Delvin District Marriage Records, Co. Westmeath

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Delvin in Co. Westmeath and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Andrew Dalton 1864
Anne Halpin 1864
Anne Kiernan 1879 4th
Bess Kennedy 1864
Bridget Cahill 1895 1st
Bridget Gannon 1872
Cath. Lynch 1875
Catherine Enaghan 1876
Catherine Kennedy 1867
Eliza Riggs 1865
James Kennedy 1864
James Murray 1865
James Ward 1864
James Ward 1864
Jane Mulloy 1865
John Gurn 1865
John Keegan 1874
Kate Nolan 1891 1st
Lawrence Halpin 1864
Lizzie Nally 1898 3rd
Mary Daly 1881 4th
Mary Kennedy 1864
Mary Kilroy 1865
Mary Reilly 1922 1st
Thomas Fox 1870
William Sherwood 1865

Civil Registration Records