Curraclone 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Curraclone in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Maria Adams Kylebeg Curraclone
James Anton Park Curraclone
John Brophy Garrons Curraclone
George H. Brown Mill Land Curraclone
Margaret Buggy Monaferrick Curraclone
Richard Butler Correll Vicarstown
Eliza Cahill Bawn Curraclone
James Carty Inch Curraclone
Peter Casey Mill Land Curraclone
John Clancy Garrons Curraclone
William Conroy Blackford Curraclone
Bernard Corcoran Inch Curraclone
Catherine Coughlin Monaferrick Curraclone
Patrick Dooley Inch Curraclone
Patrick Dowling Ballykilcavan Curraclone
Martin Dunne Inch Curraclone
William Dunne Ballykilcavan Curraclone
William Dunne Ballymanus Vicarstown
Francis Farrell Ballymanus Vicarstown
Kate Farrell Bawn Curraclone
James Fergy Ballykilcavan Curraclone
Michael Flynn Bawn Curraclone
Anne Forster Inch Curraclone
John Fraser Blackford Curraclone
William Gilbert Ballykilcavan Curraclone
Thomas Gorman Monaferrick Curraclone
James Grant Blackford Curraclone
Michael Hauton Bawn Curraclone
Alexander Henderson Park Curraclone
Thomas Henderson Garrons Curraclone
Patrick Hynes Ballymanus Vicarstown
Peter Kane Bawn Curraclone
James Kavanagh Garrons Curraclone
James Keeffe Garrons Curraclone
John Keeffe Garrons Curraclone
Henry Kelly Mill Land Curraclone
Michael Kelly Ballyduff Curraclone
William Kelly Ballymanus Vicarstown
Sophia Kinsella Mill Land Curraclone
Edward Lamb Garrons Curraclone
Patrick Lea Ballykilcavan Curraclone
Thomas Leetch Monaferrick Curraclone
Norah Lewis Inch Curraclone
Jeremiah Maloney Ballymanus Vicarstown
Neal McDonald Kylebeg Curraclone
Bridget McEvoy Inch Curraclone
James Monahan Garrons Curraclone
Daniel Moore Inch Curraclone
Michael Moore Inch Curraclone
Edward Pilsworth Bawn Curraclone
Henry Roberts Ballykilcavan Curraclone
Julia Salmon Inch Curraclone
James Salter Blackford Curraclone
Duncan Shankland Garrons Curraclone
Mary Shaughnessy Garrons Curraclone
Alfred Simpson Ballykilcavan Curraclone
James Stapleton Inch Curraclone
Rose Stapleton Inch Curraclone
William Stormont Ballyduff Curraclone
Hunt H. A. Walsh Ballykilcavan Curraclone
Agnes Whelan Inch Curraclone
Catherine Whelan Ballymanus Vicarstown
Mary A. Whelan Inch Curraclone
Matthew Whelan Inch Curraclone
William Whitton Bawn Curraclone
Mary Wilkinson Inch Curraclone
George Williams Garrons Curraclone

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