James
Wilson Wm
Winnett Jos

transcribed from ‘Cumber Presbyterian Church and Parish by Revd John Rutherford’ pub 1939 and posted to the NIR-DERRY-L by Rachel Dysert, this page has ben created with her permission.